Syrian civil war

If you regularly follow my work, you know that I have written and talked about Al Qaeda in Syria for about 2 years now.  I was the first reporter to confront President Obama to his face about the fact that al Qaeda fighters in Syria were the real force behind the so called Syrian “civil war”.

Syrian civil war
When polled, 80% of Americans reject going to war with Syria.


As recently as one month ago, I created a Full Disclosure episode to explain how strong the presence of al Qaeda truly is in Syria.  Explaining that the best funded, best equipped and best positioned force to take over the country from the Assad regime is not the Free Syria Army but Al Nusra Front, the Syrian wing of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Today, on Glenn Beck’s national radio show, Beck and Blaze TV commentator Buck Sexton talked about this growing problem of Al Qaeda in Syria and the growth of Al Qaeda in Iraq.  The position that Beck and Sexton took… that Al Qaeda must be stopped.  Sexton advocated sending U.S troops to Syria to stop Al Qaeda (as if the Assad regime would want U.S troops on Syrian soil) and that we must do the same to put down Al Qaeda in Iraq.  Beck, agreed that we must stop al Qaeda but first we have to get our troops recuperated and refreshed.

Reality Check:  Before the U.S. invasion of Iraq, there was no al Qaeda in Iraq.  Saddam Hussein hated al Qaeda and was the U.S.’s number one source of information on al Qaeda.  After the U.S. invasion of Iraq, we created the opening for al Qaeda to gain a foothold… and they did.

Flash forward to 2012 when the U.S. began supporting rebels in Syria.  The U.S. has been providing financial support, body armor, satellite radios and other “non-lethal” assistance to the FSA (Free Syria Army). As recently as Memorial Day 2013, Senator John McCain visited with fighters from the FSA to talk about how the U.S. can provide assistance in a “more serious manner”.

In short, what Beck and Sexton somehow missed is that the growth of al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq has not happened because of a lack of U.S. involvement but as a result of it.  The argument that Beck and Sexton are making is a NeoCon argument.  Simply put, it is the cycle of terror created by a government that claims to fight terror on one hand but supports it with the other.

For example, The U.S. creates destabilization in a country like Iraq.  Over the course of years local and regional al Qaeda forces step in to develop and train fighters.  As the U.S. suffers financial and operational fatigue, al Qaeda grows and eventually the U.S. pulls out.

Meanwhile, the U.S. because it wants to see the overthrow of Assad deploys the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” strategy and funds al Qaeda fighters in Syria.  Over the course of years we create destabilization and attempt to force a regime change. In doing so, we hand Syria over to al Qaeda.  Finally, once al Qaeda is fully in control of Iraq and Syria, we re-engage in our perpetual war on terror.  All the time, sacrificing trillions in U.S. tax dollars and more importantly sacrificing the lives of thousands of America’s sons and daughters.

That has been American foreign policy since we first created the Mujahideen in Afghanistan in the late 70’s and early 80’s to destabilize the Soviets.   It didn’t work then, so why would it work now?

If you want the full picture of American support of al Nusra Front in Syria, watch this Full Disclosure.

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at

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  • Fruben

    Glenn Beck is a shill trying his hardest to look like a patriot. Sorry Gleen this stance kinda marginalizes everything you say.

  • Frank_O

    This is more reason to stop listening to Glenn Beck. I basically stopped back in the days of the Republican Primaries when Beck came out early for Romney & stabbed many Tea Party & Ron Paul supporters in the back by supporting a big government, Constitution-trashing GOP Establishment candidate who was never really intending to balance the budget in a reasonable amount of time, not interested in auditing/getting rid of the Federal Reserve or returning to sound (gold/silver) money, not interested in ending the undeclared & Unconstitutional wars, etc, etc. I don’t really understand how Beck could go from wanting small, Constitutional government & upholding our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms to what he’s supporting today.

  • Alex Masters

    The people who listen to Glenn Beck are void of any ability to think for themselves. Mindless automatons. Beck constantly clamours how much he believes in the ideas of liberty and his libertarian principles. The truth is…he’s an unrepentant fraud. A charlatan of the highest order. A true blue neocon.

  • Palmer Eldrich

    Obvious shill and everyone knows it. he’s basically irrelevant.

