Bikers Washington DC

Wednesday hundreds of thousands converged on Washington D.C. for marches relating to the anniversary of 9/11. The first march was the Million Muslim March, which later changed its name to “Million American March Against Fear”. The group was able to get a permit for their march from the US National Park Service. Though in actuality, only a few hundred people actually turned out and many of those may not have been Muslims at all.

Muslims Washington DC

Simultaneously, as our Kristin Tate reported, another group was denied a permit request by the NPS. That group called ” 2 Million Bikers” wanted to ride through Washington, DC on September 11th. They wanted to do this to honor all of the victims killed during the 2001 terrorist attacks. They did arrive in D.C. and as you can see from the photos, the turnout was very large.

Bikers Washington DC

Throughout the day yesterday and into today headlines are pitting the bikers against the Muslims. Why would NPS discriminate against the bikers but support the Muslims? Why would Muslims be so insensitive to march in D.C. on September 11th?

This is the left/right game. Don’t fall for it!

The reality here is that both of these groups have every right to march on Washington. Media on the right and left are working very hard today to pit these groups against each other. It is shameful. The reality is that American Muslims have every right to march on Washington for whatever message they want to express. Similarly, the bikers have a right to do the same.

The problem between these groups is not that they both want to march on Washington, the problem is that the National Park Service believes they have the power to decide who can march and who cannot.

The First amendment protects our right to speech and our right to peaceably assemble. The Bill of Rights does not state that your right to do so can be suspended because of traffic concerns or because an area might become too crowded.

When a right can be taken away simply because the National Park Service believes that it can or because local, state or federal lawmakers believe that it can, then it wasn’t a right to begin with. It is a privilege.

The right to assemble and the right to air our grievances is not a privilege. But that is the game we find ourselves playing when one group of citizens begins to argue that another group has been given “privilege”.

Under the Constitution, the American Muslims who marched on Washington D.C. need no permit and no “privilege” to make their voice heard. Under the Constitution the American bikers who rolled into D.C. do not need that privilege either.

The reality of what happened in D.C. yesterday is that both groups suffered a violation of their Constitutional rights. Both have an equal right under rule of law. By making one group (Muslims) obtain a permit and by denying a permit to the other (bikers), every one of those Americans had their First Amendment rights trampled.

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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at

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  • Trevor

    The conclusion sums it up aptly. We do not need permits (permission) from our gov’t to hold peaceful protests in the public. This is something that is recognized in the constitutional not something that can be doled out and even restricted by those in ‘power’.

    • Duane Savage

      Especially if you do so with superior numbers.

  • Kevin Merck

    “Why would Muslims be so insensitive to march in D.C. on September 11th?”

    Muslims had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 except for play the role of patsy.

    Show me in the Constitution or the first amendment in the Bill of rights where it says you need a permit to peacefully assemble.

    If you want to live like an animal, Ben, keep asking for permission to exercise your rights. No permit is needed, Ben, and we all need to get that through our heads.

  • Tracy

    What is really sad, is that these bikers started the march to protest the Muslim march. In fact, one of the organizers called muslims holding a march on 9/11 “disrespectful”… Saying they were trying to “Cause problems”

    The comments from everyday Americans on both of the facebook pages was sad, scary and full of hate and vitriol.

    The goal of the Muslim march was peace. The goal of the biker march, was to hate muslims… Granted, I am sure not all of the bikers knew this, but that was how it was organized, nonetheless. They then took the fact that they didn’t receive a permit as a slap– well, they didn’t receive the permit because they applied two weeks before, and the logistics of what they were need were unreasonable and unable to be accommodated in the short time that was available…. Sigh… :( I wish we could all just LOVE one another…

    • Lisa Amador

      The goal of the Muslim march and its host talent of “truthers” was to rekindle the fires of a conspiracy theory full of holes. One that simply hasn’t been able to stand the test of time. That was obvious considering the turnout. All you have to do is visit their website and read the latest editorials from its founders.
      I don’t argue they had every right to assemble, but the actual peace-seeking Muslims refused to associate.

      • Tracy

        The official story is full of holes. Your point?



