Rand Paul

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, and perhaps just in time. US senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has been calling for an end to foreign aid to Egypt and Syria for quite some time. Just recently the Senate voted 86-13 against Paul’s most recent attempt to end aid to Egypt. Graham and McCain both voting against Paul. “It would be a terrific mistake for the United States to send a message to Egypt: you’re on your own,” McCain said on the Senate floor. “I urge my colleagues to vote to table the Paul amendment.”paul_graham_mccain

In response to the Senate voting against his amendment Paul said, “This is something that those who voted in Congress are going to have to live with. The question is: How does their conscience feel now as they see photographs of tanks rolling over Egyptian civilians?”

Due to more than 650 deaths in Egypt over the past few days, Obama recently canceled a joint military exercise and delayed sending new military equipment to Egypt. Finally, it seems that the two senior senators have had a recent change of heart just days after voting against Paul’s efforts to end aid to Egypt.

In a joint statement, senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) now “standing with Rand” by calling for an end to foreign aid in Egypt:

“The interim civilian government and security forces – backed up, unfortunately, by the military – are taking Egypt down a dark path, one that the United States cannot and should not travel with them.”

McCain and Graham continue,

“We cannot be complicit in the mass slaughter of civilians. We urge the Obama Administration to suspend U.S. assistance to Egypt and make clear to the current leadership of the country what steps we believe are necessary to halt Egypt’s descent into civil conflict and ultimately to restore our assistance relationship, which has historically served U.S. national security interests.”

It is not immediately clear how far McCain and Graham are willing to go in order to end aid to Egypt. However, should Paul bring his amendment back for a similar vote, he may for the first time have McCain and Graham on his side.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Ladybug91

    With so many of our own issues that need addressing here in the US, isn’t it high time we concentrated on ourselves and cut off the foreign aid not only to Egypt but other countries that violate human rights?

    • down_a_dark_road

      how about ending ALL aid. I’m sick of my money being stolen by this government and sent to even shittier govern’s around the world. I don’t give a rats behind who they are sending money to – we shouldn’t be sending 1 red cent at all anywhere.

    • Clark

      Regardless, it’s horrific and tragic but do we really have any right to tell another country how to go about human rights? We should be leading by example, not forcing it upon a country that isn’t even close to being ready for that stuff….Government isn’t humanitarianism, if you want humanitarianism THE PEOPLE should be taking charge of that.

    • Stephen Jones

      yes and Rand Paul believes in that for sure. We need him in 2016.

  • stayseelee

    All three are simply deceiving the public. I’m not advocating funding for anyone, which is being created from thin air, but this is what they’re covering for: http://nsnbc.me/2013/08/14/state-of-emergency-declared-in-egypt-to-foil-nato-backed-subversion/

    • RonWillison

      You are misguided or don’t really have enough wisdom and info about Rand Paul’s belief structure and voting record. Once upon a time. America was wealthy enough to hand out over a thousand billions a year in aid worldwide. It makes zero sense to borrow from China to give to any GOVERNMENT! Giving AID to people who would use it for food and NOT weapons is one thing. Giving money to GOVERNMENTS who could print their own money at will and infuse it into their economy’s with infrastructure growth and expansion is folly. That is of course assuming that you are not in bed with the ruthless global minded one worlder banker ego maniacs.Any country not on board with those lunitics deceptive plan gets turned into rubble. Just ask Qaddafi or Saddam. the next time you see them.

      • stayseelee

        He votes for sanctions against Iran, which anyone who understands anything at all about this charade knows that it’s an excuse to continue our misguided foreign policy. He also votes for being lax on tax havens for the filthy rich which contributes to the reason our taxes increase and cities are bankrupt. He also voted on the wrong side of insider trading, which nobody seems to think is any big deal… as long as he puts on a show to entertain people like you.

  • StopShreddingMyConstitution

    I know I should be happy that they’ve finally pulled their heads out of their asses, but part of me would still like to send McCain and Graham to Egypt instead of sending any more aid. Just drop the two of them off and say “B’bye now.” So tired of these two clowns.

    • RonWillison

      What you are seeing is a couple of owned pawns trying to cover their behinds because of what they have been doing the past two decades behind closed doors. The people are rubbing the sleepy’s from their eyes and will reach critical mass much sooner than our hidden masters thought possible. Those that have jumped in bed with the bad guys can feel the heat rising as we speak. Which is why all the shredding your nic implies has been taking place. The 2012 general election primary’s and the election itself was so fraught with in your face FELONIES that to this day nobody in DC is willing to address is all the proof anyone that really paid attention needs to confirm the complete usurpation and betrayal to our nation that has taken place by our ruling elite. With Obama reading books like “The Post American World” should speak volumes to any American no matter what political flavor they ascribe to. The key word in that sentence was “American” and all that imply’s.


    WHO CARES?!?!?!?!?! WHO CARES?

    Funny how the “new” media seems a lot like the OLD MEDIA. WHO CARES WHAT RAND “playin’ the game” Paul is doing or saying?


