We should all be wary of almost everything career politicians tell us. But when certain words come out of our elected officials’ mouths, I really want to dry heave. Here are 15 overused bureaucratic terms and their politically-mutated definitions.


A term used by free-spending liberals who want to give your hard-earned money to their constituents.


A volatile, mud-slinging term that means absolutely nothing and is used to whip up the emotions of the ignorant electorate.

“Mean Spirited”

A generic term used by the left to define anybody to the right of them.


A generic term used by the right to define anybody to the left of them.

“Carbon Footprint”

Self-righteous lefties repeat this to sound important instead of simply saying “pollution.”


The belief that nobody should have more than anybody else, regardless of work ethic or skill sets.

“For the Children”

When you hear this term, hold on to your wallets — we all know what this means.

Any word proceeded by “Holiday”

Those are not Holiday presents in my Holiday stockings and under my Holiday tree, you moron.

“The 1 Percenters”

Those evil, capitalistic pigs who work 70+ hours per week to make more than the person using the term.


A sanctimonious Republican term meant to stir up low-information voters — who’s anti-family?

“Gun Nuts”

What angry liberals call Republicans who support the Second Amendment.


The adjective bestowed upon those who work hard to earn money, but refuse to give it to those who don’t.


When politicians say “We need to make an investment,” they really mean, “I want to spend YOUR money on MY agenda.”


An ignorant term used to describe any Democrat by emotionally unstable Republicans.


An accusation used by liberals when they’re losing a debate on any topic.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Ken D.

    OH SNAP! That’s funny stuff, Kristin. Thanks for giving me a chuckle as I wallow in my post-Holiday (yes, I said “HOLIDAY”) blues…

  • John Yowan

    The sad thing is, most Americans love the drama involved in using these terms, these divide the people which is exactly what is needed for the false dichotomy that is the “two party” system to work.
    We need to continue to educate the population in order to get them to ignore the drama and focus on the real issues. It’s a lot of work, but we’re gaining more and more support every day.

    • Chris D

      very well said. Consent is the foundation of our republic. The left right paradigm is designed to divide us while the corporate media “manufactures consent” and allows the politicians to do as they please

      • John Yowan

        I don’t necessarily agree that “Consent is the foundation of our republic”. If that were the case the government would not be allowed to collect any tax that was not voluntary and it would not be able to pass any law that infringed upon anyone’s rights.
        A right is a natural part of our humanity, we own our bodies, thus we own what comes from our bodies. So, our right to life, to think as we wish, to say what we think, to publish what we say, to worship/not worship, to defend ourselves, to use our own property as we see fit, our right to due process, and our right to be left alone, are all inalienable. An individual’s rights are limited by the equal rights of other individuals.

        An individual cannot infringe on the rights of another individual. The state is nothing more than a collective of individuals, it only has the same rights as the individuals that form it. The state acquires its legitimate powers from the voluntary consent of the individuals that form it. An individual does not have the right to steal therefore the individual does not have the ability to grant that power to government. Any power that does not derive from the consent of the governed is unjust, any infringement on individual liberty by another individual or a group of individuals is unjust.

        • Chris D

          Any power that does not derive from the consent of the governed is unjust

          I agree 100%, I should have said consent is one of the foundations.. You nailed it. I think the media went from the watchdog of media, to the manufacturer of the consent.

    • Bianca Colt

      I wish I could agree with you, John. I think the American public (especially the ones who LOVE to go out and vote) are actually getting dumber and dumber. I REALLY hope you’re right and I’m wrong!!!

  • Chris D

    I use libtard…and I am a democrat. I just can not stand the progressive libtards, they are unamerican and radical, and antifamily to boot. All they do is call me a racist and a 1% because I work my butt off owning my own biz. I am also a gun nut according to them. My god, politics is not what it used to be. I hope dem voters can purge the party and get back to the things the gov’t is actually responsible for, and not this bs unicorn fart utopia they are pushing on the backs of our great grand kids

    • Biaca Colt

      You’re a Democrat? SERIOUSLY? You must of been raised during the era of JFK, who would be considered a right-wing zealot by today’s Democratic Party.

      • Chris D


    • Anthony J Peasley

      Who in the blue hell said YOU were part of the 1%, I think you’re projecting here..

      • Chris D


  • Dawn

    Oh, I like this game! Can we add?:

    War on _____ -used by MSM to add overblown drama and make a group feel preyed upon.

    Leaker -derogatory term for whistleblower, used to imply guilt.

    Tea-bagger -insult from the left, used as an immature reaction when they do not have a counter point in a debate.

