New:  “The United States Federal Reserve announced Wednesday that it will start drawing down (i.e. “tapering”) its multibillion-dollar quantitative easing policies in 2014.
The Fed will begin tapering its $85 billion monthly purchases of Treasuries and Treasury mortgage-backed securities by $5 billion each starting in January.”

100 years ago, this December, the United States Congress created a central bank today, we know it as the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States.  What most people don’t know is that the bank isn’t a federal entity and candidly, it really has nothing in reserves.

Is the Federal Reserve good for the United States?  Is it even possible to get rid of it?

The first step toward truth is to be informed.

10 years ago, virtually no American knew anything about the Federal Reserve Bank.  Most thought it was a government agency, an entity that helps to create and protect U.S. currency and our economy.  Then came along the national rise of a Congressman from Texas by the name of Ron Paul.

One of the most impressive things about the career of now retired Congressman Ron Paul was the national attention he drew to the Federal Reserve Bank.

It was Congressman Paul who made millions of Americans aware of a simple truth.  That the single entity with the most power and control over the U.S. dollar is not accountable to the American people.

So what exactly is the Federal Reserve?

To begin with, it is a private bank that serves as the exclusive bank of the U.S. government.  Though it was created by Congress, the Federal Reserve does not answer to Congress.  The President himself doesn’t have direct oversight.

So what else does the fed do?

The Fed regulates financial institutions, manages the nation’s money and has incredible influence over the economy.   The fed can raise and lower interest rates, in fact, they are the only entity able to do so.

That is very big deal because with that power, the fed is able to control the U.S. economy.  can cause the life savings of Americans to lose value through inflation, controls the value of your investments, and even impacts employment rates and manufacturing outputs.

An awful lot of power for an entity that has no accountability to the U.S. people.  so where did this central bank come from?

A writer by the name of G. Edward Griffin blew the modern lid off this story when he wrote a book called “The Creature from Jekyll island.”

He spoke to me via Skype.

Ben: For folks who don’t know the name, why is the book called “The Creature from Jekyll Island”?

Griffin: Sure, because there is a lot of significance to it. Many people think it’s just a tricky title to attract attention which frankly that’s some of the motive for doing that but Jekyll Island is a real island, Ben, as you well know, and it’s significant because it was on that island back in 1910 that the Federal Reserve was created. And that’s an interesting fact of history that why should something as important as the Federal Reserve system be created any place other than Washington D.C.

Ben: How did the meeting at Jekyll Island in 1910 become a central bank in 1913?

Griffin: Back in 1910 when all of this happened, there was a great deal of concern in Congress and among the American people about this concentration of financial power in  the hands of a small group of companies, financial centers, on Wall Street. The big banks, the big insurance companies, the brokerage houses and so forth. There was a clamor at that time for legislative reform, there’s that word that we hear so much about. What happened is that the banks decided that the public was going to get its reform one way or the other, so why should they just sit back and let it happen? They decided to take the lead in that parade and make sure that they provide the so-called reform. They were going to draft this legislation and of course, if it were known that they were the ones drafting the reform legislation, it wouldn’t sell too well. So there had to be a lot of secrecy about that particular period of history. Well what were they concealing? It wasn’t just, they weren’t concealing just the fact that they were the ones writing the legislation to control themselves but when you follow that thread you come to the realization was what they were doing is creating a cartel. You see these were competing banking companies within the industry and this was at the time of history when competition was being replaced by monopolies and cartels and this happened in spades as far as the banking industry is concerned. And on Jekyll Island they created a banking cartel to regulate itself, to set up its own rules, to offer it to the American people as though as it was some kind of banking reform and the stupid politicians in Washington accepted it and they passed this banking cartel agreement into law and they called it the Federal Reserve Act.

It was in 1913 that congress, in passing the “Federal Reserve Act”  violated the U.S. Constitution and essentially granted its power to create money to the Fed banks. Since 1913, the fed has ordered the printing of currency and then loaned it back to the government charging interest. The government levies income taxes to, among other things, pay the interest on the debt.

