Why give away an AR-15 rifle from Sebastian Ammo? The answer is simple, we believe that media is working very hard to smear law abiding gun owners and make them out to be criminals and violent people. The Truth in Media Project works to counter that propaganda by providing factual coverage of crime, gun ownership and the foundational American belief in the natural right to possess firearms for self defense.

The biggest reason for this gun giveaway to help draw attention to the huge double standard by media and politicians in America.  After the deadly shooting of children at Sandy Hook Elementary, media and even the President himself talked about the need to protect children from senseless violence without mentioning that gun bans prevented any type of defense for these children.  Additionally, the President has a drone strike policy that is responsible for the death of 11 TIMES the number of children killed at Sandy Hook.  According to the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, since 2007 more than 214 children have died as the result of drone strike in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.  Truth in Media demands that those who claim to want to protect the innocent from violence would no longer remain silent on this brutal policy. Sebastian Ammo can make this gun legal in most states. Even California!

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About the AR-15
Sebastian Ammo can make this gun legal in most states. Even California!

Sig Sauer RM40016BEC M400 Enhanced AR-15 SA 223/5.56 16″ Magpul MOE Blk

The SIGM400 tactical rifle is designed for use in law enforcement, military operations, the sporting field, and competitive shooting. It is a true AR-platform tactical rifle that provides unparalleled accuracy. A 16″ chrome-lined and phosphate-coated barrel provides superior corrosion resistance, and a 7075-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum forged lower receiver adds to the durability and reliability of this rifle. The SIGM400 Enhanced rifle features the direct-impingement gas system, ambidextrous controls, quick-detachable ambi sling mounts, and a flip-up rear sight. This model comes with a Magpul Original Equipment (MOE) forend, grip, PMAG, and collapsible stock.

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Reality Check: Is There A Link Between Mass Shootings and Anti-Depressants?

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  • Name

    Interesteing story unfolding here.

    I’d hate to see the can of worms this one opens up if the ATF is allowed to confiscate customer names from companies selling gun components.
    I’m a legal gun ownership advocate, but even looking at this topic from an unbias position, I can’t agree with you statement about targeting LEGAL owners more. The govt isn’t enforcing the laws we already have in regards to criminals with guns, why make more laws and punish the responsible legal owner? Because they think it’s easier to enforce and looks like their actually accomplishing something in the eyes of the anti-gun crowd.

  • rkrobert86

    It has always been a dream to own one of these

  • Burseg Sardaukar

    This doesn’t appear to be MA compliant…. :(

    • Zak Carter

      Sounds like you need to join the Free State Project then! :)

  • Stephen Tucker

    Original Ron Paul fan that helped blow up your facebook page for the great election coverage back in the day… I will take that AR 😉

  • raul

    i will go to the range everyday and practice until i master this bad boy

    • Pete Johnstone

      You might have difficulty finding enough ammo for that. Supplies are tight these days.

      • Ap

        Not really. 5.56 is like 30 cents a round.

  • Rob

    I have always wanted to win a firearm. Please let it be me and good luck to everyone else!

  • Victor Brewer

    Pretty excited for this giveaway!

  • truthistreason

    Cool! ‘Merica #### YEA!

  • snakedoctor828


  • Tonihka

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this and thank you for the work you do. It is indeed difficult to find truth in the shit storm that is media these days.

  • travis

    Great idea and thanks actively perusing the truth!

  • travis

    great idea and thanks for actively pursuing the truth! forgot a word in my last post, oops.

  • Austin Lyon

    ben swann is so cool

  • Rico

    Most awesome drawing ever! I wish you guys would ship to Canada but it’s good that you’re doing it anyway. Who wouldn’t want an AR !

  • Ken Honey-Cured Bacon

    I would love to win, but good luck to all.

    • Mike TheVet

      You, too, Ken!

  • Douglas0327

    Thank you for having this giveaway and giving me a chance to win this!

  • Terry Kessell

    thank you for truth in media. we need more of it.

  • Antonio

    It’s really good that someone is devoted to getting the truth out there.
    . THANKS

  • DrummerStone

    I really need a gun for protection! good luck to all.

  • rick0857

    It’s too bad all conservative media and those interested in the truth couldn’t just give one of these fine rifles to every one who wanted one. Good luck everybody, but I’m not lying I hope I win!!

  • Josh McNattin

    So, who won?