VIDEO: Cops Break Special Needs Teen’s Arm On School Bus – Family Suing For $1 M

A surveillance video shows two cops in Rotterdam, New York breaking the arm of a special needs 16-year-old while trying to remove him from a school bus.

In October 2013, Rotterdam Police were called by Mohonasen transportation because the 16-year-old refused to get off the bus. According to police, the driver would not transport the teen because he threatened her.

Two cops attempted to convince the teen to get off of the vehicle — the entire time, the teen remained on his seat, unresponsive. In the video, one cop can be heard saying, “Either you or one of us might get hurt and we don’t want to do that.”

After 30 minutes of asking the teen to get up, the cops used force to remove him from the bus. The boy’s arm was broken in the process.

Now, the boy’s family is suing the town police for $1 million. A statement from the family’s attorney, Kevin Luibrand, said, “When the boy did not respond quick enough for the police, which is typical for the boy’s type of condition, rather than call mental health professionals or wait for the EMTs, the police told the boy that they were going to ‘hog-tie’ him… With clearly excessive force, exerted enough force to snap one of the strongest bones in his body. That’s not how mentally handicapped people are to be treated.”

The Rotterdam Police maintain that the two officers did nothing wrong and were following protocol.

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