It has been over a year since 15-year-old Justina Pelletier was taken custody by the Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier, are still fighting to get their daughter back.

Years ago doctors diagnosed Justina with mitochondrial disease, which causes loss of muscle control. Despite this diagnosis, Justina was able to live a happy and relatively normal life with her family in Connecticut. She was very active and enjoyed various sports such as ice skating.

When Justina got the flu last February, she was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital. Doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital claimed that she has somatoform disorder, not mitochondrial disease. Somatoform disorder is a mental disorder — not a physical one, like mitochondrial disease.

After this diagnosis was made, the hospital ordered that Justina be taken off all of her mitochondrial and pain medication. Lou and Linda did not think this was the best plan of action and wanted to bring their daughter home. Officials would not allow that. The parents were subsequently escorted out of the hospital by security personnel. Only four days later, they found out they had lost custody of their daughter due to “both parents’ resistance towards recommended treatment plans” and “overmedicalizing” the girl. They are heartbroken and furious.

Justina’s case has the attention of many citizens around the nation, but it turns out there are other children in similar situations.

According to the Boston Globe, in the last 18 months Boston Children’s hospital took custody of children or seriously threatened to do so at least five times. The Globe reported, “It happens often enough that the pediatrician who until recently ran the child protection teams at both Children’s and Massachusetts General Hospital said she and others in her field have a name for this aggressive legal-medical maneuver. They call it a ‘parent-ectomy.'”


The Boston Globe reported that in most cases where hospitals take custody of a child, parents reject the suggested medical treatment. This typically occurs when doctors diagnose the child with a psychiatric disease, but the parents think the condition is a physical one.

Pediatrician Carole Jenny said, “If the parent won’t work with you, and you really think the child is suffering, you’ve got to act.”

Boston Childen’s Hospital took custody of one 5-year-old around the same time that Justina was admitted. Just like Lou and Linda, the girl’s parents were also escorted out of the facility by security. The 5-year-old’s first night in the hospital was the first time she had ever spent a night without a family member.

In another case, the hospital tried to take custody of Jessica Hilliard’s son Gabriel, who is being treated for mitochondrial disease. Hilliard said, “The fact that Children’s has so much power that they can get us in trouble with a totally different hospital across the city is appalling.”

Boston Children’s Hospital and its representatives refuse to comment on any specific cases, but maintain that decisions are made in the child’s best interest in every case.

But who really knows what is in the child’s “best interest?” Critics of the hospitals’ actions argue that such decisions should be left up to parents.

Those who favor parents’ rights see taking custody as an absurd action where the hospital acts completely out-of-line. Such situations become even more controversial when the parents’ views are backed by other pediatricians.

In Justina’s case, for example, Dr. Mark Korson of Tufts Medical Center sided with Lou and Linda. Korson was previously a pediatrician for Justina and said in an email, “I am dismayed. … It feels like Justina’s treatment team is out to prove the diagnosis at all costs. … The (Boston Children’s Hospital) team has demanded that Justina be removed from the home. … This represents the most severe and intrusive intervention a patient can undergo … for a clinical hunch.”

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  • Nodak1

    Does this hospital receive ANY financial benefit from these actions. For example, do state or federal government programs give them money to support this.

    • Becky

      I was going to say the same thing. Sounds like money to me.

    • Dawn – Naturally Texan

      well they do get to bill the parents for treatment they refused. I know one of the cases they kidnapped the child and did all kinds of stuff and billed the parents thousands.

    • berky

      It’s probably from the drug companies that make the psychiatric drugs they are prescribing. My guess is that they are getting a good bit of kickback from them. But I obviously have zero proof of that, since I’ve done zero research on it. But if I were to research it, that’s where I’d start.

  • Bert Trim

    Of course it’s a “money grab” Someone in the hospital admin. is making sure that payroll is being met. Good career move. (They should be challenged). Otherwise every hospital from Boston to Alaska will be doing the same.