    Extremist- similar to radical, implies severe mental disorder with high potential for violent behavior. Used to generate irrational fear of the so called “extremist”, without needing evidence to show mental issues or violent tendencies.

    I stand with _____- Memes designed make people feel like they are taking a moral high ground.

    Semi-automatic/assault -makes the average gun sound like terrifying killing machine.

    And, my favorite, DEMOCRACY- Used to justify moral relativism, as though when a majority agrees upon an idea or action it is right. Often used as grounds to alter or creatively obfuscate the US constition. Repeated in high frequency to get people to think the US is a democracy, where ever shifting and easily influenced public opinion dictates rule of law, rather than a constitutional republic with inherit laws and rights that cannot be recinded.

    • Dawn

      Oh! One more!
      ‘In the interest of National Security’ -your constitutional rights are being suspended and any arguement against automatically makes you a ‘Radical’, ‘Extremeist’, or ‘Unammerican’.

      • Ken D

        Fantastic one, Dawn! Wish I had thought of that!

    • Bianca Colt

      Yup. Tea-Bagger is a really obnoxious one. I think our immature Commander-In-Chief has used that one on more than one occasion.

    • Iconic Freedom

      DEMOCRACY needs to be the #1 thing they stop saying and start saying, Republic. it’s just breathtaking how many people do not understand this difference.
      or…maybe they do and this is what they intend: socialism thru bully politics

      • Anthony J Peasley

        What do you think of states being forced to recognize gay marriage? It seems like a lot of people who will say REPUBLIC not DEMOCRACY democracy is wolves yada yada yada. Will turn around and say “let the people decide” when it comes to gay rights..

        • Iconic Freedom

          why anyone would want gov’t as 3rd party to their union/marriage is beside me. that said, gov’t doesn’t belong in ANY marriage.

          however, if gov’t won’t keep their noses out of it, then people feel obligated to equalize the act. should inherent rights be put to a vote? absolutely not. it needs to come from the legislators.(like we need another law!)

          personally – i want gov’t out of everything, including this issue. no special treatment for ANYONE who wants to get married. keep it a symbolic ceremony and let contracts between consenting adults be how one’s wealth/health/bequeathment is managed.

          the people ought not decide anything when it comes to the inherent rights of the individual (the greatest minority if ever there was a minority)

          • Truthseeker

            Again the correct response Iconic Freedom! Are you some kind of libertarian/ anarchist extremist?

          • Iconic Freedom

            well…yes, i guess i am an anarchist. i’m naive enough to think that each can care for self thereby all are cared for. :)

        • Dawn

          Yes, the great irony of same sex marriage being legalized in Utah (my state). The conservatives are crying what about democracy?! And the lefties are the ones saying the constitution is the final law!
          Neither side actually understands why the ruling was made. They just argue their own emotions.

          …cognitive dissonance at its finest.

      • Truthseeker

        EXCELLENT comment – EVERYBODY ought to understand this! ….and I’m sure there are those who understand but do want socialism under a dictatorship thru bully politics (or any other way they can bring it about)

  • At Odds

    16. Anti-Semite. A term that is thrown at people who don’t want war in the Middle East.

    17. Extreme. The stupid word is used for everything that people don’t agree with or don’t understand. It’s only used when people are trying to patch over their ignorance or the lack of ability to explain something.

    18. Hero. Another word that is used way too much. Everybody is a freak’n hero now days.

    19. National Security. Need I explain why?

    20. “Everybody should have the ability to have healthcare.” It’s not “healthcare”; it’s health insurance that is used as a redistribution of wealth not to the poor but cronies.

    • Anand Venigalla

      Agreed. Especially with the term “anti-Semite.” Most Christians are buying into this Israeli propaganda which says that if you don’t support all of Israel’s actions (or at least the legitimacy of Israel’s influence on US foreign policy), then you are anti-Semitic and that you reject God’s promises to Israel. It pains me to hear this, especially as a dispensational premillennialist and a libertarian. On one side, it is shown that Israel took back the land by force, which is incompatible with libertarianism (though one could argue that it is justified on libertarian grounds since they are reclaiming stolen land). And on the other hand, we have to deal with the promises God made to Israel, that he would not abandon them and that He would reveal to them that Jesus is the Messiah in the end times. So, as a former conservative, I could see where these warmongers are coming from. They think that America is surviving only because it uses tax dollars to fund the Israeli state and the Israeli lobby.

