Video: Ben Swann Addresses New Poll, Only 7 Percent of Americans Have Faith in Congress

The results from a new GALLUP poll found that the least amount of confidence American people have is in their government. While 21% of Americans have faith in big business, 19% have faith in news on the Internet, and 18% have faith in television news, only 7% of Americans have faith in Congress.

Award-winning independent journalist and media analyst, Ben Swann, pointed out that not only is the level of confidence the American people have in their government embarrassingly low, it is also lower than it has ever been, according to GALLUP’s polling system. Swann says that just last year, with confidence around 9%, the American people were asking, “Can it get any lower than this?” and it has.

Numbers show that Americans place more trust in business, than they do in their government. “There’s probably more trust in the ideas of free market – even though we could argue about whether that even exists anymore – than there is in just corporations,” said Swann. He went on to say that people don’t trust the government, because it is standing in the way of progress.

According to the polls, the level of confidence in the government was much higher in the past. In fact, it was at 40%, following the Watergate scandal. However, while some may wonder whether or not the drastic drop in trust will produce a wake-up call among politicians, Swann doesn’t believe it will. “They don’t care. They saw the numbers when they were at 12%, 10%, 9%…and now at 7%; but what actually changes?”

Establishment spends a lot of money, in order to preserve power,” said Swann, giving the example of the most recent primary election in the United States. “Most of the Grassroots challengers were taken on, not by the establishment, but by establishment super packs, that are spending more money in the primary, than they are in the general election.”

Another recent example Swann gave can be found in Mississippi, with Republican Thad Cochran calling for Democrats to support him. Swann explained that while Cochran’s opponent was being challenged on the fact that he told the people that if he were to go to Washington, he wouldn’t give them anything and he would let them take care of themselves, he still came just one percentage point away from beating Thad Cochran in the run-off election.

While it may seem like websites such as Buzzfeed and Huffington Post are finding ways to get the “corporate message” out, by designing it in such a way that it is appealing, and hidden beneath funny videos and cute puppy pictures, Swann says these sites “do not have the influence over the public that some people think they have.”

Swann pointed out that corporate media in the United States, especially National Broadcast media, doesn’t have any confidence in the public anymore. He explained that last year, while the United States government was covertly funding rebels in Syria, and pushing for the public to support a war, 89% of the American people rejected it.

Right now the U.S. is talking about sending troops back into Iraq, and the American people want no part of it,” said Swann.  “It’s not because corporate media is out there combatting it, it’s because there are serious independent journalists who are out there, and serious independent news sites out there that people are gathering information from…while also watching a cat video every now and then.”