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WASHINGTON– Last year, United States Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) criticized Obama for acting “like a king or monarch” as the administration threatened to unconstitutionally bypass Congress on gun control. It seems as though the administration felt the title should stick.

The picture depicts “King Obama” sitting upon the “Iron Throne” at Kings Landing in the ancient kingdom of Westeros from the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. The photo looks as if it was lifted straight from The Onion. However, it is not. The image is a result of Obama’s speech at last week’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner where he joked about enacting more executive orders. The administration took it upon themselves to create the photo of King Obama, and the official White House Twitter account sent out the tweet before last week’s episode aired.

Obama sits with the King’s crown in his hands and former King Joeffrey’s crossbow sitting on the coffee table. The tweet reads “The Westeros Wing.”

Is it a joke? If you call making fun of your truth as a diversionary tactic a joke, then sure- we’re all laughing. Regardless, Obama’s countless dead, innocent drone victims are not laughing. Furthermore, those who take their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States are not laughing either.

The image is disturbing for multiple reasons.

First, those familiar with the series know all too well the nature of kings found within Game of Thrones. As Tywin Lannister, a central antagonist, says, the kings have all been ignorant, insane and ruthless murderers. Then again, what more would you expect from a president that boasts about “being really good at killing people.”

Second, why the president of a constitutional republic would find such an image appropriate is beyond understanding. Could you imagine if George Bush’s administration posted such a picture?

Finally, a crossbow sitting on the coffee table of the West Wing? Why didn’t the “most transparent administration in history” just photoshop a drone in? In the name of transparency, of course. Perhaps they will find this image more suitable for next week’s episode.

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Michael Lotfi

CEO, Political Director at BrandFire Consulting LLC
Michael Lotfi is a Persian-American political analyst and adviser living in Nashville, Tennessee. Lotfi is the founder and CEO of BrandFire Consulting LLC. The firm specializes in public and private technology centered brand development, lead generation, data aggregation, online fundraising, social media, advertising, content generation, public relations, constituency management systems, print and more. Lotfi is the former executive state director for the Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center, a think-tank focused on restraining federal overreach.Lotfi graduated with top honors from Belmont University, a private Christian university located in Nashville, Tennessee.

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  • Jay Syrmopoulos

    The King of Drones!

  • Yakkity Smacks

    It’s a picture for the White House Correspondent’s dinner. A night where everyone pokes fun at themselves and each other.

    Are you guys born without a sense of humor?

    • http://foehammer.com Foehammer

      Nothing is funny when Obama is involved.

    • Cameron

      So its like my friends and I sitting around cracking jokes about how we raped your daughter. If droning people is humorous then rape must be a good joke too, right? I find humor in quite a few things but not murder, rape, theft, physical abuse or any other violent acts. Or maybe its only funny when its the neighbors daughter. After all, your family hasnt been droned yet.

  • http://markduddridge.wordpress.com Mark Duddridge

    I’m no fan of this administration, but, to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a joke is just a joke.

    • Lynn Hawkins

      It’s only a joke if it’s funny. This isn’t funny, and therefore, NOT a joke.

      • Yakkity Smacks

        No, it’s a joke if it’s intended to be funny.

        And since it was from the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, it was intended to be funny.

        Presented out of context with no explanation is lazy, sloppy journalism.

        • Rich Cohen

          calling it ‘journalism’ of any type is being generous. Waste of time.

        • http://foehammer.com Foehammer

          I’ll give you some context: Obama acts like a King, gets called on it by Rand Paul, so he calls in Damage Control. So, this isn’t comedy hour, this is an Enemy of the People masquerading as our POTUS, trying to do some more diversionary tactics to keep the Obamanoids entranced. Looks like it’s working for you. He’s committed multiple counts of treason and people like you still want to give him a free pass. Give me a BREAK.

          • Yakity Smacks

            White House Correspondents Dinner. Look it up.

          • http://foehammer.com Foehammer

            Dinner of Sycophantic Treasonous Non-Investigative Pseudo-Journalists? I’m quite familiar with it. Thanks.

          • Dawn – Naturally Texan

            You forgot BHO’s lapdog Propagandists in there somewhere =)

  • TheQiwiMan

    This is not a story.

    • William Hinds

      Ceci n’est pas répondre.

  • Neil Murphy

    Jesus, it was a joke.

    • http://foehammer.com Foehammer

      Good thing Hitler didn’t have Photoshop.

      • Yakkity Smacks

        Didn’t take long for the Hitler barbs to come out. You guys are nothing if not predictable.

        • William Hinds

          Barbs? What barbs? Hitler was a duly elected leader of his nation. What, you don’t believe in democracy?

    • ClemXII

      Its a joke to reference the fact you’ve abused your role and now joke about doing more executive orders. it’s a joke to reference the iron throne as if you’re sole ruler, when you act like it?

      Yes, it’s HILARIOUS. It would be funny if this TOOL of a president wasn’t abusing his role. It’s not funny, it’s not a joke. It’s disgusting and you tools will find any way to make this as lighthearted as can be.

      • Neil Murphy

        I didn’t say it was a good joke. It was pandering to be associated with something popular.
        But people who read this as anything other than a joke just marks you out as a lameass without a sense of humour. Don’t be that guy.

