While appearing on the Dan Patrick Show, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said that NSA spying is part of “the world we’re living in” and claimed that young Americans are bothered by NSA spying because their memories of the 9/11 attacks have faded.

McCain has been an enthusiastic proponent of the NSA despite his acknowledgement that the agency has abused its power in the past.

After discussion of sports, the conversation shifted to Donald Sterling and the subject of his phone conversations being recorded, and McCain explained that:

“It’s the world we’re living in. You don’t like it, but everything I say I expect to be recorded,” McCain told Patrick. He went on to defend its place in the lives of American citizens:

“It’s just the way we live. It is something you’ve got to accept. I don’t particularly like it, but it is what it is.”

McCain dismissed a poll that showed 53% of Americans believe that their phone calls are being recorded. When asked by Patrick if they are, McCain laughed, “no, no.”

“Young people aren’t particularly happy. We’ve forgotten a little bit about 9/11, and how if we’d intercepted the right communications we might have prevented 9/11,”  McCain continued.

He admitted to Patrick that “there have been abuses” and “we’ve got to be more transparent”. However, McCain concluded that “we’re all grown people, and we have to realize we live in the 21st century. I’ve said things in the past that I wish I hadn’t said and… it just is what it is.”

This brief discussion of the NSA with Patrick illustrates McCain’s nonchalant approval of massive surveillance. While McCain has pushed for an overhaul of NSA oversight, he remains convinced that the spying should continue as part of day-to-day life and may someday actually intercept a terrorist plot.

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  • Kellel

    Vote him out of office! He has been reelected too many times, and he’s full of crap.

    • Fascist Slayer

      If voting actually changed anything they would have banned it a long time ago. Your best hope is the next time McCain visits his fascist friends in Kiev, Russia will capture him and put in back in the box where he belongs.

      • Freedom

        Do you really think Russia wants him?

    • Cameron

      So you think voting him out of office would help? More times than not, a narcissistic sociopath is replaced by a narcissistic sociopath. Maybe its time to point the finger at the ones who continue to vote him in. Do they not bare any responsibility? My guess would be most of the people who are bashing him now voted for him in ’08.

  • Hope101

    If an opinion is believed by everyone, it does not become a fact.

    “It’s the world we live in”, “it’s something you gotta accept.” Especially if we are largely responsible for the world we live in and have no intention of reevaluating our ways.

    Sorry John, very typical politician speak. That’s something we do not have to accept.

  • Layla Godey

    No, actually, I don’t have to accept it. But I would be willing to accept McCain’s resignation.

    • http://www.libertydisciple.com/ The Liberty Disciple

      I will only accept his resignation and trial as a treasonous snake for his abuse of the Constitution.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    Someone send McCain back to the POW camp where they found him. Ugh

    • asmith1234

      I doubt they’d want him back.

  • Sovereign Mary

    What many of us would greatly “ACCEPT” is John McCain (The Manchurian Candidate) retiring NOW and finally leaving office!

    • Tannim

      You mean the Panamanchurian Candidate…

  • Vance

    He was converted in the POW camp! Where are the death panels when you realy need them.

    • George Reichel

      I read that he was treated very well,being the son of an admiral.A shame that he won’t let his military record be released.lol

    • dddienst

      Obama-care doesn’t apply to congress.

      • Vance

        Who said they had to be from ACA.

  • John62

    Yeah, we all know the patriot act was written BEFORE 9/11

  • John62

    Saw this jerk jivin’ with Al Sharpton at the WH correspondents dinner. Deplorable!

    • ted

      Not as bad as when he was running for POTUS! He was giddy as a little girl and I thought he was going to drop to his knees and blow Bush!

  • Andre Leonard

    This old coot really shows his 73 years old removal from mainstream thought with comments like this. To even suggest that our youth have forgotten 911 is deplorable. What they have done is not be obsessed with it and become the framework which allows the government to end their liberty and pursuit of it while McCain and his MIC buddies use it to subvert the 4th amendment.

    It’s become nauseating to see this old wacko-bird ranting on everyday. At some point in time (hopefully tomorrow) this career politician will resign and stay home with his trophy wife.

    • ITSa341

      Today would be better but still not soon enough.

    • asmith1234

      I don’t think age has anything to do with it…. McCain has been a lifelong traitor to this country. Personally, I’ve read of dems crossing the line to vote for phony republicans. This is all I can figure as to how the guy got elected at all. No real conservative could possibly vote for him unless they were in a coma…

      • Andre Leonard

        Yours is a very accurate and honest observation. While I’d like to believe that his ramblings are just that of a career politician that’s spent 33 years to long in congress and is just experiencing the effects of old age and dementia.