  • Fruben

    I know so many old people who listen to him, and think he is the real deal, disturbing.

  • jac

    If Glen Beck is advocating for war in Syria & Iran, then he might be under Pentagon influence. The neocon position on Syria, never explained in the media, is essentially a matter of geopolitical balance of power regarding Iran.Their argument against with the al-Assad Syrian regime, is that the current Iran-friendly Syria, along with a mostly Iran-controlled Iraq, means Iran has its ancient Persian empire restored, with full influence in the Middle East from the Mediterranean Sea at Syria’s western border to the Hindu Kush moutain range at Pakinstan’s eastern borders. That’s why the US is still bogged down in Afganistan and Pakinstan.

    A kind of Cold War History of containment is repeating itself… just as the US used the Mujandeen to contain the Soviet Union expansion into Afghanistan, they are using al Qeda to contain an expanding Iran. Those who argue for the overthrow of al-Assad are worried about this large, Iranian empire gaining too much control in the Middle East. So the neocons position is that it is more threatening to have a restored nuclear Iran to its ancient glory and empire than a mixed bag of al Queda rebels, funded and armed by the West and Saudi Arabia, running parts of the Middle East for the purpose of checking Iran. To the Neocons, the West-backed Al Qeda does not represent the geopolitical threat a fully restored Iranian empire does.

    What’s missing in this scenario, obviously, is Turkey. If an expanded Iran threatens the Middle East, then Turkey is the obvious choice to check them, not al Queda rebels with mixed loyalties. But Turkey is proving unreliable to the neocons for such a task. The sad fact is the US position is to keep the Middle East in a constant state of instability to prevent Iran or any other country from gaining too much power.

    This is part of an old function from the Monroe Doctrine that means conflicts and instabilities created in the Eastern Hemisphere prevent major conflicts from coming to the Western Hemisphere. It keeps relative stability in the Western side of the globe, for the price of permanent conflicts on the eastern side.

    The question of all this is, which and how much of these conflicts and threats are real, and how much are created for profit and world domination by an seen, so-called global elite?

  • Granny

    So Glen Beck is not who he says he is. Or he’s been paid off. It amazes me what people will do and say for money. Going to war again will do nothing for our country but run us even more into the ground. Now securing the borders would do more than any war, would cost much less and wouldn’t cost lives of our military personnel to whom I have the utmost respect. If we don’t want al Qeda in America, we need to secure America’s borders. Pretty simple plan to me. There isn’t enough money anyone could pay me to change my mind. And I am going to run for office.

    • RageFury

      Good luck to you Granny, kick ’em in the nuts.

  • TheTruthHurts

    If any of your were still wondering if Beck was a libertarian, wonder no more. Beck is a neocon. Everything else he says he stands for, has now been discredited by his thirst for unjust war.

  • Mike

    Did anyone notice there is no mention of these comments by GB on

    • settheline

      I’m still looking for a source link to Beck’s comments. Seems out of character for him to clamor for war in Syria when he’s lately been courting the libertarian audience. Beck isn’t a libertarian, to be sure, but I’d like to hear what he said in his own words…

  • marcvilla

    Glenn Beck another phony baloney, will always take Israel’s foreign policy position for the region regardless of outcome; He’s for Israel before He’s a libertarian or an American for that matter, He’s a Neo Con at heart.

  • The Night Rider

    Headline is misleading. Sexton was the one clamoring for intervention into Iraq and Syria so as to disrupt the burgeoning regrowth of Al Qaeda. Beck called for pulling all troops out of the Middle East and patiently waiting for a whack-a-mole scenario on the U.S. mainland. He never said anything about invading Syria or Iraq.

    • TheTruthHurts

      geez… I watched every Beck show in it’s last months on Fox. All he did was talk about the Middle East and its instability. His insinuations and indirect calls for intervention into their business were glaring and passionate. The feeling I had while watching him were, ‘wow, we need to step in and do something about this!”… while he doesn’t directly call for war, he uses his propaganda to persuade the viewer to feel threatened, scared, paranoid, and eventually feel the need to go to war with the Middle East.