    2. Death? Rand “playin the game” Paul is “concerned” with EGYPTIAN death?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What about THE THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS who’ve been killed by the illegal aliens he wants AMNESTIED?!?!?!?!?!

    TO HELL with SELLOUT PUPPET Rand “playin’ the game” Paul!!!!!!

    • Jay McIntyre

      Thank God that SOMEBODY understands that Rand is just a younger, smoother Neo Con.

      • Stephen Jones

        You have no clue what you are talking about. Rubio is a neo-con, and people like that not Paul or Cruz, Lee, Amash, etc

        • Jay McIntyre

          Yes Rubio, and Rand right along side him. He just covers it up better.

          • CAN’T STAND RAND

            No aye problema. Rubio is, AS WE SPEAK, being rebranded as “tea party” again, by the REPUBLICAN media. So, I’ll wager all of the weak-minded WILL BE SUPPORTING HIM AGAIN, once rebranding is complete… AND CALLING PEOPLE LIKE ME IDIOTS, for suggesting that he’s a TREASONOUS leftist.

    • Libertyunleashed

      Rand has proposed in the past that they cut foreign aid in half. I completely agree with you that on principle we should not give out foreign aid. The fact is that this opinion in our country is not going to change over night. We have to slowly move towards that direction. It is not a sell out to step towards liberty. As for Paul “Playing the game” he might be using that rhetoric of deaths but he has introduced ending foreign aid to Egypt earlier this year. I think you need to do your research. Paul’s voting record looks just like his dad’s. I just cant understand how leading the case of ending foreign aid to a country is “selling out”.



        1. Cutting “foreign aid” is not a “principle,” IT IS CONSTITUTIONAL!!!!!!!! THE LAW!!!!!!!

        2. “Slowly move toward that direction?” I’d move away from that argument, because it will trap you every time. I will make my THIRD PARTY argument, and you will be STUCK, without the ability to say “we don’t have time for that.”

        3. Why did Rand introduce legislation to end Egyptian Aid? Because he cares about the Constitution? Because he cares about foreign stability? NO, TO USE A “NO” VOTE AS A POLITICAL WEAPON TO BE USED AGAINST OPPONENTS!!!!!!!! Ohio’s LEFTIST republican Portman (who’s LAUGHABLY on the Deficit Reduction Panel) voted NO. Has Rand “slammed” Portman, like he has democrats for that vote? HELL NO!!!!!!

        4. SELLOUT, AMNESTYING Rand “playin’ the game” Paul’s record LOOKS NOTHING LIKE HIS FATHERS!!!!!!!

    • Stephen Jones

      You need to check your facts man. You are about 98% wrong

      • Stephen Jones

        Who do or did you back up? If it was Bush or Obama they both sent tons of foreign and in weapons, money, food, any and all. Don’t be a hater. Hater!

        • Stephen Jones

          By the way Rand’s last bill that the people you probably support voted against was to end all foreign aid to Egypt. It was voted on before they started showing these tanks running over civilians. Now they will have to reintroduce the bill or a similar one. So wake up.

  • Angelo S

    ~ Who is the “broken clock”?
    ~ Certainly not Dr. Paul. He is so out in front of this pack of gangsters I don’t know how he even tolerates breathing the same air.
    ~ Foreign aid is not only bribery of other dictators, it’s also pay-offs for those companies who bank roll dirt like Graham and McCain. It’s NEVER about securing America.

    ~ It’s about securing the interests of a few privileged companies who are politically connected to political puppets like these two bumbs.


      Oh, so Rand has introduced legislation that cuts ALL foreign aid?

      • Jared Myers

        Oh, so Rand would get anywhere if he did? Earth to CSR, the system doesn’t work that way in the real world. Rand is doing what he can with the cards he’s been dealt.

        • CAN’T STAND RAND

          F THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Rand had a card. It was the card of INTEGRITY. FAITH. TRUTH. Constitutional Liberty. But he decided NOT to play it. INSTEAD he threw the Establishment card… the AMNESTY card… INTERVENTIONISM card… GLOBAL WELFARE card… CHICKENHAWK card… His game was over before it even started.

          • Jared Myers

            There are people who don’t want to do anything except rage at the keyboard against The Man/The Machine/The System/whatever. They have no concept of incrementalism or strategy. These same people would have lost the American Revolution had they been running it. Case in point.

            Then there are other people, who recognize that we will NEVER win the war unless we start winning the small battles first. Ron and Rand understand this. Apparently CSR doesn’t, since he (she?) thinks he (she?) knows better than Ron Paul (who supports Rand) himself.

          • CAN’T STAND RAND

            1. “increments” right? Yes, we MUST ABANDON the LEFTIST republican party and build the third parties, like the WELL-ESTABLISHED Constitution Party – I’ve been building “incrementally” for a handful of voting cycles. Ron Paul ALSO supports third party competition.

