Clark County, Nev., April 10, 2014- On Tuesday, Nevada Governor Sandoval released a statement condemning some of the actions of the Bureau of Land Management in the Bundy Ranch standoff, but this is of little consolation to constitutional Sheriff Mack.

Sheriff Mack says that actions speak louder than words and that Sandoval , while speaking about support, is doing virtually nothing within his power to assist the Bundy family. He goes on to admonish the local county Sheriff for not using his power to stand up to the feds in support of the Bundys. Sheriff Mack will be flying into Nevada to stand in solidarity with the Bundy family, as will Oath Keepers founder Steward Rhodes. Oath Keepers has also put out a call to all able-bodied members to come to the Bundy ranch in Clark County, Nevada to assist in supporting the family and keep the peace.

Here is a statement released by Oath Keepers founder Steward Rhodes this morning:

Oath Keepers, 

We need a presence there immediately to help prevent the feds sparking another Ruby Ridge or Waco incident in the Bundy stand-off. 

Nevada State Rep. Michele Fiore (a strong patriot who has attended many of our meetings) is on site right now at the protest site outside the Bundy ranch, and she is helping us assemble a coalition of Nevada state legislators. We are also working with WA State Rep Matt Shea to put together a delegation of other Western State Representatives to go there to support Rep. Fiore and her coalition, and we are working with Sheriff Mack to bring a delegation of current serving CSPOA Sheriffs to stand vigil there. We need Oath Keepers to also show up and stand vigil and support this family and the patriot legislators and sheriffs who are taking the lead in defending them. This is critical. The goal is to stand vigil to prevent another Waco or Ruby Ridge, and to put pressure on the Nevada Governor to honor the oath he took by standing up for this family and for the state of Nevada. 

I fly to Vegas tomorrow. Sheriff Mack is coming too, along with the current serving Sheriffs he is rallying to the cause. 

All who can make it, need to be there. We need numbers – boots on the ground. The more the better. 

For those who are coming, please rally at the public protest site near the ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada. To get there, take I-15 North, toward Mesquite, and get off at exit 112. Go right two miles (you can only go right). You will see tall flag poles and signs. Can’t miss it. 

Per Ammon Bundy, here are some rules: 

First, NO MILITARY CAMMO. This is a protest by rural Americans. Dress accordingly. (from me: Oath Keepers can wear Oath Keepers polos if you have them, or OK T shirts, but please no cammo. Let’s respect the Bundy family request). 

No open carry of rifles. Any rifles people may have with them need to stay in the vehicles. 

When you arrive at the protest rally point, ask for Ammon Bundy, Cliven Bundy’s son, to check in. If he is not there, he will have designated another family rep for you to check in with. DO NOT go past that first rally point/protest site with the flags that the family has set up on private land. Beyond that is the road to their ranch, and no one is to drive to the ranch without express permission and escort by Cliven Bundy or his sons. Please respect their need for security and privacy. 

No volunteer is to give any media interviews. Refer all media first and foremost to the Bundy family members present, in particular Cliven Bundy, Ammon, or one of the other sons. And/or refer them to one of the current serving Nevada State legislators who will be there, such as Michele Fiore (she is gathering a coalition of Nevada representatives), or one of the current serving Sheriff’s who will be coming. We are there to support them, and let them handle the media. 

If any media ask to interview Oath Keepers, please refer them to me, but I will likely just refer them to the family until we do a press conference once Sheriff Mack arrives – and even then, the focus will be on the coalition of current serving Western State Legislators and Sheriffs that we are helping to gather. They and the family will be the main effort, and we are there as support. 

BRING CAMERAS. Film everything. The more cameras, the better. 

Bring relevant signs about honoring the oath, respecting property rights and free speech rights. We are there to stand up for rural Americans who are under attack and to pressure the Governor and the Clark County Sheriff to do their duty. 

Ammon said volunteers can camp on private property that is on the side of the road at the main protest site the family has set up (the first gathering place you will come to with signs and flags once you get off I-15 at exit 112 and go about two miles). Again, please ask the family members present where to park and where to camp if you want to camp.

Thank you,

Stewart Rhodes 


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Jay Syrmopoulos

Jay Syrmopoulos is a journalist and political analyst living in Winona, Minnesota. He received his Bachelors in Political Science from Winona State University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Global Affairs from the University of Denver. Jay is a liberty activist dedicated to exposing the facade of reality by shattering the left right paradigm.

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  • Daniel K. Berg

    The federal government is absolutely full of despicable people that care only about themselves and their bankster masters. I do realize That I am preaching to the choir, but I want to make sure my attitude is on record when they start rounding us up for interment in the FEMA/reeducation camps/prisons.

  • Keg

    “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”– Mao Zedong

    You go protest all you want. It will not mean jack.

  • Jason Fowler

    Actually, Sheriff Gillespie can’t do shit. The Sheriff in Clark County runs the jail and his mouth. That’s it. Metro is the hog with the big nuts out here and they are straight freedom hating communists. There will be no help from local “Law Enforcement” and most likely they will be a huge hindrance and supporter of the BLM.

    • Tim

      However we live in a nation where he is not doing this job, and puts all of us at risk if he views that as his job.

      He is failing…

      • Keg

        Or succeeding depending on how you look at it.

  • Dead Broke – Unable to Travel

    Right on Sherriff Mack, you are an inspiration to us all.
    I would be down there except for the fact that I’ve been bankrupted by state criminals who have been relentlessly persecuting me for over twenty years now.
    The question ought to be – Why isn’t Ben Swann down there?

    • Keg

      Because all Ben Swann cares about his clicks on his website.

      • Jayne Cobb

        COINTELPRO troll.

  • allee

    I’m so happy help is coming!!

  • hambone

    too many rules. not coming. good luck.

  • Lou Whow

    It’s about money and oil. Period.

    Well, and taking away the Rights of innocent people.

  • Steven Tibbs


  • Robo

    The governor should provide attorneys to assist Nevada citizens against the feds.

  • Robert Braniff

    hope and pray for OUR Oath Keeper that are being called up…hope they outnumber the pans of the BLM 10 to each 1 of thiers…ad thank our great goverment for training and teaching ex warriors that fight regardless of wearing a uniform or bluejeans and a t-shirt…

  • IndianaBruce

    Revolt. Kick the feds out of your county and your state. Take it to the max.

