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Weekend air strikes in Iraq were authorized by president

After saying he had no strategy yet as to how to handle ISIS in Iraq, President Obama sent a letter to Congress Monday saying he had authorized a series of air strikes in Iraq over the weekend.

The air strikes were reportedly part of an effort to break the two-month siege of the northern-Iraqi town of Amerli, which has a predominantly Shi’ite inhabitants. ¬†Along with the air strikes, humanitarian aid was airdropped in to the trapped residents in order to help the militias fight ISIS forces.

According to the War Powers Resolution, the president has to notify Congress of any use of military force against foreign combatants, such as this.

However, this is the third letter sent to Congress by the president outlining the reason for using air strikes in Iraq.

The first letter was sent earlier in August saying air strikes would be used to protect U.S. officials in Erbil, the Kurdish regional capitol, according to the Hill.  The same letter outlined how the airstrikes would also be used to protect Yazidi civilians who have been threatened by ISIS.

A second letter was sent saying air strikes would be used to help Iraqi forces recapture the ISIS controlled dam at Mosul.

“This operation is consistent with the military missions we have outlined to date in Iraq- to protect U.S. personnel and facilities and to address the humanitarian situation on the ground,” said National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden, according to the Raw Story.