So when you take a dollar out of your pocket, look at what it says at the top.  This is a Federal Reserve Note, currency issued by the Federal Reserve Bank.
In 1964, that changed.  President John F Kennedy issued an Executive Order, 11110.  It gave the Treasury Department the explicit authority: “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This means that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation based on the silver bullion physically held there.

These were United States Notes.  As a result, of that executive order, more than $4 billion in United States Notes were brought into circulation in $2 and $5 denominations. $10 and $20 United States Notes were never circulated but were being printed by the Treasury Department when Kennedy was assassinated.

After his assassination, The United States Note Project ceased.

Ben: To your knowledge, Mr. Griffin, is that Executive Order that was issued by President Kennedy still active today?

Griffin: The Executive Order is not still in existence. It went through several transitions. First it was absorbed into another Executive Order, it was consolidated into another order, and then finally it was repealed, I think Johnson himself got rid of it. But that’s really not the important question whether it’s still standing or not because it never did represent what many people thought it meant in my view. I checked into the allegation that President Kennedy had taken a stand against the bank and that he was going to put an end to the fiat money and go back to government issued notes. That’s the general idea and that therefore that’s the reason he was killed. Unfortunately or fortunately, whichever the case may be, the record really doesn’t support that at all. And every time I went to try and run down the origins of this myth as I call it, it just fizzled out unless somebody can give me some hard information that I haven’t yet seen. I think it’s just one of those urban myths that is popular.

So what has the Federal Reserve Bank been up to in the past few years?  As you probably know, the Fed has been holding interest rates at historically low rates.  Meanwhile, the Fed has been creating between $40 and $80 billion dollars a month in U.S. currency.  The name you have heard this by, quantitative easing.

The first round of Quantitative Easing came in late 2008 under President George W. Bush.  The Fed initiated purchases of $500 billion in mortgage backed securities in order to help resolve the housing crisis.  The Fed also cut the key interest rate to nearly 0%.  QE1

The economy didn’t improve, but banks sure got a lot of money.

So, under Bernanke, the fed was at it again.  The second round of Quantitative Easing was from November of 2010 until June of 2011.  The Federal Reserve went to work buying up $600 billion in U.S. Treasury Bonds to spur the economy.  But again, it didn’t work.

Part of the reason QE2 failed was because it wasn’t meant to spur the U.S. economy.  That $600 billion was given to foreign banks.  During the QE2 funding period cash reserves of foreign banks grew from $308 billion to $940 billion

In the fall of 2012, came the beginning of QE3, in this case, the Fed began purchasing mortgage backed securities and treasuries at a rate of $85 billion dollars a month.  What made this Quantitative Easing attempt different than others, there is no end to it.

In January of 2013 the Fed began what is called. QE4, an attempt to continue to purchase securities and hold interest rates down until the unemployment rate drops to below 6.5%.

In February of 2014, Janet Yellen will succeed Ben Bernanke as Fed chairman and has already said that her priority is to continue these programs even longer than was originally anticipated. Yellen says that unemployment is a bigger problem than inflation so the for the Fed it will be business as usual.

What you need to know:  Is that in 1913, the original charter for the Federal Reserve Bank allowed it to exist for only 20 years.  In 1927, the Fed charter was renewed.

Some believe that on December 23rd, 2013, the Fed charter runs out.  That at the 100 year anniversary, the Fed will have to be renewed by Congress.  Others say that the Fed does not have to be renewed, that it is a permanent entity.  That happened they say in 1927 under the McFadden Act.

Whether that is true or not, here is something undeniable, in the 100 years that the federal reserve bank has been in existence, the U.S. dollar has lost 98% of its value.

The purpose of creating the Federal Reserve was to protect the dollar.  The Fed hasn’t done that.

The Federal Reserve Bank didn’t stop the Great Depression, the Federal Reserve Bank has done nothing to improve the so called great recession. In fact, some can make the argument that the fed policies under Alan Greenspan in the early 2000‘s and not only helped to create our current situation, but the Fed policies under Ben Bernanke have made the economy worse.

The bottom-line, the one entity that truly has the power to end the Fed is Congress, but if Congress were to do that then Congress would also have to be responsible for fulfilling its constitutionally mandated role to “to coin money” and “regulate the value thereof”.


