On Monday, a Dallas policeman shot  52-year-old Bobby Gerald Bennett in his driveway. Friends of Bennett say Officer Cardan Spencer shot him for no apparent reason.

The incident was caught on a neighbor’s surveillance camera:

Bennett was sitting on a swivel chair, rolling back and forth, when officers came up to him. Bennett then stood up, after which Spencer shot the mentally ill man in the abdomen four times.

Now Bennett is in the hospital recovering from his injuries.

Bennett’s neighbor and mother claim Officer Spencer had no reason to shoot.

Joyce Jackson, Bennett’s mother, said, “It’s heartbreaking. It’s not right. My son did not do anything to those police officers. This is not right what they did.”

But, as always, there are two sides to this story.

A police report states that Bennett walked toward Spencer and his partner with a “knife raised in an aggressive manner.”

Spencer’s lawyer, Robert Rogers, said, “The facts and circumstances known to Officer Spencer at the time completely justify his actions. Obviously there is much more to this situation than that video.”

It is legal for officers to shoot a civilian who comes at the with a knife. However, Bennett does not appear to come towards the officers in the video.

According to Jackson, she and her son had gotten in an  argument earlier that day. Bennett was sitting outside to calm down and smoke a cigarette. Jackson called 911 because she was worried about Bennett, who has spent 20 years in and out of prison — he also has schizophrenia and is bipolar.

As of right now, the incident is in the “very early stages” of investigation, said Police Chief David Brown. Spencer is currently on indefinite leave.

Maurice Bunch, Bennett’s neighbor, was outside watching as the shooting occurred (it was his surveillance camera that captured the incident). He said he saw no knife in Bennett’s hand.

Bunch said, “They were coming at him and he just scooted his chair back. He stood up. At that point, they drew their weapons and said, ‘Freeze.’ They may have said ‘Drop the knife.’ They just waited for about four or five seconds and they just opened fire on him… They were trying to kill him.”

Jackson is incredibly disturbed by the incident. Making matters worse, she was initially not allowed to visit her son in the hospital. According to Jackson, Dallas officers told her, “You don’t need to be here. You son is under arrest for trying to hurt police officers.”

Although Jackson is thankful that her son is alive, she now wants Spencer to be punished for his actions.

Given the evidence, which includes both sides of the story and surveillance footage, do you think this is a case of police brutality?

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  • Concerned citizen

    Even if he had a knife, he did not move except when shot to fall down. This was the wrong choice. The officer should be sued, permanently relieved of duty and jailed for attempted murder.

    • not telling

      should , yes. will he , no , officers will lie and scam to protect each other, they are the definition of true organized crime, these officers will at most lose their jobs, They are not peace keepers or public servants they are taxpayer funded tyrants of the worst kind and need to be removed from our streets.

      • Mark Kane

        …..by force if necessary…….

        • not telling


  • MadMax2020

    Sued? Perhaps the only way teach these tax eating parasites a lesson is to shoot back.

    • http://www.acjernigan.legalshield.com/ Amanda Jernigan

      I think it is rapidly approaching that point!

  • Robert Overturf

    I think this is a case of attempted murder, not brutality at all.

    • http://www.acjernigan.legalshield.com/ Amanda Jernigan

      i agree!

  • CommonSense101

    If the guy was outside cooling down, smoking a cig, why did his mother call the police? I can only imagine the hysterical phone call she made, telling how her ex-con, schizo, bi-polar son was loosing it. The police had to have come in pretty cautious. With that being said, they still shouldn’t have shot him. What happened to tasers and pepper spray? Or talking to cool down a situation? Police need to start being jailed for their criminal actions, such as these needless shootings and no-knock raids gone wrong. That’s the only way they will start taking responsibility for their actions and think first.

    • Hilly

      right or what about even shoot him once in the leg or something. This was bad judgment call, period!

      • CommonSense101

        Well if the cop placed 4 shots in his stomach, it’s not like he’s a bad shot (compared to NYC police anyway). But being in a residential neighborhood during the middle of the day, there was a huge potential for sending a round into someone’s home so discharging his firearm should have been his last option. But I agree, it shows a complete lack of good judgement.

        • BambiB

          I thought he fired four times – and missed 3 times?

          • CommonSense101

            “Bennett then stood up, after which Spencer shot the mentally ill man in the abdomen four times.” That’s from this article anyway, maybe it says different on another news source?

    • A Dubs

      Much like in Indiana where you can open fire on an officer who illegally enters your home*. Makes those officers re-think forced entry. …at least it should.

      (*2006 Castle Doctrine Bill of Indiana)

      • CommonSense101

        It’s the same in Virginia as well. However, by the time 6 guys break down your door and rush your home, covered head to toe in armor, you’re not going to have much of a chance though (sadly). You may get a few rounds off but then they are just going to riddle your home with bullets, potentially killing your wife and kids, definitely your dog. And they will get off free as a bird because your shooting justified their actions even though it is the wrong house. Then your local media will help cover it up, making you seem like a crazy constitutionalists with the headline “Heavily armed man shot by police”

        • TheAwokenOne

          I live in VA and you’re absolutely right. The media will justify you and your family getting shot up by police who force entry into your house. They may even use the headline “Discovered terrorist cell neutralized” also since DC is not too far away. This video is showing a very common trend now of police shooting unarmed civilians. This needs to be on the news more but it won’t thanks to the non-sense stories they have to replace it. I bet the government is running undercover drills of how they will exercise martial law, when the government shuts back down again in a few months and the country defaults on its debts in Feb.