            2. The people who won the Revolution (like Ron) REFUSED TO PLAY THE GAME, like the loyalists (Rand) who did.

            3. Ron IS NOT, IN ANY WAY, Rand. REPUBLICANS trying to CO-OPT the Liberty Movement will ALWAYS mash them together, as if they are similar. But while Ron’s loyalty is to Constitutional liberty, Rand’s is to the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

          • Jared Myers

            By your own standard, then, Ron is a sell-out. I mean, he ran for the Republican nomination twice and served 30 years in Congress as a member of the GOP, so…..
            The Revolution hasn’t been won yet. And again, by your own standard, Ron sold out by starting out as a Republican and then going back to the GOP after 1988.
            Ron himself has said that he and Rand are “99% similar” (and that’s a direct quote from Ron on the Geraldo Rivera talk show). Ron also (in a different talk) said that Rand “does things better” than he does — again, a direct quote.

            Political parties don’t matter. Ideology is what matters. There’s little difference between father and son, and that’s mostly in style and not in principle.

          • Jared Myers

            1) Conservative Third Parties are pretty much irrelevant come Election Day — which is sad, I wish that wasn’t the case, but it is. They would do well to focus ONLY on local and state-wide races instead of wasting time, money, and effort putting forward Presidential candidates that never get above 2% of the vote — or every single member of the Libertarian, Constitution, and American Independent Parties (including non-GOP Tea Partiers) could rejoin the GOP en masse and start affecting GOP Primaries. As a registered Republican myself, we could use the votes to get the bad GOPers out and keep (or get) the good GOPers in.

            2) Ron started the movement, but he couldn’t finish it. To affect real and lasting change, we need to get people to the top eventually. Rand has that chance — he knows it, and Ron knows it. Rand is willing to play the game (to a point), go along to get along (to a point), and work within the system (to a point) in order to achieve victory for the grander cause. It’s all about keeping the bigger picture in mind. Ron has never once spoken ill of Rand. Never. Not once. In fact, he’s gone out of his way to praise Rand (DIRECT QUOTE FROM RON ABOUT RAND: “It’s a pretty good indication that he’s probably on the right track when all the bad guys gang up on you.”) and also to decry people who intentionally try to draw lines and create conflict between him and his son.

            3) Ron himself said that he and Rand were 99% the same on ideological issues and that the only way they were different was in strategy and how they go about gaining victories for the cause. Are you saying Ron is lying?

      • Sho Rembo

        His dad did, it got nowhere. You slam those who try a different way, which, in effect, boosts those who don’t try at all. Good job.

        • CAN’T STAND RAND

          No, Ron’s SELLOUT, BOOT-LICKING SON IS NOT “trying a different way.” He’s “playin’ the game” – same thing EVERY OTHER REPUBLICAN DOES. It’s a game of CONCESSION AFTER CONCESSION with DISGUSTING EXCUSES of “that’s the best we could do.”

          • Chris

            His father did it without playing the game and didn’t come close to winning. Rand has to make the neo-cons believe that he’s willing to compromise if he stands a chance at winning and he’s doing a great job. Sean Hannity fawns all over Rand; do you really believe that Rand likes Hannity after the way he treated his father? Has Rand ever been the DECIDING VOTE for a piece of legislation that violated our rights? NO. If a bill is going to easily pass, why not vote for it if it helps keep the RNC from sabotaging his campaign the way they did Ron’s? Because of principle? How close to the oval office did principle get his father? If you Rand-haters truly believe that his father isn’t his top adviser, you’re completely deluded. Do we want someone who obeys the Constitution; someone who will veto the Patriot Act the next time it comes up; someone who has the authority to order the AG, FBI, DEA, etc. to not enforce certain laws to become our next president or don’t we? Give him the benefit of the doubt and help get him elected and THEN call him a sell-out if he sells out. Even if Rand is who he appears to be since becoming Senator, he’d still be 1,000x better than our last few dozen presidents. But, if he is truly his father’s son, as I believe he is, he may very well be our greatest president ever. Something this country needs now more than ever before.

          • CAN’T STAND RAND

            1. “His father did it without playing the game and didn’t come close to winning” IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE. Ron Paul DID NOT “play the game” AND CAME WITHIN A BREATH OF BECOMING PRESIDENT!!!!!!! He would have SLAUGHTERED Obama… but, sadly, WAS KNEECAPPED before he had a chance, BY THE LEFTIST REPUBLICAN PARTY.

            2. “Sean Hannity fawns all over Rand” BECAUSE RAND’S A DOMESTICATED PUPPET WHO IS NOT A THREAT TO THE ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN PARTY, which Hannity shills for!!!!!!

            3. Rand WILL NEVER be president! He will be USED to restore credibility to RATS like Hannity, who will “support” him… he will be USED to SIPHON OFF SUPPORT and CRUSH any third party threat… then he will be TOSSED AWAY, to “nominate” Christie or Jeb.

