Today’s political pundits come up with strategies to shift the tax burden to certain groups instead of suggesting the obvious: lower the tax burden for all by shrinking the size of government.’s blogger

“Who should pay more? Nonparents who earn more than the median household income, just a shade above $51,000. By shifting the tax burden from parents to nonparents, we will help give America’s children a better start in life, and we will help correct a simple injustice.”

Wait, What? Simple injustice? Really?

Basically, Salam is singling out D.I.N.K.s (Double Income No Kids) to punish them.

My wife and I used to be D.I.N.K.s and it was great. Sales people loved us too. Because they knew we had money. I remember when we would tell the appliance salesman that we had no kids and saw his face light up as he pushed us toward a more expensive flatscreen T.V.

This is what people like Salam need to know: stealing from people via taxation is morally repugnant and it’s bad for the economy too. Taking away more money from D.I.N.K.s to waste on government programs will hurt the economy and hurt the salesman trying to sell me that new flatscreen. D.I.N.K.s are spenders. They are an important demographic and part of the engine that makes the American economy thrive.

I really hate even subjecting the readers to this type of thinking. The lack of knowledge of basic economics is shocking, but this is what the Liberty movement is fighting against.

This story reminds me of a quote from Frédéric Bastiat which is so true even today, “Government is the great fiction, through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.”

Well, hopefully we can can change this mindset through the new media and through the great leaders in the Liberty movement.

Here are some of the leaders who woke me up from my dogmatic slumber: Ben Swann, Ron Paul, Tom Delorenzo, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, and Dr. Jon Boulet who first introduced me to Austrian economics. There are many more as well. I recently heard Jeffrey Tucker give a speech that was fascinating regarding how markets and innovation side step government regulation.

The challenge is getting these leader’s messages out to more people and break through the noise. We need more messaging that advances economic freedom and personal liberty, not the message of government control and the confiscation of property.

I for one wish people like Salam would leave me and my wallet alone. I’m taxed enough already.

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