As we reported last week, New Mexico man David Eckert was forced to undergo several enemas and anal cavity searches in January. The invasive searches happened after the man was pulled over for not coming to a full stop at a Walmart stop sign. Cops said they were suspicious of Eckert because he was “clenching his buttocks.”

No drugs were found on Eckert.

Now, another similar story has surfaced. New Mexico cops did the same thing to another driver, Timothy Young, for failing to signal a turn in October, 2012.

When officers pulled Young over in Silver City for the minor violation, one of their drug-sniffing dogs indicated that he had drugs on him. After cops obtained a warrant, Young was taken to Gila Regional Medical Center where he was forced to undergo several enemas, anal finger exams, and a colonoscopy — just like Eckert.

No drugs were found on Young, either.

Although the same officers were not involved in Eckert and Young’s cases, the same drug-sniffing dog was used both times.

The dog’s name is Leo. Local news station KOB4 took a look at Leo’s certification and found that he had been trained — but that his license to assist police with drug searches expired in April, 2012 (prior to both Eckert and Young’s cases).

Police dogs like Leo are supposed to have their license renewed each year.

Currently, independent oversight boards are looking into both cases. We will keep you up-to-date as news breaks.

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  • Slim_Strontem

    It ain’t Leo. He cannot testify that he was sniffing at drugs or a fart. Cops trigger false alerts, and can claim alerts even when a dog isn’t giving one.
    These cases prove that coppers cannot be trusted with these tools.

  • JAY
  • Ricky Ross

    Massive surveillance of an entire nation, secret prisons, secret
    courts, secret laws, secret judges, secret police, secret
    interpretation of laws, secret list, secret hearings, secret evidence,
    militarization of local police forces, the largest prison population on
    earth, internal spy drones, millions of internal domestic spies,
    indefinite detention without charge or trial under NDAA, TSA deployed
    onto public streets, propaganda media, a call for the arrest of
    journalist, eugenics programs, endless wars, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,

    …Americans should not be surprised that these types of medical procedures/RAPE have begun!

    • Tom223

      Is there a penal code for sniffing without a license. It seems there is way too much vagary with these dogs.

  • Paul Stewart

    This story defies the imagination.

    How did we get to a point where police officers and medical professionals work together to do something like this?

    Why haven’t these cops been fired, why hasn’t the AG of New Mexico reigned in these Nazi thugs imitating peace officers? Did a judge issue a search warrant for this, has he been impeached yet?

    Is there a class in New Mexico police academy that teaches how to recognize the difference between legal and criminal butt clenching?

    How are police officers trained to know when the level of butt clenching being observed becomes probable cause to search a person’s rectum?

    • B-rye

      “Is there a class in New Mexico police academy that teaches how to recognize the difference between legal and criminal butt clenching?”

      It’s called the Academy’s shower!

  • Paul Stewart

    Here’s a good question. Has this “practice” ever led to an actual seizure of drugs?

    How about I go to a party and after I’m there a while I start smelling pot and I decide to leave because I don’t want to get in trouble for drugs (what if I did’n’t know what pot smells like). I don’t come to a complete stop on the drive home and get pulled over. Scooby Doo hits on me for drugs while the cops are detaining me.

    So its off to the hospital for a colonoscopy?

    This is America?

    • Mike

      Yes this is Amerika. When the people agreed to follow stupid laws like a seat belt, helmet or public outdoor smoking laws, it paved the way. For me its liberty or death even on those minor issues. Unfortunately we are seeing the effects of bowing to stupid laws, or should I say bending over to stupid laws.

      Someone some where isn’t going to take this bullshit from the cops and then its on.

      • kev in AB

        While I agree the war on drugs is pointless, be careful of which laws you call stupid. Smoking, seatbelt and helmet laws may sound like they only effect you but in reality they strain everyone when people require extra medical attention.

        • Justin Hilbert

          The Seatbelt/Helmet laws are absolutely NOT to protect you, the citizen. They are to give law enforcement probable cause to stop you. even if you are wearing your seatbelt, a police officer just has to say, “He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt.” Then they can search you for what ever they are “suspicious” of.

          • Michael Langley

            Yes. I guess helmet laws are stupid. Too many motorcycle riders end up using a lot more money when in the ICU for trauma. If they don’t wear a helmet, there are fewer that survive the head injuries. That, actually, should reduce medical costs! Restraints in cars do reduce injuries and costs. Many of these patients don’t have enough medical coverage to pay for the expensive, ICU, treatment after the accidents. Only thing is, deaths would increase if people chose to not use helmets and seat belts. But, then again, their death costs less! Is this what you want society to think about its members?!

            Cops don’t need any laws to help them pull you over. All they have to claim is that your turn signal is not working, you have a brake light out, or one of many other supposed infractions!

          • Justin Hilbert

            I agree with your moral stand point on the issue. But seatbelts laws especially, (not so much helmets) are designed for law enforcement, not you. Turn signals, a witness can easily testify to. A seat belt not so much … when it comes to suits over profiling.

          • Michael Langley

            Obviously the facts cannot alter your aversion to the police. I share the mistrust. But, the laws were made by legislators that do not directly benefit from those laws. The police just enforce the laws. They don’t make them.

          • Justin Hilbert

            Correct. The police only enforce. My mistrust is not of the individual police. 95% of my civil servant experiences have been pleasant. Many officers have gone out of their way to help me during trivial situations.

            My mistrust lies with the legislating parties.

  • normmckinnon

    Some of these cops can be a pain in the ass

  • Diana Boles

    I’ve been following these stories, and I have to say that although the behavior of these police officers and this dog is wrong, I do not think it is random. I believe that if further investigation is done, we will find that these victims were followed and the minor traffic incident was just a ruse to stop them. There is something more to this than what is in the story. That said, however, it is still wrong to treat these people as they have been treated. I’d like to know more.

  • qwerty

    You name the victims but not the police. Why?

  • jwhitehawke

    Published: April 2, 2012

    WASHINGTON — “The Supreme Court on Monday ruled by a 5-to-4 vote that officials may strip-search people arrested for any offense, however minor, before admitting them to jails even if the officials have no reason to suspect the presence of contraband.”
    I wonder if the Supreme court was expecting law enforcement to legally rape on non-violent jaywalkers and someone not coming to a complete stop.