Some people dislike the police state more than others.

Russian artist Pyotr Pavlensky really dislikes the police state.

On Sunday, Pavlensky stripped naked and nailed his testicles to a Red Square cobblestone to protest the Kremlin’s crackdown on political rights. His stunt took place on Russia’s annual holiday, “Police Day.”

The artist, who is from Saint Petersburg, said on that he was attempting to draw attention to Russia’s growing “police state.”

Well, he certainly drew attention.

As horrified citizens watched Pavlensky, police officers covered the artist with a blanket. He was subsequently taken to a hospital in Moscow and then to a police station. The incident was caught on video:

Pavlensky has a history of controversial protesting.

In 2011, he sewed his lips together in Moscow’s main cathedral to protest the jailing of Pussy Riot band members. And just last May, he stripped naked and covered his body in barbed wire in front of Saint Petersburg government buildings.

Pavlensky’s protest may be distasteful to many, but he is certainly drawing attention. And by doing so, perhaps individuals around the world will engage in productive discussions about government control.

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Kristin Tate is a multi-media reporter for Breitbart News and to fearless journalism, she regularly works on undercover stings with James O'Keefe to reveal government waste, abuse, and fraud.Tate was a Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) Chapter President and Founder. She will continue to fight tirelessly for individual liberty and free markets through new media. Visit Kristin's website at

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  • spiderman

    Kristen you’re hot and all, but you should be aware that the Libertarians are funded by Rockefeller funds, as is the John Birch Society, Ron Paul is there with consent of the ‘establishment’ power structure… It is merely a honey pot and a funnel for the angry among us. It will cause no change of consequence. Stossel is a stoogel only rails against government. But you probably knew all this;) Just in case though… this rabbit hole is a little deeper than too much government.

    • g.johnon

      spidey, what does all that have to do with some guy nailing his nuts to the street?
      now that is commitment to a cause.

      • Jonathan Schreiber

        Read the authors short bio above, and Spidey’s comment will likely make more sense, he was commenting on her credentials concerning journalism and her connections with the libertarian party. He is more or less saying it’s going to take a lot more than a guy nailing his nuts in the street in Russia to accomplish anything.

        Spidey also feels that Kristen may be a little naive because she still identifies herself with a party when party politics are completely corrupt and the establishment has many agents everywhere even in places and people who many think are champions of liberty and freedom. They are like Spidey said, honey traps, they give you someone to believe in, to place your hope in because the words they use sound like your own ideologies when in reality they are just working for the same elite cabal of banksters that everyone else is. It’s just another illusion of choice, the whole goal of this “matrix” is to make you believe that you are free, to make you believe that you have any other choice than to stand up for yourself. To give you hope and a place as Spidey said to “funnel your anger” instead of directing it at the people who are the real problem.

        I think the largest problem we face today stems from the lack of participation in government of the American people. A Republican Democracy requires citizens to be involved and engaged for it to work, it requires people to be truly informed about what is going on, for example what legislature is being passed, personal beliefs and strategies for attaining goals of politicians etc. Now days the majority of Americans place those responsibilities on their representatives and walk away. Most Americans have no idea what bills or laws get passed day to day, most Americans have no idea what the personal values or plans, or the strategies for carrying out those plans are of their own reps let alone senators or presidents. In presidential elections even if you do pay attention it’s impossible to tell anything significant by what the candidates say because it’s all the same bs. It generally consists of: improving education, reducing the national debt, improving healthcare, improving infrastructure and creating jobs… That is what every candidate says they will do, but then NONE of them offer strategies or a clear cut plan of HOW they will do this, at least not to the American people anyway. If you go back and watch the elections for Obama and Romney and really pay attention to what they say, this above is what they said, BOTH OF THEM, but neither of them ever really offered a smidgen of evidence of HOW they were going to accomplish those goals.

        All the presidential election is anymore, is a popularity contest. It doesn’t matter who gets elected, it would just be a different face on the same brand of shit sandwich. Our government, and many others around the world are not run by politicians, they are run by the corporations and private interests that fund those politicians campaigns. This has been going on for much longer than any of us realize I think, in the early 1900’s there were brave individuals warning about the power that money had over politics and the military industrial complex.

        The only question that remains is, WHEN? When will the majority of the public realize this is what is really going on, and when will they finally decide that enough is enough and take matters into their own hands instead of relying on someone else to do it for them…

        • g.johnon

          awesome rant jonathan.
          are ya just waking up to this stuff? try smaller bites or you will just wear yourself out.
          no, Kristen is not the second coming of Gabriel heater by a long shot. but she does seem to get people talking.
          line up with those on your side, we got plenty of bones to pick with the bad guys.

        • Drew R

          it’s probably a lot more chaotic and messy than you think.. any time people stand up for freedom, even if it’s within the confines of a political party, it’s a good thing. don’t know about ascribing so much malice of forethought and calculation to these stupid ‘elite cabal of banksters’. you sound like alex jones!

