Yesterday, Billy E. Wilson, the mayor of Greenbrier, TN, was arrested after an extensive investigation, which proved he had been stealing money from the local “Toys For Tots” charity. Every year individuals flood the streets and grocery stores in the small Tennessee town asking for donations, which are supposed to be used to purchase Christmas toys for young children who cannot afford them.

Greenbrier residents say they have been suspecting Mayor Wilson of misconduct for years. According to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI), Mayor Wilson has been placing the donated money in to his personal account since 2005.

Mayor Wilson has been booked into the local county jail on $5k bond with one count of official misconduct and one count of theft over $60k.

Tennessee was recently ranked as the “most corrupt” state in the country. A title, which Mayor Wilson, has helped to secure. The TBI is currently continuing their investigation.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Chris

    So a Republican got busted with his hand in the cookie jar again. why are their so many Republican think they are above the rule of law?

    • PaxMentis

      Now that’s humorous…trying to make like this is a partisan kind of thing when a) Most mainstream politicians are dirty in some way, and b) considering the Democratic machine that Obama comes out of (you know, the one with their last 3 governors in prison)…

      But you keep trying to lay this out as a “Republican thing”…and go on believing there is a difference between the “two parties”.

    • Jeffrey Main

      Sorry to break the news Chris. Both parties are equally corrupt and disgusting to the core.

    • gtg092x

      He’s only punishing children that depend on a charity for toys. Not real American children, like the ones that pull themselves up by their bootstraps… er, shoelaces

  • Steve Holmes

    noticed how a Democrat and Republican are the same as a penny? One side
    looks different then the other but it is still only worth one cent.

  • johnathon

    Do not donate to any Charities or schemes ever! Take the time to help

    a family that needs help. The fire deptartments often have a list of families that need help. Charity begins in your own heart, it is better to know the ones you help and be sure that they receive your charity. Also there are orphanages in every city, they are desperate for toys, clothes etc. this is also a good place to be charitable. We Americans can no afford to depend on “others” to be honest with us or our families about the money we give to “charities,” we have to be charitable through our won personal actions now.

  • vanyam

    Stop giving to nonprofits. Find someone or a family near you who needs help and give directly. Has anyone here noticed that so many stores are asking for donations when you check out, like rounding up to the next dollar? Say no thanks without guilt and find people around you to help.

    501c3 status is the CHEAPEST tax bracket in the country and has made many people extremely wealthy off the backs of their volunteers. Stop looking for tax deductions and just give face to face.

    • Jonathan King

      You are 100% right, great point!

    • Keith Syvinski

      Giving close to home also gives people the ability to hold recipients accountable for their actions. No one should receive charity who is not willing to pay it forward somehow.

      • vanyam

        We need to delete the notion that charity and aid only comes through government programs or a non-profit, which is in fact a quasi-governmental agency. Government abuses every dollar that passes through it and the “net” benefit after government “management” is probably less than 20-25 cents. It’s like dealing with some kind of handling system, more like a mafia.

        Years ago they did a story in Colorado on the second hand shops like Savers, Goodwill, Salvation Army, to determine how much cash was actually turned over to the causes which these nonprofits were based on. It was sometimes in the 4-7 cent per dollar range. The best was Salvation Army, with admin of less than 10% and a 90%+ net to the cause.

        Nonprofit has become a nice profitable scam today. Read yesterday about a company seeking volunteers to work with foreign orphanages and actually charging these nice people to go do their work for them. Non-profit? Wow.

  • Chad Anderson

    What do you mean Tennessee was recently ranked #1? The article that you link to is from 2010.

  • missceeeeeee

    When it’s a Republican with his hand in the cookie jar dishonesty is a non partisan issue. If it’s a Democrat with his/her hand in the cookie jar … all hell breaks loose because everyone knows Democrats are dirty politicians.

  • guest

    I don’t know the details of this investigation. But the headline has him convicted. Who needs a trial, just throw him in jail now.

  • Keith Syvinski

    There’s some cops in Deming, New Mexico who would be willing to dig around in a cavity for this guy’s head. Not nice to steal from the little kids.

  • Hope Noel Draper

    Ok so what is the point about making this about politics when what it really is about is the children that all of this was for so can we please stick to the topic of this article.