    • Daniel

      Yeah get those forest rangers and military personal out…

  • mizhenrietta

    Ben, I hope you see this! The real reason BLM did what they did:
    BLM sells 29 oil, gas leases in northeast Nevada

    • Target4Tyrants

      Awesome find~ That smells right

  • Daniel

    Why doesn’t this family just produce a document stating that they own the land that is in dispute? From what I understand they are a long traditional ranch family that has been using public land for grazing. I understand that here in Montana but that doesn’t give you any rights to the land. If they claim they own it then produce something proving that.

    • kingh
      • Daniel

        Well whoever owns the property controls it. That is my point.

        • Target4Tyrants
          • stvjas

            Yep that’s the story !!

          • Daniel

            Interesting, could you tie that in to what this has to do with this story? Are you saying the BLM is confiscating land (that they already regulate) in an attempt to keep oil companies from drilling on it?

        • kingh

          Daniel the BLM is Unconstitutional and should not have this kind of power. They want it for their needs not the true public. Believe what you want. We are talking about taxation without representation in so many ways. Daniel good luck with your communistic view that the gooberment should control everything and tax every aspect of your life. When they say breathing and human beings need to pay a tax per person on the carbon they exhale, you get back to me ok. The first cook gooberment paid professor is already working on the over population theory and to many live stock are causing global warming just type that in and see the hits. They want all of us off land and moved into city centers. One article wrote just recently that the air and climate will be more controllable so we should all move into these climate controlled center LOL. PLS WAKE UP! Watch the movie the Hunger Games it is how Russel, Shaw and Sanger Marxists want the human race to be their puppets. Faben socialist keep control the little sycophants.

          • Daniel

            Ok well that is a point that congress can argue but you know what it exists. The debate or that is not out in the middle of the freaking desert against cops that are upholding existing Law. It is up to the courts to decide what is constitution and what isn’t. NOT YOU. Guess what that is in the constitution.

          • wwj745

            Daniel I agree to a point. The problem is the courts are just as corrupt. Then where do people turn to for justice? The government has been regulating private land for decades WITH the help of the courts. Look up Wickerd vs Filburn. They ruled that the government can tell you what to grow and how much you can grow on your own land. They have been out of control for decades.

          • Daniel

            The problem is that to many of “we the people” are idiots who are to easily led astray. People like “libertarian drop out” Education is not valued enough in this country. I miss the days when those that had most at stake in our country had the vote. If it were up to me only property owners would be able to vote. If you are a government slave depending on handouts from uncle sam you do not deserve the right to elect people to represent your “interests”. Look at a middle school exit exam from the 1850’s. Your average college grad could not pass that today. Knowledge is power and we have a very Ill-informed populace.

          • wwj745

            Again I agree. The uninformed free loading sheeple should not vote. We also have a large group of the “lesser of 2 evils” voters. They would rather role over and play the victim than to stand up like adults. Which is another problem in this Country. We are running out of people who actually mature to adult hood. Their idea of an adult is being over 18. Which only makes them a legal adult, not a mature human being.

          • Libertarian Drop out

            NO Daniel, it is Not up to the Courts. It is up to “We the People” The courts serve us.. Stop buying the farse that government has to Okay everything we do.. It doesn’t We TELL the government what we want. and it does it. not the other way around.

          • Daniel

            You sound like a true anarchist “libertarian” We are a constitutional republic. Get it? Try taking a basic civics course and educating yourself. You sound like a complete moron.

          • Anarchist Drop Out

            LOL, Daniel Trolling me will get you nowhere. As a seperate point. keep in Mind that if you are ACTUALLY trying to educate and help people.. Like you pretending to do in the above post.. you will find that you have better results BY not Insulting them.
            I Also Have to LOL a little more, you actually called it a Constitutional Republic and NOT a democracy; Like So many others do. So Props to you. Its funny that you think I am an Anarchist, since Anarchy is “No Government at all” and I have made no such assertions. Even more amusing is why you derive that sterotype, from a comment such as
            “Stop buying the farse that government has to Okay everything we do.. It doesn’t We TELL the government what we want. and it does it. not the other way around ”
            So you believe that telling the Government, how to function is Anarchist? Or that to disagree with your Government is Anarchist?

          • Daniel

            Your spelling, your sentence structure, the phrases you use make you sound like a low informed anarchist troll. Sorry if you are not one. We don’t tell the government how to function, the constitution laid the blueprint for how the government functions. Who wrote the constitution? Our founding fathers, who can amend it? Congress. Who makes sure that amendments and laws do not violate existing laws or the constitution? The Courts. The only say we have is in who we elect to represent us in Congress. We get a say in who our senators are and who our representatives are other than that, that is the limit to what our say is in this republic. The language you use sounds like you are in favor of mob rule aka democracy where the popular opinion polls tell our politicians how to vote.

          • kingh

            Yes we are a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy. Just listen to the politicians each day make that mistake and you think as a people we still have power. We were usurped a long time ago, but they new that would change. Edward Bernays, Bertrand Russell, Margart Sanger , George Bernard Shaw books. All Social Darwinist. Oh sorry is reading also not on your to do list, because they all talked about the move to a socialist democracy a long time ago in their own writing. “Control the money supply and I care not who makes its LAWS!” I know your reading list could not find that quote, why don’t you google it LOL! And sir what is LAW and what is the LAW of the land according to the Constitution you are talking about. Also which Constitution are you talking about, is it the “Constitution for the united states for America” was in 1871, changed to the “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Please also look into the missing 13th amendment which disappeared during this change.

            “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or
            retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of
            Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument
            of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power,
            such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall
            be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or
            either of them.”

            Then ask yourself why we label LAWYERS, ESQUIRE?
            This is a sham and you and I both know the Gooberment is going broke. That’s why they needed the Obamacare the new ponzi scheme to generate the next flow of taxation into the coffer. Also since human being are a commodity, isn’t it interesting from this headline:

            This “Republican” Tried To Sneak Amnesty Into The NDAA, He’s Still Pushing.

            Please it is a shell game what do the FEDS want with the land, OIL, GAS SOLAR. Some money power is pushing the buttons and YES I am a Libertarian and believe we are so far from the LAW of the Constitution it is making me SICK.

          • Daniel

            Kingh, who elected those representatives. Are you really that naïve?

