(VIDEO) Educator Admits “Common Core DOES NOT Address Special Needs Students”

On Nov. 4, 2013, at the Carroll County Maryland Commissioner’s forum on Common Core, Jill Stine of the Center for College and Career Readiness confirmed what special education parents have long believed: Common Core does not help students with special needs.

After the comments by parent Bambi Hill, whose fifth-grade student went from being an A/B student to failing under Common Core, Stine said, “I can empathize. Common Core is not addressing the needs of special education students at this time. … Teachers are addressing the needs of special education students as best as they can.”

Here are some of Hill’s comments about the state of special education under Common Core and her son:

“Once the common core standards are fully implemented, her son won’t pass sixth grade,” she said, stating that she learned about this from her son’s principal.

“What do you do as a parent, when you’re told by the school board that your child won’t pass because of the core curriculum? Your special education is meant to meet the old standards and not the core curriculum,” she added.

She said her son was deaf at birth and didn’t develop language skills until he was about 4-years-old. In school, he requires extra time and that his tests are read to him.

“Under the core curriculum, they’re going to be on a computer. What’s going to happen then to him?” she questioned. Also, she said he doesn’t have any workbooks to do homework either.

The guidelines under Common Core for special education have not been defined, she said.

“Nobody has the answers, and nobody has the solution. And my son is going downhill,” she concluded.