Hillary Clinton testifies before Congress at Benghazi trial

To many, it seems contrary to intuition that Fox News could be one of the Clinton family’s largest donors for the better part of two decades. Check your intuition at the door- it’s true. According to Federal Election Commission and Center for Responsive Politics data, 21st Century Fox News Corp. has donated more than $3 million to Clinton family accounts. Overall, this lands Fox as the Clinton family’s 9th largest donor over the course of the family’s political involvement.

P- Clinton Fox News Donations

Should it really infuriate the conservative viewership of Fox News that the company also donates to Democrats? After all, are political parties not constantly blaming media outlets for being biased? What would it say about the state of media in America if companies and their journalists only donated to one specific party? More troubling, what does it say about Americans that some are upset over the fact that Fox News and its employees are donating to Democrats in addition to Republicans? Do we really want our media to be non-bias, or do we simply want it to follow our own bias?

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  • kssturgis62

    THEY DID REPORT ON IT> I know they support her, but they Reported on this rape case. Correct yourself please.



    • KissesandNoise

      I don’t understand your comment. What does he have to correct? You know fox news supports Hillary and you also know they reported on the rape case in which she was a defense attorney. What is your point? I don’t see where you’re going with this.

      • kssturgis62

        I guess I messed up. I thought they were saying they didn’t report on the rape Case.

        I must have picked that up from a comment. Excuse me for my mistake. Thanks for pointing that out. Appreciated.

        • KissesandNoise

          No problem. I thought I missed something big!

          • kssturgis62

            No It is just me, me being quick to jump. Thanks again 🙂

  • cyberpigue

    Actually, I would expect that a news *organization* would contribute ZERO monies to ANY political candidate, party, or elected official. Only then could they claim to be truly impartial. Individuals working for an organization have a right to do as they wish, but even then should disclose the donations as a matter of good practice. Pretty darn simple if you ask me.

  • Aireck

    US Dept. of State? US Dept. of Justice? Really?

    • Employees of those gov’t organizations, not likely the gov’t organizations themselves … I hope!

    • YoOleMe

      … Check D & B for, ‘for profit’, entities by these names, then try your ‘State’, ‘County’ and ‘City’ for such characterization.

  • Mary Brown

    No shock there, another member of the main stream media club and the 2 political parties are for show. Doesn’t matter who you vote for anymore, elections are predecided

    • Whatever

      “Predecided” because voters aren’t apparently aware of any better news sources.

  • Robert Timsah

    The reason Foxnews supports Hilary is because she’s pro-Israel and more pro-war than a lot of tea partiers are now, like Rand Paul. War is healthy for the banking and news elites.

    • Karolyn

      War is healthy for the government and the Military Industrial Complex and we are taxed to death to support all these billions of dollars spent keeping the war machines going. We have way too many war mongers in our government and it is not to keep us safe and secure!

    • jollyroger

      Absolutely spot on. Hitlery’s maiden name is Rodham which is jewish(talmudic-zionist) and is one of izrahell’s biggest supporters. The blood literally drips from her hands. She’s also a closet lesbian; has affairs with other men, one of whom Webb Hubbel, is actually Chelsea’s biological father…not Bill.
      This woman is one bad apple to say the least.
      The Gods help America if she gets into the White House.
      We have a hard row to hoe to keep this monster out of Washington.

      • Bailis

        Ummmm.. What? Go ahead and explain how she is a closet lesbian and that she has affairs with other men. Before you respond, please look up what lesbian means.

  • LibertyChick

    During the last elections Fox went out of it’s way to hide Ron Paul, just like the other media outlets did. They knew if Americans heard what he had to say that people would wake up and want a Constitutional leader for our country. I lost any respect for them and do not seek news from any of them anymore.

    Too bad that to know what’s really going on in America we have to research it ourselves. Too bad to that none of the media outlets are reporting on the 800-1000 concentration camps that exist in America:

    • YoOleMe

      THANKS!!! … Now there’s TWO of us!!!