        • Robert P. Reeves

          as much as i tried to rebuke your statement, CommonSense101…i just can’t.


          • CommonSense101

            I appreciate the compliment, but I wish you could. I wish I was wrong. When you look at all the similar cases the pattern is hard to miss. What I would like to see is fellow police officers getting more pissed off about this stuff then we are. You always hear “Cops are good people, it’s just a few bad apples that give them all a bad name.” Well, if that’s so, wouldn’t all of the “honest” police officers make sure that the “bad” cops were prosecuted to make an example? After all, they are giving everyone else a bad name, right? Wouldn’t they step up on the scene and prevent such things from happening in the first place? Instead, they are just accomplices in the criminal activity, and should be prosecuted as such.

          • BambiB

            If things go on the way they are, it won’t be long before people begin sniping at cops. Then, every call might be an invitation to an ambush. How hot do you think the cops will be to try this kind of s**t when there may be a sniper on overwatch? Something tells me the police won’t be quite as gung ho.

          • CommonSense101

            Maybe hypothetical instances like this are the reason local police have been getting used military hardware for dirt cheap. They will always meet force with force, using their new-to-them MRAPs. I’m not going to advocate what you’re saying, but I’m sure it’s a possibility. They are all turning into a militarized police force for a reason, we are behind the curve.

        • BambiB

          They had a no-knock raid on the wrong address down in Miami a long while back. Old geezer and his wife thought the cops were some gang (because gangs yell “police” when they pull a home invasion and, well, because, the police IS a gang!)

          Anyway, the old guy leveled his 12 gauge down the hallway and took off the lead pig’s head. Cops wanted (more) blood. The prosecutor had to tell them, “Sorry boys. You had the wrong address, he was in legitimate fear for his life and you had no right to be in his home.”

          That cooled out the “no knock” raid nonsense… for a while.

    • BambiB

      Why? Because it’s what women do. Haven’t you figured out yet that the bulk of the police and welfare state has come about only because of female demands to “feel” safer? They (recall that the majority of Democrats are female and the gender gap is 20%) are precisely the demographic that old Ben Franklin warned about when he cautioned against trading freedom for security. Read John Lott’s paper on women’s suffrage and debt. Once you do, you’ll realize I’m not just raving – I’m speaking the truth!

      • CommonSense101

        I brushed through John Lott’s paper, it’s pretty interesting. I do agree that women tend to vote democratic/liberal but they are still voting for men (at least in the beginning). What makes a man a liberal?

  • A Dubs

    I recognize the tough job officer’s have dealing with the public. I admire their courage and am sensitive to their well-being. However, I expect them to uphold their Oath and act as a PUBLIC SERVANT. Not judge, jury, and executioner. In this situation, the officers in question should be charged with committing a crime as there is no evidence they were acting in self-defense. Here’s to hoping the double standard isn’t applied once again….

  • Sabrina

    are the officers black? its hard to tell

  • DWs

    I see absolutely NO aggressive movement. Incredibly poor judgement by those cops. That shooter should be banned from possessing firearms or any type of weapon.

    • Ory Browne

      “Incredibly poor judgement” should be saved for students who cheat on tests and for husbands that frequent prostitutes without protection. This act was criminal. If you don’t call things by their proper names than nothing changes.

      • Guest

        Husbands that frequent prostitutes without protection? Protection justifies for some it I guess. loluent prostitutes without protection

  • Scheidde Rogers

    NEVER CALL THE POLICE….They only make things worse

  • Dolo200@yahoo.com

    Were the police officers working for Obama or just dirty police from the Dallas police, that are trigger happy. I don’t see a knife or the aggression the officers claim. The officers just shot him for no reason.

    • Ory Browne

      You just add to the problem… and that cop probably voted republican but don’t even know.

  • kenpo5

    Cops are such pussies…some are okay but most (from my past experience) are just plain good old fashion pussies

  • finishstrongdoc

    Where’s the knife? Cop could have had a throw down weapon* on him. Hard to tell. People always complaining about Republican “circular firing squad.” At least we have a chance to fire back. They call Tea Party “terrorist, anarchist.” What’s this?
    * throw down weapon: bad cops keep a throw down weapon in their boot, in case they get involved with an unarmed civilian shoot-down, they pull the throw down out of their boot and place it on scene as “evidence of a righteous shooting.”

  • Jonathan Schreiber

    Is there more to the video? From the video it sure didn’t seem as if the man made any threatening actions, but you can’t hear anything they are saying either, it certainly doesn’t seem as if the officers had any reason to discharge their firearms… There have been a lot of incidents of police brutality lately, Swann’s site has highlighted a few others besides this one. Seriously what the hell is going on and why aren’t these incidents being talked more about in the media? This type of behavior from police officers seems to be becoming more and more common, SOMETHING needs to be done!

  • Bob Bullock

    This is the SS revived, the man was mentally ill and this is the new way Obama Care is dealing with the mentally ill.

