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A corrections officer was caught assaulting a suspect in Florida this Tuesday. The disturbing incident was captured by a surveillance camera.

“You’re being treated how you’re acting. You’re acting like an [expletive], you’re being treated as an [expletive],” Officer Broaderick told DUI suspect James Duckworth.

Duckworth was being held at the Marion County Jail and had to be restrained for allegedly “being difficult.” He suddenly expelled something from his lips — from the video footage, it is unclear if the suspect intentionally spit at the officer.

Whether or not the “spit” was intentional, it infuriated Broaderick. He screamed, “You don’t spit at officers!” Next, the officer grabbed Duckworth’s neck and slammed his head into a concrete wall. Blood smeared all around the suspect’s head. Duckworth lost consciousness soon thereafter.

Watch the incident unfold in the video below:

Subsequent to the event, Broaderick was arrested and charged with assault.  The officer spent a total of 13 minutes in jail — he was released after posting $2,000 bail and currently remains on unpaid leave.

From what we can observe in the video, is it safe to say this is an example of police brutality?


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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • Wilson

    Jesus, of course this is police brutality. I only know two evil people in real life, and then just about every cop.

  • Daniel Joseph

    ANOTHER ONE!!?? WTF! how much is enough?? Police are going to far

  • Geebus

    This is exactly why people have no respect for the police.

  • Faust

    Doesn’t appear to me that he spit. More of a “raspberry” sound usually used when you feel that a statement was ludicrous. He obviously felt like he was already being mistreated by the overweight officer. I’d like to see the first few minutes of the film to better grasp the rather sizable officers uncontrolled contempt toward the restrained subject. Regardless, the head slam against the wall was excessive and unwarranted.

  • Richard W.

    OMG…he was spitting something out of his mouth, not spitting on an officer. These officers overreacted and need to be put back in their place. That officer that did all the talking is also an arrogant bucket of crap.

  • Tony Baker

    I am absolutely outraged as well as numbed by this information. I was raised by parents that taught me responsible authorities in our society and that I was to respect and obey them; firemen, ministers, pharmacists, doctors and yes, policemen! My natural inclination is that the “police” would not do this. I realize that is naive and I am often gullible but I expect the “best” out of societies professionals. Shouldn’t it be there?

    This man (Broaderick) should have never been a policeman to begin with. Why isn’t there a screening process that catches an animal like this? Why does it not show up in the police academy? Someone is allowing this type trash through the system, this did not use to exist when I was young!

    In the past few years as I have paid attention to current events of our day, I have been seeing more and more of this behavior from people we expect better of. The real question is not Broaderick. The real question is what are “WE THE PEOPLE” going to do to set our communities back to what we expect from them? I sense that in the end, this is really our fault with the city councils, mayors and local judges we elect.

    I would like to see indepth conversations with realistic solutions!

    • Qari

      Civil disobedience. The problem is it’s an unfixable system, all systems of government which are enforced at the point of a gun are. You can’t have a man rule you with the right to take your property, liberty, and life, and not expect that power to be abused. In the free market, bad behavior is punished severely, but when you have guns on your side, who will stop you?

    • Mary Okorn-Jimenez

      The screening process LOOKS for people with these characteristics! It is long past the time for naivete.
      Police forces are currently built to be violent, have no remorse or empathy, and follow orders blindly.
      We are in serious danger as a populace.

  • FatLibertarianDude

    I don’t have much sympathy for people who get drunk and drive impaired, but I still do not condone assaulting them. This guy looks like I do when I have a hair in my mouth and try to spit it out. It does not look like he spit at the cop or actual spit out saliva. This is straight-up unjustifiable assault.

    • Jeremy Chavis

      how about the guy that killed FOUR people driving drunk and got off with probation. Seems like he should be the one getting his head slammed

      • civilian target

        I agree. That can be handled on the street. Not in a holding cell.

      • FatLibertarianDude

        That 16 year old in TX deserves to go to prison, but he doesn’t deserve to be assaulted by the police.

      • dan

        NO…there are other remedies to his problem….

  • MBarnard

    the officer needs to be fired and do REAL jail time not 13 minutes and unpaid leave. He is a criminal guilty of aggravated assault.

  • CriticalThinking101

    It does appear the officer over reacted and probably used more force than he realized…that’s the thing though, officers need to be rational when dealing with people and not let emotions control them.

  • Mike

    I didn’t see the guy spit at anyone

  • Frank DeVoe

    He clearly did not spit at the pig, he was getting something out of his mouth and was not at facing the pig.

  • daddyksinger

    Wow, watched it a couple times and that guy clearly did not spit. That fat POS pig was waiting for an opportunity to do exactly what he did.

  • Liberty1941

    Should I survive this situation, I would be sure to return the favor with interest.

  • raythemixer

    Dude did not spit at anyone… This pig needs to be in prison

  • Gina Marchant

    The guy spits into the air and the cop cracks his head. Seems fair…..WHAT?! Just another day at the cop shop!


    find the officer( it’s a demon) kill him police department is clean closed case.

  • Johnny Goldwater

    Steroids are a hell of a drug

  • J.R. Keller

    Everyone here seems to be blind or not paying attention to all the details. Watch the video again but pay close attention to the cop when the guy ”spits”.

    You will see that the guy does indeed spit but not to any of the officers, but you will also notice that the cop that smashes his head is actually LOOKING AWAY when the suspect does that! This can easily be misinterpreted by the cop who clearly hears the sound of spitting (as do us watching the video) but doesn’t really stops to look.

    I don’t think the cop did anything wrong other than mistakingly assuming the guy spit on one of them. An officer shouldn’t allow a detained suspect to behave in such a manner, but then again you could argue the cop was excessive in his use of force considering the guy is drunk off his ass. If it were a sober detained suspect maybe, but this guy is drunk and probably won’t even remember what he said or why his head hurts like crap the next day.

    • JBM

      Yep, that’s textbook police work right there buddy!! You make a good psychopath, are you a cop too? Moron!

    • Dana King

      Are you completely insane? Even if the guy did spit on them the police have NO right to dish out their own brand of “justice”, that’s for the court to work out. I suppose you also believe cops get to run me over with their cars if I jaywalk or smash my car windshield if my parking meter expires? Are you retarded?

    • Brandon Carpenter

      Well said, It’s sad to see all these cop haters jumping on every case where the title of the video leads people to believe they did something wrong. People here need to understand more about law and criminal behavior and what these officers go through on a day to day basis. It’s easy to critique anyone behind a computer desk but they seem to care less about trying to understand the officers that deal with these kind of situations.

      I’m sure I’ll get down voted and called “Moron” and “Psycopath” because I think rationally and don’t bring my emotions to everything I see on the internet

      For a movement that is supposed hold the banner of truth, we sure do act ignorant when it comes to this subject..

      • Gregg Braddoch

        “For a movement that is supposed hold the banner of truth, we sure do act ignorant when it comes to this subject..” That’s a nice tagline, did you get it from CNN, NBC, Fox News? I doubt it – you probably made it up for yourself, but you’re not part of “this movement” otherwise you would understand the principles, and why this is wrong.

      • billfan2012

        That’s correct, you are a moron if can not see that police of today are losing control. Cops are power control freaks. They can’t hang out everyday folks. They only have friends within the police community, because they are a**holes.

      • Jessica

        I went to school for criminal justice and minored in criminal behavior psychology, no where in my studies was I taught that if a ” alleged criminal”, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law” is seen spitting let alone just thought to have spit or acting in an outrageous behavior am I to slam his/ her head into a wall and knock them unconscious. It seems to me that the only people that need to understand more about law are the people that are supposed to make sure the law is abided by. Correct me if m wrong but it is our sworn duty to protect and serve all citizens, and to uphold the laws to the fullest extent ourselves.
        Lets say a drunk man in a bar spit in a persons face and a by standard attempted to restrain that man to avoid further altercation and accidentally shoved his head into a wall so hard he started bleeding and went unconscious, what would he be charged with? possibly attempted murder, then throw a twist into it that the guy that spit was an off duty officer, that by standard would be prosecuted to the fullest extent!