    • rhondareichel

      Saying Ron Paul “can’t win” after promoting those 2 turkeys McCain and Romney was just incredibly stupid and I can’t believe the American people were stupid enough to fall for it. Ron Paul has been absolutely right on foreign policy (look at the mess now), absolutely right on small govt, so what FOX did by diminishing Ron Paul was stick a knife in our backs.

      • LibertyChick

        We really need a true conservative news program, that reports whats really happening and the implications. And develop it in a way so that it’s considered really “cool” by the young people.

        I went to a rally in DC and parked next to a couple from Sweeden. I told them I was there for a rally for Ron Paul, and asked if they knew who he is. The said “Yes! We lover Ron Paul”. The strangers from another land knew more about Ron Paul and what he said an stood for than most Americans I meet. Then I went on line and found a group in Israel “Jews for Ron Paul” and a group in Poland supporting Ron Paul.

        Here’s a great video that chronicles how we got here:

  • KissesandNoise

    George Carlin said it best: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTDXGWQMH_0

  • r3VOLution is not republican



    So… how much did 21st Century Fox News Corp contribute to THIRD PARTY CANDIDATES?

    Doncha LOVE how most REPUBLICANS are so IMMERSED in the false left/right paradigm… that when attempting to cite UNBIASED “contributing” (bribes)… they actually prove the OPPOSITE.

  • Independen

    George Soros seems to be Missing in Action here. I wonder WHY and where is his money going?

  • To remove money from politics you have to get rid of what attracts money to politics.

    Which is the Tax Code and excessive regulation.

    The voter wants regulation and taxes on business and the rich, which causes business and the rich to spend money on politics to influence taxes and regulations. Blame the voter.

    Excessive regulations and a convoluted Tax Code are the seeds of an oligarchy; they are the sperm and egg.

    If you count on the government to do it or over regulate it, it will be hijacked by special interest groups (Unions, Financial Industry, Oil Industry, Farmers, Multi-National Corporations, Religious Groups, Environmentalists, AARP, etc.), so it invites more corruption than solutions. People are given a false sense of security. A very good reason to keep government to a minimum and one of the reasons the Constitution is set up to constrain it. This regulatory capture also increases the barriers to competition, further hurting citizens/consumers.

    Blame the voter for the existence of lobbyists.

    First step to a solution:

    Support politicians that promise to get rid of laws and regulations that are obsolete or ineffective, instead of the ones that promise to enact more laws and regulations.

    Second and third steps:

    Repeal the 16th Amendment, abolish the IRS and the Tax Code, and enact the Fair Tax. Less money will go into politics because there will be no Tax Code to manipulate. There will be much less for the special interest groups to hijack.

    Reduce regulations to the minimum necessary. Less money will go into politics because there will be less to manipulate. There will be less for the special interest groups to hijack.

    Fourth step:

    Pass and ratify an Amendment to the Constitution to require a 60% supermajority in the House to pass any new legislation and a simple majority to repeal any legislation.

    Choose limited federal government. Stop making millionaires out of our politicians and lobbyists. Stop increasing the power of connected corporations.

    • Joanne Dorlando

      Rand Paul…and his father before him…have been raising this exact same point…Rand Paul in 2016

      • r3VOLution is not republican

        Actually that sounds like Ron Paul.


        grandSTAND WITH RAND 2016!

        • greascott

          Fox News and Hannity will turn the ship left once the debates begin just like they did against his dad. Screw Fox News and all of the bozo’s who claim Conspiracy Theory’s do not happen. Wake up America.

        • Whatever

          If you recognize the point being made, then why don’t you refute it?

      • Rand Is The Brand In 2016

  • rhondareichel

    fair and unbalanced ???

  • totenglocke

    I’m not surprised – without being able to rant about “the evil Democrats”, Fox News wouldn’t have any viewers. Thus, they donate to Democrats in hopes that they’ll get elected and Fox News will keep their (uninformed) viewers.

