“We will keep this promise to the American people. If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period,” President Obama (2009). It was repeated again, again and again all over the country. It was, in fact, the propagandized phrase that sold the health care bill. That, and “This is not a tax!” …Oh, but it is.

Moments before the clock struck midnight to usher in Halloween one woman saw first hand– It was all a trick. Whitney Smith, a Tennessee citizen, arrived home from work to see a letter from her insurance company. After ignoring the letter for a while to settle in at home, as many of us do, she finally opened it.


What she saw didn’t shock her. “I’m shocked… not,” says Smith. Her doctor is no longer a provider with her Aetna insurance group. Smith tells us that her doctor is leaving the insurance group to opt for cash only practice because of Obamacare. The plan that the doctor provided didn’t meet the requirements of Obamacare.

Smith says she was more than happy with their family doctor. “He was extremely affordable, I could see him fast and easily get a referral.” says Smith. The insurance plan was provided under Smith’s husband, a firefighter for a local city

Reports surface every day of doctors no longer accepting health insurance and moving to cash only practices. (Video Below)

Other doctors are simply being dropped from insurance providers, which is causing thousands of people to be left out in the cold without their doctors. Smith’s situation seems to be a combination of both. (Video Below)


The go to retort for Obamacare proponents is that the health care law says nothing about insurance prices going up, people losing their doctors, or their health care plans being dropped. Of course the law doesn’t say that. What these proponents fail to account for are the tens of thousands of pages of regulations, which generate countless negative economic externalities in the health care industry.

-Happy Halloween

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