  • Scott

    The hospital is kidnapping children. If someone kidnapped a child and took that child to their home, the police would come by force, breaking down the doors with guns drawn. If the police are not willing to rescue the kidnapped children at this hospital than we need a militia to do what the police should be doing.

    • RLJR1


  • Brosky

    This is insane. I hope the lawsuits start flying and that all child kidnappers are held accountable in a court of law.

    • June Simons

      These families cannot afford lawyers! The Governor and Legislature need to update the laws, and especially provide greater over-sight of the regulations of the Dept of Social Services.

  • Liberty or Death

    The local Sheriff needs to go into the hospital and begin arresting Administrators, Doctors and hospital personnel for kidnapping as well as seizing all hospital assets. Take away their money and their power will dissolve. The courts will no longer protect our Constitutional rights. It is up to US.

  • Bryan Marsh

    This would be very frightening for the whole world if a doctor decided to take my daughter away from me. I am only good in this life because I want her to be. But sometimes when the world has lost all it’s sense or reality you have to be crazier than.

  • Duh

    If this is happening, why do “faith healers” get to keep their children?

    • Emily

      Faith healing religions, at least in my state, have been served notice that if the child is not given emergency medical care, they can lose the child, at least for as long as treatment takes. If the child dies without being taken to the doctor, and it was treatable, they will be charged with manslaughter. 2 sets of parents have already been charged, and one child removed from the home. That child was returned once parents agreed to the treatment plan, which did save the child’s eye.

  • CSD

    Local and federal law enforcement should go into that hospital and arrest Administrators, Doctors and hospital personnel for kidnapping!!! This is unconstitutional and the Fed should step in, and if they don’t the local community should make a stand and start enforcing citizen arrest!

    • SandyLester

      Really? They would more likely to arrest the parents, where do you think the hospital thinks they get their power.

  • katie

    this is crazy. kids being taken away b/c they don’t agree with the medical plan?! what about if i had this issue and was not a minor and refused treatment… are they going to detain me and force me to take part in it anyways??? what about the government giving kids back to abusive and neglectful homes, but these parents (caring and loving) get their’s taken away? what kind of f’d up world is this place coming to. something needs to change. people need to take a stand in person instead of behind a keyboard…

    • eyesandears

      Reports of this type of behavior on the part of the physician when treating a minor are numerous and growing. Parents who have told the doctor diagnosing their child with cancer that they’ll be obtaining a second opinion has resulted in the doctor reporting them to Child Services for not immediately following through with his treatment plan. It happens in schools as well when parents seek alternative opinions/treatments to Ritalin for (vastly over-diagnosed) ADD or ADHD, with the initial recommendation often based solely on a teacher’s opinion. Parents are reported as well for refusing even one vaccine. Schools are having children arrested for acts which would have previously been handled in the principal’s office.

      The commercial being broadcast on MSNBC says it all: Raising children used to be, well, like a private thing, today it is a community thing…basically telling you it is the State that raises your children. How much more Communist can we get?

      • silvermaran

        All cancer are caused by infections and immune suppression. Some countries even know how to treat it without killing you. But IMO after you kill all the infections they need their own stem cells to turn on immune systems infectious junk in vaccines has destroyed.

      • RLJR1


        • 7LibertyForAll

          It’s NOT just the demoncraps……it’s the republiturds as well. They’re all controlled and we are paying dearly for their treason.

          • keithsmustache

            True…but the Demoncraps are littered with communists who do not value life. At least the Republicans believe in American values and God and life.

  • Cani Lupine

    If someone tries to take MY child away, I’ll take their life away. Period.

  • Allan Elliott

    Follow the money?