            4. I’M SICK TO DEATH of hearing this GIBBERISH about Rand DUPING the neocons into “supporting him”… only to – POW – ZING – SPRING his trap after he’s elected President!!!!!!!!! So… let me get this straight… Rand is a Constitutional Libertarian… who’s PRETENDING to be neocon-friendly… and PRETENDING to be illegal alien-friendly… and PRETENDING to be Baby Boomer-friendly… PRETENDING to be Israel’s guard dog… and once elected President… HE’S GOING TO SPIT IN EVERYBODY’S FACE… COMPLETELY REVERSE COURSE and return us to the Constitution?!?!?!?!?!?!

            Understand, If Rand is CHAMPIONED by ESTABLISHMENT FOX/Clearchannel/Hannity/Levin/Rush/Beck… THERE IS A REASON, and it has NOTHING to do with “conservatism!” It’s because HE CAN PRESERVE THE MONOPOLY OF THE LEFTIST REPUBLICAN PARTY… while doing NOTHING to restore Constitutional Liberty!

      • Stephen Jones

        We don’t have any money . Our own damn cities are declaring bankruptcy and we are sending money and weapons to wolves to slaughter sheep. You need to wake up sir or ma’am, I can’t tell but I am leaning to the latter. You must be one of the people either on entitlements or who believes in printing money that has no backing. Germany just asked to look into fort knox to get their own money back they have been storing there and we denied them at first and then only allowed them to open one vault door. We have no Gold man.When it went from this is equal to a ounce of gold, to this is a gold or silver certificate, to Federal Reserve note it should have been an eye-opener for everyone. Its just a promissory note. It literally costs more to produce every piece of our currency than the currency (that’s legal) we even possess.
        What economy? We live off of a piece of paper that is literally a promise to pay itself back and other countries are actually dumb enough to take it and so are the American people. Best counterfeiting scam of all time.

  • poptoy1949

    It seems McCain and Graham want to jump on Dr. Paul’s bus for a totally different reason. I say do not let them get on.

  • Kevin Merck

    We need to stop worrying about countries like Egypt and start worrying about America before we erupt into a civil war here.
    We have over a billion – hollow point reasons – to get our own ducks in a row before we find ourselves in way over our heads.

  • texasgirl46

    I’m with Rand but the other two can go suck on an egg for all I care. They’re absolute idiots…

    • col

      Yeah, now that they know their chances for re-election are pretty low they want to jump on Sen. Paul’s band wagon. They had to do something to make it look like they are still Reps. They are not. They are Obama butt kissers and back stabbers to the Rep party. I think Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are the only two in the congress with the balls to stand up to Obama. The others are either in his pocket or they are scared to death of him.

  • wildman

    fuk mclame and graham as they are both traiterous POS should have left mclame to die in the pow camp

    • col

      I don’t like John McCain but what you said is a horrible thing to say about anyone. My husband and I have a friend that was a prison in the Hanoi Hilton for 7 yrs. He was among the lucky ones that lived long enough to be released. The 7 yrs he was there were pure hell. How any of those prisoners survived is a miracle. To say that McCain should have died there is totally sick comment. If you want to know what it was like for them, read the book, “When Hell was in Session” by Admiral Jeremiah Denton. After reading it you will wonder how they survived as well. I met Admiral Denton a few yrs after he was released. I could see what that ordeal did to him as well as to our friend. I’m sure there were many times they wished they were dead, but they didn’t die. They were strong enough to endure the torture and unbelievably horrific living conditions and hold on until the day they would be released. I wonder if you would be that strong if you had to go through what they did. What do you think? Get the book. You can get it on line.

      • wildman

        I done my 2 tours in Nam so I aint talking out my ass like you,,,here’s a book for you to have someone read to you “WHO GIVES A FUK WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY” I’m sure you will enjoy having someone read it to you because the ignance you showed is probably proportionate to your education and reading ability- get the book and have a nice day

        • col

          You are obviously a very bitter man. Viet Nam was a horrible war as all wars are. I’m sure you went through hell yourself. Were you a prisoner? If not, I seriously doubt that the hell you went through could compare with what our POW’s experienced. However, I would like to thank you for your service. My husband retired from the military with over 25 yrs so I know about the sacrifices. I feel very sorry for you. It appears that you are carrying a lot of hate inside. It will eat you up if you let it. The book really is good. I highly recommend it. Oh, by the way, I have a PHD in Organic Chemistry and I don’t give a rats ass what you have to say either.

          • wildman

            I have a PHD in real life ,and I dont need some busy body cunt that knows someone that has a freind who has a gardener who was arrested by someone that was in the war telling me all about something they dont know shit about. So stop pretending that you may impress someone,and yes I am a very bitter man just toward you fukoffs that think you know eveything because you read it or some douchebag friend told you how it was.. No I was not a POW but let me ask you this ,HAVE YOU EVER SERVED on anything more dangerous than the local soccer moms club? if not then shit the fuk up about something you show complete and utter fukin ignorance about..

