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The Obvious Answer about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is now threatening to sue Ted Cruz over the issue of his birthright citizenship following a series of campaign ads highlighting Trump’s progressive past.

I’m not in any way a supporter of Ted Cruz’s campaign, but I need to throw it out there. The guy is right about the most inconsistent person in the race: Donald Trump.

Whether it is his progressive views on abortion, guns, what have you, the idea that Trump had a gradual turn towards conservatism is a lie, because it wasn’t until he literally decided to run for president that he threw up the Republican banner and expected the GOP base to believe him. I know that many people have a lack of knowledge when it comes to history, but to claim you believe the guy that does a reverse on his stances on almost a daily basis is to slap logic in the face.

Here is the deal about Donald Trump— his past is open season. His past as a supporter for Democratic policies has been brought up over and over again. His favorability for eminent domain has shown constantly that the man has no respect for people’s private property whatsoever. It’s not just domestically though— his stance on going back to Iraq shows he is the living embodiment of the conquest ethic, where you invade, pillage, and take what you want. I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Trump is no constitutional conservative, and he is the farthest thing from a libertarian that there can be.

Glenn Beck over at the Blaze pointed out the terrible inconsistencies with Trump in his National Review column, the same one where the editorial staff and a range of conservatives and libertarians such as David Boaz, spoke out against him. Beck stated:

“Over the years, there have been endless fractures in the façade of individual freedom, but three policies provided the fuel that lit the tea-party fire: the stimulus, the auto bailouts, and the bank bailouts. Barack Obama supported all three. So did Donald Trump. While conservatives fought against the stimulus, Donald Trump said it was ‘what we need,’ praising Obama’s schemes of ‘building infrastructure, building great projects, putting people to work in that sense.’ While conservatives fought against the auto bailouts, Donald Trump claimed ‘the government should stand behind [the auto companies] 100 percent’ because ‘they make wonderful products.’ While conservatives fought against the bank bailouts, Donald Trump called them ‘something that has to get done.’ Let his reasoning sink in for a second: The government ‘can take over companies, and, frankly, take big chunks of companies.’ When conservatives desperately needed allies in the fight against big government, Donald Trump didn’t stand on the sidelines. He consistently advocated that your money be spent, that your government grow, and that your Constitution be ignored.”

Here is the thing folks: everyone can change their mind and is entitled to a degree of a benefit of doubt like all of us, but please, the next time someone says Trump is standing with you, just stop it. The jig is up and to continue saying Trump is anything but a progressive candidate is ridiculous.