  • silvermaran

    If the child is suffering? What planet did they learn medicine on?
    Over 95% of the pops are infected with EBV/Spirochetal disease.
    Over 80% are infected with Babesia/Malaria’s evil sister.
    At least 1/3 are infected with a Latent form of TB/Mycoplasma AND Toxoplasmosis. At least 80% are infected with Herpes and other similars that are all mophological forms of spirochetal disease that can and do exit the skin.
    Get the CDC/IDSA/FDA/USDA/NIH Mass Murderers OUT OF OUR MEDICINE before they kill us all adding something virulent to the mix that cannot be stopped!@!!!
    VACCINE damaged kids.+++++ Exogenous amyloidogenic proteins function as seeds in amyloid β-protein aggregation April 2014

    Kenjiro Ono | Ryoichi Takahashi | Tokuhei Ikeda | Mineyuki Mizuguchi | Tsuyoshi Hamaguchi | Masahito Yamada Abstract: Amyloid β-protein
    (Aβ) aggregation is considered to be a critical step in the
    neurodegeneration of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). In addition to Aβ, many
    proteins aggregate into the amyloid state, in which they form elongated
    fibers with spines comprising stranded β-sheets.

    the cross-seeding effects of other protein aggregates on Aβ aggregation
    pathways are not completely clear. To investigate the cross-seeding
    effects of exogenous and human non-CNS amyloidogenic proteins on Aβ
    aggregation pathways, we examined whether and how sonicated fibrils of
    casein, fibroin, sericin, actin, and islet amyloid polypeptide affected
    Aβ40 and Aβ42 aggregation pathways using the thioflavin T assay and
    electron microscopy. Interestingly, the fibrillar seeds of all
    amyloidogenic proteins functioned as seeds. The cross-seeding effect of
    actin was stronger but that of fibroin was weaker than that of other

    Furthermore, our nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic studies
    identified the binding sites of Aβ with the amyloidogenic proteins. Our
    results indicate that the amyloidogenic proteins,

    including those contained in foods and cosmetics, contribute to Aβ
    aggregation by binding to Aβ, suggesting their possible roles in the
    propagation of Aβ amyloidosis. http://www.sciencedirect.com/…/pii/S0925443914000064
    The criminals KNEW in 1985 what really caused AIDS because they gave it to us all. Its when they ADD to the mix they cause hundreds of syndromes from stealth infections recombinations that could all be killed…NOT PSYCH DISEASE LIES OR SYNDROMES.

  • berky

    ‘Pediatrician Carole Jenny said, “If the parent won’t work with you, and you really think the child is suffering, you’ve got to act.”’

    Doesn’t this moron understand that exact statement goes the other way too? The parents think they are suffering at the hospital… and it certainly seems that way.

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    This gives the unfortunate incentive to parents NOT to take their children to hospitals. Much of my legal research has shown (no, I won’t be typing any of it here as source) that hospitals are a different statutory jurisdiction/authority. This is traceable to the documents they are “required” to generate when a live birth/berth takes place. These documents are not just a “record”. These documents are monetized and convert the vessel gestated into a commodity. This doesn’t stop when all leave for their “residence”. This is truly ALL about commerce.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Definitely so!

  • Michael Williams

    I think the reason this is focused so much on Boston is because the Boston medical establishment is so arrogant. The parents of the 15 yr old girl had a doctor from Tufts medical center diagnose their child with mitochondrial disease. Tufts University Medicine is no slouch, and for Children’s Hospital (part of Harvard medical school), this looks more like a pissing match between Harvard and Tufts.

    • 7LibertyForAll

      Could be but their belief that they have the right to kidnap children is appalling.

    • John Bearden

      Robin Cook was RIGHT!

  • WhoCares

    The people responsible in this hospital belong in prison.

    • Tim

      This is what happens when hospitals become institutions of government. Courts AND POLICE should ALWAYS side with the PARENTS and rip the children FROM THE HOSPITAL, then allow the parents to place that child in any hospital care THEY choose.

      The public was never told by the government that the HOSPITALS were given institutional control over the lives of people against their will and rights, but folks, that is EXACTLY what our politicians and government have done. You MUST start confronting your political candidates with a lineup of questions before supporting them.