      • Jessica

        why is it that a person that is paid to uphold all laws and protect every person in the community immune from punishment when he slams a intoxicated mans head into a wall and doesn’t even know if he spit? How can you justify his actions with your idiotic false reality? Badge or not when the law is broke it is broke and the punishment should at very least be equal to a regular citizen. And this man was not even convicted of a crime at this point so he is protected under the constitution that he is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, so instead of protecting your fellow compadre and making a mockery of the purpose of a public server why don’t you sit down and read the laws and understand the difference of upholding the law and brutality because some cops seem to think themselves superior to the people that pay their wages. This is not supposed to be a communist country right is right and wrong is wrong, when the corrupt work of our police departments starts interfering with safety of citizens they should be protecting there is a huge problem in the united states and I for one am truly ashamed of fellow officers. The officers that stood by and observed and then assisted in covering up the brutality of this poor handcuffed man that was obviously not going to do anything beyond tell the one officer that he was gentleman should be facing criminal charges and relieved of their duties permanently. when a group of bully COWARDS gang up on a handcuffed man to protect another COWARD you should pay for the disgrace you have brought to the department you work for, the oath you took and the badge you wear. if you don’t uphold the oath you took for the position you hold at the end of the day the badge on your uniform is exactly that just a badge.

    • David Cope

      the spit head covering would have been appropriate……smashing the guys head into the wall was way excessive.

  • Max

    dude he slammed the shit outta the guy’s head.. that’s so excessive! definitely a concussion.

  • Justin Alexander


  • Mark

    The man DID NOT spit. The cop is lying…watch again and again carefully!

  • Mark

    The cops are getting so deadly to the general public that there will soon come a day when people will fear for their lives at the sight of a cop and will open fire. We are rapidly moving towards anarchy.

  • Adam

    If he did spit… that’s part of their job. Being spit on is nothing to be proud of, but it does NOT give just cause to physically hurt someone. Did you hear the cop at the end.. ‘get “our” doctor’ … yeah.. fire that excessive use of force, from the force. He is obviously NOT cut out for the line of work he is performing.

    • Chris

      AMEN!!! I am a healthcare worker in the ER and let me tell you; getting spit on is part of the job. It’s not pleasant, but it happens and we are not allowed to treat those “difficult” people like that! And we would have to spend a hell of a lot more than 13 minutes in jail.

  • mcgeyver

    It appears the Suspect had a “Chew” or a “Dip” in his mouth and spit some the tabacco out, not at the officers but towards the ground. Thugs like those cops need the same treatment dealt out to them.

    • billfan2012

      That is what thought.

  • Dana King

    Hey, Broaderick, I’m not in handcuffs so why don’t you take your froggy a55, hop on over here and try that with me?

  • bobbyb21

    absolutely that is assault. The argument that the suspect spit goes out the window with this video because he clearly does not spit on any officers. It seemed to me more like a “pshh” of frustration that the officer interpreted as the man spitting. That does not make it okay, and if any person other than an officer committed an act like this they would be in jail. The officer should be fired, and sent to jail with no chance of ever becoming a cop again. Also, when he is sued for this it should not be a lawsuit that anybody but the officer involved pays for. We need to reel our Law Enforcement in and make them realize that they work for us. the tax payers, and that they need to treat all of us with the utmost respect and no matter what refrain from using force as much as possible. Then if they do need to use it, it should be as minimal as possible. Self control and discipline are two traits Police in this country lack and they are the most important traits that should be associated with anyone who upholds the laws and constitution of this country.You would never see such treatment from the Police of other developed countries, but in the most developed, wealthy and educated country it is common place. That is a serious problem if you ask me,

    • Mary Okorn-Jimenez

      You do know that psychopathic tendencies are sought and courted when it comes to recruits, right?

  • jim

    are the cops going to be arrested for this? this has to stop people, the only way this is going to stop is if we the people stop it.

  • Laerrus

    They better remember this shit when the people rise up.

  • Bob Hope

    not at all. The moron spit at a cop and clearly was stupid enough to get a DUI. This country is corrupt because suddenly we all become lawyers after we screw up. We should all face the consequences instead of getting out of it. We should go back to the days where you do something wrong, you get punished. Not do something wrong and get out on bail. You kill someone, you should die too. You hurt someone you should sit in prison for decades. You drive drunk, you should get your license taken away for life. Now this cop is losing his job because he was doing his job? It’s almost like saying a teacher is being fired because they taught to the class.

    • Gregg Braddoch

      Sorry, but anyone who calls slamming someone’s head into a wall “the cops job” is clearly not understanding that this could have killed the man, that the definition of DUI is expanded each year to include smaller amounts of alcohol (which as caused an INCREASE in drunk driving by definition, and no decline in deaths caused by drunk drivers), and also what “due process” means.

      I’m biting my tongue, as your comment clearly deserves more derision than a simple explanation of why you’re wrong – but that will accomplish nothing.

    • Kevin Parrish

      This is moronic, we have a justice system, cops do not decide the punishment, that is performed by a judge and jury. And how about the people we’ve executed who’ve done nothing wrong, the US has sent innocent men to their deaths.

      Too often people view the justice system as some kind of holy punishment. The goal of the justice system should be to deter and prevent behavior that hurts other people, no more no less.

      • Michael Lopez

        just recently cops refused to give a lady insulin or take her to a hospital to receive it. she died while the officers and her boyfriend who was in another cell watched

    • ReasonableRonny

      When it comes down to it, the guy didn’t spit at an officer, although it is possible the cop may have been confused by the sound. It looked to me like he might have had something on his lip or in his teeth, and he was drunk so he just kind of looked down and blew it out of his mouth. Regardless, in that situation seeing as he’s not a threat to them and is piss drunk in handcuffs, the proper move for the police is to swallow their pride, place him in the drunk tank, and use the footage to charge him with assault for spitting on them. They are there to keep the peace and enforce laws, not to assault someone who may or may not have spit at them while drunk in handcuffs.

    • billfan2012

      You need to get charged with something with these out of control cops of today. They are scum. They will lie to protect their job, they are being paid to administer law, lying is breaking the law. Fire their ass.

    • Patrick Kraemer

      Bob Hope–
      Is your name really Broaderick?

    • Alyssa Appleman

      doing his job does NOT include severely injuring someone over ‘spit’. It’s called the cop has a temper and shouldn’t be allowed to be on duty if he cant control it.

    • Roger Sherman

      Slamming a mans head into a concrete wall is an appropriate response to spitting? You sir, are what is wrong with this nation. And your comment about the country being corrupt due to people who have screwed up?
      You really must have blinders on to think it is the people that have corrupted this nation. Stop having your news spoon fed to you and seek other media outlets. There is no Hope for you otherwise

      • Michael Lopez

        thank you

      • Brian Colvin

        well put roger. Bob hope….there are places like what you describe. Like north Korea. You should move there.

    • Jessica

      I am astonished that any person would have the audacity to watch that video and then comment that the alleged criminal spit at the cop. Lets say that maybe you need glasses or cant see at all and hopefully to save your family embarrassment for the stupidity you spilled out over this situation, if neither of those are the case then I really must know, were you born this way or did it happen over time due to lack of social stimulation and possibly not get your daily dose of get right people like you have such a disturbed thought process that in order to keep you and community members safe you should be locked up and heavily sedated. And clearly you must not know the laws at all if you justify this creeps actions when you refer to punishing people back in the day when people didn’t start getting punished for drinking and driving until the criminal amendment act of 1968-69 is when people started and that was only if there bac was higher than 80mg/100ml of blood. If I was that drunk guy I would have been a hell of a lot happier losing my license for life if my alternative was having my head smashed into a wall for complimenting and officer on being a gentleman. Back in the day that cops boss would have kicked his a*s.

    • roger gibson

      Bob=trolling jerk or just another bully

    • cabinetmaker

      Bob Hope is a good example of what the “training” people are being subjected, since childhood in government’s public schools and by mass media, turns them into: a slave.