          • kingh

            Are you that naive that a large majority of politician are bought and paid for by both side or is it really only one side now. Really lets look into the voter fraud or does the DOJ really want to go there. Come on how old are you to not see that politics can be swayed with money. Woodrow Wilson was getting his butt kicked, so who pray tell gave Teddy boy the funds to run and split the vote to get the Chicago Dem into office ( FED Reserve Bank, IRS, Income tax back then was to only effect the top 1%). Also Ross Perot is another one that played an intricate part into thinking we were getting a change in Clinton and that was a joke. Also in Florida with Bush Jr. and again in Cincinnati one of the questionable voting districts and the fraud that help pull Ohio to Obama. Really you are having this much trouble connecting the DOTS. I am sure your comeback will be the tin foil hat crowd comment which is quite laughable when you pick up their own books on how they have manipulated politics to fit in their agenda. The goal is CONTROL. Also Hitlers own statement rings true today, the dumber you make a population (especially one that does not remember HISTORY) the easier they are to CONTROL. Did you not even read anything I wrote and begin to research it yourself while the internet is still a bastion of FREE SPEECH. So who will be Control the internet. Lets see that one play out in the next year or so. So why are their still DEAD PEOPLE VOTING are we not in a technological age to where this issue i still going on. ALSO who really won the IOWA Republican Caucus when so many counties where not accounted for. Could it have BEEN RON PAUL. Interesting that the repubs put up some one who could have implemented RomneyCare. Just look back at Nixon when he was talking about doing that with Kiser. Come on do you really at this point in History think we are getting someone different even at the local levels.

          • Daniel

            Kingh. I am not going to sit here and tell you that their is not voter fraud, obviously their is. But that is not an issue with the system but an issue with one political party that is doing what it can to win elections. I don’t care who politicians get their donations from. It is public information so you can look and see who donates to whose campaign if it is a high dollar amount. We get to vote for the candidate of our choosing. I choose to vote for those who have principles of conservatism and aren’t afraid to stand on them. If they share my worldview that is an added bonus. The problem is that not enough voters inform themselves and they spend to much time sitting on their ass in front of the tube only seeing the most expensive well put together propaganda and hit pieces. Is that the fault of the system? We NEED to be able to see through that crap. If we cannot that is OUR fault.

          • kingh

            I agree with you and nowadays it is hard to find those that have integrity. So if the media and the power political pieces do not do right by the people, how do you know that your VOTE even counted. All I am saying is that when we partake of the system your spotting off about are the votes being cast true. I for one believe now we should go back to a paper ballot and count them by hand.

          • Daniel

            In most areas the votes being cast are true. Most voter fraud takes place in urban areas where the majority of voters are democratic. It really only throws off presidential results and the occasional senate race. Rarely does it change the results of your U.S. Rep is. And besides it is not the system that is the problem. Voter fraud comes down to individuals who are intent on winning at whatever costs. Counting ballots by hand… yeah that’s a great idea… Not only is that prone to human error but it is still prone to bias issues. Remember Florida and the recount? All those spoiled ballots because people were mishandling paper ballots. Lars Larson has a great idea on how to “true the vote”, ATM voting. Google it.

          • kingh

            Really did you watch:
            Interesting look into Iowa and the Mass Media. As we know the Media is controlled by the elite. So FOX and the other networks all pushed the lie that Romney was winning what a JOKE, because Paul was running the tables on them and they could not let there agenda change. This goes back even further then you or I were alive on this planet. If we allow this to continue then we will lead our kids into worse debt slavery then we are in now.

          • Libertarian Drop out

            Another Point worth Mentioning Daniel, These are American citizens, Where is there due process? Even if I surrender to your point that the family had no right to be on that land.. they still deserve due process. Shouldn’t the BLM be taking them to court and providing evidence? What gives the government the okay to round up the Bundy’s Live stock (Their Property) and just take it?

          • Daniel

            I agree but just for the sake of playing the devil’s advocate, one could say that they have the same right as the U.S. forestry service has to confiscate illegally fell trees in a regulated area.

          • kingh

            The BLM does not exist in the US Constitution and they were never to have this kind of power over the states. What document give them the power please inform me?

          • Daniel

            Communistic view king? Really? nice ad hom attack. I believe in private property rights as much as the person next to me. This has nothing to do with private property. You re talking about public land for public use… now that sounds to me like the true definition of communism… the government regulates federal land. LIke it or not they can say how many trees to cut down, how much grazing can be done. If the grazing is deemed to harm an endangered species the government can step in and say no more grazing. I think its freaking stupid. I think the EPA should be banned I think our government is out of control but the fact is that they are operating within the confines of existing law. You want me to watch a movie? No thanks, I don’t support Hollywood and I don’t watch cable or movies.

          • Anarchist Drop out

            Daniel, Daniel.. Are YOU accusing some one else of an ad hominem?! I:E “marked by or being an attack on an opponent’s character rather than by an answer to the contentions made”

            Didn’t you Just conduct an “Ad Hom” attack on me in a few posts below?!

            Such a Troll.

          • Daniel

            Nope I fail to see where I attacked your character. Would you care to enlighten me?

          • Daniel

            As for troll, I’d be curious as to your definition. Look at my post history before you call me a troll.

          • kingh

            It has to do with money and control: FED encroachment is happening on a scale that is out of control.

            Read between the lines to find some truth:

            Sun, August 25 2013 at 17:45

            U.S. Bureau of Land Management announced it will kill hundreds of
            threatened desert tortoises it’s been caring for at a Nevada
            conservation facility. The slaughter is being blamed on a lack of funds
            by the agency.

            Real estate developers in southern Nevada who
            wanted to disrupt the habitat of threatened desert tortoises to build
            their little enclaves of air conditioning and irrigation in the arid
            suburbs of Las Vegas have been able to do so — for a fee. And while at
            the height of the real estate boom those fees went a long way toward
            providing refuge for displaced tortoises, the real estate bust has seen
            the program implode.

            From the Washington Post:

            funds are running out at the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center and
            officials plan to close the site and euthanize hundreds of the tortoises
            they’ve been caring for since the animals were added to the endangered
            species list in 1990.

            “It’s the lesser of two evils, but it’s
            still evil,” said U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service desert tortoise
            recovery coordinator Roy Averill-Murray during a visit to the
            soon-to-be-shuttered reserve at the southern edge of the Las Vegas
            Valley last week.

