Many politicians and citizens around the world are currently mourning the death of former South African President Nelson Mandela.

The 95-year-old was generally thought of and admired as a human rights leader and icon. It comes as a surprise to many, then, that Mandela was actually on America’s terrorism watch list until 2008.

Mandela landed on the list because he was the leader of the African National Congress (ANC), a group listed among the 52 “world’s more notorious terrorist groups.” The ANC led the black struggle against the apartheid regime and describes itself as the “disciplined force of the left.” It is supported by the South African Communist Party.

The State Department labeled the ANC as a terrorist organization in the 1980’s because civilians had “been victims of incidents claimed by or attributed to the ANC.” In 1986, President Ronald Reagan said the group initiated and engaged in “calculated terror … the mining of roads, the bombings of public places, designed to bring about further repression.”

Mandela was jailed in 1964 for sabotage and plotting to overthrow the government. He was released from prison in 1990 and subsequently elected president of South Africa in 1994 in the country’s first free election.

In 2008, President George W. Bush signed a bill that removed Mandela from the terrorism watch list. He had remained on the list for so long due to a “bureaucratic snafu.”

Condoleezza Rice, the Secretary of State at the time, said the labeling was a “rather embarrassing matter… I still have to waive in my own counterpart, the foreign minister of South Africa, not to mention the great leader Nelson Mandela.”


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  • CriticalThinking101

    Our founding fathers would probably be considered terrorists under modern definitions. I wonder who has killed more civilians…the US Military or the ANC?

    • chris katko
    • LoneWiseMan

      Fortunately, some of have these things called brains and we can decipher the difference between promoting genocide of another race and revolting against an oppressive dictator who’s taxing you without giving you equal say.

      Keyword: some.

    • tjemartin

      Bush Jr. anyone?? Look at the many lives lost because of his lies, and yet Bin Laden still ran free under his watch…..The ones who still stick up for that creep are the ones who are truly misinformed as well as delusional

  • Sagebrush

    May your God’s paradise be your reward Mr. Mandela, he must know you’ve earned it many times over.

    Many of Mandela’s beliefs directly opposed those of USA and UK politicians. They went to great lengths using questionable evidence to aid in portraying him as a terrorist and murderer. A man who actually believed, (“Real leaders must be ready to sacrifice all for the freedom of their people”) and had a majority of his country agreeing with him, panicked the special interest controlled USA and UK governments and they did their best to help make sure he stayed locked up and out of public view. Seven years ago to the USA and the UK he was still a terrorist yet today, he is one of the greatest men who ever lived. I knew he was anti apartheid revolutionary, not a terrorist in the 60’s, and I know he was a truly great man today. I don’t need hypocritical politicians or media people seeking a share of his fame and glory to tell me anything.


    • chris katko
      • Sagebrush

        I can assure you I am not stupid and clearly you are the only one trolling here, get back under your rock where you belong.

        • chris katko

          Keep living in your pc disinfo lala land.
          I provided valuable info-you provided meaningless propaganda.
          The truth is the truth, no matter how uncomfortable pinheads are with it.

          • Sagebrush

            Racists are the only people who would consider your linked article valuable. Actually what you think really doesn’t matter, the rest of the world is giving him the respect he deserves for what he went through to gain his peoples freedom and that does matter. You and I will just have to agree to disagree about this subject.

          • chris katko

            Sounds like you have reading the latest chapter of “internet argument cliches for mind controlled pc idiots” and tried to apply it here, but with the wrong person. Enjoy the Kool Aid.

          • chris katko

            Here is your here-top of the page


  • Robert P. Reeves

    regardless of whether or not he was a terrorist, do NOT gloss over the fact that he was a Communist Revolutionary.
    only good Communist is a dead Communist.

  • Neal S

    Nelson Mandela Joins Yasser Arafat As Dead Terrorists Who Won Peace Prizes

  • Hans

    The typos take away seriousness from the article, unfortunately.

  • settheline

    Coldoleeza Rice? Who’s that?

  • Rick

    In 1946, former Israeli Prime Minister Begin, as the leader of Irgun, which was considered to be a right-wing Zionist terrorist organization by the British, bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem killing 91 and injuring 46. Anwar Sadat was considered a terrorist by the British at one time. Eventually, Begin and Sadat received the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Adam J. Bernay

    Just a quick note, not to disagree with the post, but I think you may be accidentally misquoting the State Department report. The quote as you reproduce it says that the group “disavows a strategy that deliberately targets civilians.” To disavow something is to deny it. (Remember on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE, “If you… are captured or killed, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge…”?) So telling us that the ANC disavowed a policy to target civilians tells us that (they said) they had no such strategy. Which could be true or false. So, either you’re misquoting or picking the wrong quote to use.

  • KillaCayne

    Not to be a jerk or anything but Kristin, some of your articles seem more like an amateur blog post as opposed to the ‘Fearless Investigative Grassroots Journalism’ that Ben Swann has built his reputation on. I feel that this article could have been found on Wikipedia.

  • chris katko

    Kristen, I think you do absolutely NO RESEARCH whatsoever. How the hell did you ever get this job?

    Mandela was trained by communists, and communist jews ran the ANC and promoted violence towards whites, as did Mandela.

    Your lame blog posts are not only amateurish at best, but completely untruthful.

    Lee Rogers did a nice job compiling some background on communist terrorist Mandela…


    • LoneWiseMan

      This, again and again, this.

    • XoroxVotes

      BS misinformation

  • h_bou

    Find a link to an article from the South African Mail http://mg.co.za/article/2013-12-06-de-klerk-pays-tribute-to-mandelas-unique-contribution.

    “Former president FW De Klerk said South Africa lost one of its founding fathers and “greatest sons”. He said Nelson Mandela made a “unique contribution” to constitutional democracy and nation-building.” This comes from a man who contributed to jail Mandela for 27 years. It doesn’t get any better than your ex-enemy saying that you did good.

    You can’t vilify Mandela without appearing racist. Armed resistance was the only way then. When he could negotiate, he did just that. Are most people here White Supremacists? Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness except for Black who should have no right?!?!? This is a missed opportunity to rally people to your cause but unfortunately, it will just go to confirm that “tea baggers” are racist. It’s a shame!!!

  • chris katko

    nelson mandela meets his makers…


  • ax123man

    Well yea, and there’s the fact that the CIA helped put him in jail for 27 years. They forgot to mention that.

  • Judo

    Mandela was a terrorist. You might want to look at the available information.