        • Duane Savage

          I know of two that did… MIT teach you anything at all about tensile strength and it’s degradation under heat?

        • Lisa Amador

          Sure. A simple explanation for a simple mind. The truth is actually simpler. A plane filled with explosive fuel and shrapnel (kind of like those pressure cookers in Boston) was hurled into a tall building (suddenly transformed into a volcano). The hours of intense incineration encased within concrete and steel walls eventually led to disintegration and collapse. Sorry if that’s too much for your simple mind. It seems a whole lot less likely that over months, possibly years, spies and technicians hired by the CIA were tasked to drill thousands of holes into strategic locations and plant thousands of explosives scientifically developed not to leave any trace. And of course, it was done without a single witness, NSA record, and was completely overlooked by Snowden.

      • Kevin Merck

        Do you enjoy being so evil?
        I bet you do.

        • Lisa Amador

          The truth hurts. Has nothing to do with my nature. My comments don’t prove me to be evil, they simply expose you as ignorant.

          • Kevin Merck

            I wasn’t talking about the comment, I was looking at the face on your avatar.
            That face is evil, if it’s not your face, you’re still evil for putting it there.

          • Lisa Amador


    • GirlfriendMD

      actually, the bikers have been doing this for several years, and it had nothing to do with protesting the muslim march.

    • clocker1

      Whatever the goal of the Muslim march, it could have been done on the 12th, or the 13th or any other day than the 11th, for that is the day that is reserved to honor the dead, both from the attacks and from the years of war that has followed. To plan a march on that day was to take the attention off of the victims and to make themselves the victim. They were trying to hijack 9/11 and it was tacky.

      • duckmeat

        Same for the bikers clock. Islam did not attack the US on 9/11 people did. Bikers do not have more rights than Muslims do, not in America. That is not why I got shot fighting for America, proudly calling my self American, a Soldier and a Muslim. Every person has the right to protest violence and hatred.

    • Tracey Sparks

      you’re wrong. i have been following the 2 million bikers to DC group since they had less than 300 members. their intention was NEVER to hate Muslims. their sole intention was to honor those who lost their lives on 9/11. where did you get this information that they were trying to hate Muslims?

  • Aniga Kaliya

    For a minute, I thought it would be insensitive to hold the march on that particular date as it would redirect people’s attention to differences… but having read your article Mr. Swann, i can say that now I understand that both group had every right to assemble when ever they pleased.

  • amommamust

    Bless you Ben. Seriously. I was appalled to see these groups portrayed as opposites… they looked a lot like natural allies to me. We just have to learn to look closer at each other.

    • duckmeat

      Amommamust that is beautiful and I agree 100% I did not support either side because I feel if they really cared they would have tired harder to reach out to each other. I saw one post on the AMF march page that said the bikers and Muslims should march together since they march for the same cause. I did not see any of this from the biker organizers. If they really cared about the victims they would have tried to honor them by joining forces and unifying America not seeking to further divide it, and that goes for both sides of this issue.

  • THL

    Misinformation all over the place in this article. The bikers had no plans to march — what they wanted was a specific permit to ride through DC without being impeded by traffic lights and stop signs, and the permit was turned down because too many resources would be required to ensure that smooth passage for an enormous stretch of the city for only 2000 people (which is what the permit applied for, not 2 million). Anyone describing this as left/right is completely bonkers and inserting editorial into facts. The National Park Service DOES govern this activity. The Bikers did not, in reality, need any permission at all to simply ride through en masse, while obeying the traffic laws, and the NPS has freely discussed that fact. The bikers specifically wanted immunity from stoplight and stopsign ticketing, and were turned down, and that is the entire story.

    • kastlerock

      So instead of providing the permit to allow them to pass in a couple hours it took all day and still required all their resources. Brilliant.

    • William Smith


      • Katie Fulmer

        William, it is public record when someone applies for a permit… and most of the info was in the news… just google it. looks like just because you didnt know about it, doesnt mean everyone else didnt either… you were just a little slow in seeing or reading about it all… dont hate.