          • col

            You guys kill me. If someone is getting to you all you do is start with insults and bad language. I have a question for you. What have you done in your life that makes you think you are so superior and more intelligent than a woman who was simply expressing her opinion? This is still a free country at least for now. Just because my opinion differs from yours doesn’t give you the right to trash me. I don’t even know what you’re disagreeing with. All I said was I don’t like McCain but I don’t think it’s right to wish he had died in POW prison. How I got from that to your comments, I don’t know. Now, I am done with you.

          • wildman

            dont make your comments out to be personal attacks you dumb cunt

          • Kevin Merck

            If you don’t care what he has to say then why don’t you just keep your worthless opinion to yourself.
            It’s nutcase females like you who are largely responsible for our loss of liberties.
            If your husband is anything like you he must be a real idiot.
            Your precious husband will probably be among the rats who use deadly force against the American people.

          • col

            Can’t say much for you since you obviously agree with the trash mouth jerk. You don’t know me. You don’t know my husband so don’t judge us. My husband would not harm an animal so I assure you, he will not be using deadly force against an American. Just because I have an opinion that differs from yours does not make me a nut case. You said, if I don’t agree with what the trash mouth to keep my opinions to myself. I make that same suggestion to you. If you don’t like my opinion, keep your freakin opinion to yourself. What I would like to know though, is how you figure that I have anything to do with our loss of liberties. I did not vote for Obama. Did you? I happen to love my country. Do you? I detest people that try to destroy it. I also detest people that question my loyalty to my country. I am an American to my core. I will be until the day I die. I would give my life for my country. Would you? I have 5 grand children that will have to live the rest of their lives in a country controlled by a radical muslim dictator if Obama is allowed to continue on the path he has us on. That is something that scares me to death. How many children or grandchildren do you have? If you do, what kind of life do you want for them? You and the trash mouth really should mellow out a bit before you have a stroke.

          • wildman

            no bitch you need to mellow out as I made a post as to how I felt and you being the self serving cunt that you are you felt the need to make a personal attack on me. As far as hubby dear serving his country for 25 years, I’m not sure slinging hash in some NCO club would be considered active duty but you believe what you want to,and some day if you ever let him retreive his balls from yer purse then he will be able to speak for himself, and not let some loud mouth self righteous skank do his speaking for him. Next time don’t make your attacks personal, even tho thats the only way you liberal fuktards operate.. Have a nice day

          • xdereksmithx

            I may not agree with your adoration for McCain, but I do appreciate your informed opinion, and the fact that you are not spitting cuss words at everyone who disagrees. Please do not let some of the people on this thread deter you from believing in the Republican Party.

          • col

            Thank you for your comment. I don’t know why you think I adore McCain. I started my post out saying I don’t like him and I don’t. I have never liked him. If he had listened to his campaign committee and Sarah Palin, he might possibly have won the election. I don’t know if we would be much better off than we are with Obama in charge but anything would be better than what we have now. I think McCain and Lindsey Graham have turned into back stabbing Obama ass kissers, however, I don’t wish that anyone had died in a POW camp in Viet Nam or anywhere else for that matter with the exception of a very few people.

          • LocalHero

            Holy smokes, we found one. Somebody who STILL thinks that there is a shred of difference between the Republi-cons and the Demo-rats.

      • Kevin Merck

        I would rather see McCain dead in the Hanoi Hilton than here subverting the Constitution he is sworn to protect.
        McCain is nothing more than a treasonous rat who thinks the Patriot Act and NDAA are what’s good for America.
        I hope a politically correct rat like you is the first to die under NDAA. I know that won’t happen because only the good die young and people like you and McCain will live for what seems an eternity.
        Stop badgering people with your politically correct insanity.
        McCain is a treasonous rat and we would all be better off if he had died in the Hanoi Hilton; that isn’t the first time I’ve said that and it won’t be the last.
        McCain needs to be put on trial for his life for what he is doing to our country. He has taken an oath but continues to support stripping the people of their rights and nutcases like you are not helping matters any with you utter nonsense.

        • wildman

          thank you brother

          • Kevin Merck

            No problem brother.

  • ax123man

    “We cannot be complicit in the mass slaughter of civilians”. Emphasis on “mass”. In other words, as long as the numbers are “acceptable”, as with drone strikes, it’s all good. Or, as long as those dying are not “visible” as with those dying from sanctions in the middle east, no problem.

  • Joseph C. Carbone III

    Please, give me some feedback: “Rand Paul Tries to Have Abby Martin Fired from RT for Daring to Ask Him Questions”


    Up until now, I have been giving Sen. Rand Paul support, even so far as to be arguing for him, not anymore, just the opposite until this is explained satisfactorily.

    Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 18 August 2013

    P.S. http://truthinmedia.com/ben-swann-on-breaking-the-set-on-rt/

    • Pfft

      OLD NEWS.. It was a security issue and he was pissed she was sneaking around after him.

      • Joseph C. Carbone III

        She and her partner wanted an answer; we deserve answers!

        I would have voted against Pres. Obama by voting for Mr. Romney.

        Senator Paul should not be in office is my conclusion at this time, a disqualified man.

