Twitter Suspends Pro-Life Group From Running Ads Then Reverses Decision After Media Inquiry

(DCNF) Twitter suspended pro-life organization Human Coalition from running any advertisements on its website before reversing that decision following an inquiry from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Twitter removed three pro-life Human Coalition ads on Feb. 21 and placed their account’s advertising privileges “under review” for allegedly violating company policies against “inappropriate content.” Twitter informed Human Coalition they would receive an email “when the review is complete.” That email came March 22: Human Coalition’s account was suspended from running ads — any ads — on Twitter.

twitter banned ad
Too controversial for Twitter? [Photo: Human Coalition]
twitter pro-life ban
Too controversial for Twitter? [Photo: Human Coalition]

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The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Twitter’s press team about the suspension on Tuesday evening and inquired as to why the pro-life center was barred from advertising but pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood aren’t.

Two hours after TheDCNF’s request, Twitter emailed Human Coalition to say the suspension was off and the tweets were approved, according to emails TheDCNF reviewed.

After another two hours, a Twitter spokesperson emailed TheDCNF to say Human Coalition wasn’t currently suspended from running ads. After further inquiries, the spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday Human Coalition had been suspended before Twitter lifted the ban.

The spokesperson declined to say when the decision was made to reverse the suspension but said it was already in the works prior to TheDCNF’s request and denied it was related to TheDCNF’s inquiries.

“Twitter claims to believe in ‘free expression’ and to think that ‘every voice has the power to impact the world.’ I believe Twitter does think that every voice has the power to change the world — and I believe that is exactly why they suppressed Human Coalition and others who proclaim the pro-life worldview,” Human Coalition spokesperson Lauren Enriquez said. “The fact that Twitter ideologues actively suppress Human Coalition’s pro-life expressions betrays their fear of how we are changing the world. And we don’t plan to stop changing the world any time soon.”

Twitter has repeatedly censored pro-life voices on the website, although it has occasionally reversed censorship.

The tech giant sparked outrage in 2017 by barring Republican Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn from running a pro-life ad. Twitter objected to one line Blackburn said: “I’m 100% pro-life. I fought Planned Parenthood, and we stopped the sale of baby body parts — thank God.”

Twitter demanded Blackburn remove the reference to Planned Parenthood selling baby parts. The congresswoman refused and instead publicly demanded an apology. Twitter reversed course after the ensuing backlash and allowed her to run the ad.

Written by Peter Hasson: Follow Hasson on Twitter @PeterJHasson


This article was republished with permission from the Daily Caller News Foundation.