    • mark

      You Mr. Hope are an idiot! And by your standards should be institutionalized. But you’re right about the consequences thing…and the thug cop should go to prison for decades for hurting someone…that hurt no one! He was drunk, that’s it, he didn’t hurt a soul. And no, DUI’s shouldn’t lose their license’ for life…what a moronic statement! People with your attitude scare the hell out of me…to think you just might be a politician is frightening. And that cop should lose his job! He’s not suited for it. He clearly has no self control and to be carrying a gun with that much built-in hostility…go drive a garbage truck bud, but please turn in your badge. Can’t believe I just wasted five minutes of my life writing something to somebody that can’t possibly understand the meaning. Good day Mr. Hope…

  • dirtbutton

    The guy didn’t spit on anyone. We all do things that we may regret namely driving intoxicated and he will have to pay, but.. Cops do not have the right to treat people that way. It’s called being professional and that’s what they get paid for. Nobody said being a public servant is glamorous.

  • LoneWiseMan

    He should be charged (and convicted), lose his job, and never be allowed to work in another position of authority for the rest of his life.

    • civilian target

      The officer needs to receive a good beat down.

    • Chris Gobin

      Be nice but will never happen, lately even child killing cops, elderly killing cops, and unarmed citizen killing cops are back to work after a paid vacation….the clear and present trend lately is getting outta hand.

  • Kent

    He probably passed out because the officer was restricting blood flow to his brain with his fist. You can see him struggling to breathe and turning red in the face. Trust me they all know pressure points and methods to subdue you.

  • NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    He didn’t spit at anyone and
    he was a fairly passive drunk

  • Andrewski

    Freaking idiot LE

  • Jazz OZ Hamilton

    Got bacon? Also, a quick couple of questions; are these swine still alive and if so, why?

  • James Nimmons

    he’s drunk..way to go big brave man.. you deserve so much respect..hehe he wasn’t even trying to spit on the officer..looked like he had a hair in his mouth..cop is a dick..and look at salt and pepper hair guy..he looks worried.

  • Bug Spray

    You better kill me because I’m coming back with a vengeance if you don’t.
    I despise a bully and couldn’t care less what clothes they are wearing.
    There are men out here that consider you unworthy to do their laundry.
    We trained while the best part of you run down your mother’s leg.
    I suggest you go to church tomorrow and pray to find some compassion and restraint in your heart, and show it on the job………
    Because if you don’t, the men you will eventually meet, will show you none of the above.

    You have my word on it.

    South Carolina

    • Mary Okorn-Jimenez


  • Phlee

    If you listen carefully to the audio at the very end, you can hear the Corrections Officer CLEARLY apologize, which is PROOF of regret, which is proof of malice. Deadly force reaction for an UNWITNESSED “bodily fluid” “attack”? This is a CRIME, and should be held to a HIGHER standard, due the absence of policy being followed, the lack of self control, and the heinousness of the attack. No more “tune-in ’em up” allowed, boys…..follow the rules, and the law!!!!

  • civilian target

    The cop is a punk hiding behind a badge.

    This has become the norm in the United States…. Law enforcement officers hide behind their badge while participating in criminal activity. On a daily basis, these individuals violate citizen’s civil and constitutional rights. They have been given more latitude to cause death, physical, financial and emotional harm to U.S. citizens than any other organization. Their actions are overlooked, condoned and in many cases encouraged and rewarded by their department(s) leadership. Lies and justification are all they know. And they want me or others to cower or show respect? Not likely. I didn’t take an oath to abide by the laws and uphold the constitution. They did. Historically, the truth is twisted to make the victims appear to be the criminals.

    And… they want my respect. I can’t give them that respect.

    • Mary Okorn-Jimenez

      Police departments look for psychopathic tendencies in their recruits. It explains a lot, no?

  • J.R. Keller

    Ok, seems that many of you are still not grasping the big picture here. Many people on the comments are very quick to jump the moral railroad without considering the entirety of the situation.

    Am I in favor of cops? No, they have increasingly overstepped their boundries as law enforcers and peace keepers and seem to be gravitating more into a militarized imposition force. Do I approve of unjustified excesive application of force by the police? Neither. However, reading through the comments I notice some people commenting that ”officers should treat people with utmost respect”, but this is entirely ludicrous; why should someone be treated with respect when he or she does not treat equally with respect? Specially to an officer. Not everyone deserves good treatment.

    Regarding the main subject, I don’t think the guy spitted on any of the cops here, and the officer that smashed the guy’s head probably went a little bit too far, but let me ask you then: How the heck would you react? Probably not smashing the man’s head but I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be smiling about it! And some of you I bet would go even further than simply smashing his head -once-.

    What many people here seem to forget, and those who demand the cop’s resignation or incarceration, is that policemen are not freakin’ robots! You are asking a HUMAN BEING to remain neutral and collected when an offense (even if mistakingly like in this case) has been committed against them! Even if it’s the cops’ job to remain professional and cool to these kind of situations, think once again that this is a policeman, a person who is constantly in harms’ way to do what he is supposed to do; they NEED to react quickly constantly.

    I am not supporting what this cop did, but I can neither blame him for reacting that way. What I mean to say is that I understand his reaction, even if I believe he was mistaken to go that far.

    • civilian target

      You say…. “why should someone be treated with respect when he or she does not treat equally with respect?”

      Ok, using your logic it sounds like a the cops are in for a rough day. They use intimidation, not respect with those they encounter.

      • J.R. Keller

        That is true, and like I said at the beginning of my previous comment: Lately, policemen have increasingly overstepped their boundries.

        You would think that a normal law-abiding citizen wouldn’t be harassed by the police for no reason, but sadly this is no longer the case. The fact that police use intimidation is not a bad approach for them to take referring of course when they approach real criminals, specially dangerous ones.

        Policemen may not be the nicest guys nowadays, but a loudmouth DUI suspect should expect nothing but rough treatment from them if he or she is pushing all the wrong buttons.

        Police methods (at least most of them) are not ill intentioned, they are necessary. The problem today is that they are applying them extremely arbitrarily.

        • civilian target

          If a cop can’t handle getting his “buttons pushed” they need to seek other employment.

          • J.R. Keller

            Maybe so. Though I believe it would be best to implement a more long term permanent solution by actually training them in restraint and control.

            Assaulting a suspect should be the last resort and only in specific cases. i.e. the suspect is extremely physically violent.

          • civilian target

            I’ll guarantee you this isn’t an isolated behavior outburst from this officer. He just happened to get caught this time.

          • Rudy

            even physically violent at all would be a step up from how it is now. a lady cop shot a guy who called her a biatch… all you have to do is piss the jack booted thug off and they whoop your arse and blame it on you! its nothing new just now every poor person has a camera phone to document it.

          • Rudy

            his poor dog probably gets kicked as soon as he walks in the door

    • michael viktora

      As a previous fellon and being in jail myself i would have asked in a firm tone a voice until i had his full attention id ask DID YOU JUST SPIT AT MY FELLOW OFFICER!? OR DID YOU JUST TRY TO GET THE HAIR OFF YOUR LIP!? YOUR ANSWER TELLS ME IF YOU GO TO SEG OR NOT SO WHICH IS IT…? DID YA SPIT OR NO. and if they answered no and cooperated then let it be that, if not good he deserves discipline ungrateful thug. and about the cops pushing there boundaries yes they certainly are especially nowadays when people without a record are even afraid of the police… aren’t the police supposed to serve and protect not acre and arrest innocents…?

      • michael viktora

        protect not scare*

      • Canine Justice

        You’re a idiot. Smart way to try and establish your credibility, “As a previous fellon.” You’re a felon, there is no such thing as previous about it. No such thing as an ex-convict.

        As police officers (and those you’re more familiar with, correctional officers) there is no disciplining people. They aren’t the judge and executioner. Police only react to the situation at hand.