  • Joanne Dorlando

    not so hard to understand, really. if there were no Clinton’s in the public life, what would Fox News really have to discuss?

  • Don Hawkes

    Doesn’t the socialist globalist Rupert Murdoch own Fox ?

  • 4Freedomrider

    Left Right Left Right Keep them fighting between them selves Left Right Left Right the paradigm has been laid out to enslave us.

    • nctenther

      But that’s more entertaining to the slaves as their children’s future is being destroyed

  • Phydeux

    Hey Lofti, how about a “fair and balanced” report! Show us Fox News’ contributions to right wing candidates over the same time period. If they’re reasonably comparable then it really doesn’t matter. Even the Koch Brothers give to both sides, big deal.

    • Whatever

      That’s not the point. For this story, Fox News’ contributions to right wing candidates are irrelevant — and not surprising at all. A right wing news station contributing to right wing campaigns is no story at all.

      But the Obama thing is interesting.

      • Phydeux

        A lot of people think of Fox News as right-wing only, but they’re not. They may be right of center, but they also have a fair number of liberal contributors.

        Its just that with so much of the news media AND government leaning soooo far left, Fox looks far-right by comparison.

      • DP
      • Kyle Dincler

        I have to call something out right away. I have no desire to defend Fox News. I’m a huge fan and supporter of Ben Swann, and I like Lotfi’s stuff. But this doesn’t seem honest. The numbers for donations are for employees who work for 21st Century Fox and News Corp. News Corp owns Fox News. Fox News employees are a very small part of this. Most of the people are media mogul/Hollywood types.

        “21st Century Fox, the world’s premier portfolio of cable, broadcast, film, pay TV and satellite assets spanning six continents across the globe.”

  • Ridly Lee

    The data is from the EMPLOYEES of Fox, not Fox the corporation. That’s how this data is reported to the source cited (CRP). So, Fox, the corp, may have agendas, but not all employees would make personal donations along those lines.

  • Kevin Carroll

    Try being accurate, Fox News is owned by News Corp , those donations you cite may not have any ties at all to Fox News. But nice try.

    • r3VOLution is not republican

      Good catch. The leftist MS(republican)M would NEVER contribute to a leftist democrat.

    • Robert Johnson

      Made even more ridiculous because that News Corp is now gone. The new News Corp is much smaller and is just a part of this 21st Century Fox holding company, which also includes the 20th Century Fox studios, the rest of the entertainment group and more. Lots and lots of Democrats there and in the rest of the industry.

      Another sloppy Lotfi article.

  • DallasMMS

    When gov agencies start picking the winner when are screwed, but now they don’t even hide it anymore, it’s in your face crap and shove down your throat. Lets be serious the Justice Dept giving to Nobama… really that doesn’t raise any red flags??? Where is the media.. crickets..

  • Tom Wright

    How can gov’t agencies make political contributions? Maybe those contributions are employees?

  • Missy Moo

    Who cares? They can donate to whoever they like. Isn’t that what freedom is all about? This is a non-article…

  • matthewswaye

    she’s a monsanto lawyer

  • robert hastings

    Hillary is a neocon so of course Fox News loves her.. Rand Paul could beat her if republicans weren’t such dum basses

  • Unsubscribing

    Tate vs Lotfi: Who wins the battle for the stupidest article? C’mon Ben I know you need traffic, but I honestly expected better. Oh well.

  • FailedEvolution

    Hillary for president in the middle of Cold War 2.0

    A nightmare scenario


  • erich kritch

    does it distrub anyone that the department of justice and HHS contributed to Obama in 2012? since when do govt agencies get to make political donations? just wanna make sure im readying thia data right…

    • MadPunter1963

      If you read the fine print and the text accompanying the chart, it reads, “Corporate and union donations include those from companies, foundations and employees.” Employees (even those that work for the government) should be free to donate to whomever and whatever they choose.

