Police open carry

Viral Video: Best cop ever with Open Carry citizens!

YouTube channel “MarkedGuardian” features over 216 videos seeking to educate citizens on Open Carry rights. “Warren” runs the channel and has done many Open Carry filmed episodes, seeking out “professional, respectful, and constitutional officers” in his state of Oregon. Warren wants to make sure “we can keep our rights here, pure and simple.”

In a viral video with over 3 million views, Warren and two other gentlemen open carry in Albany, OR, which is about 70 miles south of Portland, OR. Warren and his two friends record their interaction with Albany Police Officer Jim Estes. Officer Estes starts by asking the men for ID. The men explain they don’t have ID on them, because legally they aren’t required to have ID on them.

The officer explains he is there to make contact due to calls from local citizens, and understand the purpose behind Warren’s open carry. He says if Warren lets him inspect the gun to see if it’s loaded, he will let them see his “even cooler” AR-15 in his squad car.

Officer Estes says, “I’m all for your rights. I like guns. I encourage everybody to have guns. I think if everybody had ’em it would be a better world.”

The officer explains he needs to do his job and make sure everything is okay, before any type of incident happens. He does ask for their ID and the gentlemen refuse. Watch the video and see what happens!

The comments on the viral video are highly varied, from major criticism of Warren for open carrying, to criticism for pushing back on the officer’s requests, to praise for the officer. What do you think of Officer Estes? What do you think of Warren’s comments that “we’re treated like slaves” at 6:43 into the video?

Officer Estes did a great job being professional, respectful, and constitutional. Not every open carry scenario is so positive.