      Ask your politician what kind of Police Commissioner they will select.
      Ask your politician what their stance is on Agenda-21

      Ask your politician whether they believe in military SWAT warrant raids
      Ask your politician whether that politician will work directly with DHS
      Ask your politician whether they support Fluoride in the water supply
      Ask your politician whether they support the current Child Protective Enforcement Laws.
      Ask your politician whether they will appoint Constitutional/Libertarian Judges to the bench.
      Ask your politician what their stance is on the 2nd Amendment.

      These AND MORE are a list of VOTER DEMANDS you should give to EVERY politician who runs for office so that you know they won’t sell you out to a giant ‘state’ government and the New World Order Globalization.

      • silvermaran

        BCH is not a govt run hospital.

        • Tim

          Really? Doctor/hospital takes child. Govt backs the kidnapping and refuses to assist parents in relocating child to another care giver………but the Govt isn’t involved in this? You better grow up and wake up.

        • 7LibertyForAll

          Just because a hospital doesn’t have “government” in its name doesn’t mean it isn’t so. There are precious few freedoms left for us slaves in this country run by megacorporations. Open your eyes and begin connecting the dots.

    • denise0513

      This is so true! 20 years ago, the people who dare to call themselves doctors told me my 5 year old son was suicidal because he got on top of a desk, claimed he was superman and was going to fly. He then proceeded to jump off the desk. (He was there to be tested for ADHD) and they put him in a room with a 17 year old who had been sexually molested. (I found this out on the last day he was there), When I returned home with my son to our state, we were met by Child Protection. They had gotten a call stating my son had been sexually abused either by me or my husband. Thankfully, our state CPS listened to our family doctor and not the fruit loops in Boston Children’s. Of course, it probably didn’t help that my husband called the 3 doctors there, dikes who had no idea about the behavior of children, after they accused us of sexually abusing our son. I have always suspected my son was abused at the hospital but he has always refused to discuss what took place while he was there.

      • Annie B

        That is terrible Denise! What a rotten thing to go through. I hope your son is doing well now. God bless him!

        • denise0513

          Annie, my son is due to graduate from college (online classes) with a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment, this September with a 3.65 GPA. He will do fine. He has published a book on smashwords.com called The Book. It is a mystery/suspense book. Although it is only 1620 words, I think it is very good, as do several of my friends. He is currently writing a short film script based on The Book, for his short film class. I am very proud of him! He has done all of this on his own, as he was denied any services while in school due to the fact he would “test out.” He suffers anxiety disorder but he is working on controlling it and so far, I see the improvements.

  • Mat Helm

    Yet another reason for the 2nd amendment….

  • John Lepper

    If they kidnapped my child like this…. someone is gonna die! Promise.

  • Micheal McCheese

    Statists – just like the ones in the government. Now you understand where the USA is at.

  • EM Floyd

    Seems to me that people in that area need to be out there with signs protesting this hospital and getting mass media coverage. Lets see the judge gag that!

  • Legalize Freedom

    The evil is being exposed more and more. Will good people respond and go after these demons? All that is necessary for evil to thrive is for good men (and women) to do nothing.

  • fuggsandfoach

    Thank you for adding more information to this you would be SHOCKED I am sure it is more than even listed here. Know one family who has felt such heartache I wish it on no one

  • pintail78

    Boston Hosp will be sued for 10’s of millions over this. The family needs a good lawyer to get their daughter, then sue the living crude out of bostonn general, AND CPS for over stepping their bounds.

  • pintail78

    pure evil….

  • bertr

    Ive been writing to all of Boston Children’s Hospital’s financial donors and encouraging them to consider donating to other hospitals instead in light of the fact that current events have cast serious doubt on the ethical fortitude of Boston’s.

    The donor list is on thier website. If you do likewise, be respectful, remember these donor’s are intending to help children and Ive found they are mostly very receptive to these suggestions, they just need to know that more people are aware and concerned

  • asdlfsdf

    This is kidnapping. Those responsible should spend life in prison.