    • Tuputt

      That’s the rat in the corncrib, erich! What is that $728,647 from the U.S. Government? DOJ and HHS? Thats the real story. Not what corporations and individuals contribute, and that was in just one year! OMG! 3 mil in twenty years? What a crock. Yeah, lets just trash every conservative every chance we get.

  • VeteranCJ

    My belief is that no donations should be allowed unless it is from an american citizen( individual), using their own personal bank account. No government agencies, no corporations(for profit or non profit) and no individuals that have not become citizens.

  • Forrest Gray

    Just saw this hysterical tshirt that seems appropriate to this discussion. http://teespring.com/hillarious Hillary for President? HILLARIOUS!

  • Truth

    Swann, Lotfi, I love you guys. Seriously. So if what I’m about to say hurts, its a good hurt, okay? It’s the kind of hurt that makes you stronger.

    The word is BIASED. If a person has a bias, he is BIASED. As much as I expect good stories from benswann.com, I know that I’m going to have to endure typographical errors in every single article. Set one person to editor, make everyone else a contributor, and don’t hit publish until more than one person has done a proof-read. A million small errors add up to a big problem, and if you can’t spell or conjugate verbs, it hurts your credibility.
    Seriously though. Love the site.

  • DalasKnight

    Both parties are just two sides of the same coin anyway! What difference does it make?

    • Geo Garcia

      thats 100% correct..

  • twinkie1cat

    So you would expect Faux News to get tasty tidbits to rant about if they did not contribute?

  • Kyle Dincler

    Posting in the right spot this time.

    I have to call something out right away. I have no desire to defend Fox News. I’m a huge fan and supporter of Ben Swann, and I like Lotfi’s stuff. But this doesn’t seem honest. The numbers for donations are for employees who work for 21st Century Fox and News Corp. News Corp owns Fox News. Fox News employees are a very small part of this. Most of the people are media mogul/Hollywood types.

    “21st Century Fox, the world’s premier portfolio of cable, broadcast, film, pay TV and satellite assets spanning six continents across the globe.”

  • José R.

    Love the sight Ben however the only thing this story proves is Republican or Democrats they don’t answer to the people but rather to their corporate donors. It’s no wonder that our great country is going to hell in a hand basket.

  • Jim Baldwin

    In my opinion, no news org. should give to EITHER party. Let their employees give to whomever they please. Knowing fox gives to Hillery makes me want to change the station, I think I will. I know who I should vote for and I vote with my eyes wide open. I used to love watching fox but the more I learn about them, the less I’ll be watching. I hate Hillery and anyone that supports her are officially on my s–t list.

    • Matt Owens

      I don’t even know where to start..

  • MadPunter1963

    Overall, the data are also misleading because it is grossly incomplete. For example, it gives no information about how much any of these donor groups gave to any other party’s candidates; it only compares the Clintons to Obama, not how much Newscorp gave to Romney or Paul or Cruz? Nor does it give information about where that money comes from. Is the money directly from the corporation? Is it grassroots giving by rank & file employees? Or mega soft money gifts from CEO’s foundations? So while it’s interesting info, it hardly paints a complete picture.

  • Patricia

    No news organization, no corporations, private parties or small businesses should ever be allowed to donate to political campaigns. There should be a fund set up with a mandatory $10 a year payment from every LEGAL American citizen to fund the election process. Out of that fund the states would split 25% for their own elections and the rest would go toward national elections. This would end the control big business and the wealthy have over our political system. If we couple that with term limits we then become far closer to what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

    • L.R.

      Um yeah, and departments of the federal govt should not be giving to campaigns either!

    • wbrandolph


    • Carole Naro

      Patricia, that could be done already when one files their taxes. On the Federal Form at the top right is a box saying if one would like to donate towards the campaign.

    • Taylor

      I don’t think the founding fathers would have wanted the government to steal even more of our money to fund their beauty pageant. How do you figure that is a good idea?