    • DumbassBob

      Wow, Bob… that was possibly the dumbest connection I’ve seen to Obama, ever. Do you really think a TEXAS cop is going to line up with Obama? Or are you just adding to the sensationalism?

      • Robert P. Reeves

        and 3 more think just like him. smh.

      • Bob Bullock

        I was kidding, saying it was the way Obama Care was going to save money on caring for the mentally ill. It’s actually the way the Nazis treated the mentally ill so it really isn’t a joke.

      • Bob Bullock

        OH and I did use my real name, maybe you should as well if your going to hurl insults. Coward.

  • Gearold McCoy

    The video doesn’t tell the entire story but I will say justified shooting I don’t think so they could’ve negotiated, threatened, they even could have called in the dog’s. But to shoot someone like that is questionable. There was obviously no mortal threat to the public or the officers.

  • MB

    Dallas PD have a bad reputation to begin with. While there is no sound, the man was standing motionless before, and during the officers shooting at him. There was no visible provocation. I hope the officers get prison sentences for the the crime they committed.

  • Erica

    More brutality from trigger-happy thug cops.

  • Cazzie

    Murder, plain and simple.

    • id2nv2nj2ca

      He didn’t die. So, attempted murder, sure. :)

      • Cazzie

        Thanks. 4 shots in the abdomen, guess I thought the worst.

        • id2nv2nj2ca

          And that was an easy assumption to make. Have a great week. :)

  • Invictus_Lux

    Secular notion of palliative care and mercy killing for economic expedience that was a a botched Kevorkian style cop-assisted mercy-kill to put him out of his misery. As life gets ever more cheap (ref. the 4,000 helpless babies murdered in the womb DAILY in America) we can expect this more often.

    • Jason

      Kevin Merck, is that you???

      • Invictus_Lux

        Is this supposed to be funny? I don’t know any Kevin Merck.

  • Tokitae

    Four times was unnecessary. Cops shoot to kill, they don’t shoot to disable. Infuriating.

  • LeTronk

    So we have video evidence that at least one part of the police report is blatantly false. The report states that he moved toward them in an aggressive manner, yet the video shows only backward movement initially, then motionlessness. So we have the police lying about the incident on record. If the police actually stand by their report in court, then they perjur themselves. From the evidence we have available, it appears that there was already a case of 2nd degree murder. If perjury is added to that, it becomes a long prison sentence.

  • DB.Coupe

    Wow. This is open and shut case. This officer should get jail time. It’s worrisome that these officers are but two in the ranks of many. You know that there are more officers like these cowards in those ranks and it is major problem.

    How can one who arrives at a scene as two people with guns, advanced training, and armor(police officers) feel threatened at all by a single individual who may or may not be actually harmful? These are not level headed men. These are angry boys and girls with weapons and power who are unfit for enforcing laws in a stable manner

    Thank gawd for that personal surveillance camera that guy had. That’s the real hero in this case. Officers seem to be growing into a trend of cowardice where they are too afraid to engage in detainment or physical contact.


    • David Freeman

      Instead he will get a round of drinks with his buddies and a paid vacation.

  • Roman Paine

    everyday there are things like this on the internet. The gestapo police state is out of control.

  • poof

    That guy NEVER advanced one inch towards those coward cops!They shot him simply because they could.If he were a real threat,they could taze him.But you notice,he was too far away to taze.Therefore,he was too far away to be a threat with a knife. And they wonder why we hate cops!

  • jwclark

    Are these our highly trained “warriors in blue?” No, they are simply thugs violating a clear law which is abuse of the color of authority. They need to be in jail–otherwise the law means nothing. So, are we, or are we not, a nation of laws? Apparently we are a nation of men who usurp an authority that is not rightfully theirs. Furthermore, we all know that conscience, which the First Amendment protects, has been criminalized. This way, as a people, we are dead both outwardly and inwardly. What is left for them to take but our lives? JWC

  • BillBoyle4

    You can clearly see the police kicking away what was probably a knife. So he was a known criminal that was clearly armed and ignoring their lawful commands as he backed up in the chair and stood up. On the other hand they should wait till he actually approaches before shooting and at the very least be guilty of filing a false police report and lose their jobs.

    • Dave

      You’re full of it! He absolutely was NOT clearly armed! He had his hands at his side when he was shot, the pigs were 15-20 feet away from him, if not more, he made no attempt to move toward the pigs and the pig looked like he was kicking at air, NOT a knife, to make it look like he was justified, aka: creating an alibi. They could have tased him, they could have not confronted him, they could have not escalated the situation. Their commands were not lawful, they were abusive! Those pigs, and yea, they are pigs, should be arrested for attempted murder and convicted for it! This was NOT justified!

  • SlimJim

    In days gone by, calling 911 was a way to get help. These days — not a chance in hell.

  • Sally_Oh

    Never call 911. Officer safety is job one, not the caller’s safety. While I know some people are actually schizophrenic and bipolar, both of those diagnoses have enjoyed a 400% increase since the creation of pharmaceuticals used to “treat” them. Check his food, remove GMOs, all sweeteners except raw honey (and even that for awhile), no grains or legumes, no dairy. Try that for a month. You might get your son back.