  • Aint Dat Da Troof !

    Not surprising at all that this puppet of the military industrial complex would say such a thing.

  • J to the K

    It’s well past time for this dinosaur to head out to the pastures. This guy just doesn’t get it and frankly never will.

  • Anti Fabian

    I moved to AZ last year and cannot wait for a chance to campaign against and vote against this Progressive pretending to be a Republican. The difference between Obama and McCain is in very small degrees, not in political breed. I happen to be a neighbor to his new Puppet, Senator Flake, who is tending to be more and more like McCain. I can’t wait to get him out as well.

  • Anti Fabian

    Colonel Nick Fury in the latest Captain America movie said the same thing as McCain and I loved Capt. America’s response to him: “Don’t hold your breathe!”

  • Michael Hale

    McCain make the people of Arizona look like a bunch of idiots, because they keep voting for him…

  • stevo

    F()ck You.

  • npd1969

    Mc Vain has no clue. You may accept it, but I will not tolerate this violation of the fourth amendment in this fraudulent ‘war on terror.’

  • ted

    “….if we’d intercepted the right communications we might have prevented 9/11.” Oh you mean like the communication between the CIA and the Commander in Chief when he was warned about a clear and present danger from bin Laden? Yeah. It’s too bad somebody didn’t intercept that message, but instead it was ignored with the flippant remark of “Okay, now you’ve covered your ass.” To bad we didn’t have anyone covering the asses of the 3,000 murdered afterward because of his incompetence, huh?

  • http://www.joshuascottmccullough.com/ Josh McCullough

    “If we had intercepted the right communications, we might have prevented 9/11.”

    That’s some serious backwards-thinking!

    • Tannim

      If his aunt had balls, she would have been his uncle, too.

      • http://www.joshuascottmccullough.com/ Josh McCullough


  • aethel

    Of course I don’t agree with McCain about this. And his comment
    associating it with 9/11, at best ought to have been about spying
    increasing again after 9/11, because I know for a fact it has been
    occurring my entire adult life. So I suspect it has probably been going
    on much longer. McCain’s comment would be more factual if he had stated
    “it is something we have accepted”. Why? Because if it had not been
    accepted for at least half a century and more, it would not still be
    occurring. His comment suggests to me that it is past time for we, the
    people, to have made public precisely what the law allows regarding
    “spying” (and how the law differs among the variety of clandestine
    departments and agencies of government), then we need to do our jobs to
    insure the law is being respected. And if we don’t think the laws, as
    they stand, are appropriate then we need to do our jobs of making sure
    the necessary revisions in the law are adopted.

  • Randy

    Why another untruthful headline? Many more and I’ll quit coming back.

    • http://foehammer.com Foehammer

      Where the hell are you getting ‘untruthful’ from?

      • Hope101

        I think he said “gotta” not “got to.” Ha!

      • Randy

        When he said “something you’ve got to accept,” he was referring to being recorded in your own home BY SOMEBODY, but not the nsa. They touched on nsa later, but not when he said that. You people are imbeciles with attention spans of gnats.

        • mikeyb

          … Everyone understood what he was saying. Then he compared it to NSA itself. and then justified it by saying if we had intercepted…

          The quote was referring to something else then it was applied (my McCain himself) to NSA wiretapping. … so everyone here has the attention span of gnats and you stopped listening after the headline occurred in the video. Reading comprehension here is a bit lame.

          • Randy

            I watched the whole video, you complete idiot. Reading comprehension from the video? Conversation is over because, quite frankly, it’s an uneven playing field that doesn’t favor you, obviously. Please, I’m sure you need the last word, so rant away knowing it will not be addressed by me, or probably even seen by me.

          • mikeyb

            John McCain said “something you’ve got to accept” then he himself applied it to current NSA activity as something else we need to accept. it is in the video and the article.

            So go a head and stick with name calling if you must, attempt to make your self look the bigger man by attacking my perceived intelligence and make sure everyone knows I am an idiot and a poopoo head.

            We are all just a bunch of gnats compared to your divinely supreme intelligence.

            Good attempt by the way, to intimidate others into not bothering to refute your claims by saying “I will ignore anything else you say because your a lesser man by needing to refute my ill conceived argument.” and by replying to my baseless attacks with reason, you are a prideful idiot that craves the last word like a junkie.

            So good for you. stick to your guns and stop reading articles and replying here. we need as many people as possible to help spread good information. but when faced with baseless accusations and a demeanor such as yours any movement is better off without your off putting hateful attitude in their ranks.

