In the Spring of 2013, I launched the Truth in Media Project. The goal was to create video news segments that would be fearless and talk about issues that Mainstream Media just won’t touch. We did exactly that! From covering the Rethink 9-11 campaign which garnered over 300,000 video views online to “What the Media Isn’t Telling You About The Syria Civil War” episode which also exceeded over 250,000 views, we were able to communicate important stories.

In the 12 episodes that made up season 1, we were willing to confront important issues like vaccine court, the NSA and the Federal Reserve Bank system. But we were only able to do so because of the generous backing of grassroots viewers. Thank You!

In 2014, I am ready to take the Truth in Media project to a new level. This season, we are changing our format a little bit and want to be more investigative, finding humanity in our stories. I have big plans for what we will take on this time around… and once again I need you to partner with me to make it happen.

Please, take this survey and help to shape Season 2 of the Truth in Media Project!

  • Drew R

    Let’s get to the bottom of the 911 attacks once and for all and put pressure on every player in this false flag. Dig a little deeper and do a follow up and call out Shyam Sunder’s bool-sheet to his face. What’s imperative is catching these guys’ reactions and making them scramble to create more lies in attempt to cover their other lies. Investigating this lynchpin event and giving voice to 911 truth stops war abroad and the domestic war on Americans. Also, more on the truth about free energy as this will totally transform life on earth as we know it. More on inexpensive cures for diseases that are being suppressed. And let’s keep exposing the federal reserve banksters until they’re behind bars where they belong.

  • Josiah Moss

    Get Mike Gravel on to explain the NCID and how it protects are freedoms from government branches that go rogue. And Walter Burien who will let us know we have hidden funds that could wipe are debt clean and focus are funds on projects that truly benefit us called CAFR’s.

  • Drew R

    Also Ben, let’s embolden the clean water movement by calling for an end to public water fluoridation. The evidence for health related issues caused by fluoridation is striking enough, but the key aspect is that medication without consent is wrong, plain and simple. Nobody I know has asked to ingest this byproduct of the aluminum industry… Like a snowball effect, these key fundamental victories will lay the foundation for other victories across the board.

  • Wayne D.

    Thank you Mr.Swann and staff for having the courage to stand up and speak truth to power.
    The corruption of the milk toast mass media distraction by big business leaves us searching for information and your site is one I use. I enjoy being able to comment and discuss the issues and leave links for further study, I hope you don’t mind.

    While you are covering the main stream issues some won’t, I’d like to see some more incriminating research and investigation on the corrupt systems that are holding our economy and hence our future and the future of our kids, hostage.
    Namely, the Privately Owned, European Central Banking System, Federal Reserve.

    This SHOULD be the main topic when discussing the arbitrary debt ceiling (which we will face again very soon), not the way we spend our money, but who controls it and our debt. This is a ploy to stress and scare Americans so we will be ready for the problem, reaction, solution gambit.

    This is in fact a conspiracy and is financial terrorism, these bankers have actually threatened to collapse the economy in Congressional hearings. They said there would be martial law, it’s on video. That’s why we had to bail them out. This is a crime against the American people.

    G. Edward Griffin has some great videos and books that are easily digestable to the general public, the “Creature from Jekyll Island” about the Fed. Res. beginnings.

    Would you consider doing something on the Pubic Banking movement? It is a possible solution to our current privately owned banking system.

    You might be familiar with 13 yr. old Victoria Grant speaking at the Public Banking Institute
    I’m sure you are familiar with Richard Grove and his website (an awesome resource) and his story of insider trading 2 days prior to 9/11. More on this heinous crime please.

    Thanks Again, Please help

  • Josiah Moss

    The list is actually too big. You can have enough material and guest for the show with real life solutions like Jacque fresno. This guy has been telling us we had the capability to become self sufficient for several decades now. He created the venus project which is a blueprint for people to become non reliant on current governments and corporations. Even on a very inexpensive small scale we can achieve this with the technology that is ever increasing, exceeding moore’s law currently. If we the people did not have to rely on government and corporations for water, food, shelter, energy, health, and etc… Game over for the corruption.

  • JasonD

    Hi Ben, you might also consider this service for additional funding