    • Canine Justice

      I was a cop (retired) and the problem is that the officer wasn’t looking directly at him when he “spit.” He heard the noise and reacted to it. The still picture makes it appear as if the officer punched the man but he didn’t. He was using a pressure point to cause compliance. The proper thing to do is to push the face away from you and use a surface to prevent from being bitten. Correctional officers and jailers get spit on a lot as well as having feces, urine and semen thrown on them all the time. It is a dirty, disgusting and thankless job. Officers must defend themselves because these bodily fluids carry life threatening biological diseases in them. Yes, spit can be considered deadly force if a person who does the spitting knows they are a carrier for a disease such as HIV or Hepatitis. The officer was trying to defend himself and others because he doesn’t know what the subject’s health condition is.

      The officer did use a little too much force when he pushed the head against the wall, I don’t think he intended to do it that hard. Because if had wanted to hurt him, there are better ways of doing it and no one would ever know, even if on camera.

      • mark

        Oh, that’s good to know! So you’re trained to hurt people without it being detected…even on camera. Just great! This country is done!!! People like you need to look in the mirror once in awhile. The mentality of way too many cops today is disgusting. You wanna be a ruthless thug…move to CUBA, they’d love to have you. You may think you’re right because you wear a badge but brutality is brutality. If you can’t deal with people’s inperfections find another line of work…because the world doesn’t need more brutality. I’m not defending the drunk. He put himself in that situation. But the police have a responsibility and brutalizing people isn’t it. They are not ‘judge dread’ and life isn’t a movie. There are consequences! The people are growing tired of seeing this shit. This is the kind of thing you expect to see from some third world dictatorship. A good way to do the right thing is to keep in mind of how you would treat a friend or family member in the same situation. Would this thug do the same to his son or daughter? I think not…

      • Paul Sanders

        it is a job for morons who can’t get a real job and overpaid to keep human beings in captivity, Most for non violent offenses.

        • Rudy

          two of my uncles are prison guards. although they are not violent d!*k heads like this guy. but they will be the first to tell you that they are just overpaid babysitters

      • Cyborg

        Leave it to fellow officers, retired or not, to defend one another at any cost.

        • Canine Justice

          You obviously have never read anything else I’ve commented on regarding use of force and officer actions.

    • Lars_Viker

      why should someone be treated with respect when he or she does not treat equally with respect?

      Because being a cop is a job and part of the job is to treat even unrespectful people with a minimum of human decency. If that’s not possible for you, you should try doing something even simpler.

  • Christopher Botterman

    Police Brutality! There training instructors should be fired! They don’t know how to handle a situation anymore!

    • Dert

      Fired AND Charged … AND given a trial NOT at the taxpayers’ expense, which is NOT presided over by a Crooked judge … which definitively results in a Guilty verdict, where he serves an unabbreviated prison sentence of all the corresponding years for his heinous crime … in General population, in order to set a HUGE example for any of the other dirtbag cops who even think about stepping out of line!! Either all that or death by firing squad.

    • rick

      He is a security guard at the jail, not a cop.

  • militia

    Execute the cops, by firing squad.

    • Sean

      A very small percentage of cops are bad, yet you want cops to be shot because of them. Do you also agree that all guns should be taken away for citizens because a small percentage of people use them to commit violence?

      • momofdancers

        We have an issue here in ohio where a group of cops killed a 24 year old man in their custody. After that story and this one, i went to youtube and found literally hundreds ofpolice brutality incidents caught on camera. They feel beholden to no one. This behavior is fast becoming the norm. I have raised my kids to do right and to always yes sir the cops, because if u dont then an ass whipping may be the least of your issues.

        • Mary Okorn-Jimenez

          I teach my kids NO POLICE CONTACT is the best police contact.

    • Rudy

      but first take him to court and convict him. otherwise you stoop way down to the thugs level

  • Myles A Hart

    ive been spit at a spec ed teacher teaching kids with behavior issues, ive seen it, dealt with it, and understood it was part of the job, crazy damn kids..i didnt smash the kids head into the wall, what the hell would that solve..when you take a job as a public servant, you have to understand the issues and possibly situations that may come to arise..this is an officer who has no business being put in a position of authority

  • BobM001

    This cop is just like the type of the college security cop in Texas that KILLED a student. Shot him SIX TIMES. That cop had EIGHT different jobs in eight years. This cop should NEVER be allowed ANY position of authority EVER AGAIN!

  • RocketMyDog1

    Punk cop needs to go to jail. What a coward.

  • rogerfgay

    With the whole AIDS thing, spitting can be considered life-threatening.

    • Mike

      IF he spit. Which he didn’t. Watch the video. And, for the record, it would take roughly an ocean worth of saliva to infect another person with HIV/AIDS.

  • Jeffrey

    They need to check this cop thug for steroids. What an unprofessional disgrace!

  • Sean

    So the drunk driver could have killed someone in a car accident but a cop is rough with him after he spits on him and we feel bad for the lowlife drunk? This is why I am no longer a libertarian, this cop bashing is out if control.

    • Kieran Dunne

      No matter what the guy did there was absolutely no need at all for what that cop did,he is supposed to be a professional therefore he should act like one not like a hired thug.Yes the guy was drunk and the police had done their job,taking the guy off the street and putting him in jail,there job is NOT to assault people and leave them with serious head injuries.No matter how many times i watch this i do not see him spitting at an officer,the cop was a jerk and should be severely disciplined for his actions

      • Darren Wilkens

        Drunk or not, if some p.o.s. spits on me, I can guarantee it won’t end well for the waste of life. The drunk in the article is just that, a waste of life.

        • Mike

          Did you watch the video? Nobody spit at anyone. Blowing (with air) something from your lip, not even in the direction of the officer is not grounds to get your head slammed against a concrete wall.
          Be careful how you speak. You get the police department you ask for. You want some hot head to smash your face into a concrete wall like that? Over nothing? I doubt it. So don’t wish that on others.

          • Darren Wilkens

            He DID spit in the direction of the officer that stepped back. Or are you too blind to see that. He pursed his lips to spit. It’s clear as day.

            Prison officials go through a lot more crap than regular patrol officers. So don’t sit there and side with the waste of life.

            The p.o.s. got what he deserved!

          • Mike

            He blew AIR onto his own lip, no fluid, no spit, no ll intent. And anyone who watches that, who isn’t an idiot, can see that.
            He got what he deserved??? He blew a hair from his lip and got his head smashed in by a government goon. Why do you live in America? Isn’t China more to your liking?

      • Sean

        That sounds like a very easy statement from your soapbox. You have no idea what it would be like in that situation. I get that you have no respect for people who leave for work and don’t know if they will be home to see their families and i am sure you don’t think about that at all as you bitch about the room temperature in your cubical.

        • Jess

          I really think Sean needs anger management. Anyone else agree? Please see above comments. P.s. I do not know what comment you read, but that is not a soapbox she was on.

        • putuporshutup

          i serveed front lines in the marines. and i too think that is a scumbag thug cop who has no business wearing a badge! he has no idea if he is coming home???? THEN QUIT!!!!..I DONT WANT MY TAXES PAYING A COWARD!

        • Kieran Dunne

          They know the risks when they sign up,that does not give them a license to assault the people they have sworn an oath to protect.If you believe that police brutality in any form is acceptable then you are as much of a fascist as the doughnut munching pig in the video.

    • jcg

      Sean, regardless of the prisoners condition, leo do not have A right to behave in that manner. They go into this career knowing that this is all part of the job. No excuses

      • Sean

        There is an excuse…he needed an ass whopping for threatening the life and liberty of anyone that was in the path of his drunken joyride. He is a piece of trash low life and will likely be rewarded handsomely with the help of a similarly trashy defense attorney. One would hope that he is out driving again within a month or two. Great work!

        • B

          It’s not the officer’s job to deal out punishment. Innocent until proven guilty “in a court of law”. The officer just got irrational with a man who was drunk? How do you feel righteous with that?

        • Jess

          Woah, he is a trashy low life? Excuse you, and you are God? No sir. Just because he was drunk doesn’t mean anything. You do not know the circumstances, maybe it was the first time? Maybe he just lost his wife. Maybe he has a million dollars. But to you, he is a low life. Have you never been drunk ever? Please….save yourself from commenting further…clearly you think it is ok to bash people’s heads into walls.

