Will New Bill Nullify Federal Gun Laws In Tennessee? Legislators Make The Move

TNCAPNASHVILLE, Janurary 16, 2014– An expansion of the 2009 Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act was introduced yesterday by Senator Mae Beavers (SB1607). The bill is designed to protect citizens of Tennessee against federal violations of the 2nd Amendment and 10th Amendment restrictions on Congress.

“Any elected official in Tennessee who works against this bill is frankly siding with President Obama on gun control” Tennessee Firearms Association Executive Director John Harris notes. “If you don’t vote to protect your own citizens and state from Obama’s liberal gun-grabbing agenda, then you are effectively supporting his gun control scheme and the intentional destruction of the Bill of Rights”.

The 2014 Tennessee Firearms Freedom Act legislation declares that the States expressly prohibits the federal government from having any regulatory authority over firearms in Tennessee based on the 2nd and 10th Amendments in the Bill of Rights.   As a result no federal firearms laws in Tennessee are valid.  The first provision of the bill will mandate criminal penalties for any federal or state official attempting to enforce unconstitutional federal firearms laws within the borders of Tennessee. The second provision empowers citizens to pursue claims by defining federal firearms laws as intentional civil rights violations.

The Tennessee Firearms Association worked closely with Senator Beavers, Tenth Amendment Center specialists and constitutional law experts in crafting this legislation. A House sponsor will be announced in coming days.

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