    • Mordechi

      What’s the problem Randy ? Go to the ‘Vietnam Veterans against John McCain’ site and read all about how your hero told the VC every bit of classified info he knew after only 4 days in captivity which resulted in an increase of our pilots being shot down for about a 6 month period. McCain also fired a missile from his fighter while on deck of an aircraft carrier. If his father wasn’t an admiral, McCain would have received a dishonorable discharge. McCain also did propaganda films for the VC. Maybe your hero but not mine !

      • Randy

        You presume WAY too much. I’m not a fan of insane mccain. Reading comprehension here is a bit lame.

  • Carl Maquar

    John (Songbird) McCain Viet-Nam he talked so much they had to beat him to shut him up.

  • Will Hatch


  • http://mediaispropaganda.com/ sammscript

    One word. Traitor.

  • Mordechi

    John McCain – the Viet Cong’s representative in the Senate. Holds the Ho Chi Mihn medal.

  • stevor

    He’d probably say something similar about Hitler! (kind of like when Pelosi said, “sign it now and read it later” but instead “accept now and complain about your rights being STOLEN later”)

  • Joey

    Asshole. Mclame

  • Tannim

    Panama John shows why he’s more senile and clueless every day. I wish the voters of Arizona would grow some brains and toss that neocon moron out of office once and for all…

    • Haymster

      The Arizona Voters Apparently Has No Brains To Speak Of Because They Keep Re-Electing That Senile Bastard Into The Senate.

      • Woody

        Hey, these lunatics in California keep doing the same with Boxer and Feinstein.

        USMC 1970-1974

        • Haymster

          Yeah Woody You Most Certainly Hit The Nail On The Head With That One. Those Chronically Brain Dead Humanoids Can’t Walk And Chew Gum At The Same Time.

  • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

    Don’t blame me. I voted for Constitution Party Chuck Baldwin in 08.

  • Haymster

    John Mc Cain Should Be Tried And Executed For His Wanton Corruption.

  • Storris

    John McCain the Intellectual superpower, getting to the heart of the issue – “It is what it is”

  • budzy1911

    You have to understand – BOTH parties want the NSA spying. When given the chance to defund NSA – the RINO’s voted to keep the funding including Brad Wenstrup – a so-call conservative in a safe seat told by the party to vote in SUPPORT of NSA.

    Both parties like this tool to use against the people to keep them in line. John McCain is just too senile to keep his mouth shut.

  • Chris Sky

    911.. the Government sponsored “terror” attack that STILL serves as the catch all excuse for every freedom, and right they take away.

    Are people STILL this stupid?

  • Don Hawley

    Well Mr McCain here is something that you are going to have to accept. You, being thrown out of office and prosecuted for your treason against the American people and the Constitution that you swore a oath to. Here is another thing to think about Mr McCain. You have spent your entire career dismantling our Constitution. When judgement day does come for you and you are prosecuted for your crimes, you will not be afforded it’s Constitutional protections. It is you that has made this possible.

    • Kathryn McMorrow

      Look at this lording @$$!!!! How the hell does any self-respecting tax payer PUT UP WITH THIS? It IS the end of faith in humanity, simply!

  • ms

    Mc Cain needs to accept that he is a warmonger and be prosecuted to the fullest, cause that’s just the way it should be McCain. You just have to accept that.

  • mikeyb

    Then a menatlly challanged chilld gets felony wiretapping and disorderly conduct charges for taping bulling. OMG

  • rich

    No, I don’t have to accept it you oiece of shit. You need a pay cut. I want to know everything about your life. All the drugs you are on. The “legal” drugs.. lol and the illegal drugs. You should have died in that camp because it didnt make you a better person it made you worse..

  • TheQiwiMan

    I can’t wait for this disgusting little bridge troll to finally have a heart attack and die. What a pathetic piece of garbage.

  • http://khanneasunztu.wordpress.com/ KhanneaSuntzu

    The people reject this message.

  • Professor Emeritus P. Bagnolo

    He and Obama are one of a kind. He sounds like Mari Antoinette, “Let them eat Cake…” (though in reality she never said it.). we need a NEW DEAL.

    • captain obvious

      ummm….. “professor”? if there are 2 of them and they are 1 of a kind…. is that like jesus and god are both 1 or something? cause last time I counted, 2 people = 2 of a kind (assuming they are the same kind)

      • Jesse

        he obviously meant 1 of the same kind, but congratulations for blowing a completely irreverent part of a statement out of proportion like it means something(we call that sensationalism and/or propaganda). Or were you really un able to figure out what he was saying on your own? Either way, you might make a good politician!