        • Russ L. Smith

          RT isn’t that credible. She probably tried to proposition Rand Paul in a dark hallway knowing these ambitious double agent type reporters; hell hath no fury like a Russian tramp scorned.

          • Joseph C. Carbone III

            Now you have discredited yourself and are being disgusting.

          • RussL

            You find her advances disgusting? I think she’s kinda hot, but whatever floats your boat there pal.

        • Joseph C. Carbone III

          For an apology with future promise or a worthy explanation, I would readily support Senator Paul, but, for now, he should be on suspension as his unhumble behavior toward answering questions has disqualified him. JCCIII

    • Russ L. Smith

      Rand Paul isn’t in charge of Congress security and is busy with other things, he doesn’t care what nonsense RT cooks up to sensationalize a story. If Martin is being threatened, it’s doubtful that Paul knows much about or cares to deal with how Congress security does it’s job. She makes it sound like Rand Paul is personally out to get her…sensational and provocative. She’s a reporter, what’s not to get?

      • Joseph C. Carbone III

        Miss Martin said, ‘the actions against me came directly from Senator Paul,’ and she said she can confirm this.

        At the very least, Senator Paul was defiant and disrespected us. His behavior on camera rings of typical elitism.

        I understand wanting to hold onto him, but it seems desperate.

        • RussL

          Talk is cheap, confirm it or shut up. The Senator was defiant against who? “Disrespected us”, are you supposed to be an RT troll or something? Can you come up with an opinion that’s any more abjective and irrelevant? Ad hominem character sniping is the epitome of desperation.

          • Joseph C. Carbone III

            His character is the question and therefore is the argument, no ad hominem.

            When one person speaks and one person listens, we do it as a body, a citizenry. Senator Paul’s refusal to answer pertinent questions demonstrates inappropriate behavior, character, and principles.

            We can say Senator Paul had a bad day, but he did it twice. We can say his security went rogue, but where is his apology and his assurance. No, what we have is behavior that coincides with his own.

          • Russ L. Smith

            Senator Paul is a Senator from my state, my district, my town of Bowling Green, KY. I’m not offended and don’t feel he needs answer to the collective of narcissistic RT subscribers.

          • Joseph C. Carbone III

            Dear Mr. Smith, thank you for your thoughts…

    • ashleigh

      how is Rand Paul the one responsible for what happened to Abby Martin. What a stretch and terrible reporting and manipulation of what happened. In what way did Rand Paul personally attack and try to have Martin arrested? This is ridiculous. I feel like she needed to stir up the pot and she exaggerated this whole situation just to get air time. Gag me.

      • Joseph C. Carbone III

        Dear Ashleigh,

        It is a major charge to say that she has proof Sen.
        Paul sent them after her, and this having been reported for some time before
        Ben Swann’s interview, lends credibility to her. However, I have contacted her
        and asked her to respond. It is also noteworthy, that Ben Swann continues to
        support Sen. Paul. So I am continuing to be reserved about the situation until
        there is more information.

        However, regarding Sen. Paul’s behavior during the
        simple question about endorsing Mitt Romney, do you not find it disturbing that
        he refused to answer on two occasions? Furthermore, if he had stopped and
        spoken kindly about his decision to us through her, do you believe security
        would have then retaliated?

        The evidence suggests he was upset. His demeanor, his
        behavior, and what occurred to Miss Martin coincide.

        Both Sen. Paul and Miss Martin are important
        people to me, and we need to hear more from her and what he has to say about
        the matter.

        Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III 20 August 2013; P.S.
        I love your name.

        • ashleigh

          I really do appreciate the dialogue about this. And trust me, I’m always one to question things — since most everything is not always what it seems. My thoughts are a tad biased against Abby Martin since she agitates me. As of this day, I still believe Rand Paul endorsed Romney out of political pressure (and I believe it was deeper than just political pressure, since the Establishment literally controls people’s lives/families/security/etc). I was disappointed when that happened, of course, but since then (and even before then), Rand has continued to make strides and gain traction in pushing forward liberty and smaller government. And like I mentioned earlier, I’m always watching and questioning the intentions and motives, so trust me — my eyes and ears are open. Anything else you continue to find on this, please share.

  • Kevin Merck

    We would all be better off If McCain had died in the Hanoi Hilton.
    He took an oath to defend the Constitution, but supports all kinds of legislation aimed at stripping the people of their rights.
    McCain, and/or any active military or veteran, who are not oath keepers, deserve none of our respect, or admiration, and should get neither.
    If you are in the military or the police and do not obey your oath to protect and defend the **Constitution** against all enemies foreign and domestic, then you are nothing more than a sick freak, spineless coward, and treasonous rat.
    McCain is a disgrace to this country and freedom loving people everywhere.