        • NedEk

          lol propriety is for squares! It’s all just fun and games! It’s good that the president casually brags about how good he is at murder!

  • http://www.smokerstees.com/ SmokingReb

    If you listened to his attacks presented as jokes at this dinner, then a pic like this also presented as a “joke” becomes un funny. It is an accurate pic of how he and his administration view themselves. JMO

  • npd1969

    King Nothing!

  • fortyandfab

    This man has no shame so it’s not even slightly funny. He certainly thinks and acts like he’s king!

    • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

      Why not? What’s stopping him? A LEFTIST, CONTROLLED OPPOSITION republican party, that CO-OPTS AND NEUTERS any REAL opposition? Or the BATTALIONS of whiny, baby-booming “better” evil voters who throw roses at his royal feet and provide his JACK BOOTS, as he STOMPS OVER OUR CONSTITUTION?

  • cor2879

    If this was the worst thing ever perpetrated by the administration, we would be living in a libertarian Utiopia.

  • Kyle Mohr

    The Mad King takes the throne again.

  • The Doctor

    the bias of this article is excessive. The image was a joke, and the follow up image is equally amusing to me. If they had depicted him on a realistic throne with a crown of some sort i could have been slightly moved to concern but when using fictional animation, honestly it just doesnt bother me… now bush could have gotten away with a king george of england joke in my book as well so really its a matter of context and humor.

    • http://foehammer.com Foehammer

      Joke us into the Stone Age.

    • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

      Neither King Soetoro’s ENSLAVED SUBJECTS, nor the THOUSANDS who have died under his ILLEGAL RULE AND BOUNDLESS ROYAL DECREES… find ANYTHING funny about this EVIL ABOMINATION!

    • ClemXII

      It wouldn’t surprise me that people like you consider it just a “joke”. Your delusional thinking is all too common. It’s not FUNNY to joke about your own abuse of executive orders. Is wiping your butt with the constitution funny to you? Seems so, “doctor”. Is making a picture referencing complete and utter rule, funny?

      No, it’s not a joke. It’s not funny. Why? Because he’s acting just like the “king” of westeros who sits on the iron throne.

      Nobody wants to hear this shit from Obama, nobody wants to see these pictures. We’re not laughing, it’s not funny abusing your role, the end.

      Side note, I’m glad you found droning hilarious. What a tool.

    • Michael Lotfi

      How do you define an “Opinion” column as being bias. Bias is the very categorical nature of such an article.

      • Rick Kelly

        Oh my god! You are such a whimpering pansy. This is what you chose to write about? a Game of Thrones joke? I would call you a cowering intellectual dwarf, but the Imp in GoT is WAY smarter and gutsier than you!

    • Cameron

      It seems you are as despicable as the rest of government. There is no humor when innocent people are being slaughtered. You are obviously fit to run for “public” office with your humor.

  • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

    REPUBLI-BAM! Take that, “Obummer!”

    Great “story” REPUBLICAN Lotfi. Another piercing REPUBLICAN citation of King Soetoro! I would’ve NEVER KNOWN he saw himself as a king, or was arrogant, without this illuminating REPUBLICAN report! And a WONDERFULLY AWKWARD PLUG of REPUBLICAN PUPPET Rand “playin’ the game” Paul! BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE: And even the REPUBLICAN, trite “imagine if Bush would have blah, blah.” Great REPUBLICAN work, REPUBLICAN Lotfi!

    • Richard

      Wow, just wow.

  • Colie

    I think it was in poor taste . “Game Of Drones”? It might be considered funny by US citizens, but Not so funny on the world stage …To those who lost innocent family members to one of these drone, Yeah knee slapping hilarious …. I don’t see how this help in the area of Public Relations, globally ….Especially seeing the US President with a mocking smile as he hits the hot button… fun ,fun, fun ….

    • http://foehammer.com Foehammer

      He’s the one with the license to assassinate Americans without trial. He’s the first POTUS we know for sure has issued such orders. Anyone laughing? Last time I checked American History is the duty of the People to make fun of the President, especially when he oversteps himself like this Manchurian Candidate does almost daily.

    • Richard

      I’m a US citizen, it ain’tf funny to me.

    • tjg1984

      The “Game of Drones” image is openly critical of Obama. The former image is the one that was actually posted by the White House Twitter account. Even that seems bizarre, as it seems to place Obama in the position of King Joffrey (complete with crossbow).

  • Al

    Why so serious??

  • Masonic1776

    A joke? When has women and children being executed at a wedding without due process been funny?
    “I’m really good at killing people.” -B.H.O. The worst kind of human

    • Hope101

      So many people commenting are suggesting this is satire, humor and funny, and we should get the joke. There is simply no way to read humor into this, unless that’s the way someone wants to see it? I’m glad it’s posted Mr. Lotfi. I’d send it to the White House physician and ask for comments.

  • Jonathan

    Wow are you kidding? For a a minute there, I was actually about to go off about how this was highly inappropriate…then I realized that it was the first image that the WH released, not the second.

    Oh come on, have you not seen the White House Correspondent’s dinner? This fits in right with the type of jokes at the event. Not even a big deal at all. This is a stupid and pointless article.

    • Dawn – Naturally Texan

      Um… They did Photoshop him onto the throne but the one on this page is much more accurate.

