Author and speaker Kevin Jackson fired up the crowd at the sold-out South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention this past Sunday, presenting on “The Color of Politics.”

After his talk, Jackson sat down with Joshua Cook of in Mrtyle Beach to discuss politics, Senator Rand Paul and his latest book, “Racepimping: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Business of Liberalism.”

“First of all, the beach thing, this must be what it’s like to experience white privilege, because this is awesome,” joked Jackson.

Jackson travels around the country. He also was in Missouri with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, and he shared his experience: “I was with Senator Paul in Missouri when the Ferguson stuff was breaking. He had gone over to meet with the NAACP at that time, and he was talking in the meeting that I had with him, he was talking about sentencing guidelines. And my warning to him was that it’s like trying to talk to serial killers. You’re not going to talk Ted Bundy out of killing young college coeds,” he explained.

“The problem with reaching across the aisle to [New Jersey Senator Cory] Booker and those guys is they have an ideology that is set, and if you’re going to come over and bend to our will then we’ll listen to you. If Rand Paul believes that he is going to make those guys bend to his will and have some sort of common sense, he doesn’t understand the fight,” he added.

“Yes, it’s good that Rand Paul goes over and throw out of the olive branch, but the olive branch should be ‘I’m here to listen,’ but if you think I’m just here to capitulate and go ‘hey what do you guys want and how much more can I give you?’ that’s not the case.”

Jackson explained that blacks talk about this lack of civil rights and lack of opportunities, but there are enough successful blacks, including doctors, lawyers and accountants, to prove that narrative wrong.

“If you can score a 1010 and get into college and some white kid has to score a 1230,  and you take advantage of the system overwhelmingly. In many ways blacks are committing crimes at levels that would be scandalous in most societies. So you’re getting a pass over all of this stuff,” he explained.

And his third book is about what is happening in America right now. “The idea that every time something happens, a cop shoots somebody, the race pimps go, ‘what color was the cop?’ He was white. ‘What color was the perp?’ White. Oh, sorry.. No story there.”

He explained that if the perp happens to be blacks that’s when social media pounces, like what happens in Ferguson, Mo.

“Social media was already like white cop shoots a black guy for no reason. But that’s not true,” he said.  “It turns out that they had video and the guy was trying to shoot the cop. What do you think he’s going to do?”

“We need to be more responsible. We need to call out when those people are protesting over nonsense,” he said.

He said conservatives need to be vocal about what they see, no matter if you’re called a racists for doing so.

“There are a lot worse things to be called than a racist. If you’re not a racists, don’t answer to ‘racism.’ Just walk away,” he added.


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