      • Kelly N Bubba

        William There is about 5 BILLION articles on the fact also on the Facebook page of most bikers and the ‘2 Millions Biker’ Facebook. Please go read it. That is how THL knows it and plus he is probably a biker himself and knows how ‘Parade Permits
        ‘ work! As I am one and have tried to get permits for large Bike Parades as well. U

      • sisu

        William- you can go to their facebook page and find out that what THL said IS, in fact, TRUE. They applied for the permit to ride through, unrestricted and were denied. Actually, Ben has it wrong as well. Because he did not site that THAT is actually what they applied for in the first place. They decided to ride anyway. God Bless them!

        • duckmeat

          I agree that is was good they rode anyways. But they were never told they could not ride. So it is not some huge victory. But as you said God Bless them, and God Bless the Muslims

    • Duane Savage

      The action of blocking the Biker permit was definitely a left/right thing. The Bikers just refused to be shut down…as is their right.

      • THL

        Biking is not a left/right issue, that a left/right person could reject. Which side do you suppose is rejecting whom?

        • Duane Savage

          I never said biking was a left / right issue, the agenda and the ride was perceived as politically motivated by the rhetoric on it’s FB page.

          The side that decides which concept interferes with it’s agenda. ie the side in charge.

      • duckmeat

        Duane no it wasn’t you do not need a permit to ride on a public street. They used their right to drive on a public road is all they did. By your logic only Republicans are bikers. Dude you are laughable and half of the reason America remains divided.

        • Duane Savage

          I am not running this Administration, they are the ones making the decisions… It is not my belief that bikers are of one belief or the other. It is my belief that the Administration promotes it’s agenda and doesn’t know the difference. You have to remember what names and terms they use on their BOLO lists (and if you think the IRS is the only ones using them, you sir are naive)

    • duckmeat

      Finally someone else gets what really happened here.

      Yeah the bikers won a great battle for freedom by using their rights to drive down a road without a permit. Real victory there guys. I am a hero every time I drive my motorcycle to the grocery store by this logic.

      All that happen here was they made a issue out of one that did not exist to gain support and divide America further. Those in the MAF were Americans too. But you people wanting to take sides is showing that you do not care about America, you only care about the Americans that think like you. Yes this is real pro-America.

      This is why I reject both Republicans and Democrats as people who care. Because both of them do all in their power to divide them selves. However when say a Muslim wants to divide them selves from radicals you reject it while you also allow your self to be separate from people like David Koresh, Jim Jones and Hitler, all Christians.

  • Liz

    Dealing with the same thing in my area as well. I’ve been told that to (peacefully) stand outside of an abortion clinic on public property and pray, I need a permit, and until I have one, I’m not allowed to do that.

    • tick tack

      Do it anyways, but first play the smart card and get a lawyer. Then after you’ve been arrested use that lawyer and sue the crap out of that city. Push it all the way up to the supreme court if you have too. You have the right to peacefully assemble, take a whole protest group with you if you have too. remember the wall street protesters? how the government was trying to force them to disassemble? Well push it like they did.

      • Kevin Merck

        Excellent advice.

      • walterroyal

        We have the right to peaceably assemble to ask THE GOVERNMENT for redress of grievances, not to cause problems for non- governmental entities. That said, once that entity accepts public money they open themselves to public criticism but it is still the government that needs to be made to answer. You just need to know which agency to protest at.

    • Rox

      What law are they telling you you are violating when you are standing on public property?

  • mmt

    Seems you shouldn’t ever need a permit to show up with a megaphone and soapbox and speak — no matter how big the crowd gets. The no-stop permit, is something different and maybe the NPS isn’t where you should request it. Other virginia towns managed to use law enforcement to allow the no stop parade… like at a funeral. Seems it’s just a request for everyone’s protection and expedience.

  • toma kay

    The beauty of expression, let it roll baby. There are many, many good Americans who are glad to see this …chills and goosebumps. Hat’s off to our vets! If muslims wish to march, try Egypt or Syria. They need your help more than we do.

  • Duane Savage

    I disagree, both factions were able to assemble. The Muslims Truther March did so with a permit, the Bikers did so without one. The Bikers were the only ones that understood their rights and exercised them in spite of not getting a permit.

