Yemen Parliament Bans Drone Strikes

This article was submitted by guest contributor Jason Ditz.

The Yemeni parliament has passed a resolution today banning all strikes by unmanned aerial drones. The new law says the strikes needed to be banned to maintain the sovereignty of Yemeni air space.

YemenThe resolution came amid major protests by victims of last week’s US drone strike, which killed at least 15 civilians in a wedding procession. President Hadi’s government issued a statement saying that the strike meant to hit an “al-Qaeda leader,” but made no mention of the victims.

The Yemeni government did announce “compensation” for the victims of the attack, however, paying them $150,000 and providing the family with 100 guns.

The US has yet to address the ban on drone strikes officially, but did launch another strike against a car in Hadramaut Province over the weekend, suggesting they don’t plan to abide by it.



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