    • ‘Stuart Kahler

      Since you don’t seem to believe that a person has a right to a fair trial *before* being punished for their crimes, I don’t believe you ever *were* a libertarian.

      • widower9

        I believe that Sean is merely venting his frustration with the current, FAILED LIBERAL policies regarding punishments for crimes. Putting people in jail and/or prison has been proven to be ineffective and a waste of money. Then, they let those criminals back out to continue the same crimes, or even worse ones, which they were locked up for previously. Past civilizations used to beat people and whip them with whips. It was far more effective, and people retained scars on their bodies which reminded them of what would happen if they would continue their unlawful behavior. One of the reasons for our society being completely out of control is due to failed Liberal policies pertaining to how criminals are punished. Or actually I should say, NOT punished.

    • putuporshutup

      the civilian doesnt get payed with my taxes nor did he take an oath to uphold law and protect society! the druhk does not work for me, the cop does!i hold himi to a higher standard!

    • Jay

      So its OK for the cops to be Judge, jury, and executioner? If he did spit on that cops shoe (he was looking down) they can add a charge and lock him up longer like they should, but you think its ok for them to start cracking open heads instead.. Sean you and those dirty cops make this a sick world.

  • BeverlyAnnArmstrong

    The cop is a hot head and needs to be fired. They were jerks and baiting him to act out. If they had spoken to him without the attitude there wouldn’t have been a problem. I don’t believe the man spit, it was just an excuse to bash a head it.

  • Manny Soriano

    1. Corrections officer works in prison. Law enforcement officer works in the streets. Get your terms correct.
    2. He got arrested, placed into custody, was entitled to and posted bail, and awaits trial. Not to mention he was placed on administrative leave w/o pay pending investigation.

    What else needs to happen to the guy? Lop his privates off and shoot him in the head? Put him up in front of firing squad? In that case why even bother having a criminal justice system. Castrate ALL the criminals!


    • Rudy

      he should go to jail just like i would if i smashed your head into a concrete wall! you sir are the idiot.

      • Rudy

        and then fines. and then some anger management. and then some probation.

        • Rudy

          then he should be sued in civil court

      • Manny Soriano

        He did go to jail and HE POSTED BAIL. Just because he didn’t do 20 years from the get doesn’t mean he’s not entitled to his constitutional rights.

        Typical liberal. Thinking with your heart and emotions and not your brain and logic.

    • putuporshutup

      why not prove YOU are not an idiot and go smash a cops head into the brick wall and see if you get a 2000 dollar bail after 13 minutes! YOU, “sir”, are the idiot! that is wha is pissing people off. would you or i get a 2000 dollar bail after 13 minutes of smashing someones head in? People see you as a new kind of stupid dont they? nah, youre just the old kind!

      • Manny Soriano

        So to prove I’m not an idiot i should go break the law and get arrested?

        Seems legit…

        • Putuporshutuo

          No, simply shut your ignorant mouth. So simple, yet it escapes you. Youre incapable of getting it!

          • Manny Soriano


  • rick

    Question is, is he a police officer or a jail security guard. If he is not a police officer get over it with police brutality, period. Either way, of course, it was wrong.

    • Mike

      “Jail security guards” are members of the police force or sheriff’s office. As such they represent those organizations as correctional law enforcement officers. Any act of brutality displayed by these officers reflects on their parent organization and opens an avenue for litigation on the part of the assaulted inmate. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office did the correct thing by arresting this thug and placing him on unpaid leave.

      • X

        If it was the right thing he would be treated no different then anyone else, who has n badge.

      • Rudy

        a breath of fresh air that they actually did that. usually they stand behind the thugs and make some horse shiiiiiiiit excuse why it was justified

      • TheWholeTruth

        But, in the original article, the Sheriff’s department stated that the video was not enough to warrant termination. Can you BELIEVE that???? He was arrested and put on unpaid leave but THAT’S not ENOUGH to FIRE HIM?????

  • widower9

    First of all, the young man was drunk and did not even know what he was doing. If they wanted to slam his head against the wall, it would have been more effective to do it after he sobered up. I have almost NO sympathy for people who drive under the influence. They are potential murderers of us or our loved ones. I’ve been through that with them. A drunk driver killed my uncle many, many years ago. It was horrible. And putting people in jail or prison does nothing to rehabilitate them. This young drunk should be taken into a back room after sobering up, and the police should beat him with cane poles, informing him that if he is ever caught driving under the influence again that he will be beaten even worse. Failed Liberal policies are destroying this country. Our prisons are full of rapists and murderers and gangbangers who should be exterminated, not given 3 meals a day, color TV, ping-pong, and weight-lifting, then released to do their evil deeds all over again!!!! I am fed up with it all.

    • widower9

      And I am NOT supporting that the police become judge and jury. AFTER the judge has found a person guilty of breaking the law, THEN that person shall be sentenced to a beating or whipping, and the crime committed shall determine the number of times the person shall be beaten or whipped. The executioner would then carry out the punishment set by the judge, whether it be a beating, or whippings, or execution.

      • putuporshutup

        …and when new evidence clears them? what then? happens all the time. will you suffer the same treatment they were unjustly forced to endure? will you choose beating or whipping? its y our idea, dunsky!

        • Ricky Ross

          BOOM! Reality spoken…

      • Ricky Ross

        Maybe you read it, but after making such an ignorant statement, please read what “putuporshutup” said again and again and again, until it gets embedded in your head!

    • Dennis Freytes

      funny how nobody will blame the alcohol companies for things like drunk driving and domestic violence or child abuse or the million and one intoxication related crimes people commit while on the addictive legal substance alcohol.

      • Independent Tom

        Because misbehavior is the fault of the person who is misbehaving. Bacardi is no more to blame for this man driving drunk than Bic is responsible for misspellings.

      • BuzzKillington

        Same logic as blaming gun manufacturers for someone shooting someone else. It’s safe to say that you’re a Liberal who doesn’t care about personal accountability.

        • Br pa


    • Jaybo117

      I’m with you widower9, let’s legalize pot. Stoned kids drive slow as molasses and the murders might find something more interesting in the passing chemtrail rainclouds then revenge. Bravo Zulu!

    • putuporshutup

      i can help you pack for your move out of this country………….say when, but i have a feeling i will never hear from you.

    • Br pa

      I agree with the Drinking and driving…..BUT two wrongs dont make a right and it is a slippery slope when cops dont obey the very laws they are sworn to protect.

  • salvatore

    Many cops have gone overboard with their thinking they are above the law…and can get away with just about anything!! These rogue cops need to be brought to justice just like anyone else….a badge and a gun do NOT give you judge, jury, and executioner status!!!! Protect and serve have seemingly gone by the wayside anymore…or so it seems….still many a good cops however!!

  • Dennis Freytes

    shouldn’t have spit in the officer face

    • TruthSeeker

      What video were you watching? The guy indicated that the officer didn’t do anything to him and made the comment, ” you sir are a gentleman”. In his drunken stupor he attempts to clear his mouth and the officer that was already internally brewing reacted out of emotion to an event that didn’t happen. The officer was clearly not level headed or clear minded, otherwise he would not have responded so impulsively without genuine ration.

    • TheWholeTruth

      Which officer did he spit in their face? I didn’t see anyone’s face there in front of him to spit in. No one was even close or down on his level.

    • cyborg

      Watch the video again, numbskull. He did not spit in the officer’s face.

  • Dale

    Didn’t look to me like he spit at the officer, but that he was trying to get something out of his mouth. Whatever it was, this was an overkill reaction and I hope the cop ends up in jail for assault.

  • Ry An

    Then the sorry motherfucker says he’s sorry!! GTFOH !!! Piece of shit

  • Yabster

    I have a bright idea. Don’t drink and drive because this can happen to you,.

    • Michael Faris

      What a ridiculous statement you just made. For the most part we all know not to drink and drive and there are many harsh consequences for such actions. But please, use your critical thinking skills and logic…the guy did not even remotely deserve nor instigate this.