    • duckmeat

      I agree Duane. But they were never told they could not ride. Never told that. They were told they could not disobey traffic laws. There is a gigantic difference in these two things.

      All these did was further divide Americans. This was not a case of government tyranny. It is a case of sensationalizing a subject that had no value on the rights of Americans, so the organizers of the biker protest could say “see America hates bikers and loves Muslims. Obama did this” Which is exactly what they said.

      Do you not see how many people were duped by the media? Both groups marched for the same reasons (or so they claim) Why then would people who claim to love America not join forced with other Americans for the same cause? Simple the organizers of the bike rally wanted to show how much America hates Muslims, when most of the riders realize that Islam is not their enemy. They would not have had half the numbers had they presented this as it really happened.

  • Rox

    When the power/authority behind this tragic event is finally exposed, we will all know and feel the pain of it. “When truth stands in your way, you’re headed in the wrong direction.” This young man says more truth about 9/11 than I have heard in a long time.

  • Walter Shipley

    So, is the NPS saying that Washington D.C. is nothing but just a park?

    • Gina Pocan

      LOL! HAHA! Good point! Sounds like their mentality over there.

  • Patricia

    The same thing is going on in Wisconsin as we speak. Union sit-ins have been banned at the state Capitol (by the Governor), and so, people are being arrested and fined for assembling, in a peaceful manner. The Governor has stated that they must have a permit to gather in groups over 20…unreal.

    • Gina Pocan

      Is there any plan of action with the People of Wisconsin. It would take a court battle, but I think it’s worth it.

    • Jay Jefferson

      I’m no fan of big labor, but this is fascistic.

  • Art Skillman

    Ben: I do believe that two corrections are in order. The largest number of MAMAF were 34 people. Brietbart widely circulated a photo with 21 people, which was taken on the mall. My count was based on after they left the mall for the shade of some trees near the west lawn of the Capitol and began their march to the White House. The NPS indeed issued the permit for MAMAF. The 2,000,000 bikers permit was the decision of the District of Columbia since the bikers would not be on NPS property. I was deeply disappointed at the very few that showed up at the Benghazi rally.
    After the Million Man March, the DC police and NPS no longer give crowd estimates because the MMM did not like the low count of people that conflicted with their count.
    All three groups were model citizens. The DC cops were over whelmed and in awe of the bikers. It was easy to see this by their body language. The tables of intimidation were changed yesterday. We can look forward to retaliation in the future by the DC cops.

  • Jay Jefferson

    It seems freedom itself was attacked yesterday.

    • Gina Pocan

      It probably was. We have no rights as far as the government goes.


    Can’t wait till next year!

  • dragon

    When we will no longer be ruled by public servants who act as our masters. They can not give permission, it is not theirs to give

    THEY are OUR servants

    • BushMaster63


  • Gina Pocan

    This seems to be becoming common practice with these Government Agencies. “They have this tough shit we are the boss, we can do to you as we want to, attitude”. The Government has been crossing over our civil rights for sometime now. When are we going to put the breaks on? You can’t allow the government to pass small insignificant laws, because they slip other things in there that don’t belong in them. They don’t care about our Amendments, they don’t care about or liberties or anything else. It won’t belong before we personally become government property. It is sure heading that way.

    • duckmeat

      That I can agree with. But it does not apply here. The bikers were never told they could not ride. Only they could not disobey traffic laws. You do not have a right to disobey traffic laws Gina.

  • Gina Pocan

    After reading further down the posts, I see that I also got my information wrong about the actual reason behind the ride, Either way, I think it was awesome. When it first hit online, and the news of it started to take flight, it looked as if the bikers were protesting because of the Muslim March on 9/11. This was the impression I got. I was in support of it because I still have some raw feelings about that day. It was too close to home for me. Anyway, reading through the posts I came to realise that, THAT wasn’t the goal in the first place and I fell victim to yellow journalism. I usually can spot that a mile away, but I missed the boat this time. I still like the peaceful ride thing. I also appreciate the peaceful Muslim March, sadly there wasn’t enough of them to make a difference, because it only told me there isn’t enough of them to want peace enough to march for it. I bid peace to all and have hope for happy endings.