  • James

    you rather us turn a blind eye and let the terrorists have easy access
    to attack us on our home land? It’s the same thing about someone
    complaining about airport security. We don’t want the inconvenience of
    it, but they attacked us on our home land and we had to take measures.
    been less than a century where travel is so easy and cheap. Before
    that time, everyone knew everyone. A hand shake and your word meant
    something because you had to live with those people close to you.
    Nowadays people’s words mean nothing, they can burn bridges and their
    reputation, and move on to a new town. And ultimately, people don’t like
    being held accountable for their actions or what they say. I have zero
    problems letting the government listen to my phone calls if it keeps us
    safe and the economy going. I’m not doing anything wrong, listen all
    you want. Likewise, when I see a cop, I don’t see an enemy. I thank
    them for doing their job.

    • Russell Smith

      Hello troll

    • lcutler75

      ohhhh trolls luv shortenin shortenin shortenin
      trolls luv shortenin shortenin gvrmnt bread

    • Joe

      Yes I would. The fact is, if spying on us saved a million lives a DAY, it would not matter. The 4th amendment precludes it. The only legal way for the government to spy on it’s citizens, save in individual cases where probable cause is present, is to repeal the 4th amendment. Until that is done, their spying is unconstitutional. They can spout off about how many lives they are saving, and even if it were true, it simply DOES NOT MATTER. I will not “get used to” thugs trampling the constitution.

    • Bill

      you are what Lenin called a useful idiot.

  • Bert Trim

    I’ll bet you 10-1 that Mc.Cain knows that the Government did a false flag on 9-11. They needed this to get into the Middle East and to place the American citizens under Tyranny from their own Government. This smug little “sock puppet” is nothing but a war monger.

  • beadstallcup

    Until old two-faced John McSnake’s privacy is invaded. His entire adult life has been based on one big lie after another…

  • eyesandears

    “No no,” says John. Well, John, if all of our communication isn’t being tapped routinely, then what is it we must accept?
    No, we’ve not forgotten 9/11, just the initial unfounded fear the incident was used to instill in the people now that time has allowed for a more rational analysis. Seems those 27 boxes of investigative files the FBI in Florida has yet to release in accordance with a judge’s order to do so may show their was some ‘interception’ concerning 9/11 that should have occurred but didn’t; or maybe how the investigation was simply a dead-end (oops, no flight school Moslems to blame). Oh, the games they play. Time for their games to be up.

  • Jonseywales

    Here is Mcain representing the govt. When he is supposed to be representing the people…..

  • Lost confidence

    Didn’t Mcain sign a document, stating he denounced his citizenship during Vietnam?

  • deuce1984

    “I’ve said things in the past that I wish I hadn’t said and… it just is what it is.” In time he will regret saying this too.

    You are the worst version of Republican, John McCain.

    • Tiffany

      McCain must have fallen and hit his head. It sounds like he has forgotten he lives in America or that he was once a solider who was taught at one time to honor the Constitution.

  • You Have No Rights

    McCain is right.

    Scumbags who allow this ineligible rat to mascaraed as President have no choice.

    You will do exactly as you are told and you will keep your ignorant mouths shut – end of story.

    • Jesse

      what does anything you said have to do with NSA spying and abuses that have been happening since the tech was available AGES ago. you preach of ignorance

  • Marcus

    Oh, yes, if only the government had gotten the right information, and put it all together… perhaps under a punchy title like “BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE IN U.S.”….

  • Don’t be a Dick Morris

    I can’t even watch it. Its like watching Harry Reid, at this point. The man has to be forced into retirement. Fire this clown.

  • lcutler75

    1st of all theres a ton of evidence that 9/11 was by our own gvrnmnt 4 many reasons but 1 of those reasons was 2 giv the nsa, unconstitutional power 2 spy on us
    2nd they use that self made xcuse 2 validate their very xistence
    3rd they drone bombed other countries 2 create the allusion of terrorist threats by pissing off said countries
    4th theyll soon need 2 think up a betta xcuse than “terrorists h8 our freedom”
    cuz in the not so distant future itll b..wut freedom?

    • G.B.

      this goes along with what info i’ve been gathering for insight. i agree

  • RJ

    Ef these criminals

  • Guest

    This hack should have been thrown out of the Senate a long, long time ago.

    • E. S.

      Unfortunately, they don’t throw out puppets.

