Ted Cruz’s TPA Amendment Won’t Stop ObamaTrade’s Backdoor Amnesty

In an exclusive interview with TruthInMedia.com’s Joshua Cook, Curt Ellis, who heads a Washington think tank, said that he was pleased to see Sen. Rand Paul and other presidential candidates oppose the secret and controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership (ObamaTrade).

The problem with the Trans-Pacific Partnership is that most in Congress doesn’t know what is in the agreement. According to Ellis, it includes an entire chapter on immigration. “It is a Trojan horse for Obama’s immigration agenda,” writes Ellis in his latest article at TheHill.com.

According to AmericanThinker.com, “Senator Ted Cruz plans to propose an amendment that would prevent Obama from using his Fast-Track power to change federal immigration law.”

But Ellis takes issue with Cruz’s strategy.

“The thing to remember about Ted Cruz’s amendment is that it’s meaningless,” said Ellis. “Ted Cruz’s amendment becomes trash.”

“That’s a well known Supreme Court doctrine that this Congress can’t tell a future Congress what to do. You can’t write a law to say that this law can never be changed.”

Ellis told Cook:

“‘Obamatrade’ is the name we’ve given to the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, which is one of the so-called free trade agreements the Obama folks have been negotiating on their own, in secret, without consulting Congress for the past six years,” explained Curtis Ellis.

“We call it ‘Obamatrade,’ because like ‘Obamacare’ it’s a situation where Congress is going to have to pass it, to find out what’s in it. It’s so complicated. It’s so dense. And it’s so involved,” he explained.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is indeed complicated. Obama is also asking Congress to fast track trade promotion authority, which fundamentally changes how the American government conducts business.

“Congress would not be able to amend as much as one word of what the president writes,” he said.

“What this fast track trade promotion authority does is it turns the Constitution on its head where you’ve got the President writing this massive agreement that affects our entire economy. And he writes it and all Congress can do is vote it up or down. They can’t amend it. They can’t do their due diligence and do the deliberation necessary.”

Therefore, the best thing for Cruz to do is join other presidential candidates like Sen. Rand Paul, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Carly Fiorina, Former Gov. Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump who all openly oppose Obama’s secret trade deal, which critics call NAFTA on steroids.

If the TPP is passed, its regulations would override U.S. law, stripping the U.S. of its sovereignty and open the way for “backdoor” amnesty.

Listen to the interview here:

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