    • duckmeat

      Gina what you just said is soft racism. “Because it only told me there isn’t enough of them that want peace” why don’t set your racism aside and think about this logically.

      As of 2010 there are only 6 million Muslims according to the census. So they would need 1/6th of the total population. Your view is a logical fallacy fueled by bigotry.

      So by your logic there were not enough people with Motorcycles who care about 9/11 victims for them to reach their goal either as they got no where near half themselves.

      Islam did not attack the WTC people did. I bet you do not associate your self with the likes of Jim Jones and David Koresh, but you are so filled with ignorance you can not allow other peoples to separate themselves either.

      What you told your self is that you are a bigot and will use any means you can to justify your racism.


      • Gina Pocan

        Bite me duckmeat your an ass too. I almost lost my Brother in that crap so don’t tell me how to feel. Call it ignorant or whatever you want. You got the diplomacy of a monkey.
        Jim Jones & David Koresh? and who the hell are they? I’m supposed to know who they are? I don’t justify anything, I don’t have to. I can admit when I’m wrong and I don’t assume I know how someone feels or pretend I know their motives. Yeah I have hard feelings with them, and I will for a very long time. I try to forget but something always happens. I don’t know anything about Islam, I just know they all call themselves Muslim. I can only go by what they say. I have no idea where the dividing lines are.
        My statement above was somewhat of an apology for getting it wrong and here you come with your BS, I stated what I saw. If Im wrong Im wrong, whats the big deal. Are you perfectly sound in your judgements. I would guess no, by your comment.

        • Guest

          Amen Gina. I was going to respond to his goofy ass remarks about my own post, but your response was more eloquent than i could ever hope to be,

  • Luicee Ann Smithson

    This is a little skewed-
    The bikers asked for the same permit they have gotten every year for a decade- the one that would halt the lights- so they would end up NOT causing a major traffic jam for the Good People of the area. It made the difference between a 20 minute delay and a 5 hour jam.
    This ride started in 1988, as a tribute to Veterans.
    The permit was only denied this year. It really seemed to be favoritism of the worst kind.

    • duckmeat

      That is not true. This is not the Veteran ride it is on a totally different day, and their permit was granted. This rally was to protest the MAF a totally different thing. This was a march to divide America while the other honors America. BIG DIFFERENCE. Not to mention it was denied for 2 reasons. A. they waited too long. B. they wanted to ride in one of the busiest cities in America right in the middle of rush hour.

      Also they were never told they could not ride, only they could not disobey traffic laws. Disobeying traffic laws is not a constitutional right.

  • kervick

    I think this is incorrect. This was an important cultural event and it unfortunately does divide Libertarians. There are the truthers and the ancaps on one side and the patriots on the other. The liberty movement needs to reconcile this divide if it wants to grow and prosper. I’m for limited government reluctant interventionism. Many in the movement are for no government passivism. It is all Americas fault. Wrong.

  • Jordan Lilly

    What about the state park and the mission of the park service to protect the land that it is in charge of? This article is doing exactly what is accusing the mainstream media of doing by misrepresenting facts. If this was in Yosemite or Yellowstone would the need for permits still exists given the anticiapted turn out of the marches? Absolutely! Just because the location is different doesn’t mean that the Park Service was any less valid in denying one of the groups a permit. But yes everyone has the constitutional right to protest, and should use that right more than they do. But I will come to the defense of our national parks in whatever form they come in, because protecting that land from the corporate profiteers for our future generations is of the utmost concern. ( I can’t believe I actually went to bat for the feds on this one, but lets face it the parks system was the best thing they ever did. Lets not let them take those away from us too) Think for yourself, question authority.

    • Dean Davis

      Exactly which ‘Park’ was in need of protection from the bikers? As far as I can tell by reading every ‘news’ report I could find they rode their motorcycles on public roads in accordance with all traffic laws. It is you elitist who think that your beliefs are paramount and therefore the only ones that matter who are truly disgusting. Last time I checked that annoying document called the Constitution, we the people have RIGHTS, not privileges. I can’t find a single Constitutional reference to any ‘Park’ having rights. So, in accordance with your willingness to ‘come to the defense’ of the parks, would you please go crawl back under a rock?