  • Tiffany

    He is being brainwashed, threatened or indoctrinated by the elite. Those elite are his gods. He can chose to believe in the false gods who keep him a slave or he can chose our creator, the one and only true God.

  • G.B.

    The following will be a long read, BUT I believe it could well be what is being ‘copied’ as plan for America by the Powers that be, and of course with McCain being a big pusher on anti-communism, but war happy, plus military familiarity with Korea-Vietnam, he’s surely in on this. Please recall its been said American lands are owned by foreigners and/or by eminent domain rights to China; so perhaps read ‘US’ in place of Korea, China in place of Japan, and twenty-first century in place of past centuries in the excerpt; also put foreign immigrants into the equation of remold on military service, and recall how many times the phrase towards Putin has been he’s not behaving as one should in the 21st Century. I’d appreciate any feedback from anyone who can pick up terms and phrases in this piece that fit in your mind too, please. Excerpt: “Few dreams could be more enchanting to leaders of twentieth-century Korea than that of building a wealthy and strong nation. Turning such an ambitious dream into reality in the face of uneven domestic and international power relationships entailed the discovery of individual members of the nation as useful bodies, and the remolding of those members into useful and docile instruments of the nation-state. Indeed, it was a nightmarish process of dehumanization that underlay the realization of the nationalist dream during the period of military authoritarian rule, inciting popular protests by workers, intellectuals, and students. ..how nationalist intellectuals imagined the Korean nation and its members at the end of the nineteenth century and how Japanese colonial rule informed the Korean path to modernity pursued by the postcolonial military regimes… the emergence of militarized modernity and its trajectory during the period of military authoritarian rule, focusing on its defining characteristics: the construction of the Korean nation as the anticommunist body politic, the remolding of individuals into useful and docile members of the nation through ‘discipline’ and physical force, and the integration of military service into the organization of the industrialized economy. The anticommunist national identity was crucial to disciplinary control over members of the nation in that it provided ruling regimes with ideological justification for the surveillance, normalization, and repressive violence exercised over the people… the militarization of the economy resulted from the imperative to remold men to accept military service… The development of militarized modernity as a sociopolitical and economic formation in the period of military rule resulted from the coordinated use of various techniques for discipline and punishment… in an effort to build a modern nation under the peculiar combination of historical conditions of national division, war and military confrontation, postcolonial ambivalence to modernity, and the urgency to catch up with advanced nations. The anitcommunist national identity was consolidated in the 1960s through the Korean involvement in the Vietnam War, as well as the continuing military confrontation with North Korea. Park Chung Hee’s regime also adopted the institution of the resident registration system, the ubiquitous display of anticommunist mottoes, the revival of administered mass organizations and the conversion system, and the use of schools and the television network. The military service extra-points system, an element of the militarized labor market, also began. (Later) the enforcement of military service completion as a precondition for employment was established. Militarized modernity in South Korea sprang from the combination of: that the postcolonial state had to cope with the exigencies of building a modern nation, via the establishment of a national identity and the discipline of its population, in a modern world characterized by increasing ‘rationalization,’ all in the context of national division, the Korean War, and the Cold War. Plus the urgency to equal the progress of advanced Western nations, (which is now opposite in America, where Common Core is being pushed as urgency to catch up with places like South Korea educationally, etc.)

  • E. S.

    He’s not going to jeopardize his fat bank account to stand up for the American people. We accept that our country has been taken over by self-righteous douchebags who understand nothing but money and power!

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    And there you have it! This cold war relic spoken like a true fear monger! John McCain does want anything to change, Hey john go shovel that crap to those who vote for your “Golden Girls” ass, because I come from a generation that, not only don’t believe you but think that you have out lived any possible usefulness you have left! John McCain wrote and endorsed The Patriot Act NDAA 2012, 2013 and helped fast trek it through the house right before the holiday break, he’s a piece of shit puppet of the military complex, he is more concerned about money then the NSA listening in on you or me, he couldn’t care less. Hey John McCain here’s an idea, how about an amendment to the constitution limiting the power of the federal government to breech and avoid the constitution and reinforcing our right to privacy and it’s ability to be circumvented. Hey John McCain how about another “Constitutional Convention” to address ALL of the things wrong with this nation including you, Feinstein, Graham, Reid, and the rest of the “Professional Politicians” bullshit artist, gee that makes sense!

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    Democracy? Well, if you thought we were living in a “democracy” and you might just be interested in knowing that in fact you are NOT living in a democracy but in fact what we are living in is a “Oligarchy” and if you can pull your head out of the sand long enough to look it up you be unpleasantly unsurprised.