  • TeMpTeK

    Republicans and Democrats are 2 wings of the same bird….

    • Scott

      Yup. Chomsky notes that the business party has morphed: “…In the past, the U.S. has sometimes been
      described sardonically — but not inaccurately — as a one-party state: the
      business party, with two factions called Democrats and Republicans.

      is no longer true. The U.S. is still a one-party state, the business party. But
      it only has one faction: moderate Republicans, now called New Democrats (as the
      U.S. Congressional coalition styles itself).”

  • Victor Es

    You guys should really read the whole article. Everyone seems to be discussing everything but the point Lotfi was making. Seriously, read the last paragraph and stop complaining about whether or not Fox is owned by Yada yadda or how the article is biased because it makes no mention about any other donations other than Hillary and Obama. None of that crap is relevant. Read before commenting… please. If you did read it, then work on your reading comprehension; it is far more important. Please, Your comments hurt my brain.

  • toma kay

    Holy crap, 6 million for slim fast? Obviously she doesn’t use it.

  • catdog8

    we know why they all donate and they hedge their bets. i’m against these unlimited donations for the obvious reasons. the system is broken, it desperately needs to be fixed.

  • Carole Naro

    So why did she lose to Obama with all that money coming in? I’d also like to know what happened to all those donations to the Clintons? Please do not forget that the Koch Brothers also donated to Harry Reid’s campaign. These entrepreneurs do that all the time. I’m a Republican, so I do not think that this is wrong or unfettered. I do watch Fox News but I watch only those commentators I like and do a good job. The likes of Bill O’Reilly (just his beginning commentary), Megyn Kelly (who does a wonderful job), Bret Beir (great Panel with Charles Krauthammer), Fox & Friends (always). I’m biased towards those media companies that act like lapdogs to the left/progressives. Lately they haven’t had an original thought.

    • christian_707

      It’s important to notice that the chart above shows the TOTAL of the donations she ever received throughout her (decades long) career, compared to the donations Obama received ONLY during the 2012 reelection campaign.

    • teller123

      I am sick of the Koch brothers mainly because for some reason they have been linked to Conservatives and demonized over and over and over again. Many of us conservatives had no idea who these guys even are. The next time Harry Reid uses these two for one of the diatribes keep in mind these guys are out for themselves and they are in no way this evil whatever you’ve been led to believe as far as Conservatives are concerned. They are no different than Buffet or any of the rest of billionaires making political contributions. They care about themselves and their money and ALL of those ultra rich people got where they are via Capitalism not Socialism.

      • Carole Naro

        You also have to understand that not only the Koch Brothers, but also Warren Buffet, Steyer, Gates and that billionaire in Las Vegas also contributed to the Democrats. Harry Reid is a senile old man blubbering about nonsensical BS thus implicating himself in numerous shady deals not only in Washington D.C. but in the State of Nevada. The man should retire to his pear farm or be committed to a mental institution because nothing that comes out of his mouth makes any sense.

  • Cody

    could this simply be money given for an interview? that would be one of the few logical answers.

  • Brysail

    This is got to be the dumbest, story yet, well close! OK so FOX NEWS never donated anything ! If so show me! They reported now you decide .. By the way do these people understand fair and BALANCED!!!!!

  • Brysail

    ” Clinton family accounts. ” OK so they don’t say what ACCOUNTS this is a smuck piece!

  • E Morgan Schuster

    Why am I not surprised?
    What passes as our government is really just an illusion created and supported by our media. Special interest groups and lobbyists write the bills that Congress never read but are told to sign. Our so called government is a hoax and exists to give us the illusion of choice while they sell us out to multinational corporations and banks. The reality is that the government we see is literally just a bunch of actors and the New World Disorder took control long ago.
    See State Dept. Doc. #7277 for proof.
    Another two years of campaigning and another two billion dollars in campaign funds will only bring us a President that’s worse than the previous one.
    That is the pattern we’ve been repeating.
    I see no reason to assume that will change…no matter which sock puppet our owners select for us.
    If you think your vote is counted – you are a seriously deluded moron.
    May your infinite ignorance bring you eternal bliss.