      Just Google Obama Game of Thrones and read huffpost licking his butt per usual.

    • Trevor

      The point is that all of those jokes show their lack of understanding of how corrupt their actions are, or that they are aware of it and are making fun of the people who do get it. You are defending someone who murders people without trial and then jokes about it?

  • Adonis J. King

    I am beginning to wonder if the people sitting on te Right have any kind of real sence of humor and understand parody.. Apparently nobody is allowed to mock themselves without it becoming a huge political polarity issue. I mean I GET IT and I am not at all offended by it since it is the admin poking fun at themselves.. I have compared comedy from the right and the left and frankly I think the left has shown itself overall to at least understand the mysteries of comedy.. I rarely find Right Wing comedians anything more than snarky at best.. lighten up Righties..I’m still a Moderate and open to right wing ideas too but this shit keeps making me have to lean more left since its much a due about NOTHING.. sorta like Benghazi where 4 people getting killed in a place most complaining could not even point to on a map before Faux News started making it their obsessive focus.. Why should I be “outraged” about this more than all the peeps that died in Afghanistan and Iraq..To me DUBYA Bush did far worse than covering up any facts.. he made up a whole war built on a false premise. The far right is making themselves look increasingly idiotic which is why i left the Repubs years ago and joined the Libertarians..but now even they are headed too far right for my tastes.. sigh

    • Michael Lotfi

      I find it quite funny that you attempt to mock those on the “Right” for not having “sence” of humor and so on. Meanwhile, you can’t even lay forth a proper insult.

      • jsg

        OK, how’s this, your face looks like my grandmothers vagina.

        • Michael Lotfi


    • Cameron

      You are not a libertarian if you are accusing them of moving right. You are a “beltwaytarian”. There is no left or right in libertarianism. If you logically apply the principles of libertarianism you would be an anarchist. If you want to learn what a real libertarian is start reading Rothbard and Spooner.

    • Southern Hick

      A moderate that uses the terms Dubya, Faux News and right wing. I call BS.

  • Al Bundy

    This gerd dang photo makes me so dern mad! That thar Obummer is a traitor and now he things he’s some kinda King or sumpthun, THATS RIGHT! THINK ABOUT IT! He done left them boys in Bengalazi because he had one of them deals with the Rothschilds, THINK ABOUT IT! Them Rothschilds is running the world, check out all them black helicopters, and how they is sending them rays down to make us all libs and make us become fargots, THATS RIGHT! Its why I wear my tinfoil hat 24/7, I aint gonna get none of them dang King Obummer libtard rays in my brains, no sir ree! And I aint no fargot either, that time with Jethro and Skeeter didn’t count, we was dunk and it wasn’t like we kissed or nuttin. Anyhow, we gotta stop them gerd dang libtards and make them pay for Bengalizi! King Obummer was President during the worst terrorist attack in U.S. history, and that colored feller should pay for his gerd dang crimes, it aint right I tell you! Glod Bless.

    • Dawn – Naturally Texan

      How droll troll

    • Southern Hick

      Wow, I get it! You’re mocking us Southerners and Conservatives all in one clever, hylareeouss paragraph. Good show!

      • Al Bundy

        No I aint, I am a southerner you dang libtard.

  • Richard

    It’s like nightmare you never wake up from.

    As the people who voted for him ignore all his lies and pretend like none of this is happening.

    • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

      Yup. The “better” evil REPUBLICAN voters, who elected and reelected him, have really gotten our Republic in quite a pickle!

      • Al Bundy

        Yer Gerd dang right they did! They is traytors if they voted for that colored feller. Look what hes gone and dun, first you got bengalazi, where he was the dang president during the worst terrorist attack in history, gerd dang obummer! its all your dang fault! Then he used his gerd dang commie powers to turn the economy around, then he used the rotshchilds to put the dang stock market up to record levels, then he used his soculist powers to give a million gerd dang lazy bums health care, and then the worse part yet!! HE Thinks them fargots should be able to marry, can you believe it? what an obummer, gerd dang it I wish we had GW back in the WHITE house, it was gerd dang safer back then, we was safe and no one was gerd dang attacking us, and GW was actualy looking for Osama, that Obummer hasn’t done a gerd dang thing about Osama in the past couple years now, its like he dog gone went and forgot all about him. What a loser that gerd dang libtard is!

  • ms

    The game of drones photo is a true depletion of Obama. He does drone people and makes jokes about it. And tells staff he is good a killing, he even admits it. He is a disgrace to human kind and needs to reap what he sows… Maybe when in hell he will be droned everyday forever. I hope.

  • timpundit

    Good god, the author of this is a sissy. Oh all the things to pee his panties over he chooses this. What a pansy you are, Ben Swann.

    • noname

      it’s not ben swann. It’s his writers that I can’t really freaking annoyed with and ruining ben’s name

  • jwmiller

    Looks like he exchanged his trusty Pen 4 a stash of Quills.

  • CitizenCharlesFosterKane

    So what part of this is “fearless”, “investigative”, “grassroots”, or “journalism”. Wait, that’s right, none of it. Keep shouting though and maybe some of the conservative cash reserved for the crazies will come your way. I know it’s hard to separate from the herd, but c’mon, try just a little harder and up the crazy quotient!

