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We can now project that we will have 3 Episodes fully funded for Season 2.

Those episodes include:
  • The Truth About Cannibas and Freedom of Choice
  • The Truth About The Prison Industrial Complex
  • The Truth About Palestinian Foreign Aid

Please stand with us to get our next three episodes funded as well.

These episodes will include:
  • The Truth About Fukushima Radiation
  • The Truth About Mandatory Prison Sentencing
  • The Truth About Police Militarization
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  • jhon

    Ben Swann why do you never have Ron Paul on your radio show? “I lean toward a flat tax. But I want to make it real flat, like zero.”

    –Ron Paul, Jay Leno show, Oct. 31,

    • Read My Lips

      I agree about the taxes.
      People who think we need a 30 or 40% sales tax to feed the beast in Washington are crazy. What we need to do is slash the size of government down to where it needs to be. Then there would only be a need for a 3 or 4% flat tax.
      Most of the people working in government need to find a job and they need to car pool it with their welfare constituents.

  • Can you handle the truth?

    Good idea doing one on the Prison Industrial Complex. That’s a story that needs our undivided attention. It’s a modern-day slave trade that needs to be almost entirely dismantled. We need to leave enough room to put all the criminals in Washington behind bars and let the rest out.
    But, why do I know that you are not going to mention that this slave trade is compromised of over 98% men? That’s right, most people are shocked to find out that less than 2% of the prison population is female and most of them are black or other minorities.
    Do the research, be honest, and stop protecting the white females who are destroying America.

  • Drew R

    Ben… Love what you’re doing bro and would totally donate to you if I wasn’t so broke at the moment!

  • Hey guys,

    If you haven’t seen this video yet, check it out! I think it’s a
    fresh, creative piece that will get you pumped to fight against the
    globalists. Watch it and tell us what you think by leaving a comment on
    the WordPress page or the YouTube channel. We would love to hear your
    opinion. Thanks so much for the support!!

    -The Iceberg Anatomy

  • theLAB

    I have experience in both the Prison system and with Medical Cannabis – theLast American Bastard (theLAB)

  • rand is a warmonger

    Japan’s Radiation Disaster Toll: None Dead, None Sick:

    Japan’s Radiation Scare Hugely Overblown by Western Media: