Along with families who lost loved ones on Sept. 11, 2001, Representatives Walter Jones .(R-NC), Stephen F. Lynch (D-MA) and Thomas Massie (R-KY) urged the president to declassify 28 pages from the 9/11 congressional investigation report, providing more information to the general public.

“Based on my reading of the documents, I am confident that making these 28 pages public would not damage our national security. I challenge all of my colleagues in Congress to read the 28 pages on behalf of their constituents and to cosponsor this bill. Understanding what enabled this tragedy to occur is fundamental to drafting a strategy for avoiding another tragic event,” said Massie.

The bill sponsors, Lynch and Jones, said they have recently reviewed those pages, which were kept almost entirely secret when the House and Senate Intelligence Committees released their final report in December 2002. Without disclosing specifics, the report said investigators found “information suggesting specific sources of foreign support for some of the September 11 hijackers while they were in the United States.”

“These aren’t pages that were simply redacted,” explained Lynch. “These 28 pages were actually removed before the work was presented to the general public.” Lynch said that these pages would allow survivors to have better understanding of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001 when nearly 3,000 people were killed. Besides looking back in hindsight, Lynch said these pages provide a foreign policy understanding that has “an instructive value going forward,” he explained.

Jones added that knowing the truth is central to a strong nation: “I don’t think a nation like America will remain strong if we do not demand the truth,” said Jones during a press conference on Wednesday. “We need you to put pressure on your representatives back home to join in this effort for the truth.”

H.Res.428 – Urging the president to release information regarding the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks upon the United States was first introduced to House of Representatives on Dec. 2, 2013.

According to former Florida Sen. Bob Graham and former Chairman of the Senate Select Intelligence Committee, the 28 pages in the 9/11 report are not the only documents being “covered up.”

Graham told IBTimes, “The Saudi government without question was supporting the hijackers who lived in San Diego…. You can’t have 19 people living in the United States for, in some cases, almost two years, taking flight lessons and other preparations, without someone paying for it. But I think it goes much broader than that. The agencies from CIA and FBI have suppressed that information, so American people don’t have the facts.” Read further here.

Congressman Massie stated that America is still not fully informed about 9/11 and won’t be until the 28-pages are released to the public. He urged other Congressman to read the 28 pages and become co-sponsors of H. 428.


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Joshua Cook

Joshua Cook is a writer and reporter for Truth In Media. He has interviewed many politicians including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Walter Jones, Bob Graham, Trey Gowdy and thought leaders who shape U.S. policy. He is a host of 'Beer and Politcs' on Truth In Media. If you have any tips please email him at Find him on Twitter @RealJoshuaCook

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  • What – Another Magic Bullet?

    “Based on my reading of the documents, I am confident that making these 28 pages public would not damage our national security”
    If that statement is true then there is nothing in the documents worth reading because there is not one shred of truth to any of it.
    Elements of the U.S. government staged the event to roll out the Patriot Act and to in invade seven countries in the Middle East in the first five years after 9/11.
    This is no secret to anyone with a properly functioning brain.

    • Doug

      And releasing these documents would give credence to creating another unconstitutional law in the name of national security, and for our own protection of course.

    • Karolyn

      If you watch enough videos and listen to enough knowledgeable people about 9/11 it’s obvious that the planes could not have done this. There were also people training to fly planes in Florida. If the whole report was released, as it should be; I think we would find our gov’t, the Saudi’s and the CIA were deeply involved in the 9/11 attack. As stated, these papers sound all but worthless as far as telling it like it was. Our gov’t, and it with everything else, is worse under Obama. We the people, should know the truth not only about 9/11, Waco, Oklahoma, Boston, Sandy Hook, IRS, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, etc., etc. Don’t hold your breath for the truth people.

    • Kerry Fritz II

      And yet people preach to support the troops. Instead they should not be following unlawful orders of the corporate system in the first place, they should be taking back the country from the Federal Reserve Revelation 2:9 & 2:9 animals, and giving it to we the people, then have a real republican form of government that prints it own money and doesn’t sign-on to start resource wars.

  • jason

    Just wrote to my people Congressman Tim Walz (MN) and MN House of Reps Clark Johnson. Hoping to find some support for this! This is long overdue

  • david squidly

    Why does it take 12 1/2 years to get this information ?

    • robert hastings

      It took 15 years to get a 1975 study by The Medical College of Virginia released that showed Cannabis shrunk cancer tumors by 50%… Clearly the gov has motives to hide the truth on behalf of foreign corporations and yep you guessed it -Israel has a huge Medical Cannabis Research industry… Time for the USA to stop competing with one hand tied..

    • Abe

      Look at JFK, RFK, & MLK.

    • PostFree Era

      Because you’re not a member of the privileged class. Why else did you think?

  • Masonic1776

    3rd to last paragraph. Tip of the iceberg.

  • the truth

    our bought & paid for duel citizenship congress will do anything to keep people from blaming the dancing israelis & the israelis with the van full of explosives..

    • GaryTruth

      Many call this the Ugly Truth.

    • A. Edelstein

      Antisemite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet you would love to have us dual citizens deported on trains to concentration camps, right. Well, I got news for you Goy. You can’t. We have taken over your country totally and absolutely. At a mere cough by our key Elders we can bring down the U.S. dollar and rural America as you know it. Better start licking our feet. We own America.

  • Tim

    “We go into a sound proof room and we’re not allowed to take notes”…..

    So, my question is, WHO is in control of the information that these ELECTED Representatives aren’t “allowed” to see?????

