As we reported last year, Boston’s Children’s Hospital took custody of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier against her parents’ will. The hospital has maintained custody of the child for over one year now.

Years ago, doctors diagnosed Justina with mitochondrial disease, which causes loss of muscle control. Despite this diagnosis, Justina was able to live a happy and relatively normal life with her family in Connecticut. She was very active and enjoyed various sports such as ice skating.

Screenshot 2014-02-11 at 2.29.49 PM

When she got the flu last February, she was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital. Doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital claimed that Justina has somatoform disorder, not mitochondrial disease. Somatoform disorder is a mental disorder — not a physical one, like mitochondrial disease.

After this diagnosis was made, the girl’s parents wanted to bring their daughter home — but officials would not allow that. Lou and Linda Pelletier were escorted out of the hospital by security personnel.

Only four days later, they found out they had lost custody of their daughter due to “both parents’ resistance towards recommended treatment plans.” They are heartbroken and furious.

Lou and Linda insist that they were never “resistant” towards treatment for Justina. They had closely followed medical procedures and medication dosages for their daughter, as recommended by her physicians.

“It is kidnapping,” Lou Pelletier said.

Although Boston Children’s Hospital still maintains custody of Justina, the teen was recently moved into a residential facility at Wayside Youth and Family Support Network in Framingham, Connecticut.

Justina’s parents are currently using legal action to take back custody of their daughter. On Tuesday in court, Lou said the longer Justina stays in the custody of Boston Children’s Hospital, the worse her condition gets. A year ago, Justina was competing in figure skating competitions — now, she is paralyzed from the waist down and is not receiving any schooling.


The custody hearing was delayed until February 13 and the judge placed a gag order on everyone involved.

Dr. Mark Korson of Tufts Medical Center was one of Justina’s prior physicians. In an email, he said, “I am dismayed. … It feels like Justina’s treatment team is out to prove the diagnosis at all costs. … The (Boston Children’s Hospital) team has demanded that Justina be removed from the home. … This represents the most severe and intrusive intervention a patient can undergo … for a clinical hunch.”

During her time at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, Justina has sent letters to her parents hidden in origami artwork. One of her notes said, “I know you trust in me. Don’t forget it. I love you more than everything in the whole world. Justina.”

According to FOXCT, The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) has set guidelines for Justina’s parents, dictating when they can and cannot see their daughter. Currently, the parents are allowed two short phone calls and one hour-long visit per week.

Justina’s parents say they will continue fighting to regain custody of their child.

“Hospitals, be it this scenario or big picture, cannot just hide behind DCF to do their dirty work. It’s beyond any wildest nightmare that you could think of,” Lou said.

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  • Timewarped

    This is the most insane action by a hospital or Dr. That I have ever seen. Someone needs to be sued for malpractice and the child should immediately be removed from the control of these doctors and this hospital and either placed with the parents and observed or with the care of another hospital that is not bias against the parents…what the hell is wrong with this stupid damn judge

  • Tom Schneider

    How can something like this happen?? Are we missing something in the story?

    • Model Citizen

      Just read Senator Nancy Schaefer’s congressional report. You can google it. Then google the videos of speeches that she was giving before UN and other places before being shot in the back.

    • silvermaran

      Back when they just started infecting everyone with the real cause of AIDS/Syphilis it was customary to house the infected and not treat them for what they gave them. And very profitable to the states who got federal dollars to house them while they suffered and died of untreated spirochetal disease.

      Exactly like they still do to this day in millions suffering syndromes of all types of neurological infections.

      They even knew over 10 yr.s ago they were also all infected with a Malaria like organism and refuse to treat them for that TOO!!!

      You want to guess what your chances are of getting it from an insect bite after giving everyone the real cause of AID in vaccines for decades?
      Persistent babesiosis in a Rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) infected with a simian-human immunodeficiency virus.
      J Med Primatol. 2014 Feb 11. doi: 10.1111/jmp.12105. [Epub ahead of print]

  • Jesse Report

    Then IF the parents get the kid back the hospital sends a nice $3 million dollar bill to them with a “Have a Nice Day” attached.

    • Goobert

      I’d like to see them defend a 3 million dollar bill in court. But I totally agree system is so corrupt one should expect a bill for services not requested. They have a government monopoly simple as that.

  • Chris D

    voluntary association? Minutemen? Someone? Bueller?

  • Dennis

    What is the hospital’s position on this? Where’s the rest of the story?

    • Chris D

      Conn doc diagnosed her early on and she was being treated. They took her to boston and subsequently this hospital while on a trip. The hospital disagreed with the previous diagnosis. parents said they wanted another opinion and BAM. Say goodbye to your child

  • Lee Wilksersomething

    ($*#*D#)*$)*MN this angers me.

  • Josh McCullough

    Parents have no rights regarding their children’s health these days. So wrong.

    • Model Citizen

      We do have rights. They’re just being violated.

      • Josh McCullough


  • Joshua Barnard

    See there are still situations that could benefit from a lynch mob. Those doctors and hospital deserve to be treated like Liam Neeson treated the guys in Taken that took his daughter.

    • Tom Adams

      I am with you!

  • open your eyes

    This is totally CRAZY! What is happening in your country?? I am chocked and speechless. I am beginning to feel we are hearing more horror stories out of the US these days than what we used to hear from the former Sovjet Union!!

  • Doug

    This is beyond bizzare, and creepy too. The only thing I can think to do is pray. Are setting this girl up to be another Adam Lanza?

  • Aristotle Rex

    Beware. Doctors can write anything they want to in their reports without you having the ability to fact check it. They are like the police and “regarded” as such in many circles, including courts. This could be YOU someday. I hope this hospital and this doctor gets INUNDATED to their knees over this outrageous behavior.

    Please name names here.

  • Nat

    This hospital has a history of kidnapping children and they need to be stopped! That did the same thing to Elizabeth Wray. Thank goodness she was finally returned home. Let’s hope Justina has the same outcome.

    • LoneWiseMan

      Facebook account as history of kidnapping? lol, please

  • LoneWiseMan

    More likely the parents are misfits/morons than the entire hospital, especially for taking the risk of looking like “kidnappers” in the eyes of the masses (the uninformed).

    • Vanessa Hutcheson

      If it were just the parents, I can see how you might conclude it were “more likely” that they were in the wrong. But how do you account for…
      …her previous physicians’ medical opinions?
      …several other cases of sudden changes in diagnosis and removal of custody at the same hospital?
      …several staff leaving the hospital in protest against its practices?

      It seems to me this is a case of corruption and profiteering finally brought to light, akin to that judge who gave a 12-year-old two years in a juvenile detention facility for joyriding in his mothers’ car. (It turned out the judge was getting kickbacks from the detention facility.)

      There’s a certain wisdom in deferring to experts on technical matters, but sometimes if a particular expert is a clear aberration from the norm, they may have ulterior motives.

      • LoneWiseMan

        -Previous medical opinion could be bogus/incorrect, which is why people get second opinions.

        -Maybe they aren’t morons?

        -I’m not sure of the validity of that claim.

        As for the judge example, it’s anecdotal. I could say hospitals make right decisions, so they’re always right. They make wrong decisions so they’re always wrong. Anecdotal isn’t worth mentioning, nor is it proof of anything.

    • Model Citizen

      That kind of naive assumption is why they continue to operate. I’ve seen this kind of thing myself and worse. CPS federal incentives for quotas should be shut down and perhaps the entire multibillion dollar per year industry because it primarily violates the 9th and 10th amendments, as well as having violated most of the others. There is absolutely no accountability in CPS. To whom do you report their fraud?

      • LoneWiseMan

        It’s a naive assumption that they’re kidnapping too.

        The rest: separate issues, not that I disagree.

        • totenglocke

          “It’s a naive assumption that they’re kidnapping too.”

          Not an assumption, it’s a documented fact. They took their daughter in to be treated for the flu and were forcibly taken from the hospital and had their daughter kidnapped.

    • WhoCares

      What the hell is wrong with you?

      • LoneWiseMan

        Sorry for thinking. I’ll quickly put on my tin-foil hat back on to avoid the brain-control waves from DARPA!

        There’s no such thing as absolutely idiotic parents out there. You know, we’ve never heard of parents that refused to give their kid antibiotics for a simple infection, instead relied on praying, and ended up having their kid dying.

        Nope, never heard of anything like that. Clearly the hospital is ran by the evil version of Hitler and is hell-bent on kidnapping poor children!!!1

        • tyrannynewsadmin

          So, I take it you’re a cop or were at one point. Correct? OK. Then I understand why the frequent use of the word, “law” but not as I expect an attorney or politician would.

          Personally, I’m a Voluntaryist and don’t have any appreciation for “law.” It wouldn’t irk me so much if it weren’t for the added problem of “authority,” which I don’t appreciate. I don’t think it exists, except statutorily. So, it’s specious reasoning in a sense. One cannot exist without the other (law + authority).

          Ultimately though, if I ran a stop sign (barely) and just continued to drive safely, ignoring the flashing lights until my vehicle was blocked or disabled, that could very well be my last day on earth.

          But there’s the rub. Any American jury can throw out any case if they deem the law to be bad, the charge inappropriate or for any reason. Minor traffic laws would be great candidates for jury nullification, if 95%+ of the defendants didn’t cop a plea. Nearly all of the traffic laws don’t involve any victim.

          So, I could easily be gunned down over a crime so minor as to be nullified by the jury. Oh, sure they would have my failure to stop to cry about. That’s a much worse crime. But, then again I only failed to stop over running a stop sign. So, is my not stopping for the cops really anything more than disregard for their authority? “But you COULD have endangered lives.” Although I didn’t. “Failing to comply with arrest raises suspicion that you’re hiding other crimes.” So what?

          I guess the problem is first the “authority,” followed by the “law” topped off with “law enforcers.” What if all 3 took a week off?

          Now, as for the pets being collateral damage, you probably don’t think about how justice carrying her scale relates to this. There’s supposed to be a balance between forces. Countermeasures should be commensurate with actions. Let’s face it. Some cops are killers and most training these days is designed to breed killers. Why do I say that? Well, because any normal human being would subdue an animal before killing it.

          Bottom line, I’m 5’8″, 185lbs and 45. There aren’t many dogs out there I couldn’t get command of. In 90% of these cases, the cop just simply chose to end the pet’s life. “This was a high-intensity situation though.” What, like a suspicious person response? Or, like a knock-and-talk?

          Lastly, I note that your comments are nearly all insulting and/or confrontational. Which, I might add is exactly how sock-puppets are trained to engage. But, I admit your opinions supporting cops and the “law” seem genuine; genuinely tyrannical and self-serving. I remind others reading this that cops at one time were in service to others.

          • lberns

            There’s no point debating authoritarian collectivists like LoneDoofus. There was a recent study done that indicates trolls suffer from psychopathy.

          • tyrannynewsadmin

            Well, I gave it a shot. My comments are infrequent, but sometimes get quite long. I like to rap for real, but put my troll bait out there just in case.

            The other day, I was starting to persuade a grumpy guy and asked about where “I could learn some truths” as he had eluded. Of course, he provided a link to MetaBunk. I think mbunk and JREF have $2 spiff programs going now to get some traffic. If the roll-call shows only trolls in the house, what’s the point really?

          • LoneWiseMan

            Yes, I don’t agree that you shouldn’t be able to irresponsibly have your viscous dog roaming the streets freely, so I’m a “troll.”

            Whatever helps you sleep at night while you tell yourself how smart you are…

          • LoneWiseMan

            No, I’m not nor have I ever been a cop.

            I just have a brain. Your rights end where they infringe upon my rights and vice versa.

            Your large dog roaming around the streets out of control and potentially maiming/killing someone is nearly universally agreed upon to be a bad thing.

            Go live in a third-world craphole if you want to have to take the law/revenge into your own hands after someone’s dog kills your little girl in the street.

            The rest of your post’s points are red herrings. Yes, like all aspects of life, things are sometimes unjust or laws are overreaching or overbearing, but not in this case.

        • Slim_Strontem

          1 year? Any arguments aside from personal attacks?

        • silvermaran

          There are reports of over 20 kids taken from their parents for BCH. At least 5 are known.

          • LoneWiseMan

            Maybe they’re misfits?

            I don’t know, nor do you.

        • WhoCares

          Clearly we can see you started “thinking” before even reading the article.

          • LoneWiseMan

            Better than not thinking at all like most here.

    • silvermaran

      Actually the people are very informed. Its the hospitals and doctor/psychiatrists losing everything they have because of the truth, who refuse to help the people.

      Including the 1 in 29 now being born with the real cause of AIDS.

      Its been very profitable diagnosing everyone with syndromes and psych disease instead of treating the multiple infections in the immune suppression they gave us causes.

      In fact they KNEW in 1985 what really caused AIDS and forced masses of people to suffer hundreds of syndromes instead of treat it.

      • LoneWiseMan

        No they aren’t. You’re living proof of that.

        “Chronic Lyme Disease”


  • Wayne D.

    I’ve been considering how I can legally declare medical sovereignty, i’ve heard too many stories like this. Is this what they might do if you decided to use alternative medicine intead of chemical poisoning and radiation for cancer which fails within 5 yrs. 97% of the time. More people die from wrong medications in hospitals than die in car accidents every year. Not to mention your risk of infections just being there. This is about the amount of money they get to keep these kids.

    • LoneWiseMan

      Almost completely fabricated nonsense.

      Don’t go to hospitals if they’re all “out to get you” then, nutjob.

      • Model Citizen

        Google Nancy Schaefer. They’re not all out to get you, but CPS is a magnet for anyone who seeks to profit through abuse of power under secrecy and immunity from prosecution.

      • silvermaran

        You can’t have it both ways. Either the people are suffering syndromes and psych disease and Cancers of no discoverable cause or they are suffering from multiple infections they don’t even bother to find and treat.

        Over 95% of the pops are infected with EBV and other Herpes similars. Over 1/3 infected with Toxoplasmosis.
        Over 1/2 infected with Babesia/Malaria’s evil sister.
        Over 1/3 infected with a latent form of TB.
        300,000 a yr. infected with spirochetal prion protein infections since they gave IT to us for decades in infectious vaccines.
        What do you suppose causes Psych disease?

        • LoneWiseMan

          You’re just babbling about a bunch of random statistics.

          Do you have a an actual point?

  • spin43

    Remember, under OBAMASCARE, the state owns you.

    • Model Citizen

      and your children.

      • silvermaran

        If they cared about Children 1 in 29 would not now be born severely multiply infected when they all could have been prevented simply by treating the parents for the cause.
        In fact it should have been called WAR against the People.

    • silvermaran

      What does Affordable Healthcare have to do with millions suffering syndromes caused by infectious vaccines? If anything it now affords poor people a chance to treat the real cause of their syndromes. Infections.

      • Lv

        Try not to believe these lies or continue them.

        • silvermaran

          The STATE is not paying for it!!!

          And they OWE the people a whole lot more than what they have been getting the last 60yrs.

          Which was infected by junk vaccines carrying the real cause of AIDS and then forced to suffer and die of NO treatment for the hundreds of syndromes of untreated neurological infections caused!!!
          Henrietta Lacks/HeLa cells used for all vaccines– had Syphilis and they knew spirochetal prion proteins could not be killed as testified before Congress.

          of ribbon and helical fibrils originating from hIAPP20–29 revealed by
          quantitative nanomechanical atomic force microscopy

          Uncontrolled misfolding of proteins leading to the formation of amyloid deposits

          is associated with more than 40 types of diseases,

          such as neurodegenerative diseases and type-2 diabetes.

          Giving everyone the real cause of AIDS activated by adding junk infectious DNA to the mix was VERY GOOD FOR BUSINESS!

  • dlmullan

    stories like these make me have to delete a whole bunch of curse words from my articles and commentary. Boston Hospital and DCF need to be stopped. completely outrageous and uncalled for. return this girl to her parents!!!

  • Model Citizen

    Kidnapping like this has been going on since … do a search about what GA Senator Nancy Schaefer was exposing before she was suicided with a bullet through her back. Hundreds of families of CPS-kidnapped children were going to her for help. I’ve similar cases myself. Federal dollars give a big incentive to separate parents permanently from their children no matter what model citizens they might be.

  • Al Wolf

    dumb slaves….

  • Ash Somers

    what happened to do no harm?

  • Jeffrey Scouler

    change your relegion to christian science and then the hospital cannot keep her due to freedom of relegion in the usa

  • Space Ape

    Thanks for keeping this article updated Kristin.

  • Goobert

    Children need rights just as much as adults. They need to ask Justina Pelletier where she wants to live. And respect her as an adult. Schools have this similar problem on a larger scale. Most schools today are just revenue generating prisons filled with kids that have more talent than they are being allowed to utilize.

  • totenglocke

    “After this diagnosis was made, the girl’s parents wanted to bring their daughter home — but officials would not allow that. Lou and Linda Pelletier were escorted out of the hospital by security personnel.”

    Is there a better case to be made in favor of concealed carry?

  • henrymart81

    Silly me but I can’t help but ask, who’s paying for this?

    • Cui Bono

      The state has to since they have taken custody of her. I grew up in foster care, the state was responsible for all of my medical expenses until I graduated from high school.

  • IThinkForMyself

    I grew up with Pelletiers, I wonder if it is the same… Prayers.

  • Lisa
  • silvermaran
    Infecting the masses for decades with infectious vaccines and then making you pay for their crimes against humanity in the hundreds of syndromes they cause by adding junk infectious DNA to the mix of massive recombinations of infections they REFUSE TO TREAT in the REAL AIDS they gave us all.

    And they KNEW in 1985 what really caused it and did nothing but parasitise you and your children for profits and fear with LIES of syndromes, psych, and cancers, that we were not smart enough to treat gene sharing stealth infections as they murdered you adding to the mix.
    Our results indicate that the amyloidogenic proteins, including those contained in foods and cosmetics,

    contribute to Aβ aggregation by binding to Aβ, suggesting their possible roles in the propagation of Aβ amyloidosis.

    They got its and giggles GMO’ing all your organics with junk infectious DNA and your vaccine lies of protections that only ever INFECTED.

    Many vacuoles were located even in the conidia suggesting that vacuoles play a certain role in conidium.

    Moreover, we found out that in addition to the spherical shape,

    sometimes vacuole has a tubular shape or ring-like shape peculiar to filamentous fungi.…/studiesE…/Vacuole-E.html

    WHAT IS OspA ? Don’t ask NIH/CDC/IDSA–they will threaten you with jail.

    What was infecting THOUSANDS of soldiers with Anthrax and Smallpox worth to the criminals destroying USA?