Increasingly, conservatives feel sold down the river by their leadership, including Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Rep. Peter King.

Just look at the reaction Sen. (R-SC) Lindsay Graham received on Twitter about the Obamacare debate.

As Michael Lofti reported on Monday, Sen. Graham told constituents that he had done everything possible to stop the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.. What Graham failed to mention is that he and 79 other Senators voted in favor of cloture, which allowed Senate Republicans to be outvoted on the Senate spending bill that stripped out the defunding language on the ACA.

We can debate whether or not Republicans should be attempting to block the implementation of the Affordable Care Act but it is without question hypocritical for Sen. Graham to allow the bill to move forward and then claim to voters that he has done everything possible to stop it.

The Graham blog tweeted on Sept. 27th: “Today I proudly voted to #DefundObamacare”

Graham Obamcare Twitter

The twitter sphere reacted swiftly, with multitudes calling him a flat out liar. Bob Zaruta tweeted: “You voted to FUND Obamacare. U voted yes on Cloture, knowing Reid would strip defund language. You own O-care now.”

Jujubug tweeted; “No you did not. You voted yes to cloture which funded Obamacare. We are not progressive liberal sheep we don’t buy lies.”

Glenn M tweeted; “You are counting on conservatives to be stupid. We are not. That only works on Obama supporters.”

Adam Wainwright tweeted: “Wow, you must not really think much of your voters.”

Sen. Graham has now followed up with this:

Graham Obamcare Twitter

Some of his Twitter followers weren’t that impressed, and “Sal Amuk” tweeted  “ummm salary? how about 10mil in lobbying money”

Graham Obamcare Twitter

Must be tough to govern these days, now that citizens can provide instant feedback!

Senator (R-SC) Lindsay Graham will be facing off against newcomer Nancy Mace for his Senate seat in the 2014 Republican primary.  She is the first woman to graduate from the Citadel.  Lindsay Graham has held his Senate seat for 10 years.   Prior to that he was a Congressman for 10 years.

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