  • Jeremy Chavis

    Wheres the audio

  • zeestan


  • jac

    This story needs more context… Beck, who rails against al Saad and al Qeda in support of the FSA, was outraged at the absurdity of Senators Graham and McCain recent appearance on CBS warning of massive civil war in the Egypt and Libya b/c of the overwhelming presence of the very al Qeda fighters they helped prop up to unseat Gaddafi, while the same operation is underway more aggressively in Syria. It is well known now, in part due to Swann’s excellent reporting, that Senator McCain helped lead the charge to unseat Gaddafi in Libya and al Saad in Syria using al Qeda rebels. This is the Hegelian dialectic at it’s worst, or else the global elites have truly lost control in the Middle East.

  • jac

    And most forget or don’t realize the US is not the only outside country manipulating events in the Middle East… Russia also has a huge stake in playing all sides of the conflict as well, mostly toward the al Saad and Iranian side. Russia’s entire economy depends on high energy prices. That’s why FSB controlled RT so aggressively reports on US involvement with al Qeda rebels, while ignoring their own country’s dual role in the dialectic.

  • thedarkpoet

    Glenn Beck has always been a neo-con anyone who thinks otherwise is lying to themselves.He truly believes in Pax Americana.

  • Tonya-Clay Davis

    Seems as though the U.S.’s aim is to de-stabilize and then swoop in and take advantage of the chaos.

  • david

    levine is a schill too

    • The End is Near

      Levine, a Jew, wants a constitutional convention, which would make it easy for both parties to scrap the original constitution and replace it with the Pelosi/Obama/Mexican/Stalin Constitution.

  • imbabci2

    Beck’s neo-con reasoning is why I no longer subscribe to his site

  • lungshot

    Ahh, nothing like our foreign policy making the world safe for al qaeda.

  • Han Solo

    The real neo-conism is shining through his fake libertarianism.

  • R4F1

    Mr. “Rat Poison” Glenn Beck [1] who has been pretending to be a Libertarian quite some time now, is once again showing his ugly zionist-neoconservative face by calling for interventionism in Syria against the al-Qaeda bogeyman.

    Lets no forget, this guy never apologized for calling Ron Paul supporters “terrorists” [2], or the fact that he endorsed first Santorum [3] and then Mitt Romney [4] even while after claiming to have become a “libertarian”. And just a few weeks ago, he called for the execution of all the prisoners at GITMO [5]; given that most of those people have not even been charged or tried, he is calling for the murder of innocent people. This man is NO libertarian.


    *1 –
    *2 –
    *3 –
    *4 –
    *5 –

  • The r3VOLution IS NOT GOP!

    Where’s that contribute button!

  • jan helfeld

    Excellent presention.

    • HP McLovincraft


      Pre*sen”sion, n. [L. praesensio, fr. praesentire to perceive beforehand. See Presentient.] Previous perception. [Obs.] –Sir T.Browne.

  • RussL

    Ya know, cause he’s such a libertarian. Cozying up the Ron Paul crowd, cozening snake in the grass.

  • carlos

    America, one day very soon will witness a gross darkness that will encompass this great land like never before. All because of its stiffnecked, arrogance and prideful ways that have kept it from humbling itself. Glenn Beck is such a confused individual and I am so surprise that he has a following. The saying holds true, “the blind leading the blind”.

  • Jacob

    I listened to Sextons radio podcast & he is definitely sounding more & more like a Neo-con, Zionist supporting Shill. He took an aggressive stance on opposing not just Al-Qaeda but on what felt like the whole Muslim/Islamic world in general (to the point of racism) & it seemed very much like hate speech (divide and conquer?)- you knw “us in the west against those barbaric muslims in the east. He definitely was advocating more unjust intervention. US bio says he is ex-CIA… What if he isn’t really “ex”-CIA but “current” CIA helping neo-con Beck infiltrate the Libertarian movement? Co-intel Pro anyone??

    • John

      It’s possible… don’t forget about Operation Mockingbird beginning in the 50’s concerning CIA infiltration in to the media to control the sway of public opinion. If anyone doubts that this can still go on today then you do not know enough of the depths of corruption of this corporate owned government.

    • R4F1

      TheBlaze, and now a newer-planned JAG.TV, are both cointelpro-style “libertarian news networks” seeking to hijack and subvert the Liberty movement, just like Glenn Beck and Palin did to the Tea Party movement.