  • Magpie

    This is going to stop a lot of parents from seeking medical treatment at BCH. I certainly will NEVER take my 2 children there. They’d probably end up diagnosed with retardation when the doctors don’t get their high brow humor.

  • gliderguy

    If I were a parent in Boston I would have to think 3-4 times before I brought my child to Boston Children’s. Their position is the parents are guilty and cannot be proven innocent.

    • budzy1911

      This is Massachusetts – I’m sure the think it would be for their own good.

  • keithsmustache

    This is part of the Agenda 21 population control demonology by the Elitists. Think Bill Gates is a good guy? Think again. He believes Earth should be populated by no more than 500 million people. Abortion, Obamacare and this type of scenario is their method to get there.

  • Bert Trim

    Isn’t anyone in Boston concerned about the way that this hospital does business? Clearly, it looks like these people have fallen on hard times and need to meet payroll. I sure as hell wouldn’t voluntarily submit myself to a hospital where I might be held against my will and find out that my bank account has been drained, and my house sold out from under me.
    Read the fine print on their admitting form. This probably “will” say that they have the right to financially bankrupt you. So, boycott this hospital.

  • Muriel

    This is kidnapping. What gives these people the right to take these children away from their parents when the parents are the people who know the situation better than this awful hospital. I hope every person responsible in these cases is arrested and held accountable for their unconsionable actions.

    • budzy1911

      This is to teach you that kids belong to the collective and not to the family.

      • Muriel

        This sounds more like the hospital is using these children as guinea pigs. It’s disgusting.

  • Jenciha
  • unhappygrammy

    Justina and her family don’t even live in Ma. That means Ma. does NOT have jurisdiction.

    • Moira

      this started in a Massachusetts hospital.. they do have jurisidiction

      • unhappygrammy

        When Justina was brought to the Hospital, she was a resident in Connecticut, which meant Ma. did NOT have jurisdiction. As a patient at the hospital, she was NOT a resident. She was a PATIENT. This is total BS. I hope her parent’s retain a good Lawyer who will sue the pant’s off the State of Ma.!

    • Diane

      They made her a ward of the state of MA.

  • disque1

    Where’s Barry Obama? He knew how to intervene in a local Cambridge 911 police call, however no where to be seen!

    • budzy1911

      Because Justina doesn’t look like his daughter.

  • disque1

    The Children’s Hospital who is so highly regarded by so many has now lost credibility and given the path of physicians there, it is time for them to stop this crap and now!

  • disque1

    Elections are coming and We promise to rid ourselves of all these folks who see a government so eager to take control – enough is enough!

    • budzy1911

      This is Massachusetts – the average drone there begs for more government control of their lives. They are sheep in a pen.

  • budzy1911

    If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever. – George Orwell

  • budzy1911

    What they didn’t mention here is that the family has a gag order so they are not supposed talk to the public about this. The father was on Glenn Beck’s show begging for help to free his daughter. Since that interview they have taken their daughter and put her in foster care and have scheduled a court date to charge the father with contempt of court.

  • tarandfeatherthecrooks

    There are stories circulating of dubious behaviors by people entrusted to the welfare of “Families”. In cases cited these agencies include religious organizations, child welfare services, public and private educational facilities and Health Care Providers. There is almost always a malicious tone of control and subversive activities involved. Sometimes individuals act of their own accord, but frequently there is covert networking for profiteering. Often sexual abuse is involved. In the case of abducting children with the power of the Courts for Medical Oversight one can only imagine the profit margin. Exactly how much money has the doctor, staff, specialists AND the hospital pocketed from this one girl, Justina? How much is profited by one Forced overnight stay? Has the judge been involved in other parental usurpation actions? There are many unanswered questions. Was it the same judge who imposed a Gag Order on the parents to protect themselves?