  • BILL

    Officer should be charged with attempted murder and the other officers as accomplices for doing nothing…. SUE THE DEPARTMENT AND CITY…

    • displacedjim

      I agree with everything except suing the department and city, since that cost will just be born by the taxpayers. Instead, sue the two officers themselves, and for everything they own.

      • Churchillis1

        I agree the cost will be transferred to the citizens of the city…and just maybe when they feel it in their wallets they will vote for Sheriffs that enforce the law. The calm and lazy citizenry is complicit in this kind of tyranny.

  • Mark Kane

    This is attempted murder…..plain and simple. The offending officer should go to jail, and the other should be fired for being Complicit in the crime. I really feel sorry for you Americans.

    Aberdeen, Scotland

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Hi Mark, glad you’re following what’s happening over here. It’s pretty sickening on EVERY front.

  • Dave

    He absolutely was NOT clearly armed! He had his hands at his side when he was shot, the pigs were 15-20 feet away from him, if not more, he made no attempt to move toward the pigs and the pig looked like he was kicking at air, NOT a knife, to make it look like he was justified, aka: creating an alibi. They could have tased him, they could have not confronted him, they could have not escalated the situation. Their commands were not lawful, they were abusive! Those pigs, and yea, they are pigs, should be arrested for attempted murder and convicted for it! This was NOT justified!

  • Jeremiah Cress

    This is upsetting. There was a time when an officer was willing to risk his life to protect the life of the public. Now any threat to an officer’s safety is met with lethal force.

  • LibertyChick

    I didn’t see anything threatening by the man. Even if he had a knife – which I can’t see in the video – he was too far away from the police to hurt them. I wish police would go after real criminals instead.

  • Doctorfun

    It is a very clear case of police brutality. It’s impossible to judge from the video if the man had a knife or not, but it is clear that at that distance he was not dangerous to the police officers. Even if he were an expert knife thrower, he’d still need to raise his arm to throw. Had he done that, the shooting might have been justified. The way it happened, it’s criminal behavior.

  • TrytheTyrants

    The Gestapo is here folks… If officers took their oath serious they would enforce the Constitution…

  • Johnny Bliss

    hang the pigs in the street

  • Luap Seugirdor

    Something is definitely wrong with the cops in the States. I have seen video after video of this kind of behaviour, including beatings where it wasn’t necessary. Are the police forces hiring psychopaths on purpose? These organized “legal” gangs are way worse than any street gang.

    • Boone

      Luap, as long as the community condones this behavior…it WILL continue. I am retired LEO. We feared violating a civil right,….not any more… the People allow this to continue. Only when communities push back will it subside.

      • Luap Seugirdor

        You are right. But a very hard thing to get them to do. I think others have that same idea, but not who we want to. The FEMA camps are already built and most of them are staffed and ready for occupancy. All the Fusion centers are open for business.

      • Slim_Strontem

        (masses of) People need to take it up in their city and county council meetings and be general pains it the arse to their high-brow politicians–And STOP relying on their media outlets. (even local ones)

    • Slim_Strontem

      A big problem is that they are protected by the cops, creating an atmosphere that is OK. Per some of those videos, Some cops think outrageous behavior is their duty to get away with, and Some think it is funny.

  • ArtieP

    Is it possible that Bennett had a gun? We cannot see one because of the angle of the video, but if he had a gun, then the cop’s actions were correct. If Bennett had no gun, based on the distance that the cops were away from Bennett, there was no necessity for them to shoot him, and the cops should be charged and tried for attempted murder. The big question here is, did Bennett have a gun? This video, in and of itself, does not answer that question.

    • LocalHero

      They NEVER try cops for murder. It is always involuntary manslaughter of some such nonsense. Ya see, cops are “Heroes” (with a capital “H”) – we have that drilled into our heads every freaking day.

    • Churchillis1

      Even the cops only accused him of having a knife and coming towards them. No gun is anywhere in this film except in the officers hands. The police would arrest, try, convict and incarcerate/execute a man for less. They need to be arrested IMMEDIATELY.

      • Artie

        I am just saying that Bennett’s right hand was obscured on the video. Now, if the cops have made no mention of a gun, but only a knife then, based upon the long distance between the cops and Bennett, the shooting of Bennett was illegal, period!! If all Bennett had was a knife, he was not a threat to the cops, to the degree of using deadly force, at such a distance. With that in mind, then the cops had no business firing on this man, and the cops, or was it one cop, who fired on Bennett, should be arrested and tried, just like any other person who illegitimately used deadly force.

    • Slim_Strontem

      If he did, A) It is neither a threat nor illegal to hold one, B) He did not raise his arm, C) They would have to be the dumbest sobs for approaching him like that if he was an (fire)armed threat.

  • bank

    the officer clearly broke the law and should suffer the consequences, as should anyone who performed the same actions…tall oak tree needed…..



  • Boone

    Until the community holds these LEO responsible…the shootings will continue.

  • LocalHero

    Just to make things equal, let’s have somebody shoot this officer 4 times in the abdomen.

  • jagragg

    No, what is OBVIOUS, is that the police involved, and their superiors, are lying through their freaking teeth. Maybe someone should start shooting back in self defense. There is more than sufficient “case law” that would support such citizen actions.

  • Heretic2011

    The police are more dangerous to the people than any street gang. These cops need to be shot.