      • HP McLovincraft

        Connedservative Liebertarians

  • Michael Adams

    I think what the Likud Party wants is a U.S. led NATO to permanently come in and occupy Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, and to annihilate the medium- and long-range strike potential in Iran. That would free up the IDF to enact a final solution to the Palestinian problem.

  • Louis Murphy

    Glenn Beck is another former Fox News moron who doesn’t know anything about history and is yet another warmonger. Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA back in 1979 the code name was ‘Operation Cyclone’ The CIA intent was to lure Russia into their own Vietnam War in Afghanistan. So! I look at people like Glenn Beck and give them as much worth as my toilet paper.

    • voymasa

      That is factually incorrect. The CIA and US aide (via training, funding, and equipment) went to the Northern Alliance fighters (against the Soviets in Afghanistan), and other groups, during operations. One of Bin Laden’s grievances against the US was that he and his group were not funded or trained by us because they were insignificant (in the fight against the Soviets).

      • Louis Murphy

        Well! Mr. Know it all I bet you didn’t even look up Operation Cyclone because you did 22 years in the U.S. military from 1971 to 1991. Which I am sure you didn’t because ego is more important than life experience for you.

        • voymasa

          To paraphrase a once famous line… “Where’s the beef?” (or in your response, the substance/facts/addressing the issue).
          See the ‘Criticism’ section of the link I gave you.

      • Louis Murphy
        • voymasa

          Conspiracy theories are so passe. How is Jesse Ventura doing, anyway?

      • Louis Murphy

        Must be a Mexican American they think they know everything without the life experiences.

        • voymasa

          More like my answers came up with infamous phrases like “Molon Labe”.

          • HP McLovincraft

            Moron Labia.

        • HP McLovincraft

          That doesn’t sound racist in the least.

  • Mark Robert

    Glenn Beck is a Zionist Shill:

    The Main Stream Media selected Glenn Beck to create controlled opposition.

    Glenn Beck’s Job: Pretend he is part of the Liberty Movement.

    Glenn Beck’s Directive: Doggedly champion the Governments official narrative on some, but not all issues; reporters like Glenn Beck are instructed to toe the line even if faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

    Glenn Beck’s Edict: Attack and Label anyone who questions the Governments official narrative as ‘Conspiracy Nuts,’ or ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ he uses hot button words, to silence any and opposition.

    Glenn Beck’s Role: Discrediting other internet sources, misinform the electorate about certain candidates, inciting people to push for war.

    It is incumbent on all who believe in liberty, to expose those who don’t. —

    • HP McLovincraft

      Glenn Beck only cares about making money. He doesn’t care how foolish he makes his ‘followers’ look. Another Cruel Joke perpetrated by Rich Greedheads upon the ill-informed and poorly educated.

      But, hey! You can buy his $100 patriot pants! Whoop Whoop!

  • dagobarbz

    When little pudgy enlists I’ll listen to him. Of course, he won’t survive, but that’s not my problem.

    • Marty Galyean

      A lot of misinfo here. Beck, not that I agree with everything he says, has come out solidly against intervention quite clearly.

  • Frankruffis

    I watch Glenn Beck every day he says the exact same thing that Obama supports al qaeda even Putin is asking why we (Obama) supports cannibals as Glenn Beck did also. And he is right that they must be stopped but he never said anything about sending American troops but said Obama is going to send them as you have just pointed out 300 are there waiting for something. I think you had better get your facts straight Ben.

    • Joe

      Glenn Beck is a liar, snake-oil salesman. He mixes 90% truth with 10% very misleading lies.

      • HP McLovincraft

        I think you got your numbers bass ackwards, but other than that you are correct, sir!

        Buy my official Glenn Beck Powdered Spit!

        • Marty Galyean

          Astroturf troller. How much you getting paid?

          • HP McLovincraft

            The truth made you butthurt.

            Why do ‘baggers think that people get paid to point out how weak you are? We do it because ‘baggers are a bunch of atavistic clowns who say reprehensible, ridiculous things and because it is fun.

            See: schadenfreude.