    • Trevor

      How is this in any way crazy?

      • MXC

        It’s a joke image posted by a politically tone-deaf staffer. This is a “shake your head, call the staffer an idiot, and move on” moment, at best, yet here we are trying to tie some psychological baggage to the image inferring it’s ‘proof’ that Obama views himself as king. Sure, it’s tasteless and falls flat as a joke given the political climate, but attributing anything
        insidious to it in an attempt to rile people enough to reach for pitch forks is something those knee-jerk yahoos at Fox News would
        do…i.e. crazy.

  • noname

    This is insane. The writers on this page is giving Ben Swann a bad name! Stop giving opinionted news and sensationalizing things. This is clearly just a joke. I absolutely love ben’s journalism, but the writers on this page keep doing everything he goes against. Of course it’s not every time, but very often. I was recommending this sit to people, but now I don’t feel like I can b/c it’ll make me look crazy. I wish Ben can see this…
    I’ll just continue posting Ben only articles/videos…. every once in a while the other writers.

    • jdpoker

      no wait u say its insane but u didnt tell us why its insane! just kidding, see my post a few minutes ago.

      but i do see know it wasnt ben swann whoever he is that wrote this, that it is just his site.

    • Trevor

      It is? How?

  • jdpoker

    first time i have heard of Ben Swann. hopefully the last. i have learned to stop clicking on any links of or about trolls, for example, Sarah Palin. Congrats Ben, random internet visitors like me clicked on your site to read this idiocy, the same way we read Palin, just to shake our heads. But, at least for me, this is the last time u will defile my browser.

    • tjg1984

      You took an entire paragraph to say, essentially, “i think u are dumb” (while actually using lowercase “i” and “u” as pronouns), offering no explanation or new information. Comments like this are why some people call comments sections “the bottom half of the Internet”.

      • jdpoker

        No, actually my point went beyond calling the person dumb. I informed him that I think he is a “troll” similar to Palin. That his trollness got me to visit once, but i refuse to visit him again. (which i just did to respond to your post so lol on me) but i also made known my method, which has been suggested before, for folks like Ben or Sarah Palin, that is dont click on their site. the notion “we can just ignore them”, I think needs to be stated loud and often.

        But, I think you must support these moron politically to not get that from my post, either that or u are dumb. and yes dick sometimes i use i and u not you or ur not because go f yourself.

        • Robert Johnson

          As indicated in the byline, this opinion article is written by one Michael Lotfi.
          Reading is essential.

          • jdpoker

            yeah i see that now. the link that brought me seemed to indicate its by ben swann and its on benswann dot com. but yeah, sorry ben swann but its on ur site.

          • American_Revolutionary1776

            How dare Ben Swann post his opinion! And he has the nerve to post his opinion on his own website!? The nerve!

          • jdpoker

            we’ve established that its not Ben Swann try to keep up. and yes that is the problem we have, that a guy is posting his opinion on a website. we are totally against freedom of speech. in fact, even if I happen to agree with an opinion, I am against it being published on one’s own website. I know u understand this since your post reveals tremendous insights into what the main problem is that I and other have with the insane notion of outrage over some WHCD photo joke, that is, not the insane jibberish part, just the mere fact that opinions are being expressed. that is it. purely and simply put. its a first amendment thing that we are against. not just on the internet. i want everyone to not talk! thats my main point. NO OPINIONS NO SPEECH NO WRITING i just want to hear the voices in my own head that say kill whitey kill whitey.

          • http://www.wintersonnenwende.com/scriptorium/english/welcome.html Speakingplaintalk

            You keep diggin into your hole
            You didnt reas the by line to know its not a Ben article?
            some attention you give to what you read or did you only visit here to discredit one the admin hates? mmm…

          • jdpoker

            no i didnt “reas” that, i made a mistake. the same mistake like American rev did below, CrowT above, and lots of others. it happens. the fact is, the article is crazy.

  • crowTrobot

    Ben, I’m concerned for you. You do realize the images coming out of your TV box aren’t real? Dragons and White Walkers are part of a form of creativity called “fiction.” I thought someone like you would be very familiar with fiction but now I realize you’ve just been confused this whole time.

    • Trevor

      The article is clearly aware of the fictional nature of Game of Thrones, so your comment makes no sense.

      • crowTrobot

        I was being facetious. It’s a stupid photoshopped picture done for an event no one takes seriously. You come across as an idiot for trying to make it look like anything else and reinforce the unhinged wingnut stereotype.

    • PRCClips

      What is not fictional is the White House releasing a picture of Obama depicted as a King. Something that it took thousands of American lives to depose.

  • Kevin Stokley

    I know that this blog wasn’t written by Ben Swann, but Michael Lotfi. A lot of times Michael has some good points in his posts. However this time it’s just a bunch of garbage. Sadly, this page has become a place to post just about anything that isn’t leaning to the right. If I wanted that I’d just turn on Fox news. I want real journalism, and as a Kickstarter backer I expect this to be the main focus… not a bunch of whining.

    Be careful what stories are posted here Ben and team. You’re slowly meandering off the deep end.

    • Rework Oh Ryan

      Well, if the left is perpetrating far more nefarious intentions, then they are going to get reported on more often. Truth is truth. Controversial truth does not make a conscious effort to be equally left and right.

