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Reality Check: If Haiti Is a “Shithole” Country, Who Is Really...

Take our Truth In Media poll: Should Foreign Aid Have More Oversight? Click Here To Vote. It’s been a couple of weeks but I had...

Reality Check: GOP Memo and FISA Problems

Ben Swann takes a look at the GOP Memo on the FBI, and explains why the real story here is one with FISA transparency. This is Reality Check with Ben Swann.

Reality Check Is Back Feb 6th

Reality Check with Ben Swann is back February 6th.

Ben Swann Is Back!

Hey guys, Ben Swann here. Or should I say, Ben Swann is back? You know, just a few days from now we're actually going to...

Ben Swann’s Reality Check Clip Featured On “Last Week Tonight”

As many of our readers are aware, Ben Swann worked on a large number of investigative news segments called Reality Check before launching the Truth In Media Project. In...

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