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Telling the truth
when it matters most

What Did The Israeli Government Know Before Oct. 7th?

The mainstream media called it an "intelligence failure," but was it?

How Did October 7th Happen?

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The Hamas attack on Oct. 7 has been likened to 9/11 or even the Holocaust, making it more interesting that officials in Netanyahu’s government have described it as a “gift from God.”

“We were meant to fight this war against Hamas, and luckily for us it came down from the…

Ten days before Oct. 7th — and again three days before — Egypt's intelligence officials repeatedly warned the Israeli government of an impending attack from Hamas.

Egypt's premier intelligence minister even personally warned Netanyahu that Hamas was planning "something unusual,…

Two days before the Oct. 7 Hamas attack, Israeli moved two entire brigades of soldiers away from the Gaza border, despite detailed warnings from their own military that Hamas was preparing to invade.

What did Netanyahu know? Was 10/7 allowed to happen?

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