  • Cory Tyler

    Its propaganda.. using a popular show to depict the president as “King”, but I am not sure this requires an article? However I was unaware of it before you posted this, so maybe it was worth posting haha. It is funny because Joel McHale told everyone the truth about Obama in his jokes, he even jokes about the droning, which I thought was even more interesting than this picture: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idrrdgjETxY

  • Faithful_Watchman

    King? More like ‘king of drool’ or the ‘Manchurian Mutt” works much better.

  • Steven J. Wangsness

    You’re kidding, right? It’s a joke. A JOKE. Sheesh.

    • Trevor

      Not at all a funny one.

      • Steven J. Wangsness

        Jokes that get a big laugh are, by definition, funny.

        • Trevor

          Jokes are funny if you think they are funny. There is no such thing as an objectively funny joke.

  • John Andrews

    Was that not the crossbow Joffrey liked to shot at female Hookers?? So for Barry, would the hookers be male???

    • RealAlexTurner2020

      LOL! Good one.

    • crowTrobot

      Why? Need something for your spank bank?

  • Phil B.

    Oh lighten up for gosh sakes!

  • JohnZ

    It appears that there are some responding to the cartoon in this article who haven’t grasped what it truly is and is not. It is a political commentary drawn or created in cartoon form. For the past two hundred years in America political cartoonists have use the artist’s pen to draw just such commentaries; for the most part they were not meant to be comical in any particular way, many times they were extremely biting and even caustic in their presentation. They were a form of editorializing that would make people think about a current situation or personage.
    These cartoons ranged anywhere from presidents to commentaries on such groups as Tammany Hall, Banking Institutions, corporate fatcats and whomever they felt needing a bit of a pin prick and yes at times even the military.
    I do not find it humorous in one sense; yet, in another, it makes a case for itself as to create a sense of a mirror on this presidency.
    Do some research on political cartoons and you will be very surprised at what has been presented in America’s newspapers.

  • Ban all Whirling Dervish

    I think Lofty is losing it.
    Shut up and worship your King, you tin-foil-hat!!!

  • WakeyWakeyUSA

    I wish grown-ups were running the country.

  • LimitedCentralGov

    The idiots that follow and worship Obama would agree with him if he said he was wearing the invisible suit (but actually naked). And Obama and the followers would in their mind actually believe it. Then be ready to fight if somebody told them the obvious truth. They are so far gone their unredeemable. Only God could sort them out. Why are we keeping God waiting ?

    • crowTrobot

      Are you advocating murdering people who support the President? It sure as hell sounds like it, LimitedCentralGov. Big man hiding behind internet anonymity. Sometimes I wish people like you would put your money where your mouth is and take up arms against the government to finally find out who really has the bigger guns.

      • LimitedCentralGov

        Most of us just want o be left alone. They are in a countdown to their hardline physical attack on the citizens all across the USA. They are moving foreign troops into many areas of the country. This is not a training program. Their intention is to use these soldiers to kill Americans. They have already waged, declared, and are implementing killing us. Are we supposed to line up like good little bots and say here we are, come shoot me ? There are more than one way to kill. Politically is the most preferred. If we kill the credibility of his supporters and all the way up to the top of government and their programs by getting people to know the truth and understand. We will have won. In an armed battle we don’t stand a chance against well armed professional killers. Here an Army Ranger tells how close it is. Remember when he gets to the part abut Racism. And remember how it’s all out crap stirring time for racism right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l84MhGgg_kQ

        • crowTrobot

          Sometimes I feel sorry for you people as the white Christian male’s power and importance continues to be diminished by our changing society, culture and demographics. There were more non-whites born in this country than whites for the first time in our history, women are changing gender dynamics, and young people are turning away from religion. It must be tough seeing this happen in front of your eyes. Of course, armed rebellion would be the ultimate death nell for everything you stand for, both figuratively and literally, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

          • LimitedCentralGov

            You twisted everything I said to something that makes no difference. They have people of all colors of the human race from other countries here to kill citizens of all colors of the human race here in Our Country and thousands more are being brought in daily. The race baiting by the Obama administration is being used for a distraction. It’s a very old Mohammadean trick to catch people off guard before they strike. Our society is not changing it’s being changed, by Communists within to destroy every last moral fiber which holds it together. The proof is what they have accomplished already. They also fool simpletons who follow their lies calling it “Progressive”. The real shame is they kill the useful idiots like you who support the enslaving of a people in a nation. Only a few get to reside at the top. Those who know too much are killed first.

  • Zionistout

    I prefer Hitler. I want a leader like him. Not this Obama Jew puppet garbage.

    • Paul K

      Please tell me you’re really a paid leftist stooge set loose on disqus message boards to discredit the right…

      • Zionistout

        Grow up. Just because you are ignorant lazy toad doesn’t mean everyone else has to be. Hitler was a fine leader. Much better than Obama or any Republican. A true strong Nationalist. Now go educate yourself and stop being an oxygen thief.

