Ben Swann and We Are Change

Ben Swann and Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change play a game to talk about journalistic ethics and what it means to be wrong as a reporter.  If you are wrong.. what to do about it.

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at

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  • Tony Karma Wallace

    Your hair is fine Ben. Stop trying to fight the wind! Great video btw, and thanks for introducing me to Luke.

    • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

      Rudkowski is a pitbull. Great heart. I believe Josh Tolley joined them too – another funny, stand-up guy.

  • Drew R

    I’ll always remember Rand Paul’s walk of shame when Luke was walking beside him outside for an awkwardly long amount of time, with Rand trying to ignore the questions and pretending like Luke wasn’t there.. Rand is supposed to be all down to earth and great and everything, but what kind of honest person acts like that!

    Related to this video, good points, but let’s not get snobby concerning information sources. Factual information is factual information no matter where it comes from. The focus should be on the info, not the vehicle from which it arrives. A crappy looking blog can contain more truth and be more legitimate than a fluffed up, attractively presented major news site. A simple conversation with some “nobody” can contain more fact than a ‘peer reviewed’ academia publication.

  • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

    Guys, to see you two together, talking liberty, ethics, L/R illusion… makes me want to cry.

    While being PUMMELED DAILY with FOX, CNN, Clearchannel, MSNBC, Beck, Maddow, Limbaugh, Matthews, Hannity, Levin, Townhall, HuffPo, Hotair, Politico, Blaze, Breitbart, etc, and ALL OF THEIR ENDLESS, INSULTING LYING… it brings a tear of hope to my bloodshot eyes, to actually watch such a BREAK from that template, and such a pivot toward truth and liberty! God bless your journey to restore (dare I say it) JOURNALISM! I CAN’T WAIT to see what you’re cooking up!

  • Hope101

    “At the end of the day a journalist doesn’t have to be perfect, a
    journalist has to be honest…I do have to admit when I’m wrong.”
    Great philosophy, but it may be difficult to follow. I think our
    training, from a very early age, is the opposite of this; the blame
    game is the first place people go when considering whether they are
    wrong. That is in every part of our culture. It’s in every movie or
    TV show; in nearly every book or article I read. It is very difficult
    conditioning to overcome.

    “transcripts; People don’t read them”. I may be an exception, but I read the
    transcript. Particularly where the information is a little difficult
    for me to follow in a video, I want to read, and sometimes reread,
    what is said.

  • 123

    That guy looks like a half-grown Bill Maher clone from a lab.

    • Brimstone Hill

      Da tuh Dah…………u r observant……

  • Brimstone Hill

    Ben Swann is the Thor’s Hammer of media……….You are the epitome’ of reporting Ben Swann……

    Luke Rudkowski is about as Truthful as they come……..Luke Rawks!!!!

  • Dave Lewis

    Hey Ben,

    Why don’t you challenge Piers Morgan to a debate over gun control. I’d love to hear you unedited take him apart British brick by British brick.

  • gary assault-milking-machine g

    luke ludowski screams at his victims so you can’t even extract the informative responses they give. what a f-g idiot. so he is not really a reporter but a heckler. hecklers are pretty much ineffectual. ben swann deigns to him for ?? reason?

    • gary the gerbil manufacturer

      a big bunch of money to visit the best place for which to abandon the jew.s.a. pretty curious story. why in the world are these two people doing that?

  • Patriot from the nanny state

    Ben Swann +Luke Rudkowski = REAL JOURNALISTS, THANK YOU!