      BTW, I don’t want war in Iran, and I have decided to read libertarian websites to find out the truth about Iran. As much as I deplore Islam and sharia law, I also deplore American “exceptionalism” and imperialism, so that would count me as a PC guy in the eyes of bloodthirsty warmongers such as Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and much of the Christian Right. (To be truthful, my viewpoint and the viewpoint of libertarianism on this issue is truly politically incorrect, not PC like neocons make it out to be)

  • Richard

    Agreed, except for Libtard. I’m no Republican, but a Libtard is the same as a right wing looney. These are the kinds of people who support war only if their guy won the presidency. These are the people who stay silent as long as their guy is in office.

  • That guy

    You forgot “liberalism” a term people use who actually want government control of their life and the exact opposite of liberalism.

  • David

    Kristin, this is spot on. Marry me?

  • Confederate Son

    Add “libertarian” – anyone who does not identify with either the left or the right but isn’t intelligent enough to to articulate what it is they actually DO believe in.

    • Matt

      Sounds like you’re the one who doesn’t know what “libertarian” means. Any libertarian can tell you that libertarians believe in limited government in ALL areas. Personal freedom, economic freedom, personal responsibility. Liberals want to tell us what we can and can’t do with our earnings and our businesses, and conservatives want to tell us how we need to live our personal lives. Libertarians want neither. Get informed before you make cutesy comments that you think are clever.

  • Abused by CPS

    All good but one.

    I believed there was no-one “anti-family” until they attacked my top one and two percentile achieving children. Yes there are anti-family people who are motivated by federal grants to their “child protective” plans. Look up what Nancy Schaefer reported in her congressional report and on her videos before she was shot in the back. It’s a multi-billion child exploitation business that’s got to stop.

  • Ian

    i dont want to hear any things from politicians in 2014, PERIOD.

  • Ian

    wait until politicians start saying ‘comrade’

  • Stop Bush

    I agree at large, but I have to differ on “The 1 Percenters”.
    I happen to be someone who works 80+ hours/week and who is far from poor.

    I still despise the 1 Percenters, who are *not* people who work a lot, but who are simply leeches making insane amounts of money without doing any productive work whatsoever, and who have no qualms about killing lots of people to make even more.

    People who simply collect millions in interest on money they did nothing to earn, people who cash in on illegal insider trading and tax fraud, people running so-called “defense” related companies and who pressure politicians to nuke innocent people in Iran and Syria so they can sell more weapons…

    Nobody has a problem with people making good money from hard, honest work.
    But the .1% scumbags are terrorists who need to go to jail.

    • berky

      Why do you assume that everyone in the “1 percent” does not work hard and ‘kill lots of people’? Just curious.

    • Michael K

      “People who simply collect millions in interest on money they did nothing
      to earn, people who cash in on illegal insider trading and tax fraud,
      people running so-called “defense” related companies and who pressure
      politicians to nuke innocent people in Iran and Syria so they can sell
      more weapons…”

      You mean like many members of Congress?

  • Michael Norton

    I just wish they’d stop lecturing and yelling at me with their arrogant pampas attitude, and their nose stuck way up in the air toward me. I can’t take the punishment and being talked down to from them anymore.

    Someone should do a funny youtube video pointing out this behavior from Hillary ans Obama.

  • BambiB

    Ah, come ON! When a group is happy with a $17 trillion deficit, borrowing 25 cents of every Federal dollar spent and $211 trillion in unfunded mandates over the next 50 years in support of their liberal agenda, what CAN you call them but “Libtards”?


    Women? (As in, “Demoncraps” are the party of women”? Yep, if not for the female vote, the last Demoncrap president we would have had was LBJ!)

  • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

    Another WONDERFULLY REPUBLICAN “story” from REPUBLICAN Tate. Perfect for REPUBLICAN breitbart, Townhall, Blaze, Hotair, Redstate, WND, or any other of the REPUBLICAN media. Very crafty of REPUBLICAN Tate to OMIT the REPUBLICAN propaganda phrases like “better evil,” “lesser evil,” “isolationist,” “wants to legalize heroin,” “Chamberlain,” “War on Terror,” “bury your head in the sand,” “Paulbot, “Paultard,” “Truther,” “post-911 world,” “ABO,” “anarchist,” “Somalia, the Libertarian paradise,” “confederate,” “neo-confederate,” “nullification = secession”… and (my personal fave, the INEVITABLE)… “take your meds.”

    WAY TA GO, REPUBLICAN Tate… you’ll have the alt media CO-OPTED for your REPUBLICAN party in no time! USA! USA! USA! USA!

  • Drew R

    Not just politicians, but most everybody’s kneejerk reaction saying “thank you for your service” to military people. I respect a lot of military people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are part of a plan that truly serves our country and humanity. How bout instead of saying this strictly to the military, we say “thank you for your service,” to anyone who serves the causes of truth, justice, and peace.