  • Kenneth Lou

    This man was no threat, and for anyone to suggest it is only part of the story, well, it is THE part needed to show that the Officers were the threat, and no one else. It also reveals that the Police in this, LIED.

    Cops in many pockets of the nation have become killer wannabes.
    BAD Cops anywhere are a THREAT to ALL Cops everywhere else.

    I am not against all Police. My brother is still a working Police Officer.

    I am strongly opposed to truly BAD Cops, and today, there are far too many of them on the streets terrorizing the Public.

  • Kirschwasser

    These days, then they usually shoot your dog too just for good measure…

    It doesn’t look as if Bennett had a dog though.

    • Slim_Strontem

      …and they may have been disappointed.

  • Tammy

    Yes, shoot first, ask questions later. It’s always about “officer safety”! But, really folks, it’s not! It’s about brutality and power.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Another bad “side effect”, besides the obvious, is that the law enforcement officers who want to do a good job and catch actual bad guys, are lumped in with the bad cops, and I guarantee they get pressured to cover for this kind of stuff.

  • http://www.exposingmilabs.blogspot.com/ Exposing Milabs

    There is a war against the mentally ill right now in this country.

  • James Hale

    This is why individuals need to go out of their way to film officers during the commission of their duties. If you see a cop interacting with the public in any way film it just in case something like this happens.

    • Slim_Strontem

      ‘Cause they when they pretend that videos mean nothing, it sure as hell means that the word of “civilians” means nothing.

  • Jing Yagunazie

    Can this policemens family be located?

  • BambiB

    The cop should be tried for attempted murder – and perjury (if that’s covered by false statements in his report) and hung by the nads until his body drops off.

    His lawyer, Robert Rogers, should be disbarred for his statement. He’s clearly not honest enough to be a lawyer.

  • King Charles

    Seems like lately, if you fit the psychological profile of a psychopath then you qualify to be a police officer.

    • Conservativesniper

      Well,the SCOTUS has ruled it is legal to discriminate against intelligence when recruiting for police cadets.

  • BambiB

    Good thing there was video. Otherwise the only account of what happened would have been the dishonest and homicidal cop’s.

  • Churchillis1

    THIS is why video cameras in the hands of citizens are so important. If this man had rushed the officers while brandishing a knife, they would be totally vindicated. But, watch the video again. After standing up, the man DOES NOT MOVE his feet once. He COULD NOT have been advancing towards the officers with a knife. These officers belong in jail. Now.

    • Conservativesniper

      Agreed. But, not jail, state penitentiary, Ellis Unit until death.

  • Kurt P

    Camera don’t lie!

  • Andrew

    I think police officers should first draw tazers and only at the presents of a firearm should they use deadly force with their firearm. they are trained. they should act like it.

    • Conservativesniper

      Trained? as what? With increase in the debt ceiling WROL/SHTF draws closer every day and cops will be in an unenviable position. Most people will pay them no attention and defend themselves by any means necessary.

  • Jim

    They shot him like some kind of rabid dog! I take that back, no one would even shoot a dog like that, they would at least have animal control capture it with one of those sticks with a rope and then euthanize it back at HQ. It’s disgusting to realize this is becoming the “norm” in law enforcement!

    • J. Camaron Rogers

      No one would shoot a dog like that. Except cops. Dog killer is basically their job description at this point.

  • Heartland Patriot

    I read about this elsewhere and saw a picture, but didn’t see any video. You can tell very easily from this angle that the man, though he did stand up, did NOT move forward toward those policemen. They already had the guns out and up; IF he had moved forward, then they would have been justified…but the FACT is that he didn’t.

  • John

    He was backing away. What authority do they have to shoot him multiple times? 52 years old, they were trying to kill him.

  • Dick

    The camera doesn’t lie, he did not advance toward the officers in a threatening manner, he wasn’t even close enough to be a threat to the officers when they shot him.
    they should be prosecuted to a greater extent than if they weren’t law officers.

  • Ironhorse

    Gotcha on camera, those cops should be charged , and have their badges taken away , they give law enforcement a bad rap

  • Thomas Lapp

    They say there is much more to the story than the video. Ok, the video shows him just standing there. When I attended private combat courses for private security, I was trained that I cannot fire on someone unless they present the immediate ability to kill me. This means if you are standing far away from me with a knife, you don’t have the immediate ability to take my life and I can’t shoot you. You have to be running at me, or be within reach to be able to do it. Nobody’s life was at stake here. What ever happened to all these taser guns that cops seem to abuse all of the time? If anything why didn’t they just taser him. These officers need to learn the definition of the word “de-escalation”. They are supposed to always try to talk someone down, calm down the situation. The very first thing they should have done was keep their distance and calmly ask the man to lay down his weapon. If he didn’t then get backup and negotiate. The officer who opened fire should be fired and charged with a crime.

    • Conservativesniper

      Yeah, first degree murder. He made a conscious decision to shoot the INNOCENT to kill him. He could have shot him in the leg. Of course, being a cop, I’m sure his marksmanship is on par with someone on their deathbed.

      • Russell Wickham

        Cops are not trained to shoot people in the leg. They are trained to shoot center mass.

        • Conservativesniper

          Well maybe training needs to be changed so that fewer innocent Americans are killed for NO REASON, Russell. Perhaps shooting to disable a person NOT armed with a firearm should be part of the standard ROE. And why aren’t these trigger happy thugs armed with tasers?

