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Guess Which Hot Christmas Game Console The NSA Is Hacking Into

Edward Snowden is at it again. The latest leaked documents provided to the Guardian, New York Times and ProPublica show that many NSA agents have the dreams job of many 20-year-old college men. According to the documents, NSA agents have created actual characters in World of Warcraft and Second Life and are using them to spy on players.

The documents detail that the NSA has mass data collection capabilities through the Xbox Live console online network. The network boasts more than 48 million individuals from all over the world. The documents even show that the NSA has been attempting to recruit tech savvy users as informants through the gaming network.

The documents do not detail any terrorist activity ever being detected on the network, or the capture of potential threats.

The NSA denied to comment on surveillance of the gaming network. GCHQ, a parallel British spy agency, works in coordination with the NSA through the gaming network. GCHQ would not confirm or deny the gaming surveillance.

The Tenth Amendment Center, a national think-tank, has started a campaign to end the NSA through state nullification. To learn more, visit the campaign HERE.

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