        • Paul K

          Right up until he started a war he couldn’t finish I guess. As far as your personal attack on my work ethic and intelligence… I’ve been employed since I was 13. College educated, and working harder than ever. Never taken a benefit and never intend on it. Extreme divisiveness like mentioning your Hitler appreciation makes you the moron, and I don’t want other Libertarian leaning rightists to get lumped in with nazi scum like you. Not that I agree with any of what Hitler did given the outcome, but I really don’t want uneducated independents coming on here looking for answers to find retards like you posting BS to discredit the rest of us hardworking folks who see the big picture as we move into the next elecion cycle. So get off the payroll and go do something productive with your life, like killing yourself.

  • Kill or be Killed

    Obama fanatics get off on the evil. They make YT videos about how they thought having an abortion was an uplifting experience, they love the fact that innocent children are murdered in drone strikes and they think it’s perfectly normal for this psychopath to brag about “being really good at killing people”.

    They know full well that the scumbag is not eligible, and they get off on denying the obvious, wallowing in the willful ignorance, which is their common, defining characteristic.

    There is no reaching these people, there is no compassion in their hearts.

    What do you do when tyranny is forced upon you by a relentless group of psychopaths?

    • Paul K

      I refer you to my previous post..

  • Layla Godey

    Joffrey??! Oh dear lord!! He was the most hated character. Let winter come and release the dragons!!! Is this for real? Surely not.

  • Brian

    Dear Ben Swann,
    Why are you letting people put this tabloid garbage on your website. You will/are losing credibility that way. I loved your Reality Checks. It seems like since you started benswann.com it’s more about the web clicks than hard hitting journalism.

  • RealAlexTurner2020

    It’s very insensitive of the White House to create such a photo when they know full well that many conservatives enjoy Game of Thrones. I suspect many millennials will be turned off by this photo and that it will backfire on Obama and the Democrat Party in November. Younger voters are now trending conservative because Obama is very abrasive and this proves it.

    • crowTrobot

      Do conservatives enjoy GOT? That’s a new one. I mean, you hate gay people, right? And sex (I’m excluding the numerous repressed members of your flock.) Not to mention the liberal view on abortion. Then again, I can see how survival of the fittest and the bad guys always winning having a certain appeal to a conservative worldview.

      • RealAlexTurner2020

        Conservatives enjoy the show’s realpolitik. Male liberals won’t admit it, but they enjoy the show’s rape scenes because they despise women.

        Why do you hate homosexuals?

        • crowTrobot

          You must have also been a fan of the “Bizarro World” episode of Seinfeld. Good luck with reality.

          • Who’s Your Daddy?

            You wouldn’t know “reality” if it pimp slapped you.

            Speaking of getting pimp slapped – how’s business?

          • RealAlexTurner2020

            Well, at least you own your misogyny. That’s good, I guess.

          • crowTrobot

            I guess reality is an elusive idea for you.

          • RealAlexTurner2020

            Go hate women somewhere else, pal.

      • Wasteland Dan

        You really take peide in the fact that your shitty group of polititions isnt their shitty group of politicians huh?

        DemoCraps…RepubliTurds….who cares, they both suck.

      • dtownprof

        Why do you think conservatives hate gay people? Disagreeing with someone’s lifestyle doesn’t imply hate.

  • SohnMan

    I think far too many people are taking this article too seriously. It is obviously written in a sarcastic tone and was mostly an opportunity to post the Game of Drones picture. On a serious note I would like to ask those offended Obama supporters how you would feel if Bush was issuing executive right and left, speaking about how good he is at killing people, etc… ? My guess is you would be screaming bloody murder. If the founding father’s were alive today they would have a already attempted to overthrow our despotic government. Both parties and most agencies are against us, the people.

    • Draken

      Sarcasm doesn’t translate well in written text. And given many of Mr. Lotfi’s prior articles, I’m not convinced that this was intneded as sarcasm, or just another attack article.

    • Tom

      Bush did issue executive orders left and right, as well as ignoring the intent of laws when he issued his signing statements. It is true that Bush never claimed to be good at killing people, mostly because he could never get the ones he was trying to.

  • Captain Obvious

    It looks like he is sitting in a chair. Well darn, looks like politicians can’t sit in chairs anymore. Sucks to be them.

  • J to the K

    Someone certainly doesn’t have a sense of humor.

    • NedEk

      There is no place for a sense of humor in this matter.

      • J to the K

        Considering the context of the correspondents dinner I have to disagree. Not everything has to be doom and gloom 24/7, lighten up.

        • NedEk

          This isn’t funny. Obama styling himself as a king is not funny in any context, no president doing so would be, and it’s worse for him, this being the most autocratic dictatorial chief executive in history since Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus.

          • Svein Michaelsen

            Absolutely, and it’s just the same when he takes “selfies” with other people in high office, or when doing jokes like “It’s good to be the dictator”, or being hip with sycophantic hosts on various late night shows. It’s unfitting behaviour for a president, and quite frankly it exposes his narcissistic personality and pathological attitude towards lying. (And the mainstream media now wants to sell us Hillary Clinton as the leading next presidential candidate, good grief.)

  • jack

    o o these guys are just joking around .. ha ha .. .but wait wait its not funny, look what this administrations doing to America ,they’re completely destroying the middle class (kings/administrations don’t like ‘middle class’ oh no)

  • Ken Menard

    Someone is not very good with PhotoShop.

  • Poindexter718

    Get a life, Mr. Lofti.

  • NedEk

    Tell you what, I’m going to photoshop the HNIC here as choking to death on poison the same way as the little boy king he loves to think of himself as.