          • Zeus

            Have you ever shot a pistol? They need to aim center mass. That isn’t the problem. They should have never shot the guy. I’m tired of police using the excuse of adrenoline and all that crap. That is why we have a “trained and disciplined” force. Police are supposed to allow society to live in a state above anarchy. What they are doing today is worse.

        • Davis Rivas

          Easy, dead people can’t sue. Dead man tells no tales. ‘And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those hidden cameras’

      • akatom3565

        You know of course that they are not allowed to just shoot someone in the leg. The video is very damning but I will wait to see all the evidence so I can reach a conclusion based on facts and evidence. I will assume that your name means a sniper of Republicans, because if you were a real sniper you would know the ROE right!

        • Conservativesniper

          Cops are only allowed to shoot to kill?

          I am not a sniper in that I am an assassin. I snipe, figuratively, at the brain dead sheep which are the main constituency of the left wing of American politics. Of course, with your assumption and limited understanding that words can have more than one meaning I’ll just have to take you as you represent yourself, incompetent and bid you goodbye.

          To which ROE are you referring, Afghanistan?

        • Slim_Strontem

          The standard release of story material is 14 months, when nobody thinks anyone else will care to remember, and officials involved have already “been dealt with”, so that a change to their “handling” might appear unapproachable and/or unjust. (The folks in gov aren’t idiots, they just look like it.)

        • tinnerjim

          So what? You imply the ROE are the same dealing with deranged (or just a bad attitude) civilian as they would on the battle field? You sound like you may be part of the problem rather than an objective former or active cop. I bet sniper knows well the ROE for the missions he may have been tasked with. It doesn’t seem so for these cops or this guy would not have been shot. Semper Fi

        • David Wayne

          More evidence? What the hell do you call camera footage? You aren’t one of the good cops. At best, you are one of the pack mentality cops. You wouldn’t be saying this if the victim had shot.

    • akatom3565

      What was the 21 Ft. rule that you learned?

    • Slim_Strontem

      Tazers, mace, and batons are for unarmed people with attitudes.

  • paul

    that’s correct.. he did not advance even an inch.. his hands never moved and there appeared to be no threat to the thugs… even if he had a knife .. the cops were yards away and most certainly could have found a better way to end whatever they were trying to do…once again.. it happens.. cops have no clue or they have permission to kill anyone they want.. either way.. they are the worst trained professionals in America and need to be stopped.. you are not safe around a cop.. so either do everything in your power to stay away from them or lock and load for defense.. but do not call 911.. you are asking for trouble..

    • akatom3565

      Just a quick question Paul, so because these two appear to be bad guys you put all of the good guys who do their job properly and with honor in the same light. I have worked with guys who went above and beyond with honor and dignity. Frankly I find your attitude unacceptable, and wish people like you would have the sac to man up and try to do the job. I would love for you to deal with someone like you and try to be reasonable. Maybe you have been wronged by cops unjustly but maybe they get this attitude and deal with you accordingly.

      • csh7

        The reason that people feel this way is because the bad cops are not held accountable by the good cops. Instead of always covering for them and making excuses, or giving them a temporary leave, with pay, ( which is basically a vacation) bad cops should actually feel punishment for their crimes…. their abuse of authority, endangering, terrifying, and harming others.

      • born2think

        Akatom, I am sure there are “good” cops. I just don’t see any of them posting videos or reporting the bad behavior of their partners. Nope. Almost all altercations are attended by more than one cop. And then we see a video of the “bad” cop tazing a woman or someone..posted by an onlooker. Maybe the other cop only watches.
        But even though you and I get in trouble if we are part of a crime but don’t pull the trigger, the “good” watching cop doesn’t. He gets to have “clean” hands. I’d call that tacit approval. Yet cops call it protecting the brotherhood. Until I see good cops turning in the bad ones, I must cook them in the same pot when I say, “95% of the cops give the rest a bad name.”..and yes, I feel I got the percentage right.

      • William Stone

        Here’s why citizens are beginning to have a bad impression of police:

        We have too many laws.

        It is now the case that we have so many laws that you’re guilty of breaking some law every day without even knowing it.

        The police are charged with enforcing the laws. So when you break some law you never knew about (“ignorance of the law is no excuse”) and get ticketed or arrested, you tend to feel like it’s a huge scam.

        Which it is.

        The real scam is that our legislators want us in a position that they can, at any time, throw us in jail. That’s the point of all the laws.

        By being the “face” of those laws when they are enforced, the anger people naturally feel is directed at the police rather than the politician who passed the law.

        There is no solution to this. The bottom line is that as long as police enforce unjust laws, they will be an enemy to you whether you or they like it or not.

        Want to get a better reputation? Turn in your badge and gun, and on your resignation letter, write, “I cannot be a party to the enforcement of unjust laws any longer. It’s unfair, immoral, and it makes the police everyone’s enemy.”

        Unless you do that, your reputation will suffer — and justly so.

  • WesMar856

    Not only were they trigger happy, but the cops lied as well.

  • jmark80

    Once again, unless you want trigger happy juveniles showing up to your property wanting to shoot someone…don’t call 911.

