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Episode 8: RECAP–Episodes 1-7

What are they still hiding about January 6th?

Take a look at some of what we’ve uncovered so far on “The Rest of the Story” with Lara Logan!

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CIA agent and head of Palantir Technologies, Alex Karp, says his company’s software “single-handedly” stopped the “far right” in Europe.

Founded in 2003 with funding from the CIA’s In-Q-Tel program, Palantir specializes in data mining and analytics. Its only client until 2008…

Jim Hoft, founder of @gatewaypundit, provided @laralogan with footage of Ray Epps helping others at J6 shove an enormous, blue sign into Capitol police.

Hoft and Logan point out that, while Epps remains free, others who touched this sign have faced lengthy prison sentences.

While Ray Epps eventually landed on the FBI’s Most Wanted list, he was removed around six months later without being charged.

For this reason, some have compared him to Megan Paradise, a woman who, despite being No. 9 on the FBI’s list, has not yet been arrested. During the…