      • Yabster

        I didn’t say he deserved it you stupid asshole. I said don’t drink and drive. It puts you in a bad position along with anybody that is with you in the vehicle and others on the same road.

        You should read the entire statement. I kept it down to 15 words for idiots like you and you still didn’t read it. WTF?

        • Justin Baines

          After reading so many of your ridiculous comments, I think the real issue here is a deep rooted problem in our humanity.. or rather, lack there of.
          Our culture has birthed an entire generation of violent insult throwing neanderthals.}
          I have read on numerous occations with you in paticular calling people idiots, douche’s, stupid, assholes, and a variety of combinations… (if you’d like citation I’d be happy to invest more time later).
          Perhaps if you, and people in general spent more time using their brains rather then brawn… Things like this video wouldn’t be an issue.

          • Yabster

            Let me get this right. I post “I have a bright idea. Don’t drink and drive because this can happen to you”.
            Nunyadamnbuzness opens his reply with “What a f**king moron!”. I reply and call him a moron in the process.
            heman opens his reply with “Dumb ass!!!” . I reply to him and refrain from calling him any names.

            The fakest idiot of all, Michael Farris goes off on a rant about critical thinking skills then acts like I stated the victim deserved to have his head smashed into the wall. I answered him by pointing out that I never said he deserved it and that was true.

            What do you do? You read all of them and then attack me personally while calling me a neanderthal. You’re right when you say “Our culture has birthed an entire generation of… ” but the end of that sentence should be “Pussies”
            It’s real men that formed, built, and fought for the country that gives you the right to sit there and spout off you little bitch. You should bring your gripes up to me face to face since you seem to be a real man.

    • Ricky Ross

      What a moronic statement!

      Keep thinking the way that you do and one day when you or someone that you love gets arrested for something erroneous, like for instance, not paying your penalty tax for Obamacare, or for not complying with a judge’s orders (in Colorado) to bake cakes for people that you do not want to bake cakes for, or for legally open carrying a weapon (happening everywhere), or legally filming police officers in public (happening everywhere), or for getting arrested for a DUI when you have had nothing to drink (police officer of the year in Utah) or for not allowing a smart meter to be installed on your house (Illinois), or eventually, not allowing the state to vaccinate your children, or for any number of other erroneous reasons…and then you will regret your brain dead, moronic and conditioned statement!

      Don’t you get it you fool? You do not allow members of the state to conduct themselves this way under ANY circumstance…because eventually, it will come back to bite you and everyone else in the ass!

      But then again, I’m sure you are the type of moron that has no problem with the NSA/government spying on you, because after all, “you are not doing anything wrong”…


      • Yabster

        Written by the douche that also writes;
        “These are the “men” that became police officers because it offered them something that they never had in life an identity!
        With that identity comes manufactured power and authority. Most of them would do the job for free, so long as they have that power and control over their fellow man!
        Any man that desires to have power and control over their fellow man, should be banned from ever holding a position to do so!!!”

        You definitely have a deep rooted issue with the police. Maybe you were anally raped (a lot) by a cop. That’s OK. I’m not judging.

        • Ricky Ross

          LOL, no deep issues or raping at all. Everything I wrote is true and most who are awake, would agree!

          You must be a cop or have one in your family?

          Ironically, your statement eludes that cops like taking advantage of their manufactured power and authority by raping people

          Thanks for trying to help prove my theory!


          • Br pa

            Perfect response!

          • Yabster

            If you only knew about all the problems I have with the cops in my area. There has been a crime wave creeping over Philly and they do nothing in the unlikely event they even respond. I have been harassed most this year after posting pictures of 6 squad cars sitting outside a restaurant hours after 2 women were assaulted 2 blocks away. They came around my business and threatened me, even ticked my car and broke the mirror.
            I have no love for cops in general, especially Philly PD. My complaint is the opposite of many peoples because I think they don’t do enough to stop crime. Maybe there should be some coconut bashing, maybe not. I said that if the guy wasn’t drunk driving he would not be there and it would not have happened. Read into it what you want.

        • Br pa

          Maybe think about changing your picture…. Talking about “anal rape” while sporting a family photo is just weird! I guess i shouldn’t be surprised, after all, you did say you would slam your daughters head into the cement wall if she got a DUI.

    • Br pa

      Yabster, so if one of your daughters made the mistake as a young adult and got a DUI, you would find it perfectly acceptable to have her head slammed against a brick wall? Yeah…. think before you talk!

      • Yabster

        If one of my daughters was locked up for dui I would be down there slamming their heads against the wall. Thanks for your concern though.

        • Br pa

          Yabster, you are either completely full of shit or you should not be raising children…

      • Ricky Ross

        He is surely a cop and incapable of thinking at all. He, like the rest of them, can only >>> FOLLOW ORDERS!

    • BuzzKillington

      “Don’t jaywalk and you won’t have to worry about being assaulted.”

      • Yabster

        I guess your handle tells the whole story. Anybody that has BuzzKill in their screen name has got to be stoned. Please exit the conversation until you sober up. Oh yeah, Don’t drink and drive.

        • BuzzKillington

          Clearly you’ve never watched family guy. And I’m AD mil, so I’m pretty sure my CC wouldn’t appreciate me popping hot for weed on my next UA. But you’ve made a bunch of gem posts on here, so I know you’re a special snowflake.

    • heman

      Dumb ass!!!! This guy was arrested for his crime. Getting beat up unconscious is illegal!!!!! This fat piece of scum needs to be fired and charged with aggravated battery. What a pus bag.

      • Yabster

        No doubt the cop was using excessive force. He should get his ass kicked too.

    • Nunaya Dambizness

      What a f**king moron! You’re of the same mentality kind of people that say, “Well, if you don’t have anything to hide you shouldn’t have any problem with the police stopping and searching you at random, without a warrant or probable cause.” Have fun living in a police state, idiot.

      • Yabster

        I didn’t say ” if you don’t have anything to hide you shouldn’t have any problem with the police”. I said “Don’t drink and drive” You are the fuckin moron due to the fact that you can’t even follow along. Would it help if I typed slower or tried to use smaller words?

  • TheWholeTruth

    “Following a drawn-out investigation, initial claims by Broaderick and other officers at the scene that Duckworth initiated the assault by being aggressive toward the officers have been refuted by surveillance evidence.

    Broaderick was arrested for assault on Tuesday, spending just 13 minutes in jail before posting his $2,000 bail.

    “Employees of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office are expected, and required, to maintain the highest level of integrity and accountability in our dealings with the public — including inmates incarcerated in the Marion County Jail,” a statement from the sheriff’s office read.

    Broaderick is currently on unpaid leave pending further investigation, but sheriff’s office officials say that the video evidence alone is not enough to merit the officer’s full termination.”

    • BobtheGrape

      At least they didn’t put the a**hole, Broderick, on paid leave like they do with the regular cops when they do something similar. That jail attendant should go to jail and be placed in with the general prison population then I’m sure he would see what it was like on the other side of those bars with a whole crapload of bullies after your a**.

    • cyborg

      The sheriff’s office does not get to decide the fate of Officer Broaderick. The judge does. If or when this goes to court, the judge decides if he should be stripped of his badge and gun. But for God’s sake, this DUI guy needs to get a lawyer.

  • Republic Of America

    The boy DID NOT spit, he was clearing his lips/mouth as if a hair or something was there, certainly DID NOT spit on or toward any officer bottom line, this was an abuse by the officer clearly.

  • Owlisen

    How the hell could they get that to spitting at the officer???. He wasnt even looking at the officer at the time he cleared his mouth.. just as if he had something like a hair or so stuck in his mouth…
    That damn cop should loose his job over something like this.
    Plain and simple… and what crap is that.. 13 MINUTES in jail for what he did ???
    Okey, he had to pay $2000 but soo what… you dont do shit like this especially if youre an officer of the law…

    • Jay

      $2000.00 is just 200.00 on bail. (Most states you pay 10% of your bail and the bail bonds company pays the difference

      • Owlisen

        Ohh didnt know that, well then its a real outrage that he gets away with something like this…

  • Br pa

    As a Law Enforcement Officer you should be held to the highest standards. There is a high percentage(not all of them!) of officers that were either abused or picked on and never got over it so now they put on this tough cop act because they have a gun. Even if he did spit on him, which he didn’t, he should still have enough will-power to not brutally slam a handcuffed persons head into the cement wall!