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Ben Swann is an investigative journalist working tirelessly to dissolve the left/right paradigm prevalent in most mainstream media narratives. As a news reporter and anchor in the earlier days of his career, he has gained a wealth of experience while earning two Emmy Awards and two Edward R. Murrow awards. In addition to heading the Truth In Media Project, Ben is the prime anchor at WGCL-TV in Atlanta, GA. He can be seen anchoring live at 4 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6 p.m., and 11 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. A stream is available at

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  • Tommy Collins

    Sadly our government has no real assets ( gold, silver ) to back a currency with. Perhaps we could back our own currency with bullets, bombs and drones? In Drone we Trust !

    • g.johnon

      tommy, gold and silver is not needed. what backs money means nothing. it’s all about who controls the quantity. the gold standard is one of the oldest tricks in the bankster book, and it never works out well for anyone but the banksters.
      the link below will take up almost 2 hours of your time, should you choose to watch. but well freeking worth it.

  • J3443-ONE

    Full text of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913:

    Section 4, Part 2 reads: “… (the) Federal Reserve bank shall become a body corporate and as such, and in the name designated in such organization certificate, shall have power… …SECOND: “To have succession for a period of twenty years from its organization unless it is sooner dissolved by an Act of Congress, or unless its franchise becomes forfeited by some violation of law.“

    So that’s the basis of it’s original 20 year charter.

    According to the Federal Reserve’s website, sub-paragraph “SECOND” was amended by “act of Aug. 23, 1935 (49 Stat. 703)” – the text of which is not available anywhere. It was also amended in 1927. The “20 years” was removed from the text either way, so even though the original 20 charter was never officially expanded per se, it came to be considered as a perpetual GSE charter.

    There has been a lot of talk about revoking perpetual GSE’s – especially in the wake of government buyouts of Freddie and Fannie.

    The inevitable complete collapse of these two institutions will most likely catalyze the revocation of perpetual GSE’s, thus opening the door for requiring other perpetual GSE’s (like the FED) to apply for charter renewal – and they won’t have an excuse not to since Congress doesn’t traditionally grant charters longer than 99 or 100 years. The question very well could end up on the table, given enough people pay attention and are vocal about it. Elect people willing to revoke GSE’s and that’s our foot in the door

    • J3443-ONE

      Elect people willing to revoke PERPETUAL GSE’s, is what I meant to say

  • FED Up

    We know what the FED is. Does anybody know what RICO is and how they should be related?

    • g.johnon

      fed, please explain. as it stands today, if rico were enforced, most of our fed gov would be in jail.

  • Ian

    Create our own currency also backed by nothing more than the faith of the people, only we control the production and supply. Thats how we beat them at their own game.

    • g.johnon

      not to mention that your solution is constitutional, or the way our founders planned it in the first place. with the exception that the government must control the quantity of money and we the people must control the government. so, are we ready to get to work? or are we too busy texting each other about miley cyrus?

      • Ian

        too busy using the fiat money of the mark of the beast to buy and sell everything on earth as a commodity. welcome to hell.

        • g.johnon

          yeah, that too.

  • Hope101

    Excellent, excellent, excellent. Keep informing people about our monetary policy.

  • John Yowan

    Money does not need to be controlled by government. Money can (and does) occur naturally in a free market, evolving from a commodity with an objective exchange-value. Before a good can function as money it must already possess an exchange-value based on something other than its monetary function. Over time this good starts getting used as a medium of exchange and becomes money.

    Interest rates in a free market are determined purely by the time-preferences of all the individuals that make up the market economy. Manipulation of interest rates by the Federal Reserve causes misleading relative price signals leading to malinvestment bubbles in the economy. Some recent examples include the Dot-Com Bubble and the Housing Bubble. Eventually these bubbles correct themselves as the malinvestments and misallocated resources begin to show, causing a corrective contraction of the economy.

    • g.johnon

      sorry john, interesting scenario but not workable as once a commodity becomes a medium of exchange, in no time at all someone will monopolize it.

      money needs to be spent into an economy interest free and the quantity must be controlled to best benefit all concerned. this would require congress to spend the money into existence and for we the people to control congress.

      money created out of debt (what we suffer under today) is the weapon of mass destruction that has already overthrown the free world and removed freedom from the equation. the debt of the international banks that control the fed, including war debt, institutional debts and derivative load is some several hundred times the entire world gdp. not repayable, not serviceable and a total fraud.

      if you are interested in putting some arrows in your discussion quiver, I would recommend spending a little under 2 hours watching a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening documentary on the subject of what is money, how it works and why it doesn’t work. .

      I just watched it for the fourth time, still getting great info out of it.
      bill still for prez :-)

      • John Yowan

        Ok… Your first argument is that “in no time at all someone will monopolize it.” In this argument you fail to give any sort of evidence to support your claim. How would “someone” “monopolize it”? Who is this “someone”? An individual? A company?
        Your second statement has no support either. “must be controlled to best benefit all concerned”. Why can that not be left to the market? What evidence do you have to show that government is necessary for money to work? Do we need government to ensure the quality of other products? I would argue no, the market can and does do this on its own. You don’t need government to build your computer to ensure quality, why would it need to be involved in the quality of something a lot less complex to create?

        Now I will quote Rothbard:
        “Champions of the government’s coinage monopoly have claimed that money is different from all other commodities, because “Gresham’s Law” proves that “bad money drives out good” from circulation. Hence, the free market cannot be trusted to serve the public in supplying good money. But this formulation rests on a misinterpretation of Gresham`s famous law. The law really says that “money overvalued artificially by government will drive out of circulation artificially undervalued money.” Suppose, for example, there are one-ounce gold coins in circulation. After a few years of wear and tear, let us say that some coins weigh only .9 ounces. Obviously, on the free market, the worn coins would circulate at only ninety percent of the value of the full-bodied coins, and the nominal face-value of the former would have to be repudiated. If anything, it will be the “bad” coins that will be driven from the market. But suppose the government decrees that everyone must treat the worn coins as equal to new, fresh coins, and must accept them equally in payment of debts. What has the government really done It has imposed price control by coercion on the “exchange rate” between the two types of coin. By insisting on the par-ratio when the worn coins should exchange at ten percent discount, it artificially overvalues the worn coins and undervalues new coins. Consequently, everyone will circulate the worn coins, and hoard or export the new. “Bad money drives out good money,” then, not on the free market, but as the direct result of governmental intervention in the market.

        Despite never-ending harassment by governments, making conditions highly precarious, private coins have flourished many times in history. True to the virtual law that all innovations come from free individuals and not the state, the first coins were minted by private individuals and goldsmiths. In fact, when the government first began to monopolize the coinage, the royal coins bore the guarantees of private bankers, whom the public trusted far more, apparently, than they did the government. Privately-minted gold coins circulated in California as late as 1848″

        As far as your other argument goes about congress just spending money into the market interest free I will link you to Tom Woods’ argument:

        • g.johnon

          ok john, i read tom woods’ “argument” and i gotta say, it was freeking hysterical. convolution as an art form if you will.
          so, since you have taken the tact of “if you can’t convince them with logic or fact, boggle them with bullshit”, i am not going to accept the task of responding point by point to the ocean of double speak that you have presented. one flawed premise after another, for pages and pages. sorry, i just don’t have the time. but i would suggest that you peruse the comments section of the very same website that you posted. some very good rebuttal was offered there.
          now, for the sake of quid pro quo, i took the time to read your offerings, did you take the time to watch the movie at the link i posted above?
          i very much doubt it. take the time john, just for giggles if nothing else.
          by the way, nice suit!! whichever of those you are in your icon pic (if either).

  • Wayne D.

    The Federal Reserve is PRIVATELY OWNED and they WON’T DISCLOSE WHO THE OWNERS ARE. It is not owned by the American People or government.
    During the bailouts of 2008 the Fed. Res. SECRETLY bailed out FOREIGN CENTRAL BANKS and FOREIGN CORPORATIONS with AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS to the tune of $16 TRILLION

    . See Sen. Bernie Sanders’ website where he shows this.

    The GAO audit of the bailout clearly shows on pages 144,147,209,215,229,236, etc. lists of the banks like Bank of Japan, Royal Bank of scotland, Deutche Bank (Germany), Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland), BNP Paribas SA (France), Dexia SA (Belguim), European Central Bank, Bank of England, Bank of Canada, Reserve Bank of Australia, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Central Bank of Brazil, Central Bank of Mexico, Bank of Korea, Monetary Authority of Singapore, Norges Bank (Norway), Sveriges Riksbank (Sweden), Danmarks Nationalbank (Denmark), Swiss National Bank, and MORE….

    That’s just some of the Central Banks. There are more Banks and Corporations like Unicredit SpA (Italy), Barclays UK, Countries from around the world not all of which are listed, I didn’t even mention ALL the American Banks.

    Does this sound like an American Institution using American Taxpayer Dollars?

    The link to the GAO Audit PDF,

  • Final Inquisitro

    Good work Ben. Get this news out to the entire news media, lets explore much more in DEPTH who controls the Fed, why the Federal Reserve is illegal, and all the entities in the United States (Inc) which financially benefit from the Federal Reserve. Hint: It isn’t the American people!!! And those criminals all over the UNITED STATES who do, are guilty of terrorism against Americans. Lets get the truth out now!!

  • Abe

    Can you say Munchausen syndrome by proxy? In 1907 J.P. Morgan manipulated the knickerbocker panic of 1907. Then he bailed them out to play hero. Then he claimed he couldn’t be doing this all the time (saving banks), and the USA needs a central bank. Thus the destruction of our currancy began. Most of the banks in the Fed isn’t even American banks. Ben & Ed are only a very few I’ll listen to. Most hide at least part of the facts!!

  • Gregory Alan of Johnson

    Mr Swann needs to find out why the first two “central banks” existed (1791-1811, 1816-1836). In that process he just might find out why the “War of 1812” happened (not all about trade-routes with England). This ‘land’ went through a huge transition in governing authority starting in 1861 and lasting just over a decade. Going from a Constitutional Representative Republic, under international bankruptcy, to a militarily-held democracy in the form of a municipal corporation, under international bankruptcy, is no small feat.
    As for the “Charter” of the Federal Reserve, it does not “expire” until the Board of Directors of the 28 USC 3002 15 A Federal Corporation known as “United States”, also known as Congress, either repeals the 1913 Act or passes another “law” (code is not Law). Since the Creditors of US Inc are the international bankers, headed by the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers and are beneficiaries of the Trusts formed by all this, tell the ‘Board of Directors’ what to do, the likelihood of them de-authorizing the Fed is nil until something else is engaged to replace this (like a One-World currency, probably electronic).
    This is my opinion based on all that I’ve read/researched.

    • Wayne D.

      I would have to agree with your opinion, and understanding of history.
      We all need to prepare for the coming currency revaluation or institution of a new monetary system, probably electronic as currency cannot be printed quick enough. This is why they hate bitcoin, competition.
      I suggest everyone consider publicly owned banks like N. Dakota.
      Here’s a link to the Public Banking TV Channel on YouTube
      Iceland Just kicked out the Central Banks and rewrote their Constitution, not covered in the US media.

      • Gregory Alan of Johnson

        Thank you very much. This says much about what you’ve read and discerned.
        I agree with your suggestion about the State Bank of North Dakota and Iceland. We need a repeat of Andrew Jackson without the “Trail of Tears”.

    • Kenneth Lou

      Let us look at how this Rothschild “Family” obtained their enormous wealth.

      MURDER, FRAUD and all other forms of Criminal behavior.

      We need to do something we CAN do, once we have a mind to be doing so, and that is to SEPARATE the Rothschild FROM their acclaimed $500 TRILLION “Dollars” of wealth.

      Strip it ALL away from them in its entirety. ~ Restores Liberty, Honest government, and PROSPERITY

  • smacca

    Because the Fed has given the banks so much money over these past few years with no benefit to myself or the economy in general, and the bill going to “we the people” , while the banks made billions,
    I think it’s only fair I get a waver on my remaining credit card balance. So how do I go about getting my waver?

    • Vajoynus

      Dont pay your remaining credid card balance. There, i just gave you your waivet.

  • romacox

    Before Central Banks is equally important to know about.

    Our Founding Fathers referred to what we now call the Federal Reserve
    as the Central Bank.

    In ancient times most lived off their land producing food while others
    produced goods and services. They had no need for money because they bartered
    between each other (chickens, cows, shells, precious metals, ext…things anyone
    had access to. No one held a monopoly on the money source…. “free market

    But it made for an unreliable labor force because most people preferred to
    work for themselves, and had little need to work for others on a permanent
    basis. The British and Dutch, in need of a labor force on their plantations
    located in various Colonies, concocted a brilliant plan. Folks, they decided
    to tax those “free roamers” for their land. But the catch was this: they could
    not pay for it with bartering (things like cows, chickens and precious
    metals…things that anyone had access to if they were willing to work for it.)
    they must pay their taxes by money that only the British and Dutch central banks
    could issue (Much like the Federal Reserve issues today, it is something only a
    handful of elitists have control of, and power to issue. )

    The plan worked brilliantly. Crony Capitalism was
    born (and does not survive without the federal Reserve) . People who
    would not be loyal to the plantation owners must now work for them to obtain
    this solely central bank issued money just to keep their own land. Andrew
    Jackson was so against the Central Banks that he referred to them as a “den of
    thieves” They openly spoke about their plan in the news papers (news article
    from the 1800s):

  • James Murphy

    the Fed is behind the downfall of America.

  • JLM WealthStrategies

    Great article but you might want to fire your editor. Is anyone proofreading before hitting the publish button?

  • Bob Loblaw

    I’m surprised and disappointed that on this 100th anniversary of the monetary coup that took over the country’s money supply in 1913, we haven’t had huge protests and marches calling for abolishment of the central bank.

    We had a fairly good amount of participation in the Occupy Wall Street protests- which is bizarre because if you and your girlfriend, wife, brother room mate etc. stood outside protesting for a day in one of those demonstrations, then I wwould expect those people to protest the Federal reserve for 10 times as long even when the temperature is 50 degrees colder and the goons have double the pepper spray and LRADs.

    It is that important, and that big of a player in the economic division and opression of the nation.

  • windywayer

    THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK Is A Private Company.
    Who actually owns the Federal Reserve central Banks ? The ownership of the 12 Central Banks, a very well kept secret, has been revealed :









    CHASE MANHATTAN BANK OF NEW YORK is truly an interesting story

  • olimac

    please check out your videos including the one right here on the page. this is the second time i am unable to watch a video on your website.

    the video player appears on the page, everything is looking good. but when i click the play button it shows only the advertisement video und nothing more.

    some advertising is ok, but without a video from benn, it is not a good idea….

    maybe i cant watch the video, because im from germany. but there are no errormessages whatsoever on the page indicating that your content is only accessible from inside US…

    thank you in advance

    a libertarian

  • Kenneth Lou

    “10 years ago, virtually no American knew anything about the Federal Reserve Bank. Most thought it was a government agency, an entity that helps to create and protect U.S. currency and our economy. Then came along the national rise of a Congressman from Texas by the name of Ron Paul.

    “Read more:
    Follow us: @BenSwan

  • Tim

    1963, not 1964. – Please correct your factual error. Kennedy didn’t do _anything_ in 1964, because he was assassinated in 1963. Kennedy’s executive order 11110, regarding silver certificates happened in 1963. – This was a great article, and great commentary, aside from that. I do however, think it’s important for you to make the correction regarding the year, because this subject is VERY important, and people need to become aware of it. Because of the nature of the subject, enemies of truth with use small factual inaccuracies such as this to attempt to discredit you and the whole subject. Please make the correction. Thanks.

  • Kenneth Lou

    Without Establishing a New Standard for Establishing the Value of Money, we go nowhere. needs to become Synonymous with Liberty, because it truly is.
    It is Hybrid money, combining paper currency with precious metals.
    It is DOABLE.
    The 2-Step Plan to fix the economy OVERNIGHT (in a Literal 24 hours) is EASY to grasp, Easy to comprehend, and is completely OBVIOUS.both to Kindergartners as well as to all Rocket Scientists~!!!
    ~>Hybrid Money!
    Gets rid of the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve NOW! and ALL of their PHONY ODIOUS Debt~!!! It is the path back to Moral and Economic Sanity.
    Let us use it to take us away from their “brink.”