          • Marty Galyean

            My mistake. Clearly you aren’t in it for the money. You are in it for the ego boost that namecalling and belittling gives you. ‘bagger this ‘bagger that. Your intellect is just brilliantly shining. And yes, I know what schadenfreude means, and yes, I’ve noticed you’ve dropped that $5 word a couple of times as if you’ve just discovered it. I’m sure you figured only eeelite progressives were privy to such eurospeak. Clearly your motivation is not money. Your motivation appears to be attempting to create pain in others that you can then enjoy. How exalted and petty at the same time. You just keep claiming that the bottom of the cesspool is the high ground and you just keep believing that. You go, hero.

          • HP McLovincraft

            Your Butthurt gives me great Fail-Joy!

            Sadly you do not see that the cesspool you bemoan is the Wrongwing blogosphere: so full of hate, violent rhetoric, sexism, racism and homophobia. Sad for you fail.

            Schadenfreude FTW! Wompitty Womp Womp!

          • Marty Galyean

            Smeagol, you dance with glee around your own pettiness and call it a party. Because we know that you having fun with clever words like “butthurt”, “fail-joy”, and “wrongwing” (omg! did you really think of that by yourself?) is what really makes for a constructive, rational, informed dialog, right? Some think with their dicks. You appear to think with your anus in which your head is fully wedged; and lovin’ it.

          • HP McLovincraft

            Yikes! Freudian Slippage Fail.

          • Marty Galyean


          • HP McLovincraft

            *You* were the one thinking about my anus. Womp Womp!

          • Marty Galyean

            Butthurt, your anus hurts because your overly inflated cranium is constantly womping it. Autoshadenfreude as it were. Inside every sadist is a masochist, unbalanced and flopping all over the place projecting on everyone else.

          • HP McLovincraft

            Holy Homoerotic Psychosexual Issues, Batman!

          • Marty Galyean

            That’s what I’m trying to tell you. You should seek help. I’m serious.

          • HP McLovincraft

            Then why do you keep writing about my anus? That’s kind of weird.

          • Marty Galyean

            To be accurate, you have been fascinated with “butthurt” every other sentence long before I brought up where your noggin resides. You are kind of a one-trick pony. I’m bored. Goodbye.

          • HP McLovincraft

            Aww. Don’t be butthurt.

  • JailBanksters

    How much violence would there be in the Mid-East if the USA got out of the Mid-East, got out of Israel and Israel got out of the USA? I don’t mean yes but…I mean 100%, and I don’t just mean 100%, I also mean stop supplying the killing machines and Billions of free US Money to buy other countries killing Machines.

  • RageFury

    I think the morons that push for war should be forced to fight on the front lines every time and their deaths televised for the sheeple to witness.
    Then let us see how many of these losers continue to push for war.

    • HP McLovincraft

      A politician is a person who will lay down your life for his/her country.

      (Bumper Sticker Mayhem)

      • RageFury

        I would have to agree with that, bumper sticker or otherwise.

        • HP McLovincraft

          I can’t take credit for the saying; the fine folks at came up with (or at least printed) those words of wisdom. Yay Progressives!

  • Ermyn Hillary

    This is investigative reporting? No audio linked. Not even a direct quote by either Beck or Sexton. I’d guess Mr. Swann neglected those little details because it’s simply not true. First off, the exchange between Beck and Sexton happened on Beck’s TV show, not his radio show. Furthermore, neither did anything close to advocating for war in Syria or Iraq. The headline and Beck angle was pure link-baiting.

    • HP McLovincraft

      You must remember that Ben Swann is a former Faux Noise ‘Journalist’. Journalistic Standards need not apply.

  • mountainaires

    I find that Beck assertion hard to believe; evidence please.

    • HP McLovincraft

      One should find all Beck assertions hard to believe.

  • Kevin Merck

    “Glen Beck is calling for another war”
    That’s a lot like saying *Porky Pig* is calling for another war.
    No one in their right mind would listen to either one of them.

    • HP McLovincraft

      True Dat!

    • RC

      i tried !!but he lost all my trust…. all that for nothing! But I caught on awhile back. The truth has no agenda?>bull!

  • HP McLovincraft

    Ah, the schadenfreude of internecine strife. Delicious! More fun than watching a pack of coyotes fighting over a pork chop!