          • Jonathan Schreiber

            Dang, I don’t want to sound like Alex Jones, and I don’t necessarily believe that Ron Paul is a plant, was just explaining what I thought Spidey meant, the rest of what I said was not directed at anyone specifically, so I apologize if it seemed that it was directed at g.johnon, it wasn’t. I am not newly just waking up to all of this, well maybe in comparison to some others out there, but I’ve been looking into a lot of things for the past 5-7 years. Drew you say the elite are stupid, yet they are the “elite”, when I say elite I only mean elite in the sense of wealth, their sense of morals and right and wrong are anything but. As far as you down playing their intelligence I don’t know how they and their predecessors have been able to play and shape the system to their extreme advantage if they are so stupid. When it comes to financial scheming they are well ahead of the curve in understanding the way the global economy works compared to the average and moderately intelligent individual. Banking scandals like the housing bubble that burst a few years ago are events that purposefully plant in peoples minds that the perpetrators are inept, when the housing market collapse was exactly the outcome they worked for in the first place. They knew they would get the bailouts payed for by you, me and every other American taxpayer, erasing any damage they caused to themselves while at the same time bilking billions of dollars from U.S. citizens. The proof is that tens of millions of dollars of that money went to giving bonuses to many in those financial institutions. Now tell me why, why if these guys created a crisis, in which the companies they worked for created a financial crisis that if those companies had not been bailed out would have been bankrupted, were they given bonuses?? It was because they did exactly what they planned on doing all along, crash the housing market, take as much money from the American public as possible, as well as their homes. You don’t get bonuses for making mistakes, you get them for doing your job well.

          • Drew R

            Good points. I meant stupid as in a sense of evolutionary/spiritual development. I know they’re crafty devils skilled at rigging the money game, but to me they’re stupid because they’re karmically hurting themselves by contributing to human suffering. and they’re stupid if they think they are going to get away with it all.

          • TJ

            MLK was a communist tool.

          • Drew R

            who advocated freedom..

            why don’t you elaborate on your thought?

      • Tim Brown

        self mutilation is commitment to a cause? or a sign of mental disorder?

        • g.johnon

          whatever floats ya.

        • prostovanka

          It got you to talk about this issue today did it not? I say he got his point across and if you’re blind do see it then see a Doctor at your earliest convenience.

        • tick tack

          So, you’re another one that forgot to pay attention in history class. Go back to school.

          • Tim Brown

            Oh I paid attention, attention enough to know that if you are dumb enough to nail your balls to the wall yourself, then it just makes it easier for the tyrants to deal with you.

  • Republican Exodus

    Nope…nope nope nope nope nope nope nope

  • Smeagal

    “Some people dislike the police state more than others.” How apropos.

  • Michael Hale

    The GROWING Police State… In Russia? Haven’t they BEEN THE Police State of the world for like the last 60 years?

    • g.johnon

      no, that would be the u.s.of a.

  • Drew R

    Maybe he can come to the US and nail his scrotum to the floor of google’s headquarters too! The ‘police state’ and coercive force are hand in hand, and google is trying to FORCE YouTube users over to their dumbass google plus, and censor YouTube comments in the process.

    Read my latest op/ed article about the google plus (err… MINUS!) takeover of YouTube and the censorship they’re imposing:

    • alabubba

      WOW, I am dumbfounded that with all the abuse of power happening everyday in this country, The loss of life and liberty caused by the militarization of our police-force, your biggest concern is Google trying to get you to use their FREE services!. Maybe you should try turning off YouTube and watch some real news!

      • Drew R

        Not “trying”, but forcing. who cares if their crappy service is free? nobody wants it! YouTube is the most diverse, cogent, people-based source of information buddy. Millions have been waking up thanks to YouTube. Keep watching MSNBC

        • Randys MarshmellowMan

          so uses a different product. you do know the difference between being annoyed by stupid services and going to jail for nothing is slightly different.

          • Drew R

            EXACTLY! Vote with your feet. Vimeo has been lookin ok, metacafe looks promising. I’m sure there are a few other good ones. I’m surprised that there aren’t more competing video sharing sites, doesn’t seem like it would be rocket science to implement!

        • alabubba

          10,000 dead in the Philippines, Radiation pouring out of japan, Nuclear Iran, NSA spying on EVERYONE. And your hung up on Google+ and YouTube…

          • Drew R

            it’s a multi-faceted yet inter-woven existence we’re in, ya know. Google pretty much are bedfellows with nsa now. the only hope the world has is to be able to freely communicate to put lies and propaganda to bed. my heart is aching so hard for the people in the Phillipines, but that doesn’t mean that you forget about everything else going on.

  • LibertyAboveAll

    Woah – this guy’s got balls!

    • lastresort09

      Not anymore.

      • LibertyAboveAll


      • tick tack

        Actually he might still have his balls. He could have nailed his scrotum down, doesn’t mean he nailed through his actual balls. the news may be throwing that out of proportion just to get us to read about it.

  • Wendy

    I cannot believe that someone like him would do this. It maybe getting attention, but it isn’t changing anything for this person or the country.

    • prostovanka

      how do you know? we are talking about it, are we not? Wendy you don’t have much in that head of yours do ya?

    • tick tack

      How do you know? Guess you forgot about Gandhi who starved himself because of British rule over India, which is now its own country thanks to Gandhi. You really should go back to school and get some more education.

  • Jr52

    What does he think this will do? What did sewing his lips together do? I think this man needs help. All people will talk about is what he did, not what he did it for. For some reason he needs to self-mutilate in public, most people do it in private. I would say he has some serious problems. Get help man, please!!!


    “Frost, it makes the blade stick…er…balls stick to the ground.” Release the tigers!



  • Chris James

    You people saying this man needs help….Do you live in Russia?! It is a totally different world than in the U.S. The U.S is going the way of Russia and worse, but as of right now, it is considerably better here. I can see how someone might feel so desperate about changing an obvious wrong that he/she would do something so “Nutz”. If you guys haven’t noticed, our situation is getting pretty desperate around the world.

  • Mark Vance


  • Anthony Bowling

    Most people in a police state do not get targeted, that’s why it continues to grow until it affects everyone, and then it’s usually too late to do anything. The U.S. police state is so sophisticated and covert most people do not even know it exists, because it is too much trouble for them to look up Organized Gang Stalking and Electronic Harassment.

  • r3VOLution IS NOT republican

    I read about men doing this in the Gulags decades ago, too.

  • Gonzo

    There is a greasy spot on the lens.

  • Justin

    don’t know whether to praise this guy or call him an idiot.. kinda stuck in between, people have been protesting everywhere all over the world, if that doesn’t work then nailing your balls to the ground wont work either, now if you got some banksters and politician’s and nailed their balls to something, ground or tree or something, they might listen then

    • 1Finngal

      whenever you’re ready to do that, i’ll cheer you on…

  • anesthetic please

    It’s how you really feel about something. Badmouthing Government doesn’t go too far, violence will land you in prison and most forms of protest are laughable (to the Police State / National Security State) so, what’s next? The Buddhist Monks who immolated themselves during the 1960’s in Viet Nam got a lot of attention and caused the World to think again about the excusability of war on innocence. This incident is a portrait of frustration and pain. Is that how we want to continue existence?

  • 1Finngal

    I applaud this man for his courage and conviction in bringing attention to what so many others would rather ignore. The police state is being implemented around the world unless we, the people, say otherwise. Do you really want to go down the way the Jews did during the holocaust? Don’t be stupid..this is exactly what is happening….

  • m

    stop protesting and start not complying.

  • d

    Starting discussion about government control? Nope, we’ll just discuss how this guy is an idiot.

    • prostovanka

      you’re the idiot. Sheeple get back in line.

    • Drew R

      maybe it would’ve been better if he’d just fallen in line and accepted everything the state told him, and to never protest, and just be a good little slave. by the looks of this sole discussion forum, it looks like his actions are having a ripple effect and he’s creating awareness and change, however strange the methodology is. I hope he’s doing ok after this act of self harm, but I applaud the guy. maybe he feels more harmed and threatened by the police state than the pain caused to his sack? really doesn’t even compare to those Buddhist monks who used to set themselves on fire in protest. who knows the effects that the action of this one man will cause.

      • xabbott

        Pretty much no effect other than people passing this around social media saying “ouch” or “lol.”

  • ddfraz

    That took some balls.

  • anonymous

    Say what you want but that’s what CONVICTION looks like (regardless of the method). Most of you judging him don’t have even a modicum of it so get over yourselves.

  • Patriot1

    What a weirdo. Maybe he should move to Minneapolis, he’d fit right in, especially in Uptown.

  • Barry Copithorne

    Good job Pavlensky! My heart goes out to you!

  • gallygaschanneler

    oh god. he opened a can of worms. now everyone here is going to be nailing their testicles to people they dont like.

  • Missourimule

    “And by doing so, perhaps individuals around the world will engage in productive discussions about government control”

    Possibly one of the dumbest, most disconnected conclusions I’ve ever read.

    • Joshua Barnard

      I don’t think so. People would wonder why he did that, then once explained they’d eventually have to consider how they feel about the police state, then they’d eventually discuss it. I don’t see that being disconnected at all. Sure initially they’d mostly just talk about that crazy SOB who nailed his nuts to the street, but the reasons behind it would eventually follow.

  • DerpDDerperson

    So umm…just through the scrotum, or did he actually drive nails through his testicles?

    • darrell01