  • Jeffrey Edwards

    This is about the ego David DeMaso, MD, who is a doctor at BCH. He purports to have an area of expertise in Children’s conversion/somataform disorders. So – if the illness is difficult, the cop-out diagnosis is “it’s all in their head.” It is shameful that Harvard and BCH are trying to become known for this nonsense, and are ruining families in the process

  • ME Information

    Kristin, I applaud what Dr. Carole Jenny has done, but on the other hand, she has created a bunch of monsters at BCH. Ive been an RN since 1985, never saw a case like this one. There are chronically ill children, according to BCH, no child is allowed to have a rare misunderstood chronic illness. This somatoform disorder nonsense is just that, its nonsense, its a excuse for doctors to be lazy practitioners and not do their job!

  • Bert Trim

    These people at Children’s have a good thing going. What better way to help meet their payroll. The perfect scam. And of course everyone’s in on it. Better that these stories get out and that parents take their kids to other hospitals. This place deserves to go under. An Orwellian nightmare for the parents. I’m sure that it wasn’t something they expected from the medical profession when they brought their kid to the hospital. This has to tell you something about the Hospital board. What underhanded Nazi tactics will they think of next? I’d have my kid out of there so fast.

  • RLN

    These medical professionals are scary. They’ve become the reporting arm to cps and they can also use cps to enforce on you whatever they want to, leaving you with no autonomy at all. Its a co-dependent situation where the family gets trapped. Stay out hospitals and doctors’ offices as much as possible. Find practitioners you know have traditional values and recognize the tyranny of what’s happening. BCH is hosting on children for the insurance $$$ and gratuitous surge of power they get from this. Its sick and there should be a class-action lawsuit by all the families they have done this to.

  • Daniel Robinson

    The erosion of parental rights and the room for parental input is indicative of the future we can expect under a nationalized healthcare system. I don’t mean to politicize this case more than is appropriate, because the Pelletier plight is serious in its own right, but i think it merits speculation as to whether even the rights to make one’s own healthcare decisions will fall next. Already, personal coverage is a federal mandate, and there are boards and systems in place to handle who gets treated by whom, under which circumstances.

    What happens if I go to the hospital with a condition (lets say my dry skin…). Then, as a result of the ACA’s interference with choice of provider, i must go to a new provider who decides that I have obvious skin cancer, with which diagnosis i must disagree. But they are acting in my ‘best interest’ so they are within their authority and power to detain me and force chemotherapy. What recourse would a person have, who is detained without due process (as Justina is) but who may not have parents to fight for them. And as a result of a perceived ‘hostility’ toward treatment, information regarding regimen, prognosis, diagnostic specifics, etc would, of course, be withheld. It may even be deemed by these people to be in my ‘best interest’ to be sedated.

    BAM! permanent cash-flow from the almighty federal government/insurance corp cesspool. I never buy conspiracy theories… but this… isn’t really that far-fetched, and the Pelletier case proves it.

  • FedUpWithLegalCorruption

    I would never recommend this hospital! I lived in MA. I have heard horror stories about them for many years! Their taking children away from families to conduct their own medical experiments is nothing new! It’s about time something was done about it- both them and their in-pocket judges! It’s not about what is doing what’s best for children. It’s about “advancing medicine”, by experimenting on children. It’s also about money! If they can’t get it from parents they will get it from the state…one way or another. I would compare that hospital to Hitlers regime.
    Also this judge expecting a parent not speak out is In their own dream world! Putting a gag order not to let anyone know what the hospital is doing — that judge needs to be investigated and arrested for kidnapping as an accomplice at best. How much does the hospital pay these elected officials to obtain these children?

  • maraidia

    This Hospital, with the help of a Judge Johnston has pulled this maneuver on many occasions. In fact, according to a peds nurse who continues to work there, when a parent disagrees with a diagnosis at Boston Children’s Hospital the Hospital performs what they call a parentectomy.