  • Alyssa Appleman

    The fact that there is clear EVIDENCE in that video that he just STOOD there is enough proof these officers had NO REASON to shoot him. Whether he had a knife is irreverent, to the fact that he just stood there. The officers should know how to handle those situations without firing their weapons. And as usual I doubt the officers will be punished. Isn’t law enforcment just grand?

  • Conservativesniper

    Dallas PD is getting quite a reputation as not worthy of respect. EXACTLY like Ft. Worth PD, shooting innocent citizens for no reason. I wonder if these two mentally challenged badge carriers know that the film of the murder is all over the internet?

    • akatom3565

      You know he didn’t die right?

  • oregontrackers

    It is not the duty of the police to protect you.
    Their job is to protect the Corporation Called Elected and public
    employees and arrest commercial code breakers.” (Sapp v. Tallahasee,
    348 So. 2nd. 363, Reiff v. City of Philadelphia 477 F.Supp. 1262, Lynch
    v. N.C. Dept of Justice 376 S. E. 2nd. 247.)http://sedm.org/Forms/05-MemLaw/WhyThiefOrPubOfficer.pdf

  • RonWillison

    Even if for arguments sake. One knife against two guns with plenty of yardage between them. A rational person would shoot somebody ONCE in the leg to disable. FOUR in the gut was attempted murder. NUFF said.

    • Slim_Strontem

      The rule is, if there is a need to shoot, there is a need to kill.
      The obvious implication is that, you Only shoot when it is absolutely necessary to turn someone off like a switch.

      • RonWillison

        In this case. I think the rule being followed was. “DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES”

      • John Carl Toth

        why not use a taser?

  • akatom3565

    Very damning video no doubt but you need to see and hear all evidence to reach a just conclusion. My years in Law Enforcement tells me that this will be interesting to see what occurs from here out. We need to hear what the mother told 911 and hear why she called the cops. 21 foot rule for dealing with individuals with a knife, plus other options and training.

    • Brimstone Hill

      Your post is telling…..you’re a pig…..21 foot rule?…………………Fuck u and your rules. Dude was no where near one of your fascist buddies. This is murder 1 and you should be bitch slapped for being apologetic to the nazi thugs.

      • Bluegrazz

        @ Akatom3565: Your experience as a cop seems to have blinded you to reality. What the hell difference does it make as to what the mother told 911? It is pretty obvious that the victim retreated, stood up, and took 4 bullets in the gut. It’s rationalism like yours that give cops-investigating-cops and bad name. Jerk!

    • ActualVeteranofWar

      You cops are nothing more than a street gang. A pack of cowardly thugs, who instead of doing their job, invent lies to justify their murder of innocents. Cops today couldn’t even make it through military boot camp. A pack of pathetic pack swine who is there to “Protect and Serve” themselves.

    • RP1776

      If they were really concerned for their safety,why didn’t they just get closer and use a taser on him if he only had a knife?

    • r.a Christian

      21 foot rule? u have guns this guy had a knife…maybe. zero threatening behavior, no motion forward or waving hands around. these police look like they could feel threatened doing security @ a Britney spears concert.

    • Justin

      Did you even read the article? The NEIGHBOR called the cops. Not the mother.

  • Slim_Strontem

    Try shooting a cop with this amount of video against your justification.
    F this double standard bullshit. Big though armor wearing, batton, mace, tazer and radio carrying rotten sobs, say, “I was too frightened to risk not killing him.” F them. F their department, their city management, and the media.
    –Sh1t like this is on the way to being a major downfall of Americana. Jackasses.

  • rcon1

    Cops get a call X Con lives with Mom, Disturbance with Mom. All the way there they run his jacket find out his history and talk about what a thug he is. Cops roll up two man team they approach they probably told him to stay were he was and he gets up Bang Bang. They were afraid of him before they got there, obviously. Bad shooting cops will get suspended with pay and city sued for millions. As for a knife the cop didnt clear it from the victim as he reached down, no knife. Only the Tax payers and the victim lose as always.

    • angela

      Nobody gives a shit if they were scared or not. They scare me – if they’re ever in my immediate presence can I shoot them?

      • d

        yes, if they try to illegally arrest you, the Supreme Court has ruled you can use deadly force against a cop.

        • Jack1025

          …if you’re willing to experience a lengthy jail sentence while you wait for your supreme court trial… if it ever happens.

          • ActualVeteranofWar

            Good point Jack. Today you are guilty of what you are told you are guilty of. An actual crime is no longer necessary.

  • Angela

    Right. Sooo how many of you have written a department after something so obviously and blatantly abusive? If you haven’t, don’t whine. I myself am SICK of seeing these kinds of videos and as we ALL know they are becoming not just frequent, but today’s norm. Write them ALL. Let them know the whole world is watching.

  • Jason O

    Why the Framers left us the 2nd, to protect against fascist draconian pigs.

  • doc angus

    “Absolutely. Are the Police scared or just trigger happy now? The ‘above the law’ mentality in the officer is sheer criminal.”

  • http://www.mylocator.com MyLocator ®

    Mob hit

  • surreality

    when or how that man try hurt police officers @???? what ??? US police must be brainwashed or dumb mind controled by evil it self.

  • Brutal Truth

    Absolutely. Police brutality.