  • 21st Century Fox is a movie production company full of Hollywood liberals, New Corp is Fox News, without them specifying, it’s impossible to tell if Fox News gave any money to her at all…

  • CACorey

    21st Century Fox/Newscorp is WAY WAY more than Fox News. This Michael Lotfi should be ashamed of such shoddy work.

  • Matthew DiGi

    It’s all about ratings. Fox wants another Democrat to blame so their viewers stay tuned in, and MSNBC BADLY wants a Republican to blame so their ratings spike. Why? Because we’re idiots who are incapable of placing blame as broadly as it needs to be placed. Americans narrow it down to the ruling majority, and many so-called “independents” just flip-flop each election because they continue to move the blame around since they have no real ideological backbone.

    • Blame should only be placed on the shoulders of those who use the violence of voting against their fellows.

  • Wayne Gilmore

    The only way i would vote republican again is if Rand, Carson were on the same ticket. What i would really like to see is a lottery of radom public to choose all positions of state, to eliminate the agendas that future law makers have.

  • Randy Hammer

    Dear author, please review ‘bias vs. biased’ grammar rules; otherwise stop using the word “bias.” Also, your description about yourself is about half the size of the actual article. If you want people to look into your company (that you’re so intent on plugging), write in a more literate fashion. Otherwise, shorten up the “about me.”

    • Pscle

      Can you sound any more petty?

  • Crdnls519

    I would prefer that they donate to NO ONE!. ]

  • Kristian Ralle

    Jewish supporters, Hillary will win!

    • Charlie Spivey

      @ Kristian Ralle – That doesn’t make sense, although you could be right. Why would Jews ahve anything to to do with any party that is openly throwing Israel under the bus?

    • PHenry

      “You f*cking Jew b@stard.” -Hillary Clinton to political operative Paul Fray. This was revealed in “State of a Union: Inside the Complex Marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton” and has been verified by Paul Fray and three witnesses.

  • Douglas Moose

    It’s called “protection money.” Remember what happened to Microsoft when Bill Gates publicized he donated to NO political parties? A year or so later, he was hauled in before Congress for anti-competitive business practices. Once he opened the checkbook for party fundraisers, suddenly the heat was off!

  • James Beam

    Bias? Has absolutely nothing to do with it: Or lack of Bias. Hillary IS a Republican just as her Husband Bill is a Republican.

    There is no such thing as the Liberal Media. Surely when it comes to broadcast or Cable broadcasts. In a dance of Relativity it’s the illusion of that there is a Left and that illusion is sustained by the existence of FOX:

    There is only one Media in America and it is Corporate Media and these 5 Corporations control every aspect of the “press” From broadcast, newspapers, to periodicals and publishing.

    What this story is really about is a Narrative more akin to the World Wrestling Federation: The most base, banal, simplistic narrative that distracts and divides. Haven’t you noticed that what FOX attacks Hillary or Obama and the attacks are specious and trivial. Meanwhile Congress votes for 129 Billion in tax breaks for Verizon and AT&T and Boeing. Or Congress votes to fast track TPP……..two examples of elephants and donkeys putting their heads together. What do they have in Common? They are both destructive to the population of this Nation the are both detrimental to you. Yet these parties whose ideology is portrayed as being so polarized seems to melt when they can truly serve their masters. Smoke and Mirrors…………All these monolithic corporations are consolidated in spirit to extract as much wealth as you as possible, pay as little tax as possible and leave behind a country with crumbling infrastructure, polluted waters, and desecrated destroyed environment wherever they have left their footprint……………..

    You are on your own. As long as you believe the atmospherics, the hype, the noise then you are exactly what the doctor ordered. As long as we listen to any of them and believe they are our friend that has our interest then we do so to our detriment. Public Service needs to be refined, Corporate Citizenship needs to be defined. And the Press needs to be free of ethical conflicts. And must be required to truly provide public service…………….just to name a few aspects………there are more.

