Three 20-Year-Olds Make Their Own WORKING Obamacare Site – In Just Three Days


The Obama Administration has spent multiple years and over $634 million to build the Obamacare website, Despite all of the time and money poured into the site, it still remains broken and glitchy.

Meanwhile in San Francisco, three 20-year-olds were able to build their own Obamacare website that actually works — and they did it in just three days.

Ning Liang, George Kalogeropoulos and Michael Wasser built, which presents the Obamacare marketplace in a much simpler, more effective manner than does.

Currently, users must enter all of their personal information into the system before even getting a quote. On, however, users only need to enter their zip code to see all of the plans and available pricing.

Liang said, “[The government] got it completely backwards in terms of what people want up front. They want prices and benefits, so that they could make the decision.”

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 2.00.05 PM says, “The Health Sherpa is a free guide that makes it easier to find and sign up for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. We only use carefully vetted, publicly available data.”

The trio claims they made the site to help people — not to make money. Wasser said, “There was no thought of, ‘How do we make money this time?’ It was like, ‘This is a problem that we know we can solve in a really short period of time. So let’s just do it.'”

The 20-year-olds’ project has many scratching their heads. With hundreds of millions of tax dollars at its disposal, why couldn’t the government get it right?