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What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You About Obama’s Approval Ratings

When George Bush was president the media took every opportunity they had to nail him on his poor approval ratings. The mainstream may rarely take the time to tell you that President Obama’s Second Term Blues continue. However, what they do not do is compare President Obama to President Bush, and when they do- they lie.

This MSNBC article says that Obama’s current approval rating of 41% is the lowest it has ever been. According to a Gallup, the President has hit 38% approval rating multiple times. In fact, there are multiple polls showing the same.

In fact, MSNBC has even taken it upon themselves to “clean up” the President’s job approval, as seen in this screenshot from the news network. Obama’s actual approval rating from the poll MSNBC quotes was 41% and disapproval at 53%. You can see how the two are extremely polar.

MSNBC Flips Approval Rating To Disapproval Rating

On average, President Obama has had lower approval ratings than Bush. Take last year’s election for example. According to Gallup, on President Obama’s 1,391 (November, 2012) day in office his approval rating sat at 51%. On Bush’s 1,391 day in office (November, 2004) his approval rating sat at 55%. Both incumbents won reelection.

Three years after their first term elections (quarter 12) President Bush sat at 53% approval, while President Obama sat at 41%.

President Bush finished his first term with a 62% approval rating. His two term average was finished with a 49.5% approval rating. President Obama ended his first term with a 49% approval rating. Obviously the numbers aren’t in yet for the second term to average the two terms. However, his second term trends puts him on track to finish far worse off than President Bush did. Also, we know that historically speaking presidents finish with a lower approval rating in their second term than in their first. Obama started his first term with a 67% approval rating, which has now dipped more than 25 points to sit at 41%.

Even if his second term approval rating was to hold steady he’d finish the two terms with an average approval rating of 45%. If this number holds, President Obama would finish with a two term average lower than any post WWII president. In fact, the only president who would come close would be Nixon, and the two tie at 45%.

Anyone have some spare “change”?

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