    • BushMaster63

      Another spineless wimp jumps on the soapbox…riddle me this one oh enlightened one…how many parks have roads in access of 75 feet wide? DC does…They are well outfitted to handle such activity and as a matter of fact much better equipped than any other place I know…of, we must save the pristine grass you say? I was there and the grass was all dead long before any “disgusting bikers” rode through…We own that land…not the gov’t….we pay their salaries…not the gov’t…but who chooses who is ok to enjoy those lands…the gov’t!!!

  • Steven Bailey

    I love fair news coverage! It’s so rare. It’s like a small gem in a desert full of sand.
    Thank you Ben Swann!

  • mystik

    I have to agree with Jordan Lilly on this. I am all for free speech, absolutely. It is our given right as Americans. But we also have a responsibility to protect what forest and park life we have left in this nation. I can only imagine what would have happened with all those motorcycles and we really have to face it, bikers are not known for their peaceful and respectful behavior (my dad is one, so I am not biased just truthful). I like Jordan’s closing statement, ” Think for yourself and question authority”. Very good advice especially in this day and age.

    • BushMaster63

      Your analogy, and prejudice toward bikers is pathetic, unjust, and duly noted…virtually every biker I know are Responsible, Patriotic AMERICANS!!! Shovel your shit elsewhere

      • duckmeat

        I think she was talking about the “biker stereotype”. She is right about that. The image that most people get when they hear “biker” is not one of peace. That does not mean that all bikers are violent. It just means that people like to be bigots and fight hard to keep stereotypes alive.

        • BushMaster63

          The majority of bikers are veterans and law abiding Patriotic Americans…she cited her dad as her expertise in the matter…The stereotype was created to create and instill fear in most Americans…by those who still wish to uphold that prejudice. There most certainly are small populations of the criminal biker element…but they are readily apparent. The gov;t and media have made it to wear if you see more than a few bikes riding together…which these days is the safest way to ride due to motorist ignorance…then they are of ill repute. My original reply still stands…and as far as the peaceful biker thing…many of them are combat veterans and the last thing they want is more violence. They are Patriots sick of the abuse shoveled on us from a rogue gov’t…

  • Chalkbrd

    Someone in the DDOT instructed their people to replace the regular live traffic cam images with previous looped images (one has snow on it!!!) in order to hide the motorcycles. Yes, they were actually instructed to do this for the purpose of hiding the motorcycles. Who did this and why would they do this? Something that seriously needs looking into.

  • Loki Luck III

    Prima Facie just cause… non-debatable.

  • BushMaster63

    It’s time put the servants back in their place!!! Simple as that

  • duckmeat

    While I agree that we all have a right to free speech. I also have to take note that the bikers were never told they could not ride. They were only told they could not disobey traffic laws. This is not an issue of free speech. It is an issue of the right to disobey traffic laws.

    In truth I have chosen no “side” on this issue. It was portrayed to me as one meant to divide america not bring it together. The “biker” organizers wanted to ride to protest Islam, they gained support by saying it was for the victims. Notice I said the organizers not all the bikers. The fact is both groups were riding for the same reason.

    If those who organized really cared about the 9/11 victims they would have joined in the March against fear. But no they lied to America saying DC said they could not ride at all. Which is not true. Also I did not support the MAF side because the original name was one of division. Also the MAF could have done more to reach out to the bikers and try to join forces. As they were both “supposedly” marching for the same thing.

    To credit of the biker organizers they chose the correct angle to get support. They said “we ride for 9/11 and DC says we are not allowed to ride.” Both of which were out right lies. They organized it to protest the MAF and they were never told they could not ride.

    The fact is that this event did nothing more than further divide Americas. We all have our rights, not just bikers and not just Muslims but ALL AMERICANS.