    • Ricky Ross

      You are correct! These are the “men” that became police officers because it offered them something that they never had in life >>> an identity! With that identity comes manufactured power and authority. Most of them would do the job for free, so long as they have that power and control over their fellow man!

      Any man that desires to have power and control over their fellow man, should be banned from ever holding a position to do so!!!

    • BobtheGrape

      You are 100% correct Br pa. Most cops are psychopaths, bullies and/or punks.

    • Manny Soriano

      High percentage?


      • Enjoy being

        Source: Observance with our own eyes.. Since about 8 out of 10 seem violent in the US. and the other 2 usually don’t interfere or want to break the “code” on their fellow officers violent activities, I would say the other 2 are just as guilty as the violent ones.. bringing the percentage to about 98%

      • Enjoy being

        Comprehensive statistics on police violence in the US are not available, as the national statistics bureaus are under special instructions not to compile them, However, the available evidence points to a sharp rise in police violence, not just in terms of the number of incidents, but also in terms of their brutality.

  • Ricky Ross

    Massive surveillance of an entire nation, secret prisons, secret courts, secret
    laws, secret judges, secret police, secret interpretation of laws, secret list, secret hearings, secret evidence, militarization of local police forces, the largest prison population on earth, internal spy drones, millions of internal domestic spies, indefinite detention without charge or trial under NDAA, TSA deployed onto public streets, DHS purchase of enough ammo to sustain a 25 year war, DHS purchase of 9,000 armored check point booths from “Shelters Direct”, forced purchase of corporate commodities, propaganda media, a call for the arrest of journalist, eugenics programs, endless wars, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc,

    …Americans should not be surprised that police officers conduct themselves like this. In a state of continuous warfare, tyrants always look for thugs to run/manage their police state environment!

    • BobtheGrape

      A larger prison population than China a country that has three (3) times the population of the U.S. Go figure. Either the Chinese are extremly law abiding folks or the U.S. justice system is extremely broken. I go with the latter.

      • Ricky Ross

        It’s a big business here…

        When you have some time, do some research on a corporation named CORRECTIONS CORPORATION of AMERICA.

        They are a publicly traded company that has been in business for 30+ years now. What they do is, negotiate contracts with states to run their prisons. The contracts will state that CCA will run the prison at a cost savings for the state and that the state will save millions of dollars…and they do! But, there is a caveat in most of the contracts (all of the contracts, from what I can tell)

        CCA will run the prison so long as the occupancy rate maintains a level above 90%! (that number may vary a couple % either way from state to state) If the occupancy level drops below 90% for a specific period of time, the state
        will run in to contract issues that cost them penalties i.e. $$$.

        Also, CCA has many contracts with other corporations to
        manufacture their goods for them (uniforms, parts etc…)They use the prisoners labor to make huge profits. In most countries, this is called slave labor and Americans find popularity in being against it.

        Also,it is worth mentioning that most (if not all) police, prosecutor and judges retirement/pension programs are heavily invested in CCA stock.

        Can you what is happening here? Do you understand why America’s prison population is so high? The “Justice System” is actually set up to fatten the bottom line of all who are in the “JUST US” system! It is in all of their best interest to have and operate a police state!

        With all of that said, I can not see why people admire, respect or even like the police. Whether they know it or not, clearly, they are the epitome of sheeps in wolf’s clothing and all of the POLICE STATE starts with them!

        The US has the highest per capita incarcerat­­­­­ion rate in the world – almost six times that of any Western nation and higher than any national police state. In addition, the US has the world’s largest prison population – with less than a quarter of China’s population­­ (over 1.3 Billion people), the US has almost twice as many prisoners­­­­.

        Ironically­­­­­, nowhere on Earth is a person more likely to go to prison, and stay there longer, than in the Land of the Free! Either the US is a nation of criminals or there’s something drasticall­­­­­y wrong with its criminal justice system.

        Here are several disturbing quotes from CCA…

        We are compensated for operating and managing facilities at an inmate per diem rate based upon actual or minimum guaranteed occupancy levels.

        – 2009 CCA Annual Report

        Our industry benefits from significant economies of scale, resulting in lower operating costs per inmate as occupancy rates increase.

        – CCA 2009 Annual Report

        Historically, we have been successful in substantially filling our inventory of available beds and the beds that we have constructed. Filling these available beds would provide substantial growth in revenues, cash flow,
        and earnings per share.

        – CCA 2010 Annual Report

        We believe we have been successful in increasing the number of residents in our care and continue to pursue a number of initiatives intended to further increase our occupancy and revenue.

        – CCA 2010 Annual Report

        Any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional
        facilities to house them.

        – CCA 2010 Annual Report

        Our primary business strategy is to provide quality corrections services, offer a compelling value, and increase occupancy and revenue, while maintaining our position as the leading owner, operator, and manager of privatized correctional and detention facilities.

        – CCA 2011 Annual Report

        We believe CCA has additional growth opportunities to expand our real estate portfolio by purchasing correctional and detention facilities from state governments.

        – CCA 2012 Annual Letter to Shareholders

        CCA is earmarking $250 million for purchasing and managing government-owned corrections facilities.

        – A 2012 letter CCA sent to 48 states

        Prison facilities consist primarily of concrete and steel and don’t require the level of capital improvements as many traditional real estate properties. Therefore, prison facilities typically have economic lives much longer than many traditional real estate properties.

        – CCA 2013 Annual Letter to Shareholders

      • roberta4343

        maybe they just put you in a slave labor camp (thus theydon’t call it a prison)or they just kil you, problem solved.

  • dan

    those that think they are the law or above it …..far to many times are LEO…..until the ‘blue line’ cleans ouit their own house..nothing will change….imho

  • heman

    This officer knocked him out cold. He spit something out of his mouth, not at the officer. These officers just stood there and looked at him acting like nothing happened. They knew he was unconscious. Luckily he survived for this assholes sake. This thug needs to be fired!!!! Scum come do that to me you fat bag of pus.
    Sick of this mentality in America.

  • Ricky Ross

    What jobs are most attractive to psychopaths? Here’s the list, originally published online @ by Eric Barker after surveying a panel of leading

    1. CEO
    2. Lawyer
    3. Media (Television/Radio)
    4. Salesperson
    5. Surgeon
    6. Journalist
    8. Clergy Person
    9. Chef
    10. Civil Servant

  • Warner

    all cops are criminals

  • Tough Choice

    Unbelievable. I hope this guy files a lawsuit against these bullies. I am curious to know, though, how does this type of film become available so quickly if this event just occurred on Tuesday?

    • Does it matter

      Because the cop was arrested, bail was set, and he is on unpaid leave. It is now public.

  • Tim

    I’ve seen videos of worse where cops went uncharged. Of course this cop should not only be fired but also be jailed for FELONY assault. The wall is a deadly weapon. There are some people who are susceptible to concussions and DEATH when having their heads struck violently. That cop is sick man and a coward to attack someone like that while they’re in cuffs.

    Prisoners should be treated like a mental hospital staff treat the mentally ill. You DON’T beat/assault them but rather you RESTRAIN and understand they aren’t normal and that you must remain professional.

    I wish I could create new protocols for prisoner treatment and then enforce those protocols. Cops like that would be on the street before they EVER got a chance to assault a prisoner. There are ways to spot these aggressive, criminal apes and that usually starts with an IQ TEST!

    • killbilly ramblers

      Problem is if you get too high of a score on the test you become ineligible.

  • Randy

    He didn’t spit at the cop, he was pursing his lips and expelling air and some siliva to get something out of his mouth. The officer not paying attention, hear a sound and assaulted the man.

