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Ben Swann on Jay Carney’s Move To CNN, “He’s A Propagandist”

Ben Swann appeared on RT show “In The Now”, Thursday to talk about the move by former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney to his new job as political analyst for CNN.

Swann explained that Carney’s role is no different at CNN than it was at the White House, claiming that the only difference now is that Carney isn’t wearing a tie. When asked why CNN would hire Carney, Swann replied,

“Why would Fox hire Dana Perino, why would MSNBC hire David Axelrod? (MSNBC also hired former Obama Press Secretary Robert Gibbs) They hire these guys because they fit the political agenda. The network thinks, ‘Here is someone who has lots of contacts, someone who has lots of access and they will be able to get us exclusive stories and be able to bring us fresh insight and they have a hint of celebrity to them.”

Swann goes on to explain that while there is nothing unethical about hiring former press secretaries, cable channels and news networks should not pretend that these people are journalists.

“In reality, they are just propagandists. That’s what they do in their official capacity while working for the White House and that is what they transfer (to a news network) to do. Look, its not about hating on these guys for taking these positions but they are not journalists. Jay Carney was at one time a journalist but he gave that up when he went to work for the White House.”

Carney joins a long line of press secretaries to move into network news. Carney’s predecessor Robert Gibbs joined MSNBC as a contributor immediately after resigning his post as President Obama’s Press Secretary. George W. Bush‘s press secretary Dana Perino now hosts “The Five” on Fox News. Bush’s two other press secretaries Ari Fleischer and the late Tony Snow, each joined CNN following their White House runs. Former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Myers hosted CNBC’s “Equal Time” following her White House stint.