  • Diana Stokes

    I agree McCain and Graham are traders of the worst kind. I say no amnesty until our soldiers receive what they need first. No funds to any country until our soldiers are taken care of. I believe our military should arrest obama his admin. and all of congress that allowed weapons and cash to go to our enemies, making our military fight with their hands tied behind their backs. obama’s 1/2 brother Milik obama is exec. sec. of the islamic Da’wa organization which was ruled by the state dept. in 1993 as sponsors of terrorism. obama’s 1/2 bro. runs BHOF barrack hussein obama foundation and many other foundations which has deceptively diverted contributions for scolarships to attend the most virulent of Wahhabist schools in Saudi Arabia. The ones that kill our soldiers. Lois Lerner from IRS her signature is on the tax-exempt status that was expeditiously rushed through for these foundations. But she’s taking the 5th. Islamic Da’wa org. is to spread Whhabist islam across the African continent. obama is the C.E.O. of the muslim brotherhood. Congress has done nothing to vet the president, everything obama says is a lie, yet congress instead of arresting him in 2008 when Hillary said he was not eligible, congress systematically allowed him to usurp the constitution, defy the rule of law and executive order his way through everything. Al-Shater in the tora egyptian prison for murder(leader of the muslim B.H.) said he has recordings,documents, and inform. to put obama in prison. Many Americans begging congress to look at Mike Zullo’s evidence which is 100% that obama is a fraud, keeps telling the people no, and all we want them to do is look at the evidence. Why not obama has all but destroyed our country and people, what could it hurt. I told my Reps. America will serve you up to the war tribunals for being complicit in allowing obama to destroy America and not keeping your oath. Can we say criminal any louder, I have never seen so much blatant corruption in all my years. The only way to impeach obama is for Americans to demand an investigation A.S.A.P. Make it a priority, the problems we have had, go to the root problem, obama is a plant sent here to destroy America, now he is going to start a thermal nuclear war, and congress could stop him right now with this evidence from Mike Zullo. Pressure your Reps. now for your kids and grandkids sake!

    • Kevin Merck

      I’m only interested in taking care of the soldiers who obey their oath to defend the **Constitution** against all enemies foreign and domestic.
      All the rest of them should be lined up and shot for aiding and abetting treason.
      I’m sick and tired of people who claim that all of our soldiers are doing the right thing, when it’s painfully obvious to any reasonable person that that’s not the case.
      To hell with all the self-serving rats who take that oath and then follow unlawful orders like some stinking Nazi.
      It’s time for everyone in the military to decide which side they are going to be on.
      Obama needs to be arrested alright, and a good leader in the military would not hesitate to make that happen, which is evidence of how screwed up the leadership is in the armed forces.

      • Diana Stokes

        I agree with you when you say, only the soldiers that keep
        the oath.I am curious to know what percent of soldiers do you think keep the oath? If you don’t know, what would be your guess? Diana Stokes

        • Kevin Merck

          I don’t know the answer to that Diana, but my guess at this time is about half.
          I listen to the Alex Jones show on a regular basis. From what I’ve been able to gather from his show and people I know in the military, it’s about half right now, but that can change overnight.
          My understanding of what’s currently going on is that they’re in the process of finding out who will use force against the people and who won’t. The ones who say they will use force are going to be kept here to work with foreign troops and the ones who won’t will get Middle Eastern duty.
          My hopes are that even the ones who claim they’ll use force, and work with foreign troops, will not be able to go through with it when the time comes. We must *never* accept the use of foreign troops on American soil. The foreign troops are already here for training and we need to make people aware of that fact so that we can put a stop to it.

    • LocalHero

      I support my brothers and sisters who REFUSE to fight. They are heroes and deserve my support. The hell with mercenaries.

  • Awaken

    Why is anyone worried about money? Money is the biggest ponzi scheme in the history of the world. For example. The government borrows from the federal reserve, with interest. Even though, it has a constitutional authority to create it’s own, without interest. Seems pretty dumb right? Well, who gives the Federal Reserve the authority to do this? The government. The one that is supposedly borrowing money with interest. YOU CAN’T DO THAT. You can’t borrow from yourself. It’s impossible. The only thing the federal reserve does is legitimizes the government and the money they create. When people finally realize that money is nothing more than an enslavement tool, by the government, and that we REALLY don’t need money what so ever, then the government will finally be in check.
    Who makes everything? We do. So why do “WE” charge each other for doing anything. We can still have our computers, internet, smart phones, nice cars, gas, oil, electricity and everything else we have today. The only difference is, we don’t have to charge each other for it. Screw the banks. Screw the federal reserve, the IRS, the Treasury Dept, the lobbyist and everyone else that controls everything with money.. Money is a scam, created by the government to enslave everyone on the planet that wants anything…

    • SuckMyToe

      Currency is incredibly useful. Fiat currency is just a shitty kind.

  • herdogoats

    8 billion reasons McCain and Graham are supporting cutting off aid… they just took an 8 billion dollar “gift” to the Muslim Brotherhood supposedly (which is what seems to have kicked off the current crackdown, which is why it isn’t just military fighting the Muslim Brotherhood supporters, also civilians have joined in) a few weeks ago. Obviously the military realized what was going on and is trying to stop the Obama, McCain, Graham deal from being fulfilled. If they were following the plan I doubt McCain and Graham would have changed their minds on cutting off aid. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=4b4_1375671589

  • Steve Nunez

    Trust Mccain, the guy who says no Egypt civil war is justified, but a Syrian civil war is kosher? Please excuse me while I laugh at his support

    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      He is mad, insane. Anyone who sings about bombing a country the way we did Iraq, is certifiable.