  • Donnie Lewis

    Hmmm seems to me that they did assemble.The Constitution gives you the right to do something without arrest. Not the right to force police and other people to work over time to give you a red light free ride and cater to you. DC Metro Police will allow a march without a permit as long as it only takes a single lane. More than a single lane it takes a permit. It always seems that your version of the Constitution is of the selfish view “It is my right to do what I want. If it infringes on your rights well too bad for you”

  • Kevin Merck

    No one needs a permit to assemble.

    To me the greater issue is why these bikers were there to begin with.

    They were no there to remember 9/11. Most of them have no idea what really happened on 9/11 and what’s worse is that most of them probably don’t care.

    Let’s face it, most of them probably have a hard time forming an intelligent sentence and are little more than racist reactionaries who were there in response to the Muslim gathering. There is no real concern for what happened on 9/11 and therefore there is no *true patriotism* in their motives.

    Piss on these bikers. They are nothing more than mindless cowards who can act tough when it’s a handful of harmless Muslims, but would piss their pants like little girls if they had to stand up to the real perpetrators of 9/11.

    Want to show support for the victims of 9/11? Want to show some real patriotism? Sign the petition for a legitimate investigation.

    • TLutt

      That is a very bull headed view. i know several “bikers” that have served for America and several more still who show their patriotism in their everyday actions. The fact that these Citizens choose to drive a type of vehicle does not mean they are illiterate in anyway. Get off your high horse.

      • Kevin Merck

        I rest my case.

        • Brian Bradford

          So what exactly gives you the right or insight to know what those bikers thought/felt?

          The fact that you claim MOST of them (meaning the majority) cant form proper sentences and are racist shows YOUR level of ignorance and bigotry. Do you have any idea how many US vets you just insulted with that statement?

          Let’s face it you most likely didn’t know a single biker in that rally therefore have not even the slightest right to claim why those bikers made the ride, even if you did know some that would mean you knew a VERY small fraction of the biker who rode.

          I guess you think the bikers who stood and guarded funerals of the sandy hook victims from the WBC were also low lives right? Perhaps one of the MANY bikers you see pictures of stopping their bikes, getting off and saluting injured vets and other armed forces personnel guess those are the racist bikers who can’t form a sentence too right?

          The ones flying full sized flags from the back of their bikes DEFIANTLY weren’t patriotic.

          you sir..not I cant even call you sir, you little boy are part of the problem with america.

          • Kevin Merck

            Flying the flag doesn’t make you patriotic.

            Turning a blind eye to what happened on 9/11 is not patriotic.

            If your only notion of patriotism is supporting an out of control government, no matter how many Sandy Hook shootings and Boston bombings they stage, then I guess you and your precious bikers are as patriotic as they come.

            You don’t know the first thing about patriotism.

            If you want to be a patriot (empty talk) check out this video between 0:38:00 — 0:40:15.

            If you don’t understand how this proves controlled demolition then ask any welder or iron worker you may know to explain it to you. Patriotism is a lot more than flying the flag, son. It’s about being man enough to face the facts.


          • Brian Bradford

            WTF are you going on about dude? that stuff has NOTHING to do with the bikers and their ride, regardless of how it happened people died, families were torn and the bikers rode in honor of those who lost their lives.

            In NO way was their ride “supporting an out of control government”

            Bikers standing guard at sandy hook victims funerals to keep away the hateful westboro baptist church has NOTHING to do with if the shooting was staged.

            I know pliantly about patriotism, I know enough that I would NEVER straight forward DISPRESCT so many US Vets like you did in your broad statement against bikers.

            I’m sorry but if being a patriot means being a bigot like you then yea I guess I have no desire to be one.

            I’m not saying our government isn’t capable and willing to do bad things to us, I’m just saying if they are responsible for 9/11, newtown, sandy hook ETC then some crappy YouTube video isn’t going to expose it. All you’re doing by spreading that crap and acting like anybody who dont believe and share it is un-patriotic make you seem like one of the far fetched conspiracy nuts.

            You want to make a difference focus on things that us as Americans can change, because if conspiracy theorists haven’t proven what happened to JFK yet what makes you think a crappy youtube video with expose 9/11 and bring down the people who did it?

            The people who are REALLY trying to expose things are people like Michael Hastings who had a very mysterious death, I doubt those youtubers have much to worry about from the feds because everybody knows all thir evidence is circumstantial and coincidental therefore moot.

