U.S. Led Coalition Performs 20 Air Strikes on Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

As part of the ongoing war against the Islamic State, or ISL, a coalition of nations have conducted 20 airstrikes on Islamic State holdings in Syria and Iraq since Wednesday.

The U.S. Central Command confirmed the attacks to Reuters on Friday. There were six airstrikes in Syria, five of which were reportedly targeting the city of Kobani near Turkey. The U.S. and other nations conducted 14 airstrikes in Iraq. Centcom claioms that the strikes “destroyed checkpoints, armored vehicles, bunkers, fortifications and a tactical unit”. Other targeted areas include Kirkuk, Samarra, Tal Afar and Falluja.

The announcement from Central Command comes as the Iranian government confirms that they had performed their own air strikes in against the Islamic State in Iraq. Deputy foreign minister Ebrahim Rahimpour said the attacks were done in defense of Iraq but not in coordination with the United States.

“We will not allow conditions in Iraq to descend to the level of Syria, which has been created by foreign players. And certainly our assistance [to Iraq] is stronger than our assistance to Syria, because they are nearer to us.”

The conflict against the Islamic State has made for strange bedfellows with U.S.  and Iran attacking a common enemy. The media craze and paranoia over ISIS seems to have faded but the soldiers dying, and money being spent is still happening.  Americans need to ask themselves if they are willing to keep supporting such endeavors that endanger freedom, at home and abroad.

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