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Ben Swann is a 2-time Emmy award winning, 3-time Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist
Ben Swann is a 2-time Emmy award winning, 3-time Edward R. Murrow award winning journalist

Ben Swann has spent 15 years working as a journalist in broadcast news.  Swann began his journalism career in El Paso, Texas as a news photographer, quickly working his way up to prime time anchor.  Along the way, Swann became a two time Emmy Award winner and two time recipient of the Edward R. Murrow Award.  Covering Mexico’s drug war, Ben Swann discovered the national media was not reporting the truth of what was actually happening in Mexico’s drug war or the problems associated with the failed “War on Drugs” in the United States.

In 2010, Ben moved north to Cincinnati, Ohio, earning the prime time anchor seat at FOX 19 and soon became the producer/anchor of a viral segment titled “Reality Check.”  Covering the 2012 Republican Presidential primary, Swann confronted problems in the American electoral process, the stranglehold of America’s two party system and the suppression of voters’ choices by mainstream media. During this time, Swann became the first journalist in the nation to take on President Barack Obama face to face regarding the Constitutionality of his “kill list” and is the only journalist to confront Mitt Romney about the railroading of duly elected delegates during the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Swann’s bold approach created an internet firestorm strong enough for Swann to venture from his position as anchor at FOX 19 in Cincinnati, launching his own independent platform.   Upon establishing the Truth In Media Project at in June of 2013, Swann’s brand met immediate success.

Swann launched the Truth in Media project through crowdfunding and has created 16 “Truth in Media” videos dealing with subjects such as the truth behind Cannabis and CBD oil, the Root of Militarization of Police and the Origins of ISIS.  These videos have millions of combined views online and have even been referenced on mainstream programs such as ABC’s The View.

Ben Swann is now the industry leader for independent journalists, shattering the “Left vs. Right” paradigm, with a sharp focus on restoring Truth In Media.  With over 160,000 combined Facebook followers, 53,000 YouTube subscribers, and monthly pageviews surpassing 2 million per month, Swann’s impact and influence is undeniable.

In May of 2015 expanded its already strong reputation as a disruptive force in American media and made the transition to, partnering with even more voices across the political spectrum.

Swann is now working on two new projects to share news and information ignored by mainstream media and building up the work of grassroots activists.


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