Influx Of Volunteers Organize To Clean Up Streets Of Baltimore

Baltimore, MD- In response to the chaos and destruction that has taken place during the riots in Baltimore, thousands of volunteers have pledged to help clean up the community through several Facebook events that have been initiated.

A “Baltimore clean-up effort” event has more than two thousand people offering to help, while a similar event in West Baltimore has marked over 700 volunteers. A “Clean up Baltimore!” event is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.

Local news stations took note of the volunteer cleanup efforts in the city; some of the volunteers set to work early Tuesday morning. “I thought it was my civic duty to come out to restore my neighborhood, to clean up,” resident Myra Keane told CBS Baltimore. “I seen a young man on TV out here by himself cleaning, so I brought out my O’Cedar and I found a trash can while I was walking up the street and I just started picking up trash.”