    It’ll still be funny to them then, right? They’ll all have a big laugh, and, I’m sure, so will all of you, who love the President favorably comparing himself to a psychotic murderer.

  • oikos

    This game of thrones photo is shocking, shocking I tell you. The only pictures that are acceptable of the President are those depicting him as a witch doctor and member of an African tribe or Hitler and Stalin-didn’t you get the memo from Fox, Michael Lotfi?

    • Matthew Carson

      If a man who holds an office that holds basically no tangible authority (sherriff is the highest ranking office in America, no-one has authority higher than a sherriff in his county, with the exception of the coroner, who has the authority to arrest both the sherriff and the president) fashions himself to be an emperor, he and his psychophants should be prepared to handle the public backlash with grace and dignity. Scolding one for their opinion is tantamount to falling to the floor and throwing a violent auto-destructive tantrum, speaking from a clinical standpoint.

      • Anarchy Bunker

        Comparing a county sheriff(sic) to the Chief Law Enforcement official in the US…Perhaps you missed it’s your ilk doing the fashioning, not the target of your delusional ravings. ‘Scolding one’ is tantamount to having a strong opinion in opposition. I’m fairly sure it entirely escapes your notice you were scolding in your little tantrum.

      • oikos

        If you don’t recognize the tangible authority of the U.S. Constitution and the President, I suggest you move to the libertarian paradise of Somalia. Oh BTW Obamacare will cover the meds for your mental illness.

        • dtownprof

          I suggest not using words you don’t understand. It exposes your gross ignorance and destroys any credibility you might have had.

          • oikos

            Which words are you confused by? I suggest opening a dictionary or using one online.

          • dtownprof

            It’s not me who is confused. It is you who does not seem to grasp the concept of liberty.

          • oikos

            ah yes, teabilly liberty: Guns, no central govt, corporations are people, etc, but I notice these teabillies and their militias don’t seem to have jobs, responsibilities or do any thing productive. Why just look at cliven bundy, the negro expert, he hates the federal govt , but perfectly willing to take his handouts in the form of medicare, SS, and oh yes free grazing on lands owned by the people of this country. Nice try downtowndropout. Play again sometime.

          • dtownprof

            “corporations are people”… “libertarian paradise of Somalia”… not things that libertarians believe. As I said, you fail to understand the basic libertarian ideals.

  • Bryan J. Maloney

    Dude! You need to start wearing a larger size of panties. The ones you have on now are obviousy way too tight. I remember when it was the lefties who were dour and humorless.

    • dtownprof

      It would be funny if someone else did it. Not coming from a White House that has already displayed a tendency toward making unilateral decisions of questionable legality.

    • IndieVote

      It’s not that it doesn’t have humor. I kinda laughed a bit, actually – especially with the Onion reference. Like, it SHOULD be in an Onion article. What makes it so tasteless is that, as President, he should be representing the whole country and he KNOWS that there are people (mostly conservatives and some centrist/progressives) who take seriously his decisions to use executive orders and break constitutional limits on the president. While he was obviously joking by releasing this photo, it shows disrespect for the legitimate concerns and questions that the “other side” has about his policies. By literally laughing at anyone who says he is acting like a King (and I think the photo is poking fun at those who say that), he basically shuts down any meaningful dialogue and whitewashes the other side as holding overly concerned exaggerations worthy of a funny pic, not very real concerns about constitutional problems. It isn’t a very presidential move.

  • Matthew Carson

    I’d say that this article is pretty dead on.

  • Reality Check

    Don’t complain about Obama if you aren’t ready to confront the eligibility issue.

    He is not eligible and there is more proof of that fact than there is on the reality of 9/11 being a controlled demolition or the fact that the feds blew up the OK City, courthouse, to blame it on “domestic terrorists”.

    ***Expose Obama and everything he has signed into law including ObamaCare, NDAA, the Patriot Act extension, and so on down the line, would be rendered null and void***

    We would have our country back by ousting this petty dictator and usurper, but the American people are too dumbed-down to do what needs to be done.

    You are all a bunch of sick freaks and Lofty is no better. He is a moron who thinks that the eligibility issue is a “conspiracy theory” and the only remedy for that kind of ignorance is to be removed from society where you cannot obstruct justice with your willful ignorance.

    Deniers like Lofty are the worst threat there is to mankind – because they enable people like Obama with their blatant willful ignorance.

    • Evan B. Case Jr.

      wow your crraaazzzyyy….

  • robstak

    “Is it a joke?” a million lols. the only joke is your journalistic chops, my friend. I hope you get all the attention your clickbait headline was clearly crafted to garner :)

  • BJC

    OMG, how can this be, how has it gone this far, I pray every day about my anger with all the crap he pulls. As far as race relations, we had come so far, and he set us back years, even had a friend that is black that doesn’t talk to be because I am white. She was so angry with that Zimmerman trial, and he reinforced all the riots and hate with his comments. Can you all remember how Obama and Holder fueled that fire, where I live it was so tense you were afraid to go out alone, so sad

  • mayhap

    I’m pretty sure I saw this picture over a month ago, so how can it be the result of a month ago? I don’t buy this one.

    Update: http://www.moddb.com/groups/peace-forever/images/game-of-drones

    Comments date back to 2012. Come on Swann, do some research first?

