Truckers Shutting Down DC To Protest The Federal Government And Its “Bulls**t”

A group of truckers plans to shut down DC to protest the government and its “bulls**t.” The rally, happening on October 11 for three days, will question the Obama administration’s “corruption against the Constitution.”

The truckers were initially gathering attention using social media, primarily Facebook.

But now the group’s Facebook page, “Truckers to Shut Down America,” has been pulled off the web. The page’s admins were banned for using “God Bless America.”

The group’s Facebook page used to say, “The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!”

As a result of being banned from Facebook, the truckers started their own website called to promote the event.

Freedom Outpost pointed out that Facebook allows pages promoting jihad, but “will pull pages like Truckers to Shut Down America and Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children for promoting conservative and/or Christian beliefs. That makes sense when the owners and admins of Facebook are in cahoots with government and in bed with big money men.

With the social networking page nowhere to be found, it is now up to the old-fashioned, hit the pavement, door to door grassroots effort.”


Here is more information on the protest from the group’s Facebook original page (the one that got pulled from the web):

“My fellow patriot this effort is to support the truckers in a major shut down of America ion [sic] a 3 day strike October 11th thru 13th. Obamacare will be in effect and most people will be ready to take action. No commerce on those days stock up on items that you will need. No banking no shopping no money transactions.

It does not matter if a million or 50 roll through DC in this effort. Congress will listen to We the People. Which is remove Obama from office for crimes of treason and misdemeanors. We want Congressional hearing on Benghazi and Seal Team 6. Louis Learner [sic] put in jail. No amnesty, remove all Muslims in our government that do not uphold the Constitution. Remove Eric Holder from office for crimes against the people and the Constitution. Last but not least is Fuel prices.”

Do you support these truckers? Also, do you think Facebook had a partisan motivation from pulling down the group’s page? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.