In an exclusive interview with’s Joshua Cook, Republican Liberty Caucus Vice Chairman Ed Lopez considered the electability and relatability of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), the first Republican to officially launch his presidential campaign.

“We have a faction that likes Ted Cruz on a lot of things, but may be hesitant on his foreign policy views, which are more similar perhaps to more traditional candidates recently,” explained Lopez.

Lopez said that the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) has only endorsed presidential candidates twice in its near 25-year history. Those two candidates were Ron Paul and Steve Forbes.

“It’s really tough to reach a consensus nationally,” he said. “The RLC is pretty divided, but it’s still also very early. People are still shopping and trying to get a sense of the candidates.”

Lopez said that there is a faction of the organization that doesn’t agree with Cruz on social issues.

“There is still a small faction of the RLC that is still pondering and debating who is an eligible citizen to run for president,” he added.

Even though Cruz is the only candidate officially running, he is definitely not the only horse in the race. “Rand Paul is strong competition,” he said. “There are other candidates that people are pondering too.”

“In my opinion, the GOP has a really good chance of electing a candidate if it’s the right candidate,” he said.

Lopez said that Republican Party will benefit from not being in office the past 8 years. Democrats will have a harder time distancing themselves from the shortcomings of President Obama.

“I think Ted Cruz could certainly appeal to a broader group of people than Hillary Clinton would. I think Hillary Clinton is probably one of the weaker candidates, as much as people say she’s one of the stronger ones,” he explained.

Lopez said that Republicans will also benefit from a strong party platform. “There has to be a more united message,” he said.

He said that the Presidential candidate should align him or herself with candidates for Senate and House. That idea, he explained, would appeal to the sought-after Millennial vote.

“If we elect the right amount of Republicans and a Republican candidate, there will be a possibility of having an impact,” he said.

Listen to the entire interview below.


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