  • SteveMichaels

    What it really means is the there are no “Republicans” or “Democrats”. The major parties are all beholden to the same interest groups, or more precisely, the controllers of said interest groups, i.e. the 1%. All of the political “debate” is nothing but smoke and mirrors to keep the masses placated by believing there is a choice when there really is none.

    • PHenry

      “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers.

      Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

      -CARROLL QUIGLEY, Tragedy and Hope, 1966

  • rascallyrabbit

    Media and their employees should be banned from donating to either party, political persons, or the “charities/foundations” associated with them, period.

  • Snellville bob

    Why is the State, Justice and HHS Departments allowed to donate to a sitting president during an election? I do believe that is defined as corruption.

    • A. N. Onymous

      I believe the US Gov’t listing may be the campaign funding that all political parties get in equal amounts after they have achieved a certain percentage quota of the popular vote during a National election. Its why third party candidates keep hoping they can reach the 10% milestone during a presidential election, b/c then they will receive matching funds from the Federal govt…

  • Enough!

    I think the question is, does donating to both camps indicate true non-bias, and do any known liberal outlets donate as equally non-partisan?

    Further, I think its likely that in order to get “scoops” and interviews from politicians, news groups must “donate” to their tax free org’s.

    It all seems kinda shady to me, but if no laws were broken the only issue remaining is the public trust, which can and should be damaged when one claims impartiality but their hidden agendas -clearly illustrated by their financial donating biases- are blatantly partisan.

    In other words, George Stephanopoulos ( for example) is -still- a liar who tried to hide his bias in order to appear biparstisan, and I want to see the donations from the blatantly biased liberal outlets like MSNBC before I’m ready to castigate Fox news.

    • William Carr

      Cons believe any media organization that doesn’t spout their rhetoric is therefore biased.

      Somehow, the concept of “neutrality” doesn’t translate to their worldview.

      So, they believe if a media outlet reports anything but what Fox News says, it’s biased in favor of Liberals.

      • Bobby C.

        What a sad display of the failure of today’s educational system. Brainwashed much?

  • ABBAsFernando

    Politicians are an are among the lowest life forms in the known Universe.

  • Ray Bryant

    The chart is basically worthless; a severe lack of relevant information as far as money (and support). Who does “Clintons” include?…why the difference in time frame?…Romney?mccain?
    Perhaps of some importance is the difference in the listed donors: Fascists vs. Communists

    • Bobby C.

      That probably won’t fare as well for BrandFire Consulting LLC, so I’m sure the story is just the way they need it to be.

  • Fox, quintessential right/left paradigm…good cop, bad cop…..in real time….saps, suckers and sissies are us that don’t understand this….

    Corruption exists when those who report on the rain….have an umbrella
    #bush #jarrett #murdoch #foxnews #‎thedeBAITandSWITCH‬
    #foxYnews #foxinthehenhouse #Mayhemkelly #megynkelly

    Is she really worth all this money….CORRUPTION….”it’s not raining on me”

    Classless, Clueless….Fox is cunning…FOX news is apparently in the TANK with the rest….NO question about THAT anymore…Proof positive…


    Are there any questions?…..

    understand what this picture represents…and stop being the fool being FOOLED in spite of the OBVIOUS


    Michael Savage DESTROYS “mayhem” Kelly

    Mark Levin….tears Fox and Mayhem Kelly a “new one”


    7 MILLION Dollars media whore


    MaYhem Kelly & Howard Stern, sexually speaking

  • Bobby C.

    Like BrandFire Consulting LLC will not get something out of this? Yeah right!

    • Michael Lotfi

      I wish!

  • RockyMountainBeerMan

    Democrats tend to be Liberal.

    Republicans tend to be Conservative.

    Politicians tend to be Communist.

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