    Folks, WHO IS IN CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY? Our elected Representatives??? If they aren’t “allowed” to see this information, then WHO IS?

    I would argue then that the Representatives WE ELECT to run our nation AREN’T IN CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY!!! THEN WHO IS????

    Give me the names of these SHADOW GOVERNMENT RULERS!!!!

    Folks, read between the lines here. The people we’re electing are TELLING US that they don’t have CONTROL OF OUR GOVERNMENT in this video!!!

    • Nneal

      Very good point. I would like to know also!

    • BobLoblaw

      Yeah the real question is why can’t name said criminal parties and publicly charge them with treason. If some heads rolled maybe finally we’d get answers or at least a bunch of globalists on the run without the benefit of the public not knowing/in denial of what they did.

  • Frank_O

    As far as I know, the fact that Building 7 (which was not hit by a plane) collapsed at the speed of “free fall” (which only occurs in controlled demolitions) was not addressed in the official 9/11 report. All 3 steel buildings that collapsed @ the World Trade center basically collapsed at the speed of “free fall”, which has never happened in any building made of steel, no matter how bad the fire damage was. I do not believe the 28 pages will explain this problem without destroying the credibility of the US government. Those buildings MUST have also been pre-wired for controlled demolitions besides 2 of them being hit by planes.

    • GaryTruth

      You speak the truth. Also, each storyteller that day who told us what happened and who did it were of the same ethnicity. The same ethnicity who owned the buildings and the same ethnicity that danced while watching the towers fall from Liberty Park.

    • Mario

      As I see it, they found a way to destroy buildings without explosives. Otherwise, the rigging of buildings this big (Towers 1 and 2) would have been very hard to do using explosives and thermate, since there was an incendiary involved (ignited jet fuel) that would have immediately ignited the charges, and provoked what I think would have been an immediate chain reaction taking the building down instantly after the 767’s impacts. As far as building 7 goes, I am sure IT was rigged, no doubt.

      • Frank_O

        From an article on thermite:

        “…in contrast to conventional explosives, thermite has a very high ignition temperature — above 900ºC. Thus, thermitic incendiaries used around the crash zones could have been designed to survive the fires. As for thermitic explosives, they could have been designed to detonate only on exposure to the very extreme conditions of temperature and pressure provided by specialized detonators…”

        • BobLoblaw

          Translation: Office fires and kerosene don’t get that hot, and even if they did, the charges can be shielded etc. and ignited with things like magnesium which burns hot enough to do the job.

      • Abe

        Ever hear of the WTC Elevator Modernization Project of 2001?
        ACE Elevator Company
        9/11 Questions and Research
        I follow J.Fetzer’s research about small nukes being used too. This would support the high temps weeks later. Marvin Bush & Wirt Walker III were incharge of security. (Securacom) Logan and Dulles too.

  • Thomas Rippolon

    The real truth will obviously endanger national security..,,make aware to the masses that our country has a major (if not all) hand in this. Get ready folks cause that’s what is

  • Mario

    Two most important words to be retained from this press conference were pronounced by congressman Massie: … “rethink everything”!

  • Kerry Fritz II

    Great, but they found like 7 or more of the alleged hijackers alive and well.
    And, considering other factors, such as no other steel-structured buildings ever collapsed due to intense fires, the evidence of financial insider trading and bonds (of Bush’s Dad) coming due which had helped the economic downfall of the soviet union, gold missing underneath the towers and truck of gold found underneath with door open heading for the exit, telephone calls fore-warning certain public officials and friends of those who called, inordinate amount of ‘put’ options placed on the airlines, knowing their stock would go down but the put option purchaser could sell at the higher price, all evidence of physics or other signs of the funding of the alleged terrorist hijackers a distraction, especially considering they had either FBI or CIA handlers and got their passports through a program intended to circumvent the normal procedures.

  • Johnny Appleseed

    I’m surprised it wasn’t 33 pages…that seems like a more appropriate number considering the connection to the freemasons/illuminati/fourth reich/zionists/globalists/jesuits/mafia/etc. etc. etc. The question is which faction planned the majority of 9/11. Who are the Saudis owned or controlled by? This is somewhat rhetorical. As far as I’ve researched, it was a number of factions working together to grab the chests, filled with redeemable gold bonds, in building 7’s basement.

  • Obooger Eater

    Has anyone started a petition for this? I doubt those things even work but it might be useful for exposure.

  • Klaatu Fabrice Aquinas

    Three words:


    Read the above. Connect the dots. You are now way ahead of the curve.

    Oh, there is also this:

    So why “secret” papers about Saudi pilots and pilot training? Misdirection?

    People, it is time to get serious about this. Hold your congressmen’s feet to the fire. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Anything less is tantamount to treason. If they will not comply, then it is time to have them all arrested by the Provost Marshal.

    9/11 was about destroying the US economy, and the nation with it:

    Q: Who was responsible for 9/11?

    a. CIA
    b. Mossad
    c. Al Mukhabarat Al A’amah
    d. Federal Reserve
    e. All of the Above

  • PostFree Era

    Saudis are our allies, so we must protect them by keeping secret their involvement in crimes against our people. Doing otherwise would undermine public support for our aggression against their rival neighbors. It might also undermine support for the vast expansion of power over our citizens that can only be accomplished by violating their constitutional rights and freedoms.

  • PhillyGuard

    If you have an interest in this topic, check out It’s a resource citizens, activists and journalists who want to learn more about this issue and help make declassification a reality: