Truth in Media: Feds Say Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine

Ben Swann travels to Colorado to learn the truth about cannabis as medicine and what government isn't telling you

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For those who believe in marijuana and cannabis freedom, the future has never been brighter. Right now there is an awakening to the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes, specifically something called CBD oil. But is the new CBD craze being manipulated by media and politicians? If it weren’t we wouldn’t need to do a show about it.

The first step toward truth is to be informed.

CBD Oil… you’ve probably heard of it by now. Thanks to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and his special report “Weed” millions are now aware of the cannabinoid rich oil being used to help children in colorado with epilepsy. Especially this one little girl Charlotte Figi after whom the Charlotte’s Web strain of cannabis has been named.

I wanted to learn what CBD oil and the push behind it is all about so I traveled to Denver, Colorado. Home to legalized marijuana and the Stanley brothers, the family behind the charlottes web strain of cannabis oil.

The Stanley’s were the ones to prove in Charlotte Figi’s case that CBD rich cannabis oil can prevent seizures in children.

“We have this strain that we were going to use for cancer patients because studies have shown that CBD helps stop the metastasizing of cancer. We went ahead and tried it and after she (Charlotte Figi) had it a week she went a week seizure free” says Jesse Stanley.

Charlotte Figi’s life was transformed by CBD oil. Now to understand what is unique about CBD oil, you have to understand what a cannabinoid is.

In marijuana there are multiple cannabinoids including THC, CBD, CBN, CBA, THCA, THCB and over 160 other compounds in the plant including terpenes from the plant that create the most effective medicine.

To be clear, in order to get a high from cannabis you need a high level of one cannabinoid, THC. Again, just one particular cannabinoid. In the Stanley’s case they began growing cannabis with lower THC and higher CBD.

“CBD is known to be a neuro-protectant, it is also one of the few things that causes neuro-genesis. So its not just seizures that this helps in epileptics, it is auto-immune disorders whether that’s cancer, crohn’s, lupus, there are so many different types of things” says Stanley.

Today, in the stunningly short time since Charlotte Figi’s story became famous, the Stanley’s have thousands of patients on a waiting list for their CBD oil. In fact there are thousands of families who have already traveled to Colorado for this CBD oil and thousands more on the way. They are called cannabis refugees.

All of that has led to other states wanting to legalize CBD oil. The governor of Utah signed a CBD bill into law legalizing possession of the oil. A bill in Alabama has passed the legislature and is awaiting the governors signature. Lawmakers in Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina, Wisconsin and other states have or will consider CBD bills this year.

“We’re at 20 states right now, so you already have twenty laws on the books that the people wanted or the people’s representatives wanted” says Mark Slaugh of iComply, a Denver based company which is fighting to keep small growers compliant with state regulation on marijuana. There are eight strict guidelines that must be followed. Mark says states are jumping on board with CBD but not with marijuana.

“I think what most politicians don’t realize when they start trying to play where the puck was and not where the puck is going to be is that regulating just one compound greatly underserves most of the patients who really need this medicine. So along the lines of medical efficacy it isn’t reasonable” says Slaugh.

The reality that Mark addresses is how media and politicians are jumping on the CBD train because it doesn’t get you high, but they are ignoring some very important medical facts about cannabinoids.

I talked with Shona Bonda about this very issue.

“I was diagnosed with crohn’s disease. In my first year I had my first bowl resection and i went downhill after that. My immune system recognized that there was something wrong and it essentially attacked itself.” “You’re in pain constantly and you can’t think straight. It’s hard to go through your day to day life when all you can do is think about pain. It is a terrible disease” says Bonda.

Shona’s condition was so bad that her teeth literally became soft and the roof of her mouth had turned black. She couldn’t stand and says she parented her children from the couch. Described a like having a stomach flu every day for years, despite all the medications and doctors, Shona was rotting from the inside out.

Her break came when she saw the YouTube documentary “Run From The Cure” by Rick Simpson which explained how to extract CBD and THC oil from marijuana. Shona had started smoking marijuana just to be able to function but she wasn’t getting better. Shona’s husband at the time wanted to get her a vaporizer… but that vaporizer became the road to so much more.

“He went and got me a very old fashioned vaporizer from the 1970’s. I was reading a book and I pinched off the tube for way too long and oil started forming on the dome. So he went and got a rubber spatula and I started scraping off the oil three times a day and I started putting whatever I could get into a gel cap. Within three days I didn’t need my cane anymore to walk and I started healing quite rapidly. So rapidly that I started to write in a journal” says Bonda.

That journal would become the book, “Live Free or Die”, Shona’s mantra for her own life and the lives of the people she continues to educate across the country on the benefits of cannabis oil.

But politicians and media are making CBD oil into the good kind of cannabis while arguing that THC is the bad kind of cannabis. While that is not how any of this works, that is the case that is subtly being made.

As that happens, two forces will likely come into play. One, in order to push the market away from small sellers and harvesters of CBD oil, states and the feds will likely create a regulatory climate that is so difficult to manage, they will, through cronyism force CBD oil into the hands of a few, which in turn limits supply and forces the price to rise considerably.

Two, big pharmaceutical companies will being putting out a “safe”, “legitimate” form of CBD oil. That is already starting to happen.

“GWB pharmaceuticals out of Great Britain has been producing Evaz which is a 50/50 blend of CBD and THC. They have no real research behind whether or not 50/50 is even the right ratio and they certainly don’t include the other terpenes and other chemical compounds from the cannabis plant. So we could see the bone tossed to the pharmaceutical dog, its certainly a possibility but i think that if more people would take a stand for de-scheduling marijuana, regulating it in a manner similar to alcohol is really the best model to move forward with” says Mark Slaugh.

What you need to know, is where the U.S. government actually stands on this issue. Cannabis, marijuana, is today still a Schedule 1 Drug. That means, according to our government it has no medicinal use and has a high potential for abuse. Does our government really believe that? No. In 1999, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services filed for a patent for the use of cannabinoids for medicinal purposes.

Also in 1999, HHS filed for a second patent, specifically for cannabis oil for the treatment of disease. That’s right, our government through the taxpayer funded Department of Health and Human Services holds two patents on cannabinoids and cannabis oil to treat certain diseases like alzheimer’s and auto-immune diseases like crohn’s.

Meanwhile, our government through taxpayer funded agencies like the Department of Justice pursue, arrest and in prison Americans who would attempt to access or use cannabis oil to heal their own bodies. Because in public they claim cannabis oil is not medicine and in private they seek to own the rights to that medicine.

Truth means that Humanity is Greater than Politics.

  • Daniel Latrimurti

    Excellent report Ben. Here’s a link to the Rick Simpson Story documentary if anyone wants watch.

  • Phil

    To Vader Town Council

    I am neither a lawyer or a medical Doctor. I am a land owner in the City of Vader.

    My personal perspective is– I have an illness, Crohn’s Disease, currently in remission, that I almost died from twice. Use of pot has been proven to reduce the debilitating symptom of Crohn’s disease and others diseases. I personally have not tried pot because it was illegal at the time I was sick.

    One hundreds years ago the Federal government declared pot a poison having no medical value. It is still a Federal crime even to test cannabis for medical value. In 1998 the US government applied for a patent on cannabis oil. The patent was granted in 2003.(A) To get a patent “The Department of Health and Human Services” had to prove cannabis works as stated in the patent.
    The patent title, “CANNABINOIDS AS ANTIOXIDANTS AND NEUROPROTECTANTS” Cannabis fractions can be used as antioxidants and neuroprotectans.

    Defined in the patent: Antioxidants kill cancer cells and bacteria, among other tasks. Neuroprotectants are a treatment for many central nervous system (CNS) disorders including neurodegenerative diseases, effects of diabetic neuropathy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury.

    This pot grow facility is an indoor greenhouse. The facility will be fenced and no person under age 21 will be allowed employment or entry. As far as criminal behavior, It is no longer a CRIME!

    The Bonnie Plant co. a mile down the road is a very large greenhouse company. How damaging has it been? There will be no difference.

    Without business that bring revenue into a community from outside a community, the community dies. This community is effectively a ghost town. I’ve heard said “We can do better with 30 acres of zoned industrial land.” Do you personally own that land? What right do you have to deny legal usage of privately own property, that the current zoning allows.
    At present the corporate tax rate in this country is 35%, the highest in the world. There have been no new manufacturing plants built in the US in over 30 years.

    The facility may provide around 25 good paying, permanent jobs, in an area that has no industry.

    These people will buy homes or rent homes in our area. When the population increases the opportunity for other businesses to come here also increase, thereby producing additional tax money to support this community. The facility will certainly pay property and B&O tax.

    Denying the owners of this facility the right to use their property productively, is a violation of constitutionally protected rights. (B) It sets a precedent that reduces all of our personal rights to property and the freedom to operate a business.

    The facility will provide job opportunities and an industry in a town that has none.

    To deny this business on religious or moral principle is a crime in this country. And a violation of Constitutionally protected rights.

    Illnesses stated to be helped in the government patent:
    inflammatory, autoimmune diseases, limiting neurological damage following stroke and trauma, the treatment of AlZheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, HIV, dementia.

    If you combined all autoimmune diseases, as a group, they are the number two cause of chronic illness in America and the third leading cause of Social Security disability claims following heart disease and cancer.

    All treatable with cannabis oil a product who’s patent is held by “The US Department of Health and Human Services.”
    At the time of this patent filing there were 371 medical patents pertaining to cannabis.
    If statistics are correct, about half the people in this room will be treated medically with a cannabis derivative in their life time.

    Crohn’s disease
    celiac disease
    Grave’s disease
    inflammatory bowel disease
    multiple sclerosis
    rheumatoid arthritis
    The big one cancer. When your health improves and your treatment includes a cannabis product you will thank God and your Doctor. Your GOD for having created cannabis and your Doctor for having the wisdom to properly use it.

    Thank you for your time.


    (A) Patent No. US 6,630,507 B1 Date Oct. 7, 2003

    (B) (Last time I check this is not communist Russia, Fascist Italy or National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP) government.)

    What is the difference between a tyrannical King, Fascist government, and top down government control we live under now?

    “If the people let Government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls of those who live under tyranny.”
    Thomas Jefferson

    Think about it. Queen M. Obama.

    • I agree with you.

      Obama is a nit and creep for not “getting” or “caring” about those whose bodies have been destroyed by government abuses of antibiotics, chemicals and poisons in our water, food, vaccines, land and air.

      • Don’tYouGetItYet?

        Unfortunately it’s way larger than Obama- but I agree with everything you said.

        • Oh I know, but Obama with his “educated and enlightened” mind was supposed to have known better and then tell us the skinny instead of being swallowed whole by the DC monster.

          He never was going to do anything except lie to get where he is now and history will judge as will our God.

    • Don’tYouGetItYet?

      “What is the difference between a tyrannical King, Fascist government, and top down government control we live under now?

      the people let Government decide what foods they eat and what medicines
      they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls
      of those who live under tyranny.”
      Thomas Jefferson”

      So true. It’s like we became exactly the opposite of what the Founders envisioned and fought for. And so many people just don’t get it yet.

  • That_Guy

    The government also says there’s no cure for AIDS while holding a patent on a cure for AIDS. It is patent # 5676977. This definitely sounds like the U.S. Government.

    • TheRuleOfLaw

      One injection of Silver Tetrachloride kills the HIV virus immediately and forever.

      • Don’tYouGetItYet?

        I’ve never heard of it, but I’ve suspected there has been a cure for this and many other deadly diseases for a long time.

        • That_Guy

          Don’t forget, one injection recently saved people from Ebola. I can’t believe people can’t see what is with the Medical Industry.

        • TheRuleOfLaw

          There is one drug that has been scientifically and medically proven to treat and CURE over 10,000 diseases:


    • Why is our government “allowed” to hide “cures”???

    • Phil

      Unlike Patent No. US 6,630,507 B1 Date Oct. 7, 2003

      US5676977 is a hoax just look it up. Listed in Tinfoil hat is not enough area. Snopes

      • That_Guy

        I guess Dr. Boyd Graves went all the way to the Supreme Court with that tinfoil hat. The great thing about the internet is that it provides a wealth of information to look at. But if you have a confirmation bias it will always lead you to the same place I guess. By the way, you do know Snopes has been caught lying before right? Phil, this is the internet. Please use it thoroughly.

  • SmokeFreeorDie

    Thank you or shedding light on the federal government’s corruption and cronyism!

  • The U.S. Federal Government is corrupt beyond measure at this point.

    • theLAB

      Local to Federal my good man – theLAB

  • theLAB

    I am going to take a Medical Wax hit in just a few – thank you Ben for the Great Reporting – and I am/theLast American Bastard

  • Brad

    You guys really need to hire someone to proofread all your articles. There are several grammatical and spelling mistakes in this one, just like all the others. If you want to come across as professional, you absolutely have to fix this problem.

    • Hope101

      If I focus on the negative, the negative increases. If I focus on the positive, the positive increases. Old wisdom that applies to many things and may make all things go a little better for those who only find fault.

      • We are positive!

        BUT I would have edited it for FREE – we have to be clear as well as correct in our speech and communications.

        • runsinquicksand

          Contact the senior editor then.

          • If those running the site at least read comments there would be no “need” to contact those who won’t email one back…

    • runsinquicksand

      That’s all you came away with? Spelling, and grammatical errors? You are the one that lost out then.

  • We desperately need a UCMJ-type law that will stop the abuses in governments for cities, states and federal workers and their contractors.

    PSUCJ – The Public Servant Uniformed Code of Justice would stop abuses dead in their tracks – as it does for MOST abuses in military commands.

    When will a leader, like Ben Swann, really put forth the effort to get this law into Congress and then passed?

    They can’t and won’t police themselves – so it’s up to us to protect one another FROM our own government – how sick is that?

  • Michael Richard

    I’ve posted this before, but I’ll re-post: This is an argument that I am surprised does not come up more often in the debate for full legalization; the U.S.Government has a patent involving marijuana (U.S. Patent 6,630,507 – Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants). Since marijuana contains compounds recognized and endorsed by an agency of the USG (The U.S. Health and Human Services), why is it that marijuana remains on the Schedule 1 list of drugs (Schedule 1 are labeled as dangerous and having NO/NO medicinal benefits / use)? The issuance and mere existence of patent 6630507 is an absolute direct contradiction of the government’s own definition for classification of a Schedule 1 / Class 1 narcotic (remember, NO medicinal value?)! This argument alone should void any case the USG would try and bring against any person or business. That is blatant hypocrisy and a slap in the American public’s face. Fully legalize with proper regulation and reasonable taxation.

    • Blatant-Truth

      I’ve been asking that exact question for many years. No one seems to be able to answer it coherently. I agree with you that this blatant and hypocritical inconsistency should be enough, in the full light of day, to make any *honest* federal judge file an injunction or whatever the remedy is to put a freeze on all cannabis-related criminal cases in his jurisdiction until that can be straightened out (preferably by removing cannabis from Schedule One).

      • Jas

        They don’t need to answer coherently, the government has more men with guns than you do….you have no power to even demand an answer weather their actions are illegal or not.

        • TIME

          Dear Jas,
          Your 100% totally wrong, the American people have far more guns as well Man Power, than the criminal corporation known as the
          “United States Inc.” Let alone even if all the troops of every nation were to aid these criminals the American people still have far greater numbers.
          That’s why they FEAR the American people so much that these criminals wish to strip Americans of the right to own guns.
          As well “FREE SPEACH.”
          If these criminal ever get to the point that they have stripped the American people of the 2nd Amendment, they then will have 100% total control over everyone.
          Thus no one will have the means to defend nor repel the advances of these criminals.
          **{ In plain words } the American people will then become the JEWS of the 1930’s-1940 Europe, “100% at the mercy of CRIMINALS with the GUNS.”
          It’s TIME the American people just say ” NO. ” Then Clean out that festering rot hole called: “The CITY STATE of The DISTRICT of COLUMBIA.” There are more than enough light poles and strong branches to hold the strange fruit, noted as POLITICIANS JUDGES, and all, as in every last one of the BANKERS World wide.

        • :D

          It’s “We the People” who have the power, and don’t you forget that !

    • TIME

      Dear MR,
      NO, as in ZERO TAX on CDB’s or any form of it. Why? YOUR brain makes CDB, but as you have been “programed” along with all people to use the “Generic” name for CDB’s of what is called: { Endorphins} thus its a natural substance, ( as such NO TAX should ever apply,) For any reason at all ever. Tax is nothing more nor less than SLAVERY.
      That’s also why NO “CARBON TAX” should ever be brought forth, as YOU as well all of not only Man Kind, but HU-Man kind are nothing more that Carbon Units.
      Thus a TAX due to the fact that YOU exist is little more than feeding a beast, not unlike what the Mafia demands of persons it extorts money from to run their small business.
      Rethink your stance and learn more that TAX ideas for remedy to the Criminal State of the corporation known as the “UNITED STATES Inc.”

      • J A

        agreed with most of what you’re saying… but please explain:

        why do you write human as Hu-Man? What is the significance behind this?

  • Don’tYouGetItYet?

    It’s past time to end the prohibition on Marijuana. Why would anyone stand in the way of someone wanting to use something that helps a person with their medical problems? Why does a person with medical problems have to justify using something that is known to help their medical problem?

    The only thing I can come up with is: A.) Certain lobbyists owning our politicians B.) The Prison Industrial Complex has built a whole system around this C.) They do not want to give up anything that resembles control over the people, no matter how many people voice their dissent.

    The mere fact that the HHS has obtained a patent on this shows they KNOW it has medicinal benefits. See A., B., and C.

    • Blatant-Truth

      Don’t forget D)—possibly the most important one at the root of it all— which is that government is terrified of any substance (or person) that encourages people to have greater insight about their lives and how to approach them, and causes them to question authority and think about better leadership and an evolved system.

  • Topher

    Excellent. In addition, we should all refer to this miracle plant as “Cannabis” not it’s UNITED STATES corporate ‘legal’ term for it “Marijuana”. Even in their patent they refer to it correctly.

  • LegalizeIT

    Wow! I will be sharing this video with some friends that are sick. Thank you Ben for creating this!

  • freedomseaker1 .

    I could have saved my mother life had I known about this three yrs ago!

  • J D

    How can there be patents (proprietary ownership rights) on natural substances? The government might legally claim patents on products that it produces using CBD oil and cannabis in general, but patents on the oil or any of the other active substances found in cannabis is illegal.

  • jfw

    No mention of the man who figured it out ? Rick Simpson oil . Run from the cure on youtube. How this started. Keeps you healthy with aids . Cures cancer usually . Put it on skin cancer it draws it out . Some people allergic to penicillin and about every health problem you can think of eat the raw leaves in a salad . The acid in it fixes alot as well. It’s a vegetable I guess . The Vatican may of known about this for long time. Back in the day even jesus may of tricked people he had magical powers. Nope they had cannabis oil . Man is criminal most the time .

    • jfw

      I forgot helps with Michael j fox illness too. Guy on youtube could barely move he took the oil then took the car around the block. Pretty cool. Sick guy with aids he was going down. Meds not eating and sick. Went to the oil and he is 100 % again building a new deck . Lol .

      • mcsmithaus


    • kcpoppsweb

      Quote from the article and video:
      “Her break came when she saw the YouTube documentary “Run From The Cure” by Rick Simpson which explained how to extract CBD and THC oil from marijuana.

  • Target4Tyrants

    Ben, You’re a great patriot sir. Please keep in the fight. We need information outlets like to bring light to the elites dark zeitgeist.

  • Bruce

    I think the cotton and oil industries had a lot to do with making it illegal (initially). Big Pharma will absolutely ruin the healing powers. Best learn to make your own oils and stay on the black market for purchase.

  • :D

    It is also great for the sweating that comes with Menopause. I found this out through personal experience.

  • Jimmy Johnson

    Ben, CBD stops the spread of cancer, while THC kills the cancer. If you want to do a show about the wonders of THC and curing cancer, I can connect you with oil makers and care givers. They are the same people that Gupta refuses to talk about, because he is STILL protecting the pharmaceutical industry, and also misleading people into the CBD craze. Think about it.

  • Expose the lies!

    Please dont feed into the cbd only BS! We need the whole plant and yes thc is a CBD! You need the thc in it to heal disease! IF they only would look at the people who have been using it for years they would have their answers and not hold it up by 20years of research and ruining the plant by synthesizing it! One more thing I have much respect for Rick Simpson but naptha is NOT a good sovent, use food grade alcohol instead and you won’t risk a benzine ring n your stomach! Wake up people and do your homework!

  • mcsmithaus

    Some years ago, I came across an ancient elixir – The Potion of the Arabian Knights (wine, aloe vera gel and hash oil). I didn’t have proportions and, of course, hash-oil is illegal BUT I came across Hemp Seed Oil in my local health food store & substituted that in.

  • SMH2much

    They did the same thing with nicotine. Still doing it, actually. They even have the greenhouses, patents, lobbyists against farmers & consumers, everything. (Nicotine is beneficial for those with Alzheimer’s, nerve problems like Parkinson’s, ADHD, cognitive skills, Coilitis cancer, etc) and the flower is full of cancer cures, plus it’s used in Ebola cures, etc.
    Great investigative work Ben & team! Keep it coming!

  • Bill Dithmer

    Knowledge comes in two forms. There is second hand knowledge, the kind that you get from listening to other people talk about a subject. There is nothing wrong with that kind of knowledge if it is looked at from all sides and then evaluated, not just slanted in one direction and told as the absolute truth. All of us including myself are guilty of using second hand knowledge to tilt an argument in favor of the way we think. That doesn’t make the conclusions we come to any more truthful.

    Then there is first hand knowledge. This kind of knowledge comes from personal experiences, research, and real life. There is no substitute for first hand knowledge.

    For me it was migraines, I started young about 11 years old. Uncontrollable, life stopping, sick, and yes crying migraines. I was born without the light filtering part of my eyes and several trips to Mayo and hundreds of test seem to say that condition had something to do with my problem. This was in the early sixties and options were few and those that worked were even fewer. At the end of each trip to Mayo I was given a list of drugs that might help. None of these made much of a dent in my headaches, some would dull the pain for a while and some, science found out later, caused more problems then they fixed. The only thing that did help were hypos. From 1966 until the early 80s I averaged one and a half hypos a week. I got damn good at using those hypos to get over my head problems. I would get a shot and a half hour later I would start to puke. Now I hate doing that as much as the next person but to get rid of the pain I would do anything. I repeat to get rid of the pain I would do anything!

    In high school I would find a way to feel some other kind of pain to take my mind off of the pain in my head. This included having my best friend beat on me. I didn’t find out until about twenty years later that this wasn’t uncommon.

    From the first pill that I ever took for migraines until today we have done some math and found out that I have taken right at 100,000 pills of one kind or another. In that time I have taken many experimental drugs, at least eight of these have now been banned for public use. None did anything to stop or even help me control the pain but like I said before when you are in pain you will try anything to do away with that pain.

    In the seventies after I had went to college for a couple of years I started with the help of my family a very successful dog breeding business and for several years had well over a hundred breeding females on the place at a time. Well time goes on for everyone and my help got older and one had cancer. I couldn’t do 24/7/365 so I cut way back on the dogs. All of this time I continued to have migraines, get shots, and take pills.

    After all of those years of script drugs pain and puking I had decided that it was time to leave this world if I didn’t find something that made a change in my life in a big way. I have hunted coon all of my adult life. Even when I was in pain it was something I could do at night and I was way more comfortable in the dark then any other time. One night a friend and I were setting in front of his house listening to the hounds work a track. We have known each other all of our lives and in a weak moment I told him what I had in mind.

    Well we set there without talking for a few minutes and then he looked at me and said “You stupid son of a bitch I wont let you do that” He then told me that I hadn’t tried everything I could try not by a long ways. Then he got up walked into the house and when he came out he had a bong in his hand and a plate with pot on it. Now I had tried pot in college and it wasn’t for me so I just left it at that but what did I have to loose at that point so off we went. Now this guy is smart he told me that from what he knew about weed the best approach would be to not get pie-eyed all the time but to smoke a little each day.

    Boy you talk about a life changing experience. I had my last hypo two days before that night and I have never had to get one again, NEVER! I wont say that this is some kind of magic drug it didn’t get rid of the pain, but it did make the pain so I could handle it without the number of hard drugs that I had used before. I also had full use of my body for all seven days of the week instead of four maybe five. I went from not knowing if I wanted to live to looking forward to each day and the day after that.

    I am proud to say that I am a productive member of this state. I have paid taxes all of my life and I don’t have any children so I have helped a lot of your kids get an education through the property taxes that have left my bank.

    Let me address one more thing here THC in pill form. Been there done that. Lets just say that you can give the same dose to twenty different people and not one of them will react to the drug in the same way. In the first place it takes a long time for the THC to start to work, smoking is almost instantly noticeable. In the second place what might be just right for some in pill form is way way to much for someone else. Smoking gives the user a lot more control over the amount used.

    Well that about does it for me all that’s left is the price that we pay to live within our pain. Whenever you break the law there is a price to pay. For some that price might be to high ,and ending their lives might be the right choice for them. For others like myself life is much better then what could have very easily been death. I have paid in my own way. I lost a sister who was a teacher of the year in SD and a brother in law. And I also lost a nephew who is a drug dog man because they would much rather I live with the pain then break the law.

    Pain is a funny thing it will make almost everyone break the law if the pain is bad enough and last long enough. Nuff Said

  • Energy companies buy up patents on sustainable energy inventions. Patents are not just for making money, they are also used as a Legal Lock to lock up the competition. As long as there is a patent on these process’, anyone who wants to do research in this field has to get permission from the patent holder and they don’t give it.

  • marlene

    The pharmaceutical industry is guilty of demonizing the treatment of disorders with cannibis, which has a higher success rate, while selling us synthetic versions of the same chemical at exhorbitant prices.

  • Tark McCoy

    Cannabis: Come for the high, stay for the healing

  • Kimeros

    Tyvm for the transcription, so the non-english people can now understand the 100% of the message 🙂