            They want control of land public or private dose not matter. If you are a reader I recommend the book, They Own It All (Including You)!: By Means of Toxic Currency.

        • ChristCrusader

          If you’re an American, you own it. Stop letting the feds act like some foreign occupier and make tham resume their role as minimalist paperwork administrators within the confines of their square of land in DC.

          • Daniel

            So American’s can do whatever they want on federal land without regulation? Does this include military bases, Indian reservations and us forestry areas?

          • ChristCrusader

            This land has been used for grazing by this family for generations, long before the blm.
            It is not a military base, Indian Reservation, or forestry area.
            The gov’t is arbitrarily prohibiting this American family access.
            Tyranny labelled as regulation is still tyranny.

          • Daniel

            I thought there was a turtle involved. Look I hate it I think its messed up but it is not arbitrary.

          • ChristCrusader

            It’s arbitrary in that whatever the excuse to override the primary grazing rights is secondary and flexible; whether it be turtles, fees, too much cow farts, not enough in the BLM budget, etc.

          • Libertarian Drop Out

            No Daniel, it does not mean people “Can Do Whatever they want on Federal Land” What it means, is that this family is well with in thier rights to use the land. and it is also, assuming the government actually followed some due process, well with in the rights of the Government to take the land and use it for something else. Assuming that it is conducting it self in a legal manner. The problem here is the way the government is conducting itself, and the way it is behaving towards its citizens.
            On a Seperate note, Indian Reservations are not owned by the Government, they are owned by the Indians, which is why they have their own set of laws. Beyond that, YES YOU DO OWN THOSE MIlitary Bases and Forestry areas; As does every other tax paying American citizen.

          • 7LibertyForAll

            Federal land? Perhaps you’d like to examine just what that term means. WE own our criminal government. WE gave them certain duties and responsibilities many years ago–NOT what it’s become–a malignant cancer that’s killing us all. Any money the federal criminals have is stolen from the people and WE own that government. So, say again that the government owns ANYTHING.

      • stvjas

        this is about Oil, its about money!! The BLM has sold or leased 29 Oil contracts and the Bundy’s stand in their way!! As always follow the money when you are dealing with corruption…I posted the links yesterday but am at a different computer today…Go Patriots hold the line !!

        • kingh

          It is always about Money and Control period.

    • D.G

      This is a matter of civil disobedience, based on what most people believe is an abuse of power, and government mismanagement of public lands. BLM boasts of removing livestock from 5 million acres of cattle country, in that area. Clearly, if the tortoise is disappearing from the landscape than BLM has mismanaged the habitat where cattle and turtles co-habited for at least a century before the agency took over. Management in any arena requires a culture of mutual respect and communications, so the needs of everyone involved are met. Management is about problem solving, not heavy handed control. We see lack of judgment on the timing and method this issue is being addressed. Either, the powers to be are blood thirsty, or fools. Who else would light a match and throw it in a tinder box? They don’t seize bank accounts any more? Put liens on real property?

      • Tom B

        Civil or not the US government has never been civil in any way.This is a war against the American people and the feds will never be civil.

    • medic2003

      They have their grazing and surface rights with the state. They have been on that land for 140 years. Since before nevada was even a territory. They are right, the government is wrong and criminal. The state tried to buy them out about 10 year’s ago, the feds tried later. Thus family wants to stay where they are. Since they won’t sell now you are seeing criminal action by the feds.

    • Libertarian Drop out

      Daniel, It is well Established. that it is BLM Land. That is not the problem.. The problem is that. THE BLM Bought and cared for that land all these years with Tax payer dollars.. Becuase the Government owns the land; By Default WE, The People, The Tax Payers, own it.. People forget so often that the Government is not a seperate entity.

      • The_Saxon

        I concur they may have bought it, but take care of it? You mean like watering the grass and trimming overgrowth and fertilizer?

      • ITSa341

        That is part of the problem, the BLM defaulted on the terms of the present contract. By not maintaining the property to standards required for the agreed upon use such as keeping drainage ditches open and flowing etc. When BLM defaulted that left the present contract null and void returning to the terms previously in force which was that the land would be administered at state and local or county level. At that time the land had been considered free range land…BLM caused this whole issue to gain control over the land. You cannot blame the rancher because BLM violated the rules of the agreement nor can you expect him to pay a fee for services BLM was not providing according to the contract.

  • Tony Porphir

    Someone buy that officer a beer. He told it the way it is.

  • cuchieddie

    You people are awesome, keep o’holes Nazis away.

  • Calcifide by Fluoride

    There is a reserved seat in hell for these criminal gov’t thugs. Into the Pit these fools will fall, in the belly of the beast, to be consumed and mauled.

  • Tim

    I hope for peace throughout this confrontation at this man’s Ranch. This is a good place for patriots to rally to bring their message of Liberty to the country in a “Good Cause”. I have every expectation that this will conclude peacefully and should be looked at as a place to plant a political flag/statement for the country that a line has been crossed and our Government has gone too far in it’s expansion of powers and desire for control.

    Please stay peaceful, document all Govt thuggery and keep your appearance as ‘clean’ and much a ‘good guy’ stance as possible. Because the Govt would love nothing more than to pain all the supporters of Liberty as “extremists”. We MUST send a message that this movement is about peace and individual rights. Good messages.

  • boondoggles

    I am so proud of my fellow Americans who are gathering to back this family. Right is right and wrong is wrong. There is a point where the people in our country must stand for freedom. What the brown shirts are doing is totally wrong and I pray that the Bundy family wins this disagreement.

  • JP Morgz

    Don’t back down! I’m so proud to know that people are standing up and saying no! If your near Bundy Ranch, GET YOUR ASS DOWN THERE NOW!

  • wishinforbetterdaysahead

    It all has to do with control. Control of our land and waterways, Agenda 21, got a bad name and for good reason, now they are calling it Sustainability. It is coming to every city and town in your neighborhood. It is all part of the U.N. and One world order, Layers and Layers of bureaucratic layers and no one, again no one will take responsibility for bad decisions, made for locals once they wrap their tentacles around us you can start here

  • truthbetold

    Learn what underlies what is happening in Nevada and the Bundy Ranch issue.

    This video from the CSPOA Convention explains the issues and the Constitutional implications in the Nevada and Western States Federal Land Grab (Bundy Ranch issue). Educate yourself. If you are impatient and don’t want to see the whole presentation start at the 13 min mark.

