Texas Open Carry

Texas Could Become 45th Open Carry State

Right now, you can openly carry rifles and shotguns in Texas, but no handguns. This could all change, making Texas the 45th state to allow open carry.

State lawmakers have introduced several open carry bills affecting handgun owners.

A bill introduced by State Representative James White would allow concealed handgun license holders to open carry, if they want.

“Well, I believe it’s everyone’s constitutional right to be able to carry a handgun, but I believe people need to go through the right amount of training before they even start that,” said Brad Bennett, a licensed concealed handgun instructor at Lone Star Gun Range in Lumberton, Texas.

State representative White, who introduced the bill, said protecting yourself is key.

“Self protection and ensuring against government tyranny is a God given right and it’s a Constitutional right protected,” said State Representative James White, a Republican.

White said that open carry is a constitutional right for law abiding citizens. “You can’t be a felon and have a weapon, we’re not for that,” said White.

White said open carry deters crime. “If you see someone that’s packing, you’re probably less likely to accost that nice young lady in the parking lot that’s coming from her nursing class at night at the community college,” said White.

South Carolina tried to pass similar pro-gun bills that would allow citizens to open carry but it failed last session. Hopefully TX can pass this bill and stop the state from violating citizen’s God-Given right to keep and bear arms.

S.C. State Senator Lee Bright told BenSwann.com that he will prefile a similar bill for next session. Hopefully the Republican controlled senate won’t kill it this time around.