            I ask questions, I stay informed, I just dont loose myself in all the chatter like you apparently have because I dont see how a bunch of bikers riding in memory of THOSE WHO DIED is unpatriotic, especially with so many being Vets.

            You want to stalk about being informed yet you make such a disrespectful and baseless accusations against hundreds of thousands of people from all over this country including as I said before many vets, THATS being uninformed and ignorant

          • Kevin Merck

            You didn’t even look at the two minute clip did you?

            Your ignorance is almost as overwhelming as the evidence for controlled demolition.

            People like you are responsible for destroying America and that cannot be construed as patriotism by any stretch of the imagination.

            The only vets I have any respect for are the ones who honor their oath. Turning a blind eye to 9/11 is not keeping your oath and is prima facie proof of being a coward and a traitor.

          • Brian Bradford

            Ive watched plenty of videos about how the towers came down to what seemed like a controlled detonation, from the way the buildings came down to the way secondary explosions where heard. I dont see how watching yet another one will make a difference.

            I would like you to explain how riding to honor the memory of those who DIED be it it by our government or terroists is “turning a blindeye” to something thats never been proven and never will.

            I’ve spent plenty of time looking into 9/11, newtown, sandy hook, saudi ties with whats going on in syria, CISPA, The patriot act. Looked into text slipped into farm bills.

            I look into and research alot and try to stay well informed but yet because I wouldn’t watch your two min video with will provide nothing more then the circumstantial and coincidental evidence ALL the other ones did I’m ignorant??

            I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure the only one showing ignorance is the one who is insulting US vets who took a bike ride with fellow Americans to honor people who DIED in a tragedy. It’s the person who not knowing ANY damn thing about somebody, their back ground or what movements they are involved in ignorant because they don’t do or think what you want them to?

            I’m not whats wrong with america YOU are do you REALLY think insulting people and calling them ignorant will help this country?? do you really think spreading videos that prove nothing with help? You want to make america better stop circulating videos about past events that will do NO good and start circulating info about CURRENT things that ARE happening and there IS proof of.

            Why not talk about the current push to take away freedom of the press?? Perhaps you should inform people that because alternative media is telling the stories the MSM (main stream media) doesn’t tell and the feds dont want told. They are the ones helping the “whistle blowers” get their info out. Yet now the Feds are trying to make it so only “established journalist” AKA those who rok for fox CNN etc can report on the news and such.

            Maybe you can inform people about the quiet extensions of the “Monsanto protection act”

            There is ALOT happening in our country right now that IS 100% real and is backed by proof and evidence. so if you REALLY want to help america share that kind of info, info people can use to make a DIFFERENCE and stop trying to make everybody watch a youtube video that will change nothing. Why HELP the media and feds by trying to turn heads away from CURRENT and SERIOUS issues that are happening NOW. You’re nothing more but an extra distraction away from current events.

            When you find something that can PROVE 9/11 conspiracy claims then by all means put your life on the line and share it and I’ll do the same, until then take off the tin foil hat because they way you act/talk makes you seem like one of the crazies, and no matter how truthful ones words are NOBODY will believe or listen to a tinfoil hat crazy.conspiracy theorists who is so focused on the past they cant see the present..

          • Kevin Merck

            I read the first paragraph of your response and that’s enough for me. You have nothing important to say, just more gibberish.
            If you can’t spare two minutes of your time then you are a worse piece if shit than I thought.

          • Brian Bradford

            lol really dude? if my first paragraph was “gibberish” perhaps you need hooked on phonics to improve your reading skills. I’ve spared hours upon hours of my time looking over stuff like you mentioning so why should I take 2 more min for a self righteous, disrespectful, bigoted prick who wont even read peoples replies? I’m pretty sure the person who INSULTS our US vets is the piece of shit not the guy DEFENDING them against some prick behind a computer screen

  • Camilia jackson

    We R Muslim N we R free….now we fight to find freedom because they take it from us and they kill Muslim every day but in the end we will win and Allah will help us (I don’t know why they think Muslim terrorism but they not we just won’t live in free)