    Who says learning history and the Constitution can’t be fun?! Steven Pratt makes it fun here….

    On January 30-31, 2012 over 100 county sheriffs and peace officers, from over 30 states, united to uphold their oaths of office, protect citizen liberty, and stop state and federal tyranny. Inspired and led by the example of former Graham County Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack, the meeting, which was held in Las Vegas, was funded by the generous donations of thousands of Americans from all fifty states, as well as the support of freedom loving sponsors.

    The agenda included training on the Bill of Rights, Interposition, Nullification and the importance of Property Rights versus Privileges. Many sheriffs, a police chief and even a county commissioner shared their experiences, challenges and actions taken to uphold their oaths of office, directly with the sheriffs in attendance.

    Steven Pratt, who made his 30 minute presentation at the public event January 31st, brings into focus, with great oration, visuals and humor, the unraveling of federal jurisdiction in the states, our forgotten and no-longer-taught-in-the-schools history including the Resolution of 1780 which asserts the states’ authority versus the 1976 Federal Land Policy Management Act of Congress. Pratt highlights a half dozen sheriffs in his presentation and how they have stood up for the Bill of Rights and their Oaths of Office.

    The videos of these presentations are shared here on the County Sheriff Project YouTube channel. We hope that you will share these videos with your own county sheriff and all the oath takers in your county. To read the meeting agenda, see the event sponsors, learn more and show your own support for helping back more constitutional county sheriffs, visit

  • Ward Damon Hubbard

    Disturbing? It’s a little more then that, the governor of Nevada is as crooked as a dogs hind leg, so is Clark County Seat, the Sheriff is abiding to, and following the chain of command structure, as laid out in United Nations Agenda 21, he is part of the problem, not the solution, his position and power it holds will always be in question, as for a “PEACEFUL SOLUATION”, I would ask; If not here, then where? If not now, then when? Let me be clear, this system and the way it operates’ is out of it’s “control limits”, the ENTIRE system, it is not, functioning properly, a Band-Aid, will not fix it, look at what the, I mean OUR, federal government has done to a small Nevada community, it is exactly the way it has happened “throughout” our nations history, I call it the Popeye Effect, can it really be any clearer that this system will not , does not, ever intend to, step down and give back the power and it’s control to the people, without being made too, they do not feel as though they are operating wrongly, appears’ that all decisions made, so far, has no consideration, for that oath they have taken, it looks like the complete opposite, and if this situation becomes ever more, high profile, and they are allowed to get away with it, and what I mean by that, the system isn’t changed, the patriot act perhaps repealed, NDAA 2014 REWRITTEN and change into, and along those guideline of constitutionality, if the fundamental change to correct this system out of control, then they have won, and nothing will change, this small Nevada community, echo’s what the ENTIRE nation feels, “I’ve stands all I can stands, and I cant stands no more”, we are delaying the inevitable, the thought of the great Los Angles basin under siege with wild land fires, and have a 7.5 or greater earthquake hit, along pontes hills fault, the thought of the way this government, national and state, to that sanario, is a recipe for corruption and mayhem,

  • Frank Segesman

    All he had to do was pay his grazing fees………

    • The_Saxon

      Actually I think they were kicking him off for the turtles’ sake.

      • Cody Cook

        But what his cattle were doing actually helped the tortoise. Nothing of this is about helping the tortoise. This will actually help destroy them.

        They eat cow dung, as they cannot process solid vegetation.

    • Steve

      Yes you are correct. It is always the citizens fault. If you want to be a member is this private club, you pay and pay and pay. Unless you come across the border, then it is free, free, and free.

    • Tom B

      What grazing fees?You don’t know much about farming idiot!

    • Daimyo

      He paid the grazing fees but the blm had an agreement to help maintain the land. When they stopped and used that money to buy out other farmers, he fired the blm and offered it to clark county which refused it so he did all the work himself with his money.

      • Conservatism is a Mental Illne

        “HIS MONEY” … You know he’s a welfare recipient right? … He gladly accepts gov’t hand outs, but when it comes time to pay what he owes, it’s a different story.

        No different than a poor black man who gets his welfare cheque and then goes and robs a store. He’s a thief, and a criminal and he will pay the consequences whether he likes it or not.

    • denise0513

      You really think it was about grazing fees? Better think again. Check out this video and pay close attention to the land broker at the beginning. It’s about the land and the fact Bundy won’t sell!

  • Jack Lipthratt

    The FEDs are not there to collect grazing fees. They claim it’s about the turtles. The FEDs should not control State land. The only land that should be controlled by the Federal government is D.C. and legally leased military post. And even the post should not be contracted for lease for more than two years at a time. (per Constitution) Dig deep and you’ll probably find that this is about petro-dollars or some politician wanting the land for something.

  • Steve

    Everyone that is breaking their Oath of Office should be arrested and charged with Perjury and or Treason. Until this happens, nothing will happen.

    • Draken

      Treason is actually defined in the Constitution. Where deplorable, an elected official breaking his or her oath of office is not treason. Grounds for impeachment sure, but not treason.

      • Steve

        Breaking their Oath may not be Treason, but Perjury is. Perjury is a federal offense. Go to you Webster and look up Treason. You might be surprised.

        • Draken

          First off sorry if I come off sounding rude here, but I REALLY don’t care what Websters has to say on the issue. The thing is, ‘treason’ is defined in the US Constitution. It is kind of a pet-peeve of mine when people throw around the word ‘treason’ and ignore the Constitutional definition of the word.

          US Constitution: Article III, Section 3:
          Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

          The Congress shall have power to declare the punishment of treason, but no attainder of treason shall work corruption of blood, or forfeiture except during the life of the person attainted.

          • Steve

            I understand what you are saying, no problem. But when you take this Oath, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the
            Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and
            domestic……” you had better stand by it.
            Right now OUR politicians in OUR government is waging war against OUR Constitution, they have become DOMESTIC ENEMIES. I really can not think of another way of saying it. Why else would we require them to take the Oath? We must hold them accountable, perjury or treason, I do not care. Just hold them accountable.

  • Percy

    Hate to break it to you redneck conspiracy pro-grazing nutjobs, but calling militia to a protest is not exactly how you conduct a “non-violent” protest. There is nothing non-violent about the way you people are acting, all to defend illegal grazing on my public land. Hope you are all arrested.