  • LiberRepubliCrat

    “Police brutality?” Try “Attempted Murder.” These thugs operating under color of law need to be stopped.

  • cjkw67

    the cops will be found not guilty and within their “”rights””… I am so sick of this type of shit!!

    • Brimstone Hill

      I say the same everyday !!!!

  • Brimstone Hill

    They gunned this man down in cold blood. Never call a State/County sanctioned thug to your house for anything. The end result will always be to your demise. Do not support your local Law Enforcement, lest you be a victim of their brutality.

  • ActualVeteranofWar

    Cops are nothing more than a street gang. A pack of cowardly thugs,
    who instead of doing their job, invent lies to justify their murder of
    innocents. Cops today couldn’t even make it through military boot camp. A
    pack of pathetic swine who is there to “Protect and Serve”

  • thrukhe

    Clear case of aggravated assault with intent! The LEO’s involved in this case should be prosecuted without regard to their status as LEO’s.

  • ugo2020

    nothing less than premeditated attempted murder – there is a mandatory sentence for this crime

  • myddfai

    The cops must be on drugs to be that stupid. they obviously wanted to shoot. someone…

  • jd

    Corporate murder…coming to a home near you….

  • Richard Vickers

    we can piss and moan about out of control cops or we can do something about it. the power is still the people’s. we’ve just forgotten.

  • Brad Kirby

    Had the officers been civilians, they would be in jail and convicted of murder. You know, the whole ‘disparity-of-force’ argument. But, at worse, they’ll get some paid time off for several months and be fired.

  • http://www.anarchocapitalism.us/ Ethan Glover

    These sick freaks think it’s just a matter of hunting season. They don’t even understand that they are taking a human life.

    • Anonymous

      Mhm, they very well know they’re taking a life, they just don’t care.

  • Charles Hilton

    This is what happens when a mentally challenged individual with a knife encounters violent, low I.Q. sociopaths with guns and badges.

    • Davis Rivas

      And a license to kill.

  • robert

    Its the familys fault < why did the moron have a knife??????????

  • Debra

    The PO is clearly lying about Jackson moving toward him. I wouldn’t believe anything else he says at that point. I would charge him with attempted murder. I would also fire him from the force immediately. He had no cause to shoot when he did. You and I would already be charged with attempted murder for doing exactly the same thing. Being a cop is a high stress job. Some people are not fit for that kind of job as evidenced by Officer Spencer’s actions and his lies to try to save his skin. People lie. Even police officers.

  • reginamb

    Please keep us updated on this story. I hope they prosecute these officers for this. But most of all, I hope this man fully recovers.

  • David Bergeron

    George Orwell’s 1984 cameras turned out to be useful after all!

  • Toby Gaffney

    im not for police just shooting someone but am i the only person who watched the entire video what was it the cop kicked away from the person they shot not one of you mentioned this and i know im not the only one who was scrathing my head wondering why the other cop looked like he kicked something away then the cop who shot the guy walks over to were the thing was kicked and looked at it then talks on his walkie.

    • Furlong

      He went out to smoke a cigarette could have very well been a lighter, maybe it was mistaken as a knife. Regardless of weather or not it was the man never moved! You shouldn’t shoot a man with a knife visible unless he starts moving toward you!

      • Toby Gaffney

        and im not saying that either………. im saying we as people rush to judge to fast all we have is a video we weren’t there we didn’t see what happened so all im saying is lets not be rash and judge to fast

      • martin

        yeah we do rush to judgement and rightfully so because we have a plethora of personal and shared experiences that show that cops are mostly azzholes

  • martin


  • Al Seaver

    That, my friends, is abuse of authority and attempted murder.

  • Paul Browne

    This is attempted murder, without a shadow of a doubt. Even if the guy had a knife, they could have backed off and got assistance. There was absolutely no need to shoot him 4 times. There was no need to shoot him at all. He never moved. I hope the cops get convicted and sent to jail.

  • chuckcloninger

    And now the video has been taken off. Wonder why?

  • Marc Stanley

    These are probably the type of cop that manufacture and plant incriminating evidence on you to justify their actions. In this case, I’m sure the original police report stated that the suspect was threatening and coming at them with a knife’ intending to do them bodily harm. OR, something to that effect. It’s not going to state, “The man was just rambling off at the mouth real ignorantly, so we agreed to shoot him down in the interest of public peace.”

    • Carl G Ladd

      SOLUTION: Drunks and druggies should call their peers when they’re having domestics. Let the cops investigate their car accidents.

      • star child

        You’re completely insane if you can see a knife in that video. Plus he didn’t even move, except when he stood up. And most cops are bad cops. There are very few good cops. I had a cop threaten to shoot me because I was chasing after my cat so she wouldn’t leave the house. The cops had no right to be in my house in the first place, no warrant and no permission. My mom then tried to file a complaint and Williamson county just “lost” the complaint.

      • Davis Rivas

        Carl is probably a pig himself. You know they have a code of brotherhood that lie for each other. This is why it’s almost impossible to prosecute a cop. Imagine all the unjust death NOT caught on camera. How about having all cops wear camera for once.

      • Guest

        yeah, I mean, it’s almost as if there’s risk involved in being a police officer . . . someone should’ve mentioned that to you clowns back at the academy