  • Mileaway

    All Dictator Kings end up in the same place by the same tools for the same reasons. Expect to see this one on the pile the likes of Julius Ceasar. Betrayal runs deep amongst the wicked and deceitful. Just ask those souls of Benghazi.

  • Gary Gordo

    It’s a good laugh but let me tell you all something!!! the next time you see a black man in the white house as president, it’s going to be one of the wickedest war mankind will ever see, fighting for the so call free world and all that comes with it rights for everything world wide (for you blacks who get a high because a black president is in the with house, they are way pass that race thing,this will be a so call fight for every mankind to live in the global so call free world? but don’t get it twisted it will only be for that 1% across the world and the linage for who make that bold step, to live heavenly in this heaven space.

    • Gary Gordon

      continuation imagine blacks coming from slavery and then fighting for the so call free world for every colours every rights globally what a story your hearts will touch, but don’t get twisted it wont be for you?!!!!!!!!!!.

  • http://www.zerohedge.com AL

    Revelation 6:2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

    • Shneagle

      Wrong type of bow

  • Pro-Interracial-Liberal

    That’s right, racist conservatives. Obama is here to stay, to stick it to you all. Next year congress will introduce a bill demanding the president be allowed to run for re-election. After Obama is elected again, then he’s going to make all native american people your landlords as outlined in the U.N. declaration of indigenous rights, then he’s going to take your guns away, and implement agenda 21. OHHHHH NOOOOO!!!!

    • A-Train

      dub tea eff

    • Real Deal

      Put the crack pipe down, bag licker, Obama is going to be removed from office before 2016.

      • andthen

        Do you have a source that isn’t Fox News, Breitbart, or WND?

        • Real Deal

          I don’t listen to any of those, nutcase, how long have you been delusional?

        • VengefulAryan

          do you have an accusation that isn’t calling someone racist? or are you just gonna be another mindless liberal with no substantial argument?

          • rich

            I’m not a liberal but I do agree that Mr. Obama will continue on as our leader after 2016. Get used to it! Other than foreign policies he has done a wonderful job leading us and I think he deserves another four or eight years.

    • VengefulAryan

      you’ll make a great little FEMA camp slave with a chip in your hand. Of course you liberals resort to the default racist accusation to anyone who points out that he has accumulated more debt than all former presidents combined, shredded the constitution and kills American citizens with drones. Not to mention forcing healthcare and mandatory voting down our throats. Yeah we’re racist because we don’t want a tyrant turning our country into Nazi Germany!?

  • GirlfriendMD

    Again, this is such a BS story. Get some real news, stop being Fox news.

    • VengefulAryan

      Yea ok..if Bush had done this you would be up in arms

      • http://www.keelamonster.com GirlfriendMD

        Not likely. Again, it’s a dumb story and not real news.

  • ter ber


  • http://www.commieblaster.com/ Barry Sucks

    Yes he is the king, the king of the fudge packers.

  • Scott Moses Murray

    is this article real or is it, like the pic of Obama on the throne, photoshopped? What I wouldn’t give for there to be a few more perceptive minds in journalism.

  • http://freedommaker.org/ MrFreedomMaker

    We are barraged with
    incidences like this. They are no longer isolated events. We need to keep at the forefront the following questions:

    Can a legitimate government become illegitimate?

    When does a legitimate government become illegitimate?

    What rights do the former citizens (current subjects) have when a government becomes illegitimate?

    If we can agree that a country like North Korea with a government who has institutionalized: murder,enslavement, torture, rape, prostitution, force marriage, force abortions and persecution on political, racial and religious grounds is legitimate then we can move on the next question.. when does a legitimate government become illegitimate?

    I would argue that a government becomes illegitimate when the government no longer honors the original compacts upon which the people granted its existence.

    Has the U.S. government exceeded the original compact? Does it serve the people or itself? I would put forth the argument that a compact which established a small centralized government has been violated. That a government, which dictates every product we utilize, mandates their approval on virtually every action we take and owns as much as 85% of sovereign a state is no longer a legitimate government but a tyrannical oppressor.

    So the ultimate question is; what rights do the former citizens (current subjects) have to redress the issues? I welcome you comments.

  • IndieVote

    I thought it was funny, actually – simply because I enjoy in-your-face, oh-my-god-he-did-NOT-just-do-that humor. And I love the Onion, so it makes it even more “funny” when it’s a real stunt he pulled and not a satirical photo. The comedy only goes so far, however, because when you think of it, this was such a low-class, tasteless thing to do. What makes it so tasteless is that, as President, he should be
    representing the whole country and he KNOWS that there are people
    (mostly conservatives and some centrist/progressives) who take seriously
    his decisions to use executive orders and break constitutional limits
    on the president. While he was obviously joking by releasing this photo,
    it shows disrespect for the legitimate concerns and questions that the
    “other side” has about his policies. By literally laughing at anyone who
    says he is acting like a King (and I think the photo is poking fun at
    those who say that), he basically shuts down any meaningful dialogue and
    whitewashes the other side as holding overly concerned exaggerations
    worthy of a funny pic, not very real concerns about constitutional
    problems. It isn’t a very unpresidential move and it’s cringeworthy.

  • osamaobama