    • Tom B

      Get lost obama dicklick!

    • Tom B

      Hey dicklick,Where were you in 1870 when his family purchased the property?

      • James Jjink

        his famiy never owned public land

        • Deborah Justice Cutrell

          James, from my understanding, no his family did not own that land. However, they had the rights to use that land to let their cattle graze since 1870 up to the late 80’s or somewhere around that time. The U.S. Government said that it became a “Public use land” and that people would need to pay to use it. The Rancher refused to pay for something that his family has used since the 1870’s. The government used the rare turtle as an excuse to charge this rancher a high fee. THey say he owes them more than a million dollars in “back fees”. I say bullcrap!!! So does every other citizen that knows these facts.

          • RLJR1

            WELL SAID

    • American Patriot

      it was NEVER public property, the BLM took the land with the excuse of “TURTLES” the turtles have nothing to do with this, it’s an excuse to take land that doesn’t belong to the Government, because the Government wants that land for themselves and the family wouldn’t sell it

    • animal

      I hope you leave America. You are the problem.

    • RLJR1


      • Draken

        So what? You can’t claim adverse possession over Federal lands.

        • David Erb

          Where’s the the proof that it is “federal land”?

          • Draken

            Almost every news article on the subject and a few different court orders that happen to mention it as well. I’m sure if you went to the local register of title/deeds you would find the land registered to the US Gov as well. So basically everyone says that the land is federal land.

      • Conservatism is a Mental Illne

        So it’s cool for his family to steal it from the Natives, but when the government tells him to pay his taxes, everyone’s up in arms? Interesting.

    • Freedom Rider

      You and others like you are the very reason these communist politicians are raping this country and destroying our constitution. Being a christian I will not tell you to eat sh** and die because that will be playing into your insane world.

  • Daimyo

    The Sheriff is the law of the land and has power over the federal agents. He can end this as early as now. This is what this sheriff is talking about.

    • Draken

      But this issue involves Federal Lands. Last I knew state and/or local sherifs have no authority to intervene on Federal Land

  • John Wyscaver

    “We don’t want violence to ensue”. It’s already ensued. people have been hurt by these fake BLM bastards. & the people are ready to fight back. In hopes this doesn’t boil over, it has a big chance to & just might if they keep pushing, which they are & getting more people out there to “handle the situation”.

  • maria

    P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    The true issue is a serpent seed
    agenda,, that which was cast out of the shamayim long ago

    the true answer is Isaiah 58 and Mark
    2…this is the time to get on our knees with fastings

    prayers n repentences..yeah n I say,
    ask for every soul in the usa to begin to repent, fast in order for
    revival to sweep thru the land for the deeper parts of Revelation are
    about to begin. Zechariah gives a remedy for prolonging our peace
    that we may proclaim this Gospel,,the Besorah…let us send our the 4
    horses thru out the earth to establish peace, n call forth the flying
    scroll to enter every house that does not abide in keeping the Love
    of Yahuwah n His statues in their hearts,, the flying scroll is for
    those who hate Yahuwah n their Neighbors, amein n amein

  • Steppieindalight

    You have our support in Philadelphia!

  • Guest

    Things will likely commence until about April 20th, and then we know how the script ends on the 20th because we’ve seen it over and over.

  • Kill or be Killed

    Alex Jones is all over this, so is Mike Drudge and WND.

    Harry Reid needs to be arrested for this. They’re now telling Bundy supporters to prepare for death. This is a land grab involving the Chinese. They are buying up America as fast as they can and people like Reid are facilitating this takeover. Obama, Holder, Reid and many others need to be removed from office in handcuffs and leg irons.

    Ben Swann, you are not doing your job.

  • lcutler75

    if i was the sheriff of this county, i’d sho up w all my swat team n deputies n a megaphone
    i’d use the megaphone 2 say..
    “all my boys r willing 2 die over nevadas land rights n 2 prevent the feds from an illegal property seize..r u boys ready 2 die 4 a non-constitutional guaranteed right of a turtle?”
    then i’d point my finga at the fed in charge n say..
    “alright boys, i want all u all 2 shoot ugly there 1st, on my command, unless they move out right now”
    then i’d start countin backwards from 10

    • TBK Revolution

      Is it really that hard to type the extra letters and actually spell all the words?!

      • lcutler75

        pffftt no its not..its jus let me sho u

        people don’t like holier-than-thou unevolved skoosh la dooshes like yourself, who critique twenty first century english texting but you sure enough taught me a valuable lesson and have shamed to no end, dillweed

        ppl dont like holier-than-thou unevolvd skoosh la dooshs like yerself
        who critique 21st cntry englsh txtng but u sure nuf tot me a valuable lesson n hav shamed me 2 no end..dillhole

        check and mate
        check n mate

        • The Grand Napper

          No you still appear stupid.

          • putuporshutup

            but two grown adults arguing about what another adult is saying, even though you can easily read it…..makes you look brilliant!

  • Scully B. Kracken

    i just have this little gut feeling that by the 19th somethings going to happen.

    • Conservatism is a Mental Illne

      Hopefully he is shot. Like the scumbag criminal he is. If I run up to you and try to rob you for the 20 bucks in your pocket, you’re allowed to shoot me.

      But when this man steals millions of dollars from Americans, then threatens officers with guns, he deserves his day in court ? LOL….

  • Mel Daly

    Ranchers are well known for posting Private Property No Trespassing signs on public land and then chasing citizens who have every right to be there off AT GUNPOINT. These folks have developed a feudal mentality with regard to land doesn’t belong to them and the time has come to disabuse them of these notions. WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO ABOLISH THE PRACTICE OF GRAZING ON PUBLIC LANDS. The real irony here is that Bundys family likely didn’t come into possession of the land they claim they own privately lawfully, or honestly. We demand to see full records and documents from between right before the land changed from the Mexicans in 1848 and 1950. It is documented that huge tracts of land were stolen and courthouses, town halls and records burned to cover up the widespread criminal activity. This is how many of the large “spreads” currently in the hands of 4th generation ranchers came into existence. THIS AINT BONANZA