    • jrex

      Yeah! He basically said ‘pffft’ which is something that drunk people do involuntarily. This piece of crap “officer” was just itching for an excuse to get violent with the guy.

  • policedefender

    I can’t believe all you people defending that guy. I mean this is obviously a case of the officer defending himself against a dangerous and aggressive guy who could be a force to be reckoned with. Obviously the only thing to do is to smash his head against the wall to make sure he doesn’t escape his handcuffs and wreak havoc on the police station. This officer and his partner there should obviously be given medals of valor. Oh, wait. They probably will first be given a paid vacation, THEN get the medals of valor.

  • Guest

    This is monstrous! Those cowardly jackoffs aren’t officers of the law, they are vicious thugs in fancy uniforms. Time to terminate their careers, permanently! They belong in jail. Then, terminate them without pay or benefits!! All of them. They are a complete disgrace to their department, to the town involved and to “law enforcement”, in general.

  • Evermont King

    Wow I moved to Marion County a year ago and now I want to LEAVE!!! If I see that officer I’m gonna give him a piece of my mind. I hope he tries that on me! I’ll stand my ground!

  • Clint Hamilton

    This type of thing happens so prevalently because of one main reason.
    They hire low IQ morons, criminals, malcontents, or vets with bad attitudes and conditions. Then they train them to be afraid of the public at all times and give them orders to collect people and money in the name of “public safety” which is nothing more than protecting their interests and the interests of their partners. They are a protection racket. This training is funded and helped along by federal money and influence.
    Btw, why do I always see fatboy officers that are a cheeseburger away from a heart attack? Because they are intemperate.

    • jrex

      It’s sick isn’t it? You’d think in a job where you have to deal directly with the public on a regular basis you should be required to at least meet the average person’s standard for acceptable human interaction. But no, too often public “servants” – not just cops but those TSA manhandlers and many other government positions of small scale authority – are hired specifically because they are twisted schoolyard bullies with half a brain and something to prove. This world is so screwed.

      • Enjoy being

        I used to live in FLorida and I remember feeling scared many time just driving thru Marion County. They act so stealth and they are everywhere.. just waiting for someone to cross the yellow line, speed, swerve or whatever,, All seem on a power trip there.

        • jrex

          Oh yeah. Everyone is afraid of the police, even if they’re perfectly innocent, law abiding citizens! People’s stress indicators rise when a cop so much as drives near them! It’s because of the possibility of crap like this resulting from a simple traffic stop, and because they pull over every single person they can get away with pulling over in order to try and get them for something bigger once they’ve stopped. If you get lit up and the excuse is your tail light is out, the real reason is that they are just praying that they can “smell marijuana” in your car or something like that which will lead to a more expensive ticket or even an arrest for them.

  • jrex

    This makes me absolutely sick. He never ever spit, and even if he HAD, that is NO way to react! I think that spitting on someone is one of the nastiest things you can do, but even that is never ever a logical reason to smash someone’s skull against a cinder block wall In fact, I can’t really think of any situation where that would be an acceptable reaction. This officer needs to not only lose his job but also needs to never be allowed to work with people again and needs to get his head checked too.

    • thorsmjollnir

      It almost look like he had a hair or something on the tip of his tongue and he was trying to spit it off.


    You know there’s that website for dirty cheating ex’s where you post their crap to publicly shame them. Someone needs to make a site like that for these corrupt violent pigs. Put it outside of the US in a foreign datacenter where it can’t get taken down. They need to be exposed in the public arena, all their personal details. Create an atmosphere of fear of misconduct to bring back the honorable behavior that once was held in high esteem of the badge and uniform. People want the law enforced, but they want it done correctly and honorably. Criminals are broken people that need help, not their heads bashed in a wall or beat down to a pulp.

  • Does it matter

    Who ever wrote the article is an idiot. They are Sheriff deputies. The video even says it. They are wearing the green uniform, not the beige polo shirts with brown BDU pants..

  • Slim_Strontem

    Far worse than brutality, but that is part of it. The subject is so hammered that it takes him several times to get his words of praise out for one officer–Of course the frigging gorilla kept interrupting him to argue with him–Which is the first other problem: Gorilla is too stupid to avoid arguing with someone drunk on their a$$.–And the second: Gorilla uses drunk-man’s state to prove to himself and everyone, that he is better than others.–And the third, and probably worst: Gorilla doesn’t give a sh1t that it is all on video, and the others don’t either, OTHERWISE, they would have reprimanded and removed gorilla.

  • housewifeinthemidwest

    This is clearly police brutality! Disgusting! I keep seeing more and more of this type of thing and it makes me completely frustrated with law enforcement. I would not trust any police anymore. They aren’t here to serve and protect; far from it, they are my greatest fear!!!

    • stupidamerkin

      They are here to serve and protect the corporation and their pay check and it is almost impossible to show someone the truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth.
      Most of these drones are also high on adrenalin rushes looking for their next fix. They are in fact the most dangerous element in society. You would have a better chance of survival trying to get across a 4 lane highway at rush hour blind folded then in most encounters with any of these corporate drones with guns and badges & 007 license.

  • Anonymous

    This is a POLICE BRUTALITY. AMERICAN POLICE ARE THE WORST THE HUMAN EXISTENCE HAS EVER SEEN. LETS FACE IT. THE STATEMENT I JUST SAID ITS THE TRUTH. The guy didnt even spit at the officers and they reacted straight away and slammed his head to the wall. This shows that ALL police, not just that guy because seriously 99.9% of AMERICAN POLICE are Corrupted and have big MENTAL issue. Obviously they were brainwashed throughout their police training to follow ILLUMINATI. So ofcourse they have no feelings. But police like that fat white little pussy that smashed that guys head in the wall, he needs to be hanged. In this life and the after. Goes to all AMERICAN & JEWISH Police all around the world. You guys ruined this world. You really did.

  • Ricky Ross
  • Charles

    IF the guy had spit at the officer I would have been fine with the officer bashing the guy’s head against the wall repeatedly until he died or was a veg for life, whatever, bad move. I don’t believe the guy spit at the officer and that gorilla boy should be fired and black listed from any “job” that so much as potentially involves physical violence. All benefits stripped and put in a jail for a minimum of 20 years.

  • ndn outlaw

    why all you talk whatr number for this officer.. ruin his reputation… Since the flourdated fat ass cannot fight.. and this cop has a fat ass problem. or little man complex.. just not happy with his life and probasbly on antidepressant

  • ndn outlaw

    phone for the chief and the officer s supervisor.. and yes Kathleen sebeliuss is my boss.. I don’t pick em ..I JUST VOTE FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stupidamerkin

    I will say it again for the millionth time. These low conscious corporate thugs with guns and badges are the most dangerous element in society today. PERIOD!!
    Seems they are all pretty brave and arrogant when they have someone tied up and totally defenseless which is when they all seem to get violent.

    • jackdog

      Then do something about it pussy. Oh, you cant? jackoff

  • VL123

    Ever deal with a drunk….biggest assholes I’ve ever met.

    • valhallaswine

      That’s no excuse for bashing a man’s skull.

    • billdeserthills

      Like my kindergarden teacher used to say “sticks & stones” ever hear that one?

  • steve

    now that’s what I call a PIG

  • Stephanie Martin

    I hope this guy sues the shit outta the department, the officer and the others around that didn’t take ANY course of action to defend him. He NEVER spat at the officer, to me it appeared he had something in his mouth and attempted to blow it out since he was cuffed.
    How do they know he hadn’t been eating popcorn and his face was by NO means in the direction of any officers face, it in FACT was directed towards his own knees!

    • billdeserthills

      Of Course he’ll sue, but the losers will be us, the taxpaying citizens. That so-called officer will get a slap on the wrist or move to a different city

      • Karolyn

        Always, we pay but the officers should have to pay out of their own pocket and maybe they would get the idea that they can’t get away with brutality regardless of the situaiion.

  • OJ

    did he spit ? didnt look like it . looked like he was tryng to say something and couldnt quite do it .. that officer completely over reacted ..