  • Marshall Brushfield

    Glenn Beck calls himself a Libertarian now, yet most Libertarians are anti-war and were behind bot Ron Paul & Gary Johnson because they campaigned against any and all wars. This guy is just as bad of a flip flopper as Romney.

    • HP McLovincraft

      He’s a Connedservative Liebertarian!

    • David

      And your an idiot, Beck is completely against getting involved in Syria.

  • RC

    there is a war in Syria that can spiral totally out of control pay attention to THAT!


    Beck isn’t calling for a war, this site is RIDICULOUS!

    • HP McLovincraft

      This site IS ridiculous, true, but clearly Mr. Swann made you butthurt beyond belief. Nice Screen Name. Take things personally much?

  • gooserooster

    Beck should be saying: No more U.S. support for the “rebels” seeing that the arms are getting into the hands of terrorists & because the “rebels” and the terrorists are on the same side, fighting together, and totally indistinguishable. They all yell the same “Alahu Akbar” constantly, they all are planning for the establishment of an Islamic state under Sharia Law, and they are all fighting the legitimate secular government of Bashar Al Assad, and the Syrian National Army, which is 80% Sunni, and representative of the will of the people, being that it’s staffed entirely by the population…a broad spectrum of the population…The army wouldn’t support Assad, and wouldn’t fight if they didn’t support Assad!

    • David

      That is exactly what Beck HAS been saying. Beck reported the arming of Syrian rebels through Libya. Benghazi ring a bell?

  • Lbrty4u

    I just read on the Blaze that Beck is against intervention in Syria. I’m no fan of Glenn Beck, but this article is misleading. I love Ben Swann, but I’ve seen some fairly inaccurate things on this site.

    • R4F1

      No, he fk’ing flip-flopped from last week. Thats what he does….

      First he says, lets go into Syria to go after Al-Qaeda/Nusra!!.. But now that the US is likely going in and Russia has expressed opposition, suddenly its “too mainstream” for him… Gotta keep up that charade of being an “alternative/libertarian” voice, right?

      Its like his audience can’t even tell the difference of what he’s saying from one week to the next. All they know is Obama sucks, and all Muslims are bad… so buy my products, subscribe to my show, and be good lil zombies!

      His “opinions” (really “talking points”) change from day to day, week to week…. Not as they “improve” but as they directly go against what he said last time, and then next week he will be back to saying what he said 2 weeks ago, thus contradicting the previous week.

      He can’t keep his mind from sundown to sunset, so don’t be surprised if he calls for more interventionism again 2 weeks from now.

      • David

        No, he fk’ing flip-flopped from last week. You got proof? Video? Article? Audio? Beck has NEVER SAID lets go to Syria. Dude, stop drinking the cool aide and think man! Think for yourself! I sure would like to see your proof. His opinions change from day to day? Sorry bro but your a tool, a complete nincompoop.

        • Matt A Marti

          If that’s true why is Beck laughing that there is no anti-war crowd when he should be calling for them to stand up and make themselves know?

    • David

      All I’ve heard from Glenn Beck is complete opposition to this war. I just started coming here yesterday, I’ve been watching Glenn Beck for 6 years.

  • nogodforme

    No matter what side we help, it’s the wrong side. No involvement. Let them kill each other, not our problem. Send the troops to Detroit and Chicago.

  • Spike

    Glenn Beck has lost his mind. I used to listen to him and became sour to his cracking jokes about very serious issues surrounding our nation. I know he is making fun to try to keep it light but some things you just can’t joke about.

    • David

      Although I agree with this article, Glenn Beck has single handedly done more to open America’s eyes and wake up the Tea Party than any person or media outlet period. He has been right on the money several times. He called it a Caliphate while everyone else LAUGHED.

  • David

    Where is the audio clip to back up this claim?

  • David

    Again, 3 hours later, where is the audio clip to back up this claim?

  • Michelle Blake

    We have a tyrannical gov. who wants 2 disarm the citizenry but who send arms 2 Mexican drug dealers & 2 the same group the gov. blamed 4 the attacks on 9/11—INSANITY that’s what it is pure insanity : (
    Actually it is TREASON !

  • Dennis Davis

    John McCain needs to go back to Arizona and retire to his rocking chair.

  • Hard Boiled

    why is BING featuring a 10 month old story? stupidity, just pure stupidity