  • Russ L. Smith

    That’s a red flag. If McCain and Graham are for it, then I’m against it (after being for it). Obviously the Egyptian military will get the arms to fend off the Musim Brotherhood. Our two wayward GOP senators have been clear about supporting Morsi and the MB.

  • denru

    We can see that the WHOLE frickin region is unstable. We should just let them fight each other until all they can do is goat or camel herding for profit in THEIR economy. The other side of the coin is, if we don’t support one side or the other our enemies WILL. Which will create even more numerous and dangerous enemies. Curse if we do and cursed if we don’t.

  • Mark Robert

    This is how it works:

    It’s no secret that Al-Qaeda was created by the CIA to fight proxy wars for the United States, and Israel

    Israel employs Mossad, which mirrors organizations like the CIA

    Mossad controls the Muslim Brotherhood and other like factions throughout the Middle East

    Mossad operatives offer leadership and supply weapons to any group who might oppose the current régime

    Mossad unleashes their opposition forces, only if the current régime fails to capitulate to their demands

    This system is used to seat Dictators, and hold opposition forces in check until needed.

  • Mark Robert

    John McCain and Lindsey Graham were among the first US officials to visit Egypt since the Egyptian People overthrow of Muslim Brotherhood.

    The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the largest terrorist groups in the Middle East.

    John McCain urged for the release of Senior Muslim Brotherhood figures who have been detained since the 3 July

    But why would John McCain advocate for the release of Senior Muslim rotherhood figures one of the largest terrorist group in the Middle East?

    Please Google: Egypt: MORSI SUPPORTERS FAKE

  • col

    You sir are not a very nice person. Your language shows your lack of intelligence. Now, I am done with you.

  • La Lummus

    Finally it is about time stop sending money to terrorists

  • Debra Ward

    they are only saying that now because they already gave all the guns, ammo and military vehicles needed to Egypt’s enemy. All a silly little game…they are all guilty.

    • Joseph C. Carbone III

      Dear Miss Ward,

      What is your impression of Sen. Dr. Rand Paul and my thoughts after reviewing these links: http://youtu.be/osg0RYAP2cs and http://truthinmedia.com/ben-swann-on-breaking-the-set-on-rt/

      I have seen only one Russia Today program, the one Ben Swann posted where Abby Martin interviewed and supported him and BenSwann.com.

      And, an excellent ethic was revealed: detailing an error in Larry King’s thinking that is prevalent; how the mainstream media: sold the Iraq war, ignores the war Woolrich beheading, overlooks what happened to Ibragim Todashev, and attacks real information as our politicians and supposed experts call for prosecution of Glenn Greenwald for asking questions, whose prosecution the mainstream media supports. Adding to these things, there was time given to exposing the criminality of the NSA, the DHS.

      Further importance is to note that they spoke about truth and how sometimes the truth is uncomfortable. But, though uncomfortable, without the truth we are blind.

      Sometimes we are willfully blind, and though I want Sen. Paul to shine, he needs to speak to Abby Martin, and this situation needs to be either confirm or dismissed. Furthermore, is Ben Swann is ignoring the topic, possibly also washing over the truth because we have so few honorable public servants?

      No one should expect Sen. Paul to be perfect. We are, after all, sinful humans, but apologies and genuineness bring a lot of understanding, and the willingness to forgive and set new course is a strong part of who we are.

      Sincerely, Joseph C. Carbone III; 18 August 2013

  • olaler

    OOOOOOPS- maybe we should have listened to Rand. Emperor Obama sure enough doesn’t have clothes on ! We are “has been” RINOs !

  • ledbetta

    If I were Rand Paul I wouldn’t want support from either of those clowns…But I guess you have to start somewhere…And I agree with Debra Ward, the money,guns and other support has already been delivered. This is a shell game they’re playing.

  • Oppelganger

    It bears mentioning that all this “aid” is in-kind donation of military hardware produced here in the U.S. – as such, ending “aid” means ending domestic manufacture of this military hardware, i.e. jobs. The defense industry’s hold on our government (both the executive but Congress in particular) goes a long way to explain why we continue to give billions in “aid” to Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, and a host of other governments that do not always act in the best interests of the American people, and often contrary to it.

  • orgelkraft

    How about foreign aid for the AMERICAN people, let the rest of the deadbeats in the world support themselves. We are paying for infrastructure in other countries while our roads, bridges and dams crumble 50 years past their replacement date. How about putting it into OBAMACARE, at least it would help Americans instead of flushing it down the toilet by giving it to people who hate us!! People who vote for foreign aid and against healthcare for Americans are UN-American! We have made more than enough guns, lets make butter!