    • lcutler75

      good point..maybe we can absolve big gvrnmnt from any wrong doing by claiming that the person prblly had it comin 2 them cuz they most likely had an ancestor who did sumthin illegal at sum point
      whos all 4 this brainiacs form of justice of visitin the sins of the fathers on their children?
      (crickets chirping)

      also bundys stock were grazing legally xcept a few head that meandered off, in2 the bs fed protected land of a friggin turtle
      so the feds thot a few head, warrantd fines over millions of $$’s
      its pretty clear cut who the real crooks b n thats the feds
      wutta joke

      end public grazing? ya im sure thats the answer, chief
      xcept once ranchers hafta buy private land 4 their stock 2 graze, guess who ultimately pays 4 that?
      yeah, no..the consumer
      whos all 4 einsteins plan 4 higher beef prices so a friggin turtle has free range?
      (yer the only 1 raising yer hand, jacknob)

      • Shawny

        My gosh! I’ve got a nice block of cheese to go with that whine and a pot of turtle soup on the back burner. The environazis sure get grumpy when their goat roping contest turns into a REAL RODEO….don’tcha know. I’m sure the oil and solar energy development leases weren’t going to destroy any of the precious environment or displace the tortoises like free grazing cattle did, right? Morons!

    • Pricearizona

      What a load of LIBERAL crap….

    • Shawny

      I think the REAL “We the People” just told you and the mouse in your pocket that you’re not Congress and you don’t get to abolish the practice of grazing on public lands, nor does any department of the Federal government get to do it through some overreaching regulation backed up by weapons they’re not supposed to have that taxpayers, along with all this roundup rodeo they’re putting on are the ones paying for.

      • Conservatism is a Mental Illne

        Considering he doesn’t pay taxes, and gets welfare…. He’s the one who shouldn’t have the weapons. He used your hard earned dollars to break the law. Kudos to him LOL

  • Mel Daly

    For those who are unfamiliar with U.S. history when unrolling barbed wire was invented around 1874 the largest land theft in American history took place. Ranchers bought as much as they could afford and just went out and unrolled fence over as much public property as they had wire. An orgy of courthouse burning and records destruction ensued. Many of the large spread in the control of 3rd and 4th generation ranchers came into existence in this fashion. Ranching is an ancient profession and can add harmony and balance to human life or it can become distorted and warped by greed. Ranchers all along the Southern border participated in the land thefts as did many in Nevada. In consideration of this issue We The People demand to see original deeds and titles to all the lands laid claim by the ranchers. We The People demand to see actual original records from 1840 immediately prior to the change of hands from Mexico to America and through 1950 immediately after World War II. The ranchers are well known to post private property no trespassing signs on public property belonging to the American people and to chase people away AT GUNPOINT from land that does not belong to them. These folks need to be disabused of the feudal mentality they have developed with regard to public land and we need to abolish the practice of grazing on public lands.

    • putuporshutup

      wrong…”we the people” want to see the FEDS produce their proof for the accusations they are making! “We the people” do not have to prove we are innocent, theyyyyy have to prove we are guilty. You’d know that if you were not such a sell out government shill! Id these citizens are wrong…THEN TAKE THEM TO COURT AND PROVE IT!

      • Conservatism is a Mental Illne

        I guess legal court documents don’t mean anyone to someone who’s yelling about proof! … They were already taken to court, found guilty and now they must face the consequences for their years of theft.

        • ChristCrusader

          Bring out the court papers, I’ll consider them. But no, on its face, the notion that the FEDERAL court sided with the FEDERAL government does not in and of itself impress me. They’ve been wrong about much. The federal gov’t is a creation of the people for the people. There should never be a federal government interest that should supersede the people’s or a person’s interests. This is desert, grass, cattle. They’ve been century + coexisting. Gov’t at most needs to better enable the relationship between the three, or better to just butt out.

          • erin805

            Spoken like one of those “Sovereign Citizens”–all talk with word salads from “militia” websites–no legal standing. Tell it to the judge and see how that goes….

        • WayOutHere

          They went to the IBLA, Interior Bureau of Land Appeals, not a court. Also, the government, if you give them every benefit of the doubt, has a right to extend a judgement and lien his real property. They have no legal right to steal cattle, period. That little factoid came from a federal judge in case you’re wondering. I’d ask you what you eat, but you’re probably a vegetarian. Which tells us something about that rot in your brain. In any case, it takes ranchers to feed America and half of the rest of the world dumb dumb. Go back to your apartment in your “sustainable” city, driving your “sustainable” car and $@$%& yourself. How bout that?

          • erin805

            Bundy went to federal court several times–and LOST. Google the court records; they are online.

    • Pricearizona

      Most of the land that ended up as ranches began with homesteader’s homesteading the land and then selling the land to those who were building ranches. Get your LIBERAL lowlife facts straight before you spew your historically incorrect b.s. around as fact….

  • Mel Daly

    You want to wrap this criminal in the flag let me tell you something friends. The rest of us aren’t having it. This guy is a crook and a cheat plain and simple. He doesnt have any God given or constitutional or legal right to use public land. These folks are well known for posting private property signs on public land that doesnt belong to them and keeping other folks off that have every right to be there at gunpoint. You dont have a patriot and hero here you have a deadbeat cheating crook and the decendent of thieves who fancies himself a feudal lord. The devil with him and anyone stupid enough to believe their flag wrapped nonsense. He owes a million dollars. PERIOD. He has made tons of money off the public land. He thinks its his. It aint. I hope him and his boys get sent to prison for a long time. Personally I’d like it better if they were judged by an impartial citizens court made up of neutral people from other parts of the country.

    • Michael Bowler

      Lot’s of blowhard and no specifics to back it up…loudmouth liberal assmonkey.

      • Conservatism is a Mental Illne

        1) Collects welfare cheques
        2) Lets his cattle graze on PUBLIC land
        3) Doesn’t pay the required taxes for grazing on said land
        4) Assembled other welfare ranchers to defend his “right” to break the law
        5) WIll end up in jail, as he should be.

        I thought you right wing gun nuts were against welfare bums breaking the law and stealing from the public. Guess it all changes when someone mentions the 2nd amendment somehow. I see why the cons are so against Obama care, if they ever see a doctor, they’d be committed for their psychotic beliefs, as it’s a danger to society. Only a matter of time before your wife leaves you and you go on a shooting spree.

        • Michael Bowler

          Your facts are in fact not correct. I’m sure you think they are…but then, look what you are.