  • Louise

    It takes A LOT to offend me or make me sick to my stomach. This place sounds like a house of horrors. People whom we are supposed to trust are stealing children out of their homes and away from their families for no good reason whatsoever. The fact that we depend on medical professionals to diagnose and treat us when they have the power to make such unwarranted decisions is absolutely dreadful.
    This place is a dungeon. I hope whatever twisted person or persons running this hospital is or are dealt with soon.

  • sky

    Meanwhile, there is a young teenager who is stuck in a wayside home with
    no interaction between her friends, facebook, instagram, cell phones,
    One Direction music. And, the Judge, Boston Children’s Hospital Doctors,
    Nurses, Social Workers from DCF and even the workers at Wayside don’t
    give a damn about the lonely 15-year-old stuck in the system! It’s
    become a Power issue now – Someone Please Speak Up – what if this was
    your daughter?

  • Moira

    this is unreal but happens to be Childrens Hospitals policy. If you bring your child there they call social services, they get the courts to take the children..children’s hospital is national organization and their policies are anti family and have been for about 8 years. the courts believe them over the parents because they are a big organization..

  • Moira

    Agenda 21 is now working .. and well.

  • heyia

    i will never take my child there again

  • boycottboston

    People should boycott the entire hospital and Harvard. They probably have issues with adult protection services also. It is becoming a nation wide problem. Government stealing kids and elderly. People who turn them in get paid for each child taken into social services and the city gets the elderly ‘ $$ and property. Attorneys compete to be the executor of estate and accounts. Horrid.
    If you have elderly relatives or especially elderly friends or neighbors with no family be sure they have powers of attorney set up, wills, living trusts etc.

  • Dee

    parentalrights.org……. sign the petition and support the cause. THIS is exactly WHY they started this bill. First, the children that can’t speak for themselves, the parents bullied into silence…. Know your rights….

  • TruthTeller

    Many years ago, there was a cult that was known as the “Moonies”. Parents whose children found their way into this cult were forced to resort to hiring a group to “rescue” their family member. It’s unsavory, and has its dangers, but this is exactly the sort of situation that calls for direct action. There are friendly groups who shelter people who have been the subject of abuse. Take the girl to a neutral location, find a non-corrupt judge, and submit to another court. There is a growing sense of support for civil disobedience in this country. Once she is out of the direct control of these people, it is much easier to fight jurisdictional disputes, extradition requests, etc. As long as they hold all the cards, no legitimate negotiation will ever take place.

  • Lisa

    Wow…I realize that there are parents who are abusive, but I fail to see that abuse has been proven in this instance since the allegation of abuse hinges on a controversial, insubstantial diagnosis made in four days by a Boston Children’s doctor. And why the gag order? Does the hospital not want the family to comment on the child’s current condition? What is their agenda?

  • Monty Simmons

    No parent should take their kid to Boston Children’s Hospital. Clearly a bunch of power drunk government Nazis are in control of such place and they need kids for their experiments and DCH is happy to help.

    The Pelletier family should sue this hospital and the doctors involved.

  • annie

    Boston children’s hospital is by far the worst hospital out there and dcf does nothing but tear families apart.my 3 month old nephew was ripped for his parent’s arms they had to kiss him goodbye and then got kicked out and all they wanted was help for the baby and that is what they got in return. It’s not fair that parents get there children taken for no reason this all needs to come to an end because its a shame.I feel my heart breaking my poor brother he’s so torn apart and it kills me to see him like this.

  • Mema

    We are living the nightmare now. My son brought his sick 2 month old in because they thought it was meningitis . Children ‘s hospital called dcf because they thought it was shaken baby sydrome. It’s not. My grandson spent one night at bch and was fine the next day to be released but it was to late. Dcf was involved . My son is heartbroken . Both kids were taken from this mother and father who has done every thing right. The court continued the case because dcf didn’t have the medical records . We have to wait another month . You thing this could never happen to you. You’re wrong.