        • muslimsarePigs

          m bowler,… you obviously are not aware that the land in Nevada belongs to the STATE … !!! It doesn’t belong to the federal government,… they stole it from Nevada. And you are most likely going to profit from the sale of this land from harry reid and his stupid son, that have already sold STATE land to the communist chinese, they don’t own, that the federal gov wants to own!

          You really are a worthless super stupid communist democrat P.O.S.

    • Pricearizona

      There’s a “deadbeat” alright, and he’s using the name Mel Daly….Take your lowlife LIBERAL crap somewhere else….

    • Guest

      lmao….you do realize the family has been there since before there was even a BLM right?

      • erin805

        Bundy is “full of it,” and the federal court has ruled against him several times. Where is Bundy’s deed or county records to prove he owns that federal land? There aren’t any because he or his Morman ancestors never owned that federal land. Bundy wasn’t even born in Nevada; his parents moved there when he was 2 years old (1948) from Arizona 2 years after the BLM originated. The territory had belonged to Mexico, and after the US won the Mexican-American War Nevada became a state in 1864. Look up the Nevada State Constitution–Nevada gave up unappropriated land to the Federal Government.

        Not recognizing or liking the federal government might be “cute,” but doesn’t mean didly legally.

        The FBI will have something to say about the law-breakers at Bundy Ranch–some of them might see some prison time or at least some heave fines.

    • ChristCrusader

      God created the land, the grass, and the beasts of the field and gave it to man to rule over. This ranching family has had their herds grazing the land for century +, long before the BLM. Why do you think the federal gov’t should exercise tyrannical, controlling, taxing pre-eminance over this natural coexistence between rancher, cattle, grass and desert? What is thieving about grazing cattle over God-made land, not gov’t made land? The gov’t was made by the people for the people. It costs the gov’t NOTHING to let the ranchers graze their cattle on this land that God sustains. The gov’t needs to butt out, except if anything to better enable this coexistence.

      • LiberalAria

        By that logic, the Native Americans have the right to seize all Bundy’s cattle. Because they were here first.

        And who gave this millionaire moocher the right to graze on public lands without paying the fees? All the other ranchers have to pay fees, why does Bundy get to freeload? He’s a thief and a taker, and he is NOT special just because he’s a land owner. You don’t get to play Speaker For God just because you’re a land owner. He’s a domestic terrorist, just like the fake patriots who support him.

        • ChristCrusader

          It is not “the government’s”, as if the government was some third party entity totally separate and apart from the people. The government is an extension of us, created by us, to serve us. There’s no reason whatsoever for the government to prevent a citizen from grazing his cattle on the natural renewable resource as has been done for century +. The fees they were collecting in the past were not being used to better the arrangement, they were being used against the ranchers. The government, BLM, is the abusive, tyrannical agent here.

          The other ranchers were bought out with their fees that they paid (meaning net gain of 0) after the BLM arbitrarily restricted their access to the grazing too severely to make ranching viable.

          You seem to be hating on him because he’s a land owner or because he might be a millionaire. Those are not reasons to discriminate against him or deny him access to the grazing.

          Your native american thing fell flat as it’s an irrelevant, bad comparison.

        • Nate Jaeger

          Don’t forget what the President said to the Indians in the 1800’s “If you like your land you can keep it”.

  • jackson

    The Feds have a lot more bullets than the so-called militia have members.
    You shoot, you lose.
    Seen it before. And it never turns out well for the morons who shoot at cops.

    • Pricearizona

      Don’t think it’s any of the good people who are there supporting Bundy to have to shoot, but don’t think they’ll back away “if shot at”. Not sure if this event is the one that will trigger the real Revolution that getting close, but if not this one maybe the next….

    • hooligan6a

      I think you should read a book on the American Revolution.

      • Nate Jaeger

        Jack Slade Here!
        Less then 10% of the population fought in the Revolution. The rich and wealthy wanted to have their own nation and used the people to achieve it. Now in order to take over they sat down and wrote a Constitution like Obamacare and a Bill of Rights never intending to ever follow it so people would not oppose (90%) . It worked and it has been slowly shredded ever since. The founding fathers never had to prevail upon the sheep to do anything but allow them to run things. Slaves did the work for free everywhere. 10% fight, loot and rape and rob and 90% get there freedom and an army of slaves to do the lifting and make them profits

        • hooligan6a

          Nate, you really should continue to take your meds. It will make you feel a lot better.

          • Nate Jaeger

            Jack Slade Here!

            I take my meds with dinner every night and wash them down with a bottle of :

            DOM PÉRIGNON

            OENOTHÈQUE ROSÉ 1993 at:

            Eleven Madison Park

            The multi-course meal at Eleven Madison Park focuses on the ingredients and culinary history of New York. The menu can be customized to accommodate the preferences and dietary restrictions of individual diners.

            Address: 11 Madison Avenue

            Telephone: 212-889-0905

            Neighborhood: Flatiron District

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            Price Range: $225 prix-fixe dinner
            What McDonalds do you slop down at? Stop changing names. We already have your Mac Address and I.P. Your ISP in turn have advised us as to who you are. It was for security reasons, sorry.

          • hooligan6a

            Nice place. Do you work in the kitchen?

          • Nate Jaeger

            Susan Stiles Here!
            No he sell cars at in New York City
            and then He eats dinner and takes his meds.

    • GenEarly

      If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better
      than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We
      ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands
      which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity
      forget that you were our countrymen. Samuel Adams

  • Pricearizona

    I think there’s a great recipe for Desert Tortoise someplace on the Internet. It’s a kind of stew or something, really tasty…..

  • MediaShills

    The Feds are bullies!

  • LiberalAria

    What, not a word here about Mack’s plan to use women as human shields?? Taking his entire playbook from the Taliban?? You fake patriot losers need your backside kicked, and I wish to GOD the government was nearly half as willing to shoot you as you pretend they are.–Update-ChickenSh-t-TeaParty-Militia-Leader-Richard-Mack-Planned-To-Use-Woman-as-Human-Shields?detail=email

  • Sonja MacLean

    Don’t really know where to start. Living in the west, I know the benefit of open grazing in .the national forests. I don’t know if the feds bought the land for the national forests or how it was acquired however, it has many benefits, the first being getting rid of the undergrowth that fuels wildfires. I would think that would be enough to allow it. The forest service does not have